Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Khan Jamal Trio - The Traveller

Digital Crate Digging Continues....now this is some real crate digger stuff here; posted Matthew Shipp with his cut Cohesion on my other blog the Sonic Assault.... 

I noticed Khan Jamal played vibes on that song...I said to myself...I've heard that cat before!!...I remembered he had a trio called the Khan Jamal Trio..featuring Khan Jamal on the vibes..Johnny Dyani on the bass and Leroy Lowe the drums.

Check out this cut called The Traveler...

Goldie & 4 Hero (Internal Affairs) - In My Soul

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out this Goldie and 4 Hero project called Internal Affairs...the cut is named In My Soul....

We're In Transition...This Is What It Do

This is what it do...we're coming through..were in transition;  but its no Philadelphia brotherly love type of business! 

Acting like I knew....brothas are prime suspects; please!! were getting expelled like Syrian envoys...but these boys stay a step ahead of government informants! 

Revolutionary feelings laid dormant; but soon the Sonic Assault is unleashed!

Evolutionary processes? intelligent design? spiritual warfare is going down!! on Sunday brothas and sistas heard when the Pastor preached! 

This is no Green Acres / Green Pastures type of situation; tires screeched on the Chevy Impala after the drive by over in Decatur Georgia! 

Plus society still hates us; like Donald Trump with the birther issues; not a damn thing has changed!! don't even start with a brotha! 

...As I start another episode of this...humping like the middle of the week...who'll work with a bruh? I'm letting my peeps know what it do!

Sometimes it gets lonely out there but we kept on running; acting like we knew!

In this danger zone others didn't have a clue..as the earth quakes like it was Italy...whats the deally? some spotted the contract...some of them even signed on the dotted line! 

Was it due to Information Overload? meanwhile I maintained the street code...but whose waiting in the dark? that's where I spotted mine!

I'm not the one to pay fines, fees, and penalties to an apparatus that
mistreats me!

We're in transition...whose trying to play with mine? might even do like Mark Zuckerburg with IPO's for Facebook...please!! you'll come face to face with a crook from Facebook...now some are shook..but I'm on one;  ready to take it to the streets like Doobies!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Roni Size / Reprazent - Hi-Potent

Digital crate digging continues...still on some "other other" ...checking out this classic drum and bass from Roni Size and Reprazent...with a track called Hi-Potent..

I'm Just A Funky Type Of Soul Brotha

I'm a funky type of soul brotha; that's how I make it...I'm a relative of James Brown!

A family / club member; had to remind myself...I had to remember...its all game when we get down!

....Because its all game when it goes down here in Babylon..I had to remember..wasn't distracted by the ongoing chaos and confusion...some like Chris Bosh...crying because they're losing..plus I'm surrounded by player of the year candidates! 

Wasn't living a plush life....not even a lush life per Nat King Cole..how did I roll?  was I losing my standing because I'm a Louisvillian /  Louisvillain?   I once chilled with the bandits!

.....During the toil and strife...coming through with reckless abandon was the style!! I wasn't pimping like Herman Cain and John Edwards!

Not running ponzi schemes like Madoff or Zuckerburg but still representing Louisville / Newburg;  still part of the hood networks! 

Knowing how that works in Charlotte / Mecklenburg; The ATL and even out on Mars or Pluto! 

Wasn't rolling with the Mossberg or laser...avoiding authorities with the taser..I had to get scientific with it; old dude in the Ville told me to go for what I know! 

Plus I get funky with it..check the sound; I'm a funky type of soul brotha! 

Plus I'm intergalactic / international with it; not just local..I'm not that type of brotha!

Dealing with these fanatics on earth acting irrational..trying to come on strong..but weakening like Tropical Storm Beryl..

But were dealing with funk and mathematics...check out how it works...as we try to be thorough.... 


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kruder & Dorfmeister - Roni Size - Heroes

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out Kruder and Dorfmeister's remix of Roni Size's  Heroes from their Kand D Sessions project...

Goldie - Inner City Life

Sunday Jazz Continues....lets kick things off with Goldie and Inner City Life....ok...this cut has been classified / stereotyped as a drum and bass cut...but to me it has a next level jazz / soul feel to it....check it out....

