Friday, September 30, 2016

Liquid & Beyond #31 [Liquid DnB Mix] (Approaching Nirvana Guest Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Friday Night Fever!! We're checking out Liquid & Beyond #31 [Liquid DnB Mix] (Approaching Nirvana Guest Mix). courtesy of Kasger. Check out the playlist and the mix!!!

 ► Liquid & Beyond Mix:
00:00:00 GLXY - The Hustle VIP
00:02:26 ALB & Subdivision - Lately
00:04:16 ALB & Subdivision - Lately (GLXY Remix)
00:06:06 Variants - Flight (ft. 3PM & Holly Drummond)
00:07:02 Pola & Bryson - Raid
00:08:19 Stephen - Fly Down (Alibi DNB Edit)
00:09:04 Horizen High & Alexvnder - Devotion
00:10:31 Pola & Bryson - Cinematic Fireball
00:12:21 Actraiser - Into The Wilderness
00:13:50 Aperio - What You Do (ft. Jorge)
00:15:40 Noceur - Your Love
00:17:08 Pola & Bryson - Run From You (ft. Sammie Bella)
00:19:45 Noga - Paradise
00:21:58 HumaNature - All These Games
00:23:26 GLXY - Kinesis (Data 3 Remix)
00:25:16 Carmada - Maybe (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
00:27:51 Deadmau5 - Strobe (Dimension Remix)

► Approaching Nirvana Guest Mix:
00:32:38 Limitless - Dreamscape
00:34:19 NCT - Frozen In Time (feat. Andreas Ort & Charline)
00:37:17 Cartoon - One Day (feat. Karl-Kristjan)
00:39:08 Maduk - Levitate
00:40:38 Dualistic & NCT - The Unknown
00:42:52 Feint - Horizons
00:46:03 Approaching Nirvana - Ethereal
00:48:27 Feint - The Journey (feat. Veela)
00:49:33 Approaching Nirvana - Eyes On You
00:51:47 Mediks - Blown Away (feat. Astronaut)
00:54:02 Gavin G - Nowhere To Hide
00:55:31 T & Sugah - Unreal (feat. Ayve)
00:57:56 Stan SB - Anyone Out There (Maduk Remix)
01:00:10 Rameses B - The Truth
01:02:27 Woody - Revelate

Selected At Random After Reckless Abandon PT. 6 (Didn't Stop / Didn't Quit)

I mentioned earlier,  we hit the wall;  just like the Rosetta spacecraft hitting the 67P comet. 

Reckless abandon was exercised!!  We Didn't Stop / Didn't Quit!! now like Rosetta Stone check out this math / language we come with. 

....Per this #FridayFeeling? O-Zone has this good word plus O-Dizzle brought the drumkit!! beats are selected at random like these thoughts. 

The drizzle led to the reign, so some are done with it!!  plus we're damned if we did or didn't bring these Sonic Assaults..

 ...They're based on being caught out there making things harder than they had to be. 

The Fresh Vision was clouded by the smoke and mirrors; damn!!  it was hard to see!! 

How were we living? scientists mentioned intelligent design / an evolutionary style!!  it's the natural process.

How were we living? these breakbeat scientists rock a revolutionary style check the signs!!  from Charlotte to Tulsa we're selected at random after rolling through Babylon with reckless abandon!!  now we bring the healing process.

Monsters spotted, not related to the Lochness one, not even looking for a job on Monster.Com.

Breakbeat science is in full effect!!  dropping original compositions plus listening to the Monstercat Podcast but we're played like mobsters with a drum.

A fool will disrespect, now thoughts are selected at random after reckless abandon...

Looking at the big picture, so we hit you up with the big scripture!! this is for my people that society was stranding...

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 122 (Direct Takeover)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! We're checking out Monstercat Podcast Ep. 122 (Direct Takeover) for the latest in house music, electro, drum and bass and other flavors. Check out the playlist and the mix.

▼ Tracklist

00:00:42 Snavs - Time
00:03:31 Rootkit - Wildifre
00:06:31 Mystery Track [Monstercat Exclusive]
00:08:29 Tut Tut Child - Oracle
00:11:40 Soupandreas - Over You
00:14:40 WRLD - Orbit (ft. Richard Caddock)
00:18:04 SMLE - Halo (ft. Helen Tess)
00:21:42 Dion Timmer - Panic [Monstercat Spotlight]
00:25:25 AZEDIA - Calm Down [Monstercat Throwback]
00:30:25 Rameses B - Underwater (ft. Meron Ryan)

[Direct Takeover]
00:34:36 Direct, Mr FijiWIji, & Holly Drummond - Trust In Me
00:39:21 Direct - Make Me Feel
00:42:49 Direct - So Sure
00:45:47 Direct & Elliot Berger - Anticipation
00:49:35 Direct - One Step Forward

00:52:29 Puppet - Listen To The Storm [Monstercat Exclusive]


Broken Beat Mixes 5: Soul, Future Jazz & Funk

Digital Crate Digging Continues; chilling out in the lab on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday..

