Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Attack Zone Business (Part Seven)

 Peeped game per this HumpDay Extravaganza, like this debt ceiling situation I can see that it's all  out of control but  we're going in anyway, catch us entering attack zones!

Asleep in the game? they thought we were but now we're here going for what we know; once again its on!

Creeping up in the game like Miami Heat with energy thats retro futuristic with a veiled perception.

Entering attack zones avoiding alt - shift - delete moves by the matrix architect! hit the reset button for the future rewind, visiting heaven?

Due to artificial intelligence naysayers mentioned wicked depths like falling into the abyss.

Before moves are made in these attack zones prayers are sent up and blessings come down that don't miss.

Visualized the sequence so I won't miss anything out here in these grey area scenarios aka attack zones!

Fighting back with this weaponized sound aka digital crate digging curated by O-Dizzle while this good word is O-Zone's 

But in these attack zones naysayers say a dude is not playing fair, they say the saddest metaphor was written or typed.

Told to put the pen down by thought and fashion police who were amped up ready for brutality, hyped!

But while caught up in the system  / matrix poems were written, pages were stacked like cases a dude faces.

Now time to write another one as we prepare to enter these attack zones, while enhancing lab techniques? the hidden studio he paces.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Opolopo featuring Roland Clark - Salvation (4AM Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

Of course, the terrific outcome is claimed now check out the advance celebration as we let the music play!

Celebrating like its already done, pulling out the drum plus this poem has me floating down a river of thought.

Scattered thoughts collected now check these tales of an epoch expedition; written then forgotten?

No, the river was full of choppy waters as we flow down the mainstream of mathematics dealing with scheming / plotting by fanatics like the GOP against the debt ceiling bill so you know hell was caught!

It stays on my mind, but I didn't let it break it; the funk? some will fake it word from Main Source! these ill episodes timeless treasures? no, it's not a thing!

But check out how we do the damn thing, listening to this housemusic / jazzdance from Opolopo featuring Roland Clark with a track called Salvation (4AM Mix).

Oh yes!! Afternoon Jazzing and O-Dog Day Partying simultaneously, somebody should be able to feel me as we get breakbeat scientific!!

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Attack Zone Business (Part Six)

 The atmosphere shifted after the arch nemesis entered the premises; it soon became an attack zone.

Irrational fears emphasized? back in the day when the episode transpired Pops said somebody lied, the essence of the whole situation so once again its on!

Don't get me wrong! besides dropping this good word when trying to repel the attack  Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out!! besides soul food what else is supposed to be on these menus?

Sunday? besides gospel or praise and worship music what else are we supposed to listen to? check these venues..

What it do? it’s a nice day in Atlanta, as we take a break from it all on this Memorial Day Holiday weekend!

What it do? here in Atlanta on Saturday a lot of college and high school parties  / celebrations also took place plus the Atlanta Jazz Festival is taking place! what a weekend! 

What it do? “holla at me”!! staying strong refusing to fold, chilling out as lab techniques are enhanced before we go back into these attack zones!

No surrender no defeat, not negotiating with terrorists like these debt ceiling talks plus that pitcher Brotha O never balks! the ultimate sound selector operating in chill mode; check the good music playing as he adjusted bass, treble and tones!

But "ain't nothing nice / sweet" about these attack zones out here dealing with these shady / shifty characters / clones;  in this sport that's complex who'll be fair with us?

But it's nice how we come through like tip ins by Derrick White for the Boston Celtics  because Miami Heat type of players didn't block out! well continue to rock out not much these naysayers can tell us!!

Don't get us wrong, coping strategies can fail us out here in these attack zones but we're moving like God got us!!

Staying strong exercising supreme courage and maximum strength as the devil and his advocates scheme and plot on us!

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Deep House Mix | West Coast Deep House Vol. 10

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Thankful Thursday with Throwback Thursday energy included in it!!

The saga / struggle continues but work will be put in to get over the hump like it's Wednesday  but excuse us for acting brand new with it!

The saga / struggle continues per the do or don't damnation some will get caught up in an unpleasant situation!

Now undergoing crisis management but check us out; in the midst of the madness we'll jam on it O-Dog Day Partying!

 We're coming through checking out this Deep House Mix | West Coast Deep House Vol. 10 courtesy of the Rhythm Republic!

Of course we're West Coasting it like we're out on I-80 in Oakland!! check us out as we get open, check out the playlist and the mix to see what's up with it!!

