Friday, February 11, 2022

Staying Strong (Supreme Courage And Maximum Strength) Part Six

 Per this Flashback Friday / Fabulous Friday edition? staying strong is how we’re living!

Supreme courage and maximum strength is exhibited in this reality that’s unforgiving!

Digital Crate Digging Continues, but sometimes it seems like we’re jamming to a song without a melody.

The sound of pain will fester as the reign that began with a drizzle turned into a full scale storm but it’s the norm is what they tell me. Some we’re out in the backwoods drinking brown Kentucky liquor and smoking backwoods; word in the wind / whispering pine confessions part of these sessions? ...or they’re back in these hoods failing to stay strong, reverb / repeat kicking in like a DJ looping a beat contributing to the negative swirls of eternity unless we learn our lessons. 

Fables were heard; what was learned? the drama unfurled on so many levels.

Tables turned once the lesson is learned? then we’ll be able to exercise power to a higher level.

Staying strong; supreme courage and maximum strength is exhibited as we proceed and continue to the next level!

Staying strong; supreme courage and maximum strength is needed as we deal with the chaos and confusion caused by the next devil…

…and his advocates, they're back with this as they roll like Trump with the insurrection.

We’re back with this dropping beats that bump plus this good word per this breakbeat scientific intervention.

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