Some of my constituents know how the story goes; I go back and forth due to being hungry / thirsty..

Who'll work with me? in these hostile territories deals go sideways, I was left holding the bag...

Who'll work with me? some used a hot style used to tell stories to authorities or they're on the TV news and in  the daily rag..

Daily? this online mag drops poetry, plus sounds from the  funk / jazz / hip hop / house music / drum and bass and other spectrums...

At the moment? checking out the Broken Beat Mixes 5: Soul, Future Jazz & Funk  courtesy of  Orgone Mike ; check out the playlist and the mix!! respect to the architect is shown...

Clara Hill - Endlessly (Freddie Joachim Remix)

Robert Glasper Experiment feat Norah Jones - Let It Ride

Les Gammas - Descarga Yema Ya

2000 Black ft Face - Ain't Nothing You Can Feel

Da One Away ft Bembe Segue - The Mind

Carl Hancock Rux - Lamentations (Ron Trent Production)


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Unit Blue - Costa Latina (ManMadeScience Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! We're listening to some downtempo / future jazz from  Unit Blue  with a track called Costa Latina (ManMadeScience Remix). Check it out!!


Breakbeat Scientific Per This HumpDay Extravaganza

 Oh yes!! another HumpDay Extravaganza; breakbeat science dropped in a verse / stanza!! this is how we're rolling.

Too blessed to be stressed per the vanity licence plate on the old Fleetwood Brougham on Candler Road in Decatur that's rolling? 

I don't know Broheim!! we are dropping this  #WednesdayWisdom  based on how we're living; at the moment chilling like Kenny Rogers knowing when to fold them, hold them, walk away or run..

The madness is growing!! it's a bumper crop like poppy from Afghanistan relating to the heroin epidemic!! I was wondering what some were on!!

In the Midwest heroin fentanyl was taking some out y'all; so what's up man? Detroit drug dealers trying to maximize profits? 

From the Midwest y'all; word from a Louisville / Newburg wheeler / dealer; your maxing and relaxing with these breakbeat scientific prophets...

Oh yes!! the ones bringing math to the masses like an Andrae Crouch gospel song; *on the way to see the King*  / soon and very soon / heard at the Baptist church..

Made in his image / claiming our heritage;  but on earth who's fair with it? soon the structure was engulfed in flames, walls crumbled!! but to rebuild? we had to go to work..

Hope didn't diminish,  Dam Funk said the The Sky Is Ours so your dude was Intergalactic, out beyond the stars!! I told Space X not to come to Mars!! part of royalty, the first galaxies? a dude is claiming territory.

As we scrimmage fanatics?  ATLiens were getting crunk influenced by the arch nemesis in Babylon; damn!!  it comes with the territory.

Telling this story as part of the HumpDay Extravaganza, as thought and fashion police try to shoot us down like MH17 shot down by Russian surrogates..

 Plus they'll shoot us down from Charlotte to California, the HumpDay Extravaganza reminds you society still hates...

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Nick Holder feat. Sacha - Time (Manuel Tur Vocal mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday. What's the perspective / positive / negative? Maybe this smooth track from  Nick Holder Ft. Sacha ‎ called Time (Manuel Tur Vocal mix)  will help you get your mind right!! Check it out!!!

Selected At Random After Reckless Abandon PT.5

Excuse me, but these thoughts are selected at random after reckless abandon!! this is the aftermath...

Excuse me, but this is the by-product of going through the process!! more or less after doing the math..

Lose me per my conduct out in the mainstream of mathematics? thought and fashion police are back at it!! those fanatics were combative like Donald Trump at the debate..

...with Hillary Clinton; had to admit I wasn't mainstream, driving erratic,  corners I'm bending / swerving!!! rolling with reckless abandon a step ahead of those that hate..

Shady dealing? oh yes!! fanatics were out of order!! they're pulling capers then dipping in Dodge Chargers when they should pump brakes..

Misbehave? me? Oh No!! I keep my head to the sky per Earth Wind and Fire! it's like I'm dodging Aleppo airstrikes...