 00:00:00 1. Never Dull - Everyday (Original Mix) 

00:06:00 2. Paul Najera & Jr. Quijada - The Good Times (Original Mix) 

00:11:10 3. Oscar P - A-ny-thing (DuBeats Remix)  

00:16:48 4. Ollie Red - On The Floor 

00:21:52 5. Jesusdapnk - Clean Slate (Original Mix)  

00:26:16 6. DuBeats - Stories To Tell (Original Mix)  

00:30:51 7. Homero Espinosa & Allen Craig - No No (Extended Mix)  

00:36:04 8. Homero Espinosa - Sounds of The Triton (House Mix)  

00:41:30 9. Miguel Migs & Shades Of Gray - Let Me (Salty Dub)  

00:46:16 10. SiJay - Easily Amused (Original Mix) 

00:51:41 11. Jesusdapnk - Sunset For Two (Original Mix) 

00:57:07 12. Jr. Quijada - Enlighten or Discourage (Original Mix)


Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Attack Zone Business (Part Five)

We're out here trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza but per debt ceiling negotiations I knew some of these other participants wouldn't be fair!

We're out here in attack zones battling deep fake clones, influenced by Saturn in Pisces  plus the Jupiter  / Mars  / Pluto T-Square!

Now crisis management is needed, so we're out here on a mission! we're using a different vision to paint a season.

Drawing maps and blueprints in this attack zone so we can repel the treason before it's too late, yes! that's the real reason.

As gun claps are heard in pursuit of the US Mint for Brotha O the Papermate pen and scrap paper are like a brush and canvas!

Weaponized! no limit to everlasting dreams written, plus its accompanied by sounds that are bumping as digital crate digging continues! somebody will understand this!

That's how we're entering these attack zones, no need for the Wagner Group or Iranian drones we're putting it down like this!

We're rendering these breakbeat scientific principles and techniques straight from the lab in our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta! we're putting it down like this!

Getting over the hump is the business! dealing with rising temperatures per global warming but it's still a cold world! paralyzed by the cold? no, these aren't Ice Age renderings.

The sounds will bump and watch poetry melt, pressure I felt!  I'm hot not stitched in confusion.

The material? unraveling, even though gamblers out for a fast buck aka corporations dealt marked cards we dipped through these attack zones now Pharoah Sanders style astral traveling.

The material? beats bumping plus words falling on paper, landing from margin to margin.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Funky House " Phonky Night " by Philgood 5336 Mix

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we come through on this Terrible  / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

I guess you can call this a vibe as we drop this on the tribe, check us out!! we're O-Dog Day Partying as we let the music play!

This is for the tribe as the terrific outcome is proclaimed and manifested even though from here in Atlanta to "where you're at" the apparatus stressed it!

Check the vibe as we even celebrate in advance, knowing the Lord already blessed it!
Now check us out as we drop this  Funky House " Phonky Night " by Philgood 5336 Mix! 

Check out the playlist and the mix as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!!

⭐️** TRACK LIST **⭐️ 

1: Savin - Don't Stop 

2: House Crown - Super Flava (Dance Vip Mix) 

3: Nic&Peter - Find My Way (Mike Ivy Remix) 

4: Morena Taylor - Scare You (Will Jackson Jackin Mix) 

5: Nari - Money (Original Mix) 

6: Gary Caos - Colours (Original Mix) 

7: Crazibiza - Satisfy (Mirko & Meex Remix) 

8: Frank Knuckle - Bang It (Club Mix) 

9: 2Lovers - My Fire (Original Mix) 

10: Gary Caos - La Playa (Original Mix) 

11: Gary Caos - The Way (Original Mix) 

12: Shola Ama - You Might Need Somebody (Basement Jaxx Night Dub Mix)

Monday, May 22, 2023

Attack Zone Business (Part Four)

 Another Monday morning has rolled up on us it’s a bonus / blessing even though naysayers are stressing as we enter the fray.. 

..otherwise known as attack zones as artificial intelligence influenced deep fakes aka drones try to influence how we play!

We slide through these portals  / conduits blasting off from our runway to the universe from out here off of I-20 in Atlanta like its SpaceX in Cape Canaveral on deep space missions, we reign supreme shining like an aurora borealis!

Entering attack zones with supreme courage and maximum strength going the length! me and the team left the spiraling darkness!