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Going Off On Them...

Digital Crate Digging Continues...whats on these menus? we're going off on them!! check out this jazz / funk / breakbeat / hip hop mix from O-Dizzle...

2Pac - Changes

Digital Crate Digging Continues....Memorial Day Weekend programming..featuring artists no longer with us...plus the usual...old, new jams, the next stuff...plus a little poetry...check out 2Pac with Changes...classic material cousin..

Friday, May 25, 2012

Brassica - New Jam City

Digital Crate Digging Continues.....checking out this New Jam City from UK producer Brassica...big ups to New TechnoID for hipping me to it....

Visual Paradox - The Power Of Sound

Digital Crate Digging Continues....off the chain / off the charts with this...literally...

...long Memorial Day Weekend is upon us...so I'm posting up old, new, jazz, hip hop, funk,drum and bass, house and other forms of music

...will also include a set for all the musical "soldiers" that are no longer with us....at the moment I'm in a house/ drum and bass, techno, dubstep type of mood

...check out Visual Paradox aka DJ Bog (Bog Marian) an Israeli DJ,producer,musician,sound engineer....etc,etc,etc....as he demonstrates the power of sound..

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kruder & Dorfmeister - Rollin' on Chrome

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out Rollin On Chrome from Kruder and Dorfmeister...from their K and D Sessions project..they're usually on the jazz tip but this has a hip hop feel to it ...check it out..

All Up In The Spot; Total Chaos Reigns

Were all up in the spot..observing the scene; whats heard or seen?  check the status! 

Total chaos reigns...like in the euro zone....it seemed to be the norm; we're outraged by the destruction / corruption..that's word from Facebook / Morgan Stanley...flagrant agents even tried to holla at us! 

The situation is in a state of despair and turmoil....not taking a loss when we come back with this;  please!! we won't be shaky like Tim Tebow...victory is spotted on the horizon! 

....Not fronting / faking or trying to floss; that makes you a target of those who have visions of rising! 

...AKA jackers....plus authority figures show interest; its not surprising everybody's trying to keep their front going! 

Unknown and Anonymous hackers claim territory; now we have glitches in the matrix while others fake it; so whatcha knowing? 

Caught up in the system / matrix; some volunteered like Robert Champion at FAMU...what it do? now some are subject to drama royalty who fake it until they make it! 

The thought and fashion police were posted up; they spotted you in the club trying to shake it!

The Total Chaos caused some to break it now they have to take it; no need to go the service desk!

Chalk it up as a loss like the Indiana Pacers might have to do.. soon our paths cross and I'm at your service with this!

Dropping this science and math that's how we work this; some might have trouble keeping pace with this...its like the mass hysteria in Syria..its our rebuttal to the total chaos!

 Peeping game; whats on the dangerous minds? they want to see us take a loss!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

David Banner Sex, Drugs & Video Games

Digital Crate Digging Continues....back on that hip hop...once again..once again...

....check out this new David Banner mixtape / album called Sex Drugs and Video Games...featuring a gang of folks like ASAP Rocky, Lil’ Wayne, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Game, Nipsey Hussle, 2 Chainz, Big K.R.I.T., Bun B, Don Trip, Maino, Kardinal Offishall, Doe Hicks, Luck and Savvy, Raheem DeVaughn, Kree, Ras Kass, and others. 

If you like this album, please visit wwww.DavidBanner.com and donate! this mixtape is courtesy of DatPiff ...check it out..

Monday, May 21, 2012

Kyoto Jazz Massive - Crossbreed

Digital Crate Digging Continues....still checking out this Kyoto Jazz Massive...check out this cut called Crossbreed

Sunday, May 20, 2012

They Were Sinking..

They never learned to swim like Sir Nose... now they re sinking!

....Underwater like mortgages ...bear witness to how the sport gets .....word from the Los Angeles Lakers...a brotha did some heavy thinking! 

Bear witness to the epiphanies put on the clearance rack; these random thoughts are real!! this is not lucid dreaming!