Who'll try to enslave me with that and this?  the clock will expire like LSU vs Auburn!!  O-Dog will put the drum on them.

How did some behave around me?  lessons learned as authorities  run up on them.

What's going on with them?  selected at random  due to Donald Trump profiling due to the bombing? there's always drama...

What's going on with them? questions asked after they spotted us rolling through with reckless abandon!! good word dropping, beats thump pro-styling!! breakbeat science dropped by a brotha!!

Suspicion is aroused, after the enemy got rocked / housed: check the steady bombardment of the enemy position..

Missions? aroused by hustle knocks from Charlotte to your spot if your paying attention..

Monday, September 26, 2016

Clara Hill ‎– Here

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday. We're checking out some soul jazz from  Clara Hill ‎with a track called Here. Let's Go!! 


Fred P - Lush Life

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday venues!! this is how it works...

Digital? analog? society triggering responses from both spectrums; this is how it hurts...

O-Dog is figuring it out as he goes along, there's no one size fits all! it's all toil and strife..

Captain's Log? updated by O-Zone!! might surprise y'all ; it's all about  toil and strife..

What's up dog? we cold crush in this life!! breakbeat scientific? that's how it goes down..

 Fred P.  with Lush Life plays in the background / check out the sound; it's going down..

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fauna Flash - Alone Again

Sunday Jazz Continues!! chilling out on this Sunday evening like I'm supposed to...

The saga / struggle continues!! my endeavors? the devil is opposed to!!

Warned by the old school Baptisi preacher per #SundayMorning meetings...

I govern myself accordingly per the old school Baptisi preacher's lingo!! to my constituents? greetings!!

I govern myself accordingly, in a zone again enhancing lab techniques!! we're putting it down like this...

Listening to Fauna Flash  with Alone Again!! coming through in a flash, it's on again!! we're putting it down like this...

Broken Beat Mixes 4 - Future Jazz & Broken Soul

Sunday Jazz Continues!! I play it different; the music is bumping while football games play in the background..

Chiling out on a Sunday afternoon!! usually in the midst of spiritual warfare, we didn't backdown...

Shady dealing out here in Babylon? of course!! it's not hard to track down the usual suspects...

Playing this sound!! this is how we get down!! repelling the enemy that disrespects...

The madness? this dude disconnects from it!! I spotted the collateral damage / broken spirits / souls caught up in the mix..

Chilling out in the lab listening to Orgone Mike's Broken Beat Mixes 4 - Future Jazz & Broken Soul , check out the playlist and the mix...

 Brotherly - True

DaOneAway & Bembe Segue - To Tomorrow

The Baylor Project - More in Love

Elise - Poseidon (simbad suite remix)

Cyberphonia - Cut & Paste (Hefner remix)

Jazzanova & Clara Hill - No Use



Saturday, September 24, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016

Space Echo - Soul Power

Digital Crate Digging Continues, per this Friday Night Fever!! 

Oh yes!! we've got the #FridayFeeling! We're checking out some house music from Space Echo with a track called Soul Power. Let's Go!!

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 121

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Friday; might as well say it's the weekend baby!!

Plus the seasons changed due to the Autumnal Equinox, but your dude still rocks; it's the weekend baby!!

Seasons / Reasons? hustle knocks due to treasons!! he outlook is a bleak one for my Charlotte constituents...

 Check this mini-thesis son!! word dropped by a retro-futuristic mystic considered a crook for letting you know what the deal is...

Please!! it's on!! spent most of the day listening to back and the day jams, so what does the future bring?

Checking out Monstercat Podcast Ep. 121 for the latest electro, drum and bass and house music; check out the playlist and the mix to see what they'll bring..

▼ Tracklist
00:00:42 Pegboard Nerds - Emoji (Prismo & Dirtystack Remix)
00:03:42 Pegboard Nerds - Here It Comes (Snavs & Toby Green Remix)
00:06:03 Grabbitz - Turn Around
00:10:39 Dirty Audio - Gorilla Glue
00:12:59 Stonebank - The Only One (ft. Ben Clark)
00:17:41 Trivecta - One Night Only (ft. Yohamna Solange)
00:21:52 F.O.O.L - Throne
00:26:07 Mr FijiWiji - Out on a Limb (ft. Jonny Rose)
00:30:00 Nervo - Anywhere You Go (ft. Timmy Trumpet) [Monstercat Exclusive]
00:33:44 Unlike Pluto - Waiting For You (ft. Joanna Jones)
00:37:24 F.O.O.L - Showdown
00:42:16 Fractal - Elements [Monstercat Throwback]
00:48:15 Aero Chord - The 90s [Monstercat Spotlight]
00:51:54 Deon Custom - Together
00:55:30 Laszlo x WRLD - You & Me
00:59:40 Grant Bowtie - Clockwork

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Broken Beat Mixes 3 - Downtempo & Lounge Beats

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call Throwback / Thirsty Thursday...