Entering attack zones, fired on by perpetrators of American gun violence that's spiraling out of control! who's for or against us as we're moving from Taurus to Gemini season?

Some school us with the behavior exhibited, they said its all love but we didn't feel it after frozen embraces revealed treason.

Now I hear Reasons by Earth Wind and Fire playing in these attack zones letting us know what's up!

Plus science / reasons were dropped by Wendell Pierce over on Twitter letting us know why the vibe is bitter  / letting us know what's up!

God laughs as plans are made for outlining a life in these attack zones! fate? like its Las Vegas we'll gamble with it!

Others caste their fate to the wind like George Benson while we're out here in these attack zones where dreams collide with reality!  

Kool and The Gang asked who's gonna take the weight? I see veiled weight is carried while we're out here in transit!

Veiled hate is felt, the readings are off the charts! normalized by perpetrators acting casually!

Sunday, May 21, 2023

HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful FIX | May 21, 23

 Sunday Jazz Continues as a Sunday afternoon transitions into a Sunday evening!

The saga / struggle continues, maybe a tune or two will uplift the morale check the style, my people will keep believing... we can keep achieving might even deal with the debt ceiling like Biden and McCarthy!

The saga  / struggle continues check these  menus from this Band On The Run per the Wings featuring Paul McCartney!

Jokers shouldn't start with me, they'll get hit up with the sound per this HOUSE elements | Deep Soulful FIX | May 21, 23 courtesy of beyond72!

Check out the playlist and the mix as we bring this sound gumbo with housemusic / soul music / jazzdance as we use the sound to advance!! this is what's up / what it do!!


Lord KG, Studio Deep - Hallelujah 

Roque - Groovin' On (Original Mix) 

KEM-WITH YOU IN MY LIFE INST DJ Lucky Santiago - Body and Soul

Reggie Steele & DJ Beloved ft. Aaron K. Gray - God Favours Me (Timmy Regisford Instrumental).mp3

DJ Doughboy - I Try (Doughboy's High db Remix)

Anthony Flanagan - Your Embrace 

Kerri Chandler - ESC 

Minimal Groove - U&i (VeneiGrette Remix)

Ray MD, Carlos Castro - About The Stars (AfroSoul Doble Mix) 


83West - Son Shine (83 West EDIT) 



Serge Negri, Kendra Foster - Step To Reality (Tyrone Francis Remix)

Roy Jazz Grant - Latin Garden (Original Mix) 

Marsha Ambrosius - Let Me Go (A SammyRock & DjPunch Baby Powder R&B Rework) 

Damond Ramsey aka Mr. DMAX-The Pain (Deep Vocal Remix)

DJ PUNCH - FINGERS of LOVE (Baby Powder LOVES Chi-Town)

Marlo Cozart, Corey Holmes - Wonderful World


Saturday, May 20, 2023

Deep House Mix | Summer 2023 | Refresh Yourself #05 | Carlos Grau

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as this Saturday afternoon shifts into Saturday evening! its going down  / were putting work in out here  rocking hardhats and uniforms with our names stitched on the front of them; blue collar style, were at the construction site!                  

Surrounded by yellow caution / crime scene tape!  over in Decatur / Dekalb County Georgia authorities set up roadblocks by South DeKalb Mall! brothas and sistas? they'll front on them, supposedly no escape from this corruption site! 

Check the sound from this spiritual  "goodfella"; its Gotta Be Good!! its on again!!  corrupt with this insight when in this mode? like Russia vs Ukraine  the system knocks the hustle! 

Its going down!! but what's good? we're facing doubts like this was an elaborate fantasy built using this mental muscle!

....Avoiding ones that snitch or tattle in this zone!! corrupt ones that "ain't right"
as doors and windows rattle in this attack zone as we drop this weaponized sound! who said we can't fight? a fool will get gaffled!!

Scores calculated  by artificial intelligence but so called IT experts show negligence they seem baffled... 

Scores are checked, the foul hated!! they see these underdogs putting it down like the Miami Heat but we're jamming up in the house, coming through listening to this  Deep House Mix | Summer 2023 | Refresh Yourself #05 | Carlos Grau!

Show some respect as we set this O-Dog Day Party  / Saturday Night Fever edition off!! check out the playlist and the mix, word from a brotha! 