Bear witness to authorities with the interference like its Syria;  they looked stupid with their plotting and scheming!

It all falls apart like its caused by earthquakes like in Italy..they were ten steps behind the masterminds....now they're trying to catch up! 

We show jokers we have heart; check this breakbeat science these masterminds batch up!

Coming out fresh with a brand new batch as these breakbeat scientists hatch up a potent product! 

We clash with wannabe titans; they fake it!! but we know about that conduct! 

I know all about the corrupt...from down here in the State of Georgia to Jefferson County Kentucky! 

All the way to Moscow with Vladimir Putin; the truth ? we're not disputing...were dedicated to it;  word to those asking whats up with me! 

Jokers tried to corrupt me...but I saw the ship was sinking like the Titanic! 

Or maybe the Costa Concordia..whats up with ya? it looks like your sinking...jokers were up to no good!! what were they thinking?  now they run around acting frantic! 

The music keeps playing, the beat goes on; plus mathematics are dropped! 

Sinking further into this!! but its a good thing though..plus we know its an uphill struggle....we've come too far to turn around; we never quit and we never stopped!

The Uphill Struggle Mix PT. 3

Sunday Jazz Continues...in conjunction with the Solar Eclipse....right after the Super Full Moon last weekend...if your peeping game you see a lot of crazy things happening around these days..reminding you life is an uphill struggle!! check this mix out...a combination of jazz / funk / breakbeats / hip hop...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

We Didn't Forget

They thought we forgot about it...we knew George Zimmerman types were still out here....we tried to let it go but we couldn't!

Plus Geraldo and O'Reilly were talking sideways..but we know how the other side plays....were still going all out for it; knowing these haters had their doubts about it like they still do about Obama..check the drama...they thought we wouldn't or couldn't! 

We even had our own doubts about it!!! as the G8 meets at Camp David... knowing how rough it is; I spotted homie up in the spot!! over  Decatur Georgia checking lottery and scratch off tickets! 

.....At the neighborhood casino...seeing how it'll go; where did you spot me? I'm  trying to set it off with this math; check how I kick it! 

We didn't forget it...especially after observing the scene....checked the work done by shadetree mechanics....it was revealed;  they lacked skills! 

Whats up with it? what was heard or seen? some ask us as bombs go off in Damascus...we peeped game..we didn't forget; especially when a fanatic approached with shady deals! 

But we proceed and continue.. wishing it was simple...as we come back with this....I won't let them play me; a bruh chills..its like this and that! 

What can they say to me? they'll get pimp slapped like Will Smith did that reporter... I didn't forget; they need to come right with that!

We didn't forget...whats the deal with it? the four track recorder stays busy!! O-Dizzle is a funky type of soul brotha... 

We didn't forget..whats the deal with it? some will try to dip like Chen Guangcheng leaving China...before authorities try to find ya..they'll roll up on a brotha...

We didn't forget...whats up with another? plans fall through like the Space X launch that was aborted..

We didn't forget; still getting over the super full moon madness...now the Solar Eclipse is here...please!! what it do? even  the Boston Celtics  can tell you how rough the sport can get...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Observing The Scene / Solar Eclipse Soon Here

Laying in the cut..the Solar Eclipse is here..so I'm chilling...doing the knowledge; observing the scene!

Praying for the corrupt.. they're rolling like Vladimir Putin...but I'm keeping them out of my face; I'm too busy living the dream! 

Laying it down like carpet!! but I keep it moving..those kind of targets are hard to hit! 

Now I'm ready to roll; I'm on my way..but like George Zimmerman  vs Trayvon Martin...haters wanted me to stop, quit, or forfiet!

A veteran now coaching like Doc Rivers with The Celtics..knowing the sport can get ugly! 

Peeping game like looking at the Solar Eclipse..suspicions were confirmed when observing the scene; I wasn't sleeping like another would be! 

Revokations and suspensions confirmed the would be / could be theory was being practiced! 

Jokers were caught up in situations manipulated by the system; I left for a minute..now trying to get back to this! 

Now a G8 Summit will try to save Europe...whats up with it? were observing the scene..now ready to roll..as we get back to this and that! 