Digital? analog? sound waves float through the smoke and mirrors / fog!! the atmosphere is navigated due to being hungry /  thirsty..

The atmosphere shifted, you might have heard me mention it on satellite stations during this mystic voyage...

Fear shown by the young gifted and black per Tulsa and Charlotte shenanigans? is it due to dealing with Officer Flanagans? society will discourage...

Uplifted!! chilling out on this First Day Of Fall per the Autumnal Equinox, dealing with hustle knocks, even had to follow Donald Lawrence's advice; myself? I had to encourage!!

What's up y'all?  broken spirits are uplifted per Orgone Mike's  Broken Beat Mixes 3 with Downtempo & Lounge Beats, check out the playlist and the mix to see how he worked it...

Domu - Rain All Day

Falty DL - Eniua

Hefner - An Evening with Hefner

Kissey Asplund - Silverlake

Aybee - Love like no other

Pavel Kostiuk (aka Dego) - The New Season

DJ Rels (aka Madlib) - Waves

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Broken Beat Mixes 2 - Future Jazz and Soul

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! the HumpDay Extravaganza is the venue...

Digital? analog? the saga / struggle continues as these chefs put jazz, funk and soul on the menu..

Can you dig it? this is for my constituents mad about proceedings from Tulsa to Charlotte...

From Terence Crutcher to Keith Lamont Scott some think they're in the clutch of a scheme or plot...

In the clutch of a scheme or plot? it's not just brothers and sisters,  even white Americans have their issues..

Corporations roll like Wells Fargo with their trickery; Ford moving jobs out of the country is another issue..

We get with you per this HumpDay Extravaganza, rebuking a broken system with this breakbeat science...

...after jumping to a foregone conclusion, per Orgone Mike we're using his Broken Beat Mixes 2 - Future Jazz and Soul  to ease troubled minds..

Check out the playlist and the mix, as we put it down like this!!

Falty DL - She Sleeps (2000Black Remix) 

Simbad - DNA Metamorphasis

 Agent K - Rideaway Getaway 

Magic Number & Clara Hill - Turn Back (Domu Remix) 

Shur-i-Kan - Generations

Stateless - All of a Sudden

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Monday Michiru - Don't Disturb This Groove

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, so what's the perspective, positive or negative?

Digital? analog? menus can go either way!! at the end of the day?  the art is respected..

What's up with ya? how will I play after being disrespected? I'm not worried about it...

We keep moving forward!! per this blog? some of my constituents may have heard about it!!

We keep moving forward even through the Atlanta gas shortage!! rolling on the mothership not in a Kia Sportage, we stay on the move..

At the moment?  chilling out on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, I know how the sport will get!! listening to Monday Michiru  with her version of the System's Don't Disturb This Groove

Monday, September 19, 2016

Broken Beat Mixes 1

Digital Crate Digging Continues per #MusicMonday, We're checking out some future jazz / broken beat per Broken Beat Mixes 1 courtesy of  Orgone Mike. Check out the playlist and the mix!!

Cinematic Orchestra - Man with a Movie Camera (Domu remix)
Hefner - Fish Head
Dani Siciliano - Walk the Line
DKD - Getaway
Uschi Classen - Dizzy Heights
Nutmeg - Bicycle Kick

Selected At Random After Reckless Abandon PT.4

 It's going down!! scattered thoughts are selected at random,  after reckless abandon

I mentioned we hit the wall at my satellite station, hitting hard like the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks playing!!  but some said they didn't understand son!!

Damn!! they need to understand what it do / what it does or they'll be like the Oakland Raiders getting beat by the Atlanta Falcons in that old Oakland Coliseum!! they'll get victimized.

They couldn't front, the Bay Area let my down!! I'm in the ATL but not a Falcons fan so what's up man? on another front Trump type haters had some open when they kicked those lies.

It's wasn't like surprise! surprise! surprise! damn!! that's word from Gomer Pyle,USMC.

It's like sunrise / sunset!! 360 degrees, as some ask what's the deal with these? check homie's style to see what the deal will be.