Tracklist - Support The Artists 

1 - Logiztik Sounds - Soul Feelings (Original Mix) - 00:00 

2 - Andrey Potyomkin - Astrogation (Blood Grooves & Kikis Remix) - 08:33 

3 - Bucher & Kessidis - Mission - 14:09 

4 - Aleksey Beloozervo - My Summer Day - 21:28 

5 - Dave Boyle - Love Them & Leave Them (Original Mix) - 27:34 

6 - Raxon - Air Race (Spiritchaser Remix) - 34:46 

 7 - Jay West & Manuel Sahagun - Somebody (David Keno Remix) - 37:48 

8 - Dave Boyle - Indescribable Feeling (Original Mix) - 43:36 

9 - The Freestylers featuring Laura Steel - Falling (AfterHours Remix) - 47:41 

10 - Ofiice Gossip - Say It - 53:50


Friday, May 19, 2023

The Mid-Week Session Vol. 27 (Part Two)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this O-Dog Day Party!

We're putting it down per this Flashback Friday  / Fabulous Friday conjunction per our breakbeat scientific functions, naysayers with the negativity shouldn't start with me!

Out there, it hasn't always been cool, "it ain't nothing nice"; per Flashback Friday? we're even bewildered by forgotten details!

Out there! I mentioned earlier about past episodes as the the train of thought derails but a dude prevails. Per Flashback Friday? pieces of yesterday were on the tracks, was it due to an ornate design? ...of my mind; but I proceed and continue I move on, an advanced beginner! yes, that kind!

On my mind? this music, as I come through listening to The Mid-Week Session Vol. 27 (Part Two) courtesy of DJ Steve Adams!!

Check out the playlist and the mix! Part One of Vol. 27 is on Mixcloud, rocking the crowd / jamming!

1. Hartleysjam Inc - Everybody 2. MKM ft Cherri V - Where Love Lives 3. Ben Pearce - What I Might Do (Dirty Freek Remix) 4. Gala vs Liquid - Freed From Sweet Desire (Blondes Mashed Up Version) 5. Lissat & Voltaxx - Ain't Nobody (DJ Vartan & Techcrasher Remix) 6. Paul Sirrell - Keep Dancing 7. Paul Sirrell - Move That Body 8. Paul Sirrell - Somethings Taking Over 9. Paul Sirrell - Dub Number 7 10. Plastik Funk - Rise 11. Paul Sirrell - Fade 12. Brothers In Rhythm - Such A Good Feeling (DaLoops & Freejak Remix) 13. RAY ISAAC - I Don't Give A Damn (Qubiko Extended Remix) 14. Soulvation - Devotion (Block & Crown Club Mix) 15. Paul Parsons - Somebody Please 16. Block & Crown, Chelsea Singh - Enjoy The Silence 17. Matt Caseli & Terry Lex ft Cinnamon Brown - Lose My Mind 18. Kroose - Do It Right 19. The Grower ft Corey Andrew - Move Your Body (Peter Brown Nu Original Mix) 20. Freejak - Ride Like the Wind (Club Mix) 21. Paul Sirrell - Shined On Me 22. Tough Love - Hideaway (Freejak Extended Remix)

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Attack Zone Business (Part Three)

 We're setting this HumpDay Extravaganza off, broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

At the moment we're hunkered down, soon we'll be out in those attack zones blasting off into the universe from our runway out off of I-20 in Atlanta!

Local, national,  international and intergalactic are the frontiers as the Brotha O steers this mothership to a safe haven  / safe harbor! we're rolling! we're ignoring all those exit signs!

Had to admit, we took losses out there in those attack zones, especially with Mercury retrograde but we're reborn within the fall, it didn't blow our minds!

For a minute? I was up in Louisville out in those attack zones like Rudy Giuliani type hustlers and players but naysayers claim we didn’t know what we were doing,  said we're riding straight into the abyss.

But we knew about  Quincy Jones / Barry White Secret Gardens and about secret corridors, so we kept going for ours; those exits? we won't miss.

Plus we kept it moving we took the advice of the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville and kept living even though we had a different vision knowing that ignorance wasn't bliss!

We weren’t trying to prove that theory, the mothership gets good mileage so where will it take me? It got lonely out there but we kept on running not much did we miss!

But a lot of times it put us out in attack zones in harms way, all up in the mothership taking flights of fantasy.

Chasing desires, under attack by society's clones plus like Ukraine dealing with Iranian attack drones saying nobody understands me!

