Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Super Full Moon Madness...It's Like This..

Chilling out...laying in the cut; dealing with the Scorpio Super Full Moon Madness! 

A Louisvillian whose not in town for the Kentucky Derby; plus not celebrating Cinco De Mayo like in San Jose..who' ll work with me when I come back with this? 

Accused of being a Louisvillain!! couldn't chill at the White House like the Kentucky Wildcats with Pres. authority figures try to track this; am I subject to them? 

Cruised down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie; soon dropping this breakbeat science...I had a subject for them! 

Chilling in Mellow Mushroom's over in Decatur; I looked like a suspect to them!!! spotted the Detectives from First 48 in Dekalb County! 

Not paranoid like I'm on shrooms!!  but those jokers gave me sideways glances; like...on my head?  there's a bounty! 

The warrant is null and void; it has no legal basis!! the telepathic message? eat your Brutus salad and be quite!

Not a fool; O-Dizzle is not devoid of funk...while O-Zone lays in the cut; soaking up game...they thought something was wrong because I was quite! 

That's the Midwest game; I heard what was said!! I just didn't buy it; these jokers talk a good game like Republicans! 

In the Dirty South