Some find out what the real will be per New York / New Jersey explosions...

Thoughts are selected at random, so who'll feel me/ work with me? I see it's out of control per the ear shattering gunshot explosions... 

Reckless abandon was the mode son!! I'm out here dipping like Lamar Jackson up in Louisville...

Reckless abandon will have us lost like Lamar Odom, Lord Help!! some of us know the deal...

Selected at random for the drama or was it because we're trying to move to the next level?

Scattered thoughts are selected at random,  after reckless abandon / after dealing with the next devil...

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds Of Fire

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we're covering the jazz rock / fusion section with this Mahavishnu Orchestra  track called Birds Of Fire. 

Check out the players and the rack...

Friday, September 16, 2016

Ron Carter ‎– Anything Goes

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a #FlashbackFriday; it's going down like this!!

It's the weekend baby!! let the music play!! we're playing the sounds like this!!

Posting around the time of the  Lunar Eclipse – Full Moon in Pisces  :  so how will some act?

Some still talk of  #birtherism   like Trump but I wasn't working with them!! some don't know how to act...

I did have some work for them; beats will thump,  but some already know hoe the story goes...

I did have some work for them; beats will thump!! check out the players and the track per  Ron Carter ‎ with  Anything Goes!! 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 120

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! for some of the best electro, house music, drum and bass and other flavors we're checking out Monstercat Podcast Ep. 120. Check out the playlist and the mix. Let's Go!!
▼ Tracklist

00:00:42 Pegboard Nerds - Bassline Kickin (Astronaut Remix)
00:03:58 Rogue - Atlantic
00:08:13 Jauz & Pegboard Nerds - Get On Up
00:11:43 PIXL & Pairanoid - Bring It
00:15:28 Candyland & Ricci - Touch Me [Monstercat Spotlight]
00:19:05 Au5 & Fractal - Smoke [Monstercat Throwback]
00:23:57 Direct & Elliot Berger - Anticipation
00:27:53 Soupandreas - Over You
00:30:30 Astronaut - Champions (feat. Harry Brooks Jnr) (WRLD Remix)
00:34:08 Slips & Slurs - Malicious
00:39:05 Dirty Audio - Gorilla Glue [Monstercat Exclusive]
00:40:29 Grabbitz - Ballin'
00:42:52 Rootkit - Wildfire
00:46:19 Haywyre - Sculpted
00:50:11 Conro - The Saint
00:53:09 Koven - Silence
00:58:50 Rameses B - Faster Than Light (feat. Danyka Nadeau)

Technimatic - Liquicity Festival 2016

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! We're checking out  some drum and bass from Technimatic at  Liquicity Festival 2016. Check out the playlist and the mix..

  0:00 T.E.E.D. - Garden (Calibre remix) w/ Technimatic - Better Perspective (feat. Jinadu) 
  2:58 Technimatic - Hold On A While (feat. Jono McCleery) 
  4:46 Technimatic - Sphere
  6:12 Anile - Your Way
  7:59 Technimatic - Abseil
  10:08 Technimatic - Antihero
  13:01 Technimatic - Secret Smile (feat. Lucy Kitchen)
  16:11 Need For Mirrors - Hurts
  17:10 Nu:Tone - Ebb & Flow
  19:50 Random Movement - Connections w/ Technicolour & Komatic - The Glow
  21:15 The Upbeats & Ivy Lab - Pharaoh 
  23:29 Foreign Concept - When You're Alone (Remix/VIP/mixed with ?)
  25:46 Technimatic - Bristol 
  27:00 LSB - About Tonight w/ Technimatic - Looking For Diversion (feat. Lucy Kitchen) 
  28:48 Random Movement - Future Fondler 
  30:30 Hugh Hardie - Shudder  
  32:01 Tom Middleton - Wyv Auw Chu (Vandera remix)
  34:09 Technimatic - The Evening Loop (VIP mix?)
  35:34 Logistics - The Trip
  38:05 Technicolour & Komatic - Launch Sequence
  39:10 Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket - Jazz Tickles
  40:37 LTJ Bukem - Horizons (Komatic Rework)
  42:45 Logistics - Polyphony (feat. Sonic)
  44:54 Technimatic - Transference w/ Technimatic - Parallel (feat. Zara Keshaw)
  47:24 DC Breaks - Never Stop
  49:56 Marcus Intalex & ST Files - Outerspace
  52:09 Technimatic - Flashbulb (VIP) w/ Ivy Lab - Forex
  55:20 Silence Groove - Only You
  57:50 Technimatic & Friction - Floating Frames
  58:55 ??? 1:00:20 Aprés - Chicago (Technimatic remix)
  1:02:30 Technicolour, Komatic & LSB - Rotary Motion
  1:05:45 Netsky - Memory Lane
  1:07:43 Technimatic - Clockwise
  1:10:02 Logistics - Together w/ Nu:Tone - System (feat. Natalie Wiliams)
  1:12:20 ???
  1:14:42 1991 - Nine Clouds
  1:17:55 Data 3 - Molly
  1:19:20 ???
  1:21:31 Technicolour & Komatic - Forget The Past
  1:24:02 LSB - Tumult
  1:26:09 Technimatic - Night Vision (VIP)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Gene Chandler - Does She Have A Friend For Me?

It's Going Down!! Digital Crate Digging Continues per the #HumpDayExtravaganza!! 

It's Going Down!! digital? analog? digging sounds from any spectrum!! understand a brotha?

Players try to get with ya!! wannabe macks and divas play their positions down here in Atlanta...

Keep it pimping player was heard over in Decatur; non believers won't understand a brotha!!

It's not a simple thing!! a hater went against  Gene Chandler when he asked Does She Have A Friend For Me? 

It's not a simple thing!! a hater didn't know how the game was played; check out out the track to learn what the deal will be..


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Atmosphere Shifted PT. 10 (The Finale But It's Not Final)

The saga / struggle continues!! we're in survival mode,  priorities haven't shifted. 

We're rocking these venues, but it's like Wells Fargo under siege!! soon the atmosphere shifted. 

UN sanctions weren't lifted!! how far will they go? I see North Korea is still acting up. 

...So is Iran,  so what's up man? damn!!  this world is still corrupt. 

The atmosphere shifted, as  meteorologists monitor Tropical Storm Ian in the Atlantic to see if it'll make landfall to do damage. 

The atmosphere shifted! we're rocking this but life is hectic!! God blessed this, so we still manage. 

The atmosphere shifted! whats the perspective? per this Terrible /  Terrific Tuesday it can positive or negative. 

The atmosphere shifted as good and evil collided / coincided;  positive was how we're trying to live. 

Freedom?  we continue to ride for it,  but we deal with roadblocks /  setbacks / obstacles and hurdles. 

I see him out there on I-20 in Atlanta! somebody said that about me,  caught up in #atltraffic but we still try to work those.

.... And these;  please!!  the saga / struggle continues,  even the atmosphere shifted concept will come to a close. 

It'll morph into something else as there's always something else!!  we continue to get breakbeat scientific knowing the devil will oppose.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Joseph Malik ‎– Silent Fools (Fred Everything Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues in conjunction with #MusicMonday; we're laying it down like this...

Digital? analog? both are on these menus!! jazz, funk and house music will play!! we're playing the sound like this!!

Real with ya!! O-Dog is rocking these venues, playing all genres!! breaking the rules like Wells Fargo with the bogus accounts? 

Naw cousin!! smoke, fog enhanced by mirrors led to those strategies; we're breaking off fools!! we rebuke them when we launch these Sonic Assault!!

Raw cousin!! that's how these breakbeat scientific studies are conducted!! sonic tools are deployed!!

Listening to  this Joseph Malik ‎track called Silent Fools (Fred Everything Remix), the sounds are enjoyed..

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Incognito Acid Jazz and House (The Best Remixes) Mix by DJ André Collyer

Sunday Jazz Continues!! oh yes!! might as well say we're in chill mode..

Jazzy House Music / Jazz funk / soul jazz are on these menus!! Real Deal Holyfield Mode...

No information overload!! let this spiritual knowledge soak in like you attended #SundayMorning meetings..

Tranformation from the street code to normal? acknowledged that there's work to do; greetings!

Public Transportation / Transformation from the streets of Atlanta to Pluto / Mars / Saturn; we *holla atcha*

Sonic / spiritual information provided per the playlist and this mix!! check out Incognito Acid Jazz and House (The Best Remixes) Mix by DJ André Collyer

 Incognito Mix By DJ André Collyer Playlist:

01- Who needs love feat. Ed Motta (LBB Emerald mix)
02- Always there (David Morales remix)
03- Everyday (Blueyes 12'' mix 1995)
04- Nights Over Egypt (Masters At Work Main Mix)
05- Happy People (Mystery & Matt Early Remix)
06- Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing (Funkhameleon Spiced Up Remix)
07- Where Love Shines' (Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix)
08- Freedom to Love (Rob Hayes Remix)
09- Pieces Of A Dream (Roger S Remix Toru S1994 Long Edit)
10- Lowdown feat.Chaka Khan and Mario Biondi (Ski Oakenfull Remix)
11- I hear your name(T empo's Summer Vibes 12')
12- Listen To The Music (Ski Oakenfull Vs ParaDiso Remix)
13- Raise feat. Jocelyn Brown (Ski Oakenfull Vs Incognito Remix)
14- Deep Waters (David Harness Harlum Mix)


Saturday, September 10, 2016

King Britt featuring. Bahamadia ‎– Transcend

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Saturday Night Fever!! Science is dropped per King Britt featuring Bahamadia ‎with a track called Transcend. Check it out!! 


Friday, September 9, 2016

Monstercat 028 - Uproar (Supremacy Album Mix) [1 Hour of Electronic Music]

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! that #FridayFeeling is enhanced by it, per these lab techniques..

I'm digging what's on these menus!! DJ mixes with that house / electro feeling!! intensity peaks!!

I'm digging what's on these menus!! winning and losing streaks are dealt with, it's all in the game...

It's like the arch nemesis per meeting Denver, a hater will try to knock you out of the game. 

Empty promises made like ; what verdicts will they render? constituents are in an uproar!! left or right wing supremacy? both are useless..

Meanwhile we're chilling out!! check out the playlist and the mix per  Monstercat 028 - Uproar (Supremacy Album Mix) [1 Hour of Electronic Music]  Let's Go!!

00:00:00 Stephen Walking - Wake up, The House Is Underwater!
00:03:03 Laszlo - Sphere
00:07:19 Tokyo Machine - PARTY
00:10:57 F.O.O.L - Showdown
00:15:03 Loosid - Talisman (feat. Raycee Jones & Lyon Hart)
00:20:22 Candyland & Shoffy - Faces
00:24:03 Rezonate - Highlight
00:27:53 Tokyo Machine - OKAY
00:30:57 Unlike Pluto - Found You (feat. Michelle Buzz)
00:34:50 Anevo - Don't Shoot Me Down (feat. Jae-Mi)
00:38:20 Laszlo - Airglow
00:42:07 Vicetone - Nevada (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff)
00:46:00 Eminence & Alex Klingle - Altitude (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
00:51:08 Project 46 - Stars (feat. Haley)
00:54:57 Conro - I Wanna Know

Monstercat 028 - Uproar (Tyranny Album Mix) [1 Hour of Electronic Music]

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Friday afternoon!! what? might as well say it's the weekend baby!!

It's been a rough week cousin!! some jokers were fooling us, I didn't believe them when they said it's all gravy baby!!

Propostions were week cousin!! it's like Trump praising Putin!! they whole game is Shady Like Grady!! I broke it down earlier...

 My position? breakbeat scientific, the truth I'm not disputing!! others were like Wells Fargo employees,  robbing / looting!! who'll work with ya?  

They're a monster with that!! I'm outraged by the destruction / corruption!! check out the uproar against the tyranny!! spiritual warfare? I'm trying not to lose it!!

It's On!! Check out the playlist from the   Monstercat 028 - Uproar (Tyranny Album Mix) [1 Hour of Electronic Music]

00:00:00 Pegboard Nerds & MIU - Weaponize
00:03:53 Snails & Pegboard Nerds - Deep In The Night
00:07:56 Stonebank - Soldier
00:11:06 Droptek - Rupture
00:15:08 Rameses B - Darkest Place (feat. Aloma Steele)
00:19:10 Topi - Bad Language
00:21:58 Topi - Backup
00:24:36 Glacier - Dancing By Myself (feat. Q'AILA)
00:28:07 Anevo - Electric Heart (feat. Ameria)
00:31:18 Rich Edwards - For You (feat. Park Avenue)
00:35:00 Puppet & Foria - I'm Here
00:38:02 Anna Yvette & Laura Brehm - Summer Never Ends
00:41:36 WRLD - By Design
00:46:20 Stonebank - Who's Got Your Love
00:49:14 Draper - Ready For Us (feat. Sykes)


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mateo and Matos - Afro Style

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday!!

Digital? analog? digging what's on these menus!! fueled by being hungry / thirsty...

Fooled!! going under? who'll work with me? like the old school / old style Baptist preacher mentioned the devil is opposed!! I watched those types...

Ruled? under the reign? was it  Vladimir Putin style!! admired by these Donald Trump types!!

Schooled? trying to maintain but those disputing the truth are foul!! hypes are believed / the masses deceived!!

Schooled? I came through like Mateo and Matos;  Afro Style!! dropping this sound on the masses is achieved!! 


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Temptations - Shakey Ground (Adventures In The Disco Edit)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! We're checking out some classic disco funk from The Temptations with a track called  Shakey Ground (Adventures In The Disco Edit). 

Back in the day? I pumped this in the Electra 225 aka duece and quarter, rolling down Broadway up in Louisville! adventures? I was with it...

Back in the way when this funk is dropped? we get with ya per this Live Broadcast!! deep in the lab plotting a sonic smash and grab!!
Back in the way when this funk is dropped? we're providing mechanical engineering per this sonic rehab!! 

Back in the way when this funk is dropped? naw!! dag nab it!! this is what the world needs..

This is how it's going down per the  HumpDay Extravaganza!! who'll understand a brotha as I plant these seeds? 


The Atmosphere Shifted PT.9 (I Can See How It's Going)

The atmosphere shifted, I checked the attitude;  like Donald Trump some are full of it!! how did they play?

Priorities shifted due to explosions like Space X so  I play it like Malcolm X;  this dude is letting the hustlers hustle and the players play.

The atmosphere shifted, so the simple is not made complex!! especially since I can see how it's going.

Priorities shifted!! I pimp through the complex / bouncing through!! my hand?  I wasn't showing.

The atmosphere shifted, I see how this thing is going!! it's due to Karmic Repercussions.

Priorities shifted!! whatcha knowing? please!! Rodrigo Duterte types were argumentive!! bringing bad karma to the discussions.

Young gifted and black per Nina Simone? please!! Chicago shows us how the war can get!! collateral damage of capitalism?  

Priorities shifted, so what are we on? whatcha know? I believe some were drunk or sparking that Mad Izm.. 

...Mentioned by Channel Live and  KRS-One, some are on one, out there where the atmosphere shifted..

Check the channel for this Live Broadcast!! straight from a remote outpost off of I-20 in Atlanta, #WednesdayWisdom  is dropped, maybe somebody will be uplifted..

Lights blink on the instrument panel in the mothership / hooptie as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta, caught up in this #ATLtraffic..

 The atmosphere shifted so a brotha will get breakbeat scientific per this HumpDay Extravaganza; I'm dropping mathematics..


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Atmosphere Shifted PT. 8 (Oh!! So It's Like This?)

The atmosphere shifted plus it's  ; so what's the perspective? what's the determination? 

Is it positive or negative? what's the deal with it? situations horrific or joyful? my peeps are still needing

  in conjunction with the  =

Major dues we pay to a fanatic!!  that's why we drop these percussions and mathematics!! ATLiens suffering #LaborDay2016 repercussions? Really? 

Tuesday thoughts rebuke the hell that's caught!! discussions held per Chicago violence but gun violence has increased everywhere..

The atmosphere shifted! Russians like Vladimir Putin talk slick,  and even   Rodrigo Duterte talked reckless to Obama; they take it there...
The atmosphere shifted! Oh!! So It's Like This? so who fell for the scam? merchandise was even bought, now some look for closure in the heart of it, the slump.

Proceed to the service desk for returns!! meanwhile the world truns, this is not the HumpDay Extravaganza but it's still hard to get over the hump.

The atmosphere shifted! Oh!! So It's Like This? we proceed and your service with this!! getting over with the thump.

The atmosphere shifted! Oh!! So It's Like This?  we proceed and continue but we were fired on, haters were trying to dump.

Ear shattering gunshots exploded!!   but not just bullets,  jokers tried to talk junk like Donald Trump,  on the stump or bully pulpit.

Information overloaded?  now jokers have a coughing fit like Hillary Clinton!! old dudes like Bernie Sanders tried to tell them!! but it's too late to pull it.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Sicania Soul - Life Is A Tree (Trüby Trio Treatment Edit)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Music Monday; in conjunction with Labor Day..

Whatcha knowing? digging how it goes down? even the malfunction? life is like that; it's that way..

Whatcha knowing? what it be like? that's the old school slang for somebody inquiring about the condition...

Drama growing? Obama vs Duterte? who'll work with me? an old fool? an old rule? the Lord I'll have to petition..

Sicania Soul mentioned Life Is A Tree (Trüby Trio Treatment Edit) so I continue to grow...

Check out the players and the track; act like you know me per this breakbeat scientific treatment!! the saga / struggle continues.