Chasing! up in Kentucky like Daniel Cameron carrying Trump and McConnell's water? naw man but some say I was inspired by Louisville  / Newburg default settings, they told me a remembrance of youth has made me uncouth. reality aka these attack zones affected my humor / stained my laughter, especially after doing the math  / finding the truth.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Deep House Mix 2023 | Refresh Yourself #03 | Carlos Grau

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way! we claimed the terrific outcome the situation is critical,  they had a dude enhancing techniques chilling out in the lab /  muster stations. 

What it do? the hatred? I'm not digging it, even though it goes back!! The situation is pitiful!!  spotted dude acting like  George Santos showing bluster though  he's caught up in unpleasant situations. 

Shady dealing? we're disputing!! reflected  on moves made by Ron DeSantis while rolling down the Florida Turnpike; back in the day? Pops told me he worked in the Okeechobee area when he was young but he wanted to join the Army so he had to dip out. 

Shady dealing?  robbing / looting the treasury from corporations? oh yes!! but like Pops before me we saw a portal open up so we were able to dip out!!

I could see how they're trying to play a brotha, like Jamie Foxx but Brotha O continues to rock!!   I didn't flip out I just strategize. 

Listening to this Deep House Mix 2023 | Refresh Yourself #03 | Carlos Grau! right on time for these hot days here in Atlanta!! check the playlist and the mix!! jokers need to stop the madness!! but if they don't?  I won't be surprised. 

 Tracklist - Support The Artists 

1 - Bernon - La Vida Housekeys (House Mix) - 00:00 

2 - Forteba - Intertourist (Original Mix) - 07:24 

3 - Synthcast - 3rd - 13:22 

4 - Matt Prehn - Love You Back (Original Mix) - 17:51 

5 - Frankey Sandrino - Come Back (Giom Remix) - 21:30 

6 - Deepjack, Inner Rebels, Mr Nu - Got To Have Your Love (Deep Sound Effect Remix) - 28:12 

7 - J Axel - Like A Shadow (Original Mix) - 31:34 

8 - Soulbeats & Majuri - Supernatural (Manyus Kool Mix) - 36:36 

9 - Edmund ft Pablo Fierro - When It Flows (Soul Minority Remix) - 43:28 

10 - The Magician - Sunlight (Darius Remix) - 49:22 

11 - David Xag ft Janice Sweet Sorrow (Low District Remix) - 53:03


Monday, May 15, 2023

Attack Zone Business (Part Two)

 Check us out on this Monday morning even though the science dropped is good for any time frame!  Mercury retrograde is over even though we're still in the shadow period, I call this attack zone business!

We're still under attack from the enemy, an evil entity all up in this spiritual warfare! by now y'all should know what the deal is!

Brotha O-Zone knows what the real is, just call it the struggle! catch me out here in our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta in the lab enhancing these techniques! in the middle of silence? the ink pen made noises.

Writing poetry, somebody might feel this more like Simon and Garfunkel Sounds of Silence! we even weaponize it accompanied by our digital crate digging byproducts per the synchronicity!

We're moving at a high velocity with the speed you need but outcomes may be considered dysfunctional! melodies of love or the methods of madness validated per Brotha O losing his poise?

Thought and fashion police chalk the poetry wayward, like Twitter Community Notes saying the train of thought derailed / said I violated policy!

Now these zones are under attack like Sudan or even Ukraine out there dealing with the Wagner Group!

Clones per January 6th insurrectionists or drones hitting up different sections are all up in the game but some play it like Philadelphia 76ers forgetting how to hoop!

O-Zone is like an embedded war reporter giving you the scoop from this attack zone, peeping game! that breeze of footsteps? they're far from melodies of love!

What's really going on? Isley Brothers Footsteps In The Dark? more like cryptic footsteps from those with no love!

Damn!  they're entering these attack zones by any means necessary even introducing technical difficulties check the business! an elaborate scheme being implemented? 

It's disrespectful!! using artificial intelligence or even pseudo intelligence check the social engineering! they're playing us like were dimwitted!

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Earth, Wind and Fire– Power

Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus as we serve this soul food on Mother's Day!! blessings to you and yours!

The saga / struggle continues as life goes on / as the toil and strife goes on!! it's rough out here, even for the Philadelphia 76ers check the scores!!

Desperate? scores of my constituents are, some are like Kool and The Gang asking who's gonna to take the weight? 

 Others second guessing, found out it wasn't cool to be heavy they can't handle the heft and weight! 

Plus, as they approach the gate? gatekeepers had that Hunger Games Peacekeepers vibe when greeting them, things got hot! they're  met by a vicious flame! 

It'll incinerate hope, they'll need new and improved methods to cope but there's none left in the game!

We made a shift in the game, coming through with supreme courage and maximum strength ready to go the length!!

Check us out as we exercise power, coming through listening to  this classic track from Earth, Wind and  Fire called Power! are we putting it down? on the strength!

Friday, May 12, 2023

The Grau Club #19 [Summer Nights / House Music Mix / 2023] • Carlos Grau

 Digital Crate Digging Continues per my Flashback Friday / Fabulous Friday segment; per this O-Dog Day Party?  my constituents are eligible for it..

The saga / struggle continues, in the midst of the ongoing madness we're O-Dog Day Partying soon shifting into "Friday Night Fevering";  of course your dude is rocking it...

A fever? it's not a thing the Covid 19 emergency is over it's no longer in affect, so a fool will cough and sneeze showing disrespect, exercising negative energy or power, knocking hustles like the unrest in Sudan!

A believer? satisfied with the CNN Trump Town Hall but naysayers told him hold up wait a minute;  Anderson Cooper mentioned getting out of the loop  meanwhile we're rocking the tribe son plus dropping this scoop!! it'll sound like nuclear bombs when the beats bump!! that's the plan!!

We're rocking the tribe son!! now hold up wait a minute; excuse me as I drop The Grau Club #19 [Summer Nights / House Music Mix / 2023] • Carlos Grau!

Check the playlist and the mix!  now hold up wait a minute; excuse a dude for for posting this on this site, they're usually at my I-20 Chronicles site, alright? they were nice with these!!


1 - Fish From Japan - Dirty City Nights (Original Mix) - 00:00 

2 - Mell Hall ft Sahara Beck - End of Time (Street Player Extended Remix) - 04:17 

3 - Mark Knight & Armand Van Helden - The Music Began To Play (Extended Mix) - 08:45 

4 - Makree - Piano Groove - 12:35 

5 - Chaney - Blank Space (Extended Mix) - 17:10 

6 - Di Paul, Hugo Rey - How Deep Is Your Love (Ricco S Remix) - 22:09 

7 - David Penn - Join Us ft Lisa Millett (DJ Bee Old School Remix) - 26:31 

8 - Tommy Vercetti - Good Feeling - 32:05 

9 - Next Door But One fT Billie Ray Martin - Back For More - 36:35 

10 - Davide Squillace, Matteo Spedicati - Golden Teeth - 41:10 

11 - MENTIS ft Kate Wild - Excuses - 47:14 

12 - Louie Vega, Duane Harden - Never Stop (David Morales Red Zone Mix) - 50:30

Thursday, May 11, 2023

The Train Of Thought Derailed But We Prevailed (Part Ten)

Catch us out in the universe as the mothership sailed and sailed and sailed!  of course it gets good mileage!

Out there with the train of thought that derailed but we prevailed! like a Trump town hall on CNN we're bearing witness to how foul it can get!

We see how the style can get,  especially when dealing with energy vampires; gimme gimme gimme! heard in the breeze, words on the wind!

Or word in the wind;  no Gimme Shelter per the Rolling Stones per the Throwback Thursday reference by the Brotha O-Zone! but once again it's on as now the funk is dropped and this word on the curb!

On this Thankful Thursday where it's a blessing to be here? that train of thought can be derailed!  it  can be kicked to the curb or even thrown under the bus, out there by a so called friend! 

Now someone you used to know after you check their flow out here rolling like George Santos you found out how it goes after you kicked them to curb. 

Ready to roll after observing the scene putting the train of thought back on the tracks, rolling!

It got lonely out there but we kept on running, good word dropping and funky drumming; we're rolling!

Oh yes! we're rolling! visualizing the sequence! happiness? around the bend per the Main Ingredient.

Their version of Brian Auger's song: but reality is disappointing, that train of thought derailed! damn it's so wrong! results or a remedy? wishing they were immediate.

Hurting! there was no Cry Me A River per Justin Timberlake as fallen tears of ages help fill the ocean up now check the glitter.

A lonely soul? some were like that after the train of thought derailed even if they prevailed! a rough life made them bitter.