Meanwhile the NATO Summit in Chicago will decide the fate of Afghanistan...whats up man? we're observing the hate...dealt with it..working this thing!! putting it down like this and that!

Whats the deal?  whats up with it? whatcha know? maybe some will see a sign with the Solar Eclipse...

Whats the deal? heard a joker say he's observing the scene..now he's ready to roll..tripping...dipping in the Mitsubishi Eclipse.. 




Thursday, May 17, 2012

They We're Going Through It PT.6

My peeps are going through it!! just like Mars in Virgo natives! 

My peeps are going to it..peep the battle scars..they said they had Work To Do like The Isley Brothers..trying to get to the money like Facebook IPO's.....but they just misbehave with this..

My peeps are going to it...reality conducted the class or seminar...but some didn't pay attention...they're restless like natives of countries fighting off imperialists...

My peeps are going through it..from the ATL to Sanford Fla. where Trayvon Martin was...please!! they're still shooting it out in the West End of Louisville.. this native knows what the deal is...

The knowledge dropped by the system / matrix contradicted with reality;  it distracted the masses..especially during hostile takeovers! 

Some acknowledge they lost themselves like John Edwards after they gained power and respect; after the hot style makeovers! 

....Like they were on Oprah or Maury; but Dr Phil said get over this!! get ready for the next episode! 

Going through it!! just trying to get over the hump!! but some are so sorry; they can't get over the threshold! 

Going through it!! due to  the information overload some stick to the story that's told; even though it was found to be bogus! 

Going through it!! hostile territories will take a toll on you..I even found it out as we approach this! 

As we approach this point of no return...we won't stop..we keep it moving!!

Our response?  while going through it lessons were learned;  O-Zone drops this good word..while the funky soul brotha  O-Dizzle will keep grooving!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Squarepusher - Dark Steering taken from forthcoming album 'Ufabulum'

Digital Crate Digging / What I Listen To At Work...listening to WRAS 88.5  earlier...they were rocking this new Squarepusher from their Ufabulum album that came out today...check out Dark Steering...

Monday, May 14, 2012

NADA - Numbers

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this Goa music..which was named after a region of Southern India.

 Its a combination of jazz, funk, house and electronic music. 

Lets check out Nada a group from India putting it down with a cut called Numbers..

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mop Mop - So High

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out this Mop Mop So High...nice jazzy tune....

Friday, May 11, 2012

Breakbot TILT! Megamix

Digital Crate Digging Continues....we've got another mix from French DJ / Producer Breakbot called the Tilt Megamix...check the tracklist.. 

one thing I like about Breakbot is he pulls cuts and breakbeats from old school new school, rock, soul, hip hop...whatever!! he even sticks some of his own beats in the mix..check this mix out!!

Laying In The Cut / But Soon I'll Be Ready To Roll

I was chilling out; low key...low profile;  just laying in the cut!

But I'm not through dealing though; ignoring JP Morgan Chase types..I'm just not playing around with the corrupt! 

I found a portal to slide through; the ATL I ride through...knowing what the sport will do to a rookie or veteran! 

Word from Josh Smith..liking the Celtics tradition...but even coaches get caught out there....that's word from  Bobby Petrino or even Sean Payton;  so whatcha saying? know what I mean? 

Check the swag or steelo; chilling out with it..I'm observing the scene; checked the mass hysteria...like Syria...but soon I'll be ready to roll! 

Laying in the cut; the money is funny like Sudan's because of lost oil wells..but soon Ill be on my way...ready to roll!

O-Dizzle is playing the cuts; jazz, funk, and hip hop soul; check out the by product! 

The reign began with a drizzle; now check the storm...so called powers that be question my conduct!

Usually conducting myself in an orderly fashion; I govern myself accordingly!

But at the moment? laying in the cut...thought and fashion police claim jurisdiction; they didn't recognize...you feel me?

Caught in a moment of time; enhanced by the super full moon; what it do? please!! this is a critical stage of development!

Laying in the cut....but soon I'll be ready to roll..its all about success..we're on a mission and we're not failing it... 




Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stressed Out Due To The Information Overload

We were posted up in the command / data center; so called experts said the strands of information were coming in too fast! 

Plus so called quality control inspectors were marking up the printouts in red....as they circled the data; trying to flex muscle like Keith Sweat..trying to make it last!

Some will quit like Julian White at FAMU...meanwhile a fake will blast their weapon during the drive by!! they said you were a damn lie!!...now they're riding shotgun in the hooptie! 

Similar to riding shotgun on stagecoachs in the Wild Wild West; word from Mr West..he said act like you knew me! 

The information overload will get them!! they'll be stressed; but were sliding through the portal...the truth will be told in the good word; were not disputing it!

During this transformation the street code is maintained; God blessed us!! no need to get slick like Vladimir Putin did! 

Stealing elections? please!! Let The Healing Process Begin... I'm dealing with imperfections..I let some of mine stay; they're part of my soul and spirit! 

Rolling through intersections that have red light cameras?  the system will issue a demerit! 

Rolling at a high velocity but with the speed you need...whose fair with it in Babylon?

Mouths move at a high velocity as politicians lie..check the information overload..as they continue to babble on....
The information overload had them!! like Tiger Woods they'll come up short...now we introduce these breakbeat scientific principles!

The information overload had them!! like JP Morgan Chase losing money....it dealt with fake ones who thought they were invincibles!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Breakbot - Heroes Mix presented by BBC Radio 1 "In New DJ's we trust"

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out this mix from Breakbot aka Thibaut Berland..a French producer and DJ 

...check out this Heroes Mix /Set he did on BBC Radio 1 in London..on the feature / program  In New DJ's We Trust.

. .this old DJ  just love mixes!!...hip hop ..house..funk..rock..pop...whatever...check out the tracklist

...Lew Kirton -- I Can't Live Without You.....Silver Convention -- Fly Robin Fly

The Cool Notes -- My Love Is Hot....Eddie Conard -- U Are Unique

BB and Q Band -- Dreamer....BB and Q Band -- Dream (Shep Pettibone Edit)

Grandmaster Flash -- The Message (Acapella)....The O'Jays -- Cry Together

Marvin Gaye -- Please Stay....Joe Walsh -- Things

Barry White -- Love Theme...Journey -- Don't Stop Believing

Foxy -- Lady Macho -- Montreal....Doobie Brothers -- What A Fool Believes

Index -- Starlight (The Break)....M83 -- Run Into Flowers (Midnight Remix By Jackson)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rolling Through...At A High Velocity..But With The Speed You Need

Dipping through the universe swiftly....at a high velocity;  but I had the speed you need! 

Slipping and sliding through the portal; knew how the sport would go...intergalactic like the light from the super earth 55 Cancri e ...whats it all worth?  opposition is met like the Swift truck that will be in the way on I-285 in Atlanta; who'll understand a bruh?  true indeed! 

Its Spring time..during this May weather I plant seeds like the CIA planted an informant in Al Qaeda in Yemen.....whats up man? were soon enjoying the harvest! 

But like I mentioned opposition is met; whats up with it?  I keep fighting like Floyd Mayweather Jr; why did they start this? 

Were all up in the heart of this; in the class? the professor said everybody fails! 

Whats the deal? he said its like that..stressing us....we know the devil was in the details! 

During the ongoing class war the system bails out the rich; while the poor still suffer! 

We had to sacrifice; but we kept it moving at a high velocity; but it seems to get rougher and rougher! 

So Ruff So Tuff was the anthem from Roger and Zapp; as they got funky with it!

 Enough is enough is the word from O-Zone while the brotha O-Dizzle gets funky with it!

It got lonely out there....but I kept running with it...that's why I'm rocking the No. 20 Barry Sanders throwback... 

We're rolling through at a high velocity...moving forward...we've come too far to go back...


  Intergalactic High Velocity Mix by omanxl1

Monday, May 7, 2012

All Up In The Spot; Bearing Witness..As We Get Scientific

All up in the spot; bearing witness to the power struggles like in France..word from Francois Hollande .....its perpetrated by wannabe power brokers!

Plus the have and have nots continue their struggles; how were we responding? some are too broke to go bankrupt...due to actions by the corrupt..no need to study the Electronic Arts to see it...O-Zone is on to these jokers! 

Check out The Sonic Assault...these arts; beats plus English that are broken are the essence of the discipline; as we get scientific with it!

Streets are like Oakland on May Day..they're full of those feeling the anguish.... dealing with the madness!! as a fanatic tried to kick it! 

Mathematics? we kick it to the masses...Super Full Moon Madness had them; was it due to an information overload?  a few days later? still relevant..unlike what smooth jazz is! 

Erratic is how students in classes act; acting like they had the Dutchie...to the left they pass this!

Static will cling...shake it off!!  do the Dougie or you might have to beef it up! 

Static will cling;  its the ghetto or alley ones vs bougie...nobody will say the beef is up!

O-Dizzle the chief rocker is all up in this piece!! recognize the pattern! 

Whats the dizzle?  he's all up in the spot; but usually intergalactic ..out beyond Pluto, Mars or Saturn! 

Whats the dizzle all up in the spot?  plans for bruising and battering my ego were exposed! 

I already knew what it do; knowing these devils were opposed!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

All Up In The Spot / Dealing With Super Full Moon Madness

We were all up in the spot; wishing it was simple....but damn!! were back at the scene of the crime! 

Its enhanced by the Super Full Moon in Scorpio...how will the sport go? please!! I'm still dodging bullets;  plus the devil with his pitchfork...he was seen with mine! 

....He was seen with my people from New York to the San Francisco / Oakland  / Bay Area..whats up Occupy Oakland? peeps were just trying to get open..in all points in between!

.....On over to Sudan / South Sudan or Afghanistan; plus on out to Pluto, Mars and  and even Venus; some are baffled..asking what does it all mean? 

Whats up man? I'm just observing the scene;  battle scars from those that got gaffled like Miguel Cotto by Mayweather were prominent! 

...Or like the Dallas Mavericks experiencing May weather from the OK City Thunder..caught up in the storm....but whose going under? over on Glenwood Rd in Decatur Georgia curb serving was seen by those that said they will stick and stay; they said they're game was dominant!

So whats happening Captain? some said they've been hood!! but due to information overload Gus and Herb got caught swerving when they should have stayed in their lane! 

Super full moon madness? no justice no peace was the by product: now they stay in pain! 

Whats up with us? were still here....all up in the spot..still wishing it was simple...but we didn't cut and run....even though we weren't pimping like John Edwards or even Herman Cain!

A corrupt one tried to run through the trenches like Jim Brown or Jerome Bettis;  he got popped!!  I heard he was in pain! 

I heard the reign started with a drizzle; that's word from O-Dizzle! 

Were all up in the spot working this thing!! sometimes there's success but then sometimes plans fizzle!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Scuba - Flash Addict

Digital Crate Digging Continues...The Super Full Moon Edition...check out some dub, house, electro from Scuba..with a cut called Flash Addict off his Personality project...

The Super Full Moon Madness...It's Like This..

Chilling out...laying in the cut; dealing with the Scorpio Super Full Moon Madness! 

A Louisvillian whose not in town for the Kentucky Derby; plus not celebrating Cinco De Mayo like in San Jose..who' ll work with me when I come back with this? 

Accused of being a Louisvillain!! couldn't chill at the White House like the Kentucky Wildcats with Pres. Obama..so authority figures try to track this; am I subject to them? 

Cruised down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie; soon dropping this breakbeat science...I had a subject for them! 

Chilling in Mellow Mushroom's over in Decatur; I looked like a suspect to them!!! spotted the Detectives from First 48 in Dekalb County! 

Not paranoid like I'm on shrooms!!  but those jokers gave me sideways glances; like...on my head?  there's a bounty! 

The warrant is null and void; it has no legal basis!! the telepathic message? eat your Brutus salad and be quite!

Not a fool; O-Dizzle is not devoid of funk...while O-Zone lays in the cut; soaking up game...they thought something was wrong because I was quite! 

That's the Midwest game; I heard what was said!! I just didn't buy it; these jokers talk a good game like Republicans! 

In the Dirty South the jokers were all mouth; but old girl knew about the Illuminati..she was surprised a brotha understands! 

Watch your dirty mouth I want to tell snitches!! the super full moon made them run and tell it from Cincinnati to Charlotte!

Its going down!!  from Kandahar to Nigeria to Syria ; whose in the heart of it?

.....On down to Sudan and South Sudan; why did they start it? blame it on the Super Full Moon in Scorpio?

Whats up man?  that's what a joker asked me...trying to find out what a brotha know!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sun Ra - Where Pathways Meet

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this classic Sun Ra....Where Pathways Meet...at the intersection...at the crossroads...know what I'm saying? anyway..check out the track...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Frank Zappa - Waka/Jawaka

Digital Crate Digging Continues....still checking out Frank Zappa with his brand of Jazz / Rock..check out Waka / Jawaka....from his album of the same name...

Its Going Down...It Doesn't Stop

Its going down!! like the name of my website...as we drop insight..but whose paying attention?

O-Dizzle is throwing down?....sho you right!! Sonic Assaults are unleashed; hitting up this and that dimension! 

Others were distracted...after Unknowns hack NASA and Harvard websites...now rights and privileges are under suspension; whose caught up in the matrix? 

These brothas interacted with others caught up in the system; but whose trying to fake it?

Some were woefully unprepared like Bin Laden said Biden is; meanwhile O-Dizzle will take a beat and break it; while broken English is manipulated by the Brotha O-Zone! 

Its going down!! but plans fizzle..will FAMU's band be split up? some were knocked down but can't get up..now spirits are broken; some feel the pain and anguish from being hated on in this danger zone!

Its going down!! what are you on? feeling the pain like Junior Seau;
 you were told to choose your poison!! that was the advice from old dude!

Its going down !! as I cruise down I-20 in Atlanta brainstorming; but not pimping / swarming like John Edwards...acting clever or shrewd! 

Choosing to take the assignment like Ethan Hunte in Mission Impossible; had to sever ties with rude ones who didn't follow the Ghost Protocol! 

Planets are in alignment like the Grand Trine in March; its going down...were on are way...... ready to roll!

Its going down..this small army will march on the enemy with the Sonic Assault...

Its going down..it doesn't stop...even though this entity had to sacrifice...but hell was caught..

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pete Rock - Da Villa (Instrumental)

Digital Crate Digging..in the lab chilling like a Louisvillain / Louisvillian..listening to this Pete Rock instrumental called Da Villa..off The Soul Survivor 2 project....check it out...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All Up In The Spot / Caught Up In It

All up in the spot....caught in a moment of time; so called players were slipping...now the shot clock expired! 

Some couldn't get their shot off; these haters were going off; they conspired! 

This is a critical stage of development; those sleepy or tired were seen waiting in the dark! 

As we get with ya!! ready to ride for freedom.....vehicles were waiting in park! 

Now were rolling out like Nascar  / Daytona 500! 

Running things like Nasser was in Egypt...or running the PLO like  Yasser Arafat; how were we playing it? we're keeping it 100! 

All up in the spot...some kept creeping up on worthless things; but I'm done with it...chilling...listening to ELO...or the Electric Light Orchestra..on the Last Train To London...whose for or against ya? how were we responding?  time is no longer wasted! 

Told ya....others were out of it like Amare Stoudemire...they kept sleeping in the game; whatcha know? now taking HGH like Roger Clemens said he didn't? not a good way to work this!! things will change... gatekeepers of the matrix cut and pasted!

All up in the spot..peeping game; so called powers that be were worked things just  like Rupert Murdoch; now they have these earthlings strung out..they were caught up in the system / matrix; but actually just a small part of the universal scheme of things!

Intergalactic journeys out beyond Pluto or Mars plus Venus enabled me to see some things!

 Mathematics are now dropped; as we get scientific like Large Hadron Colliders! 

Fanatics get dropped due to the Sonic Assault; they were hating on these freedom riders!