Friday, January 1, 2010

Retro Futuristic Mystic

Retro-Futuristic the past and future..taking voyages to remote locations in the universe..

Being realistic..fake ones will discourage..others introduce a spell or a curse..

Real with this...what can I tell you in a verse or two? it can be written or spoken..

Dealing with this thing in a blue collar is put in..up in the lab beats are broken..

Representing minds, bodies and spirits that are broken..that's what this breakbeat science is symbolizing..

Blowing minds this time like the Delfonics..misinterpretations? other symbols lying?

Blowing minds...somebody's lying!! Blackwater guards not charged..Iraq is mad

Going for mine...unleashing Sonic Assaults; bringing Random Thoughts...conducting Funk Seminars...playing this hand we had..

O-Dog had cuts, snares and samples...O-Zone will not be Unleached..going out with a win like Bobby Bowden..or win the Rose Bowl like Ohio State...

Led by Terrelle Pryor..not joking like Richard Pryor..we've got our priorities straight...

Prior episodes play a part..but it's I flush some of them down the's a new year...but some still show hate..

We come to set it straight..but on earth evil forces built a fortress..ugly is how the sport is..check the volleyball match in Pakistan.. ...some can relate..

Heard the people catch hell...what's up man? shady deals are made... while other corporations cut ties..

Some still show hate....bear witness to how they do...basing their agenda on lies..

But it's not too late..2010..We're Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New's going down!!!

Random Thoughts are we let you know what's going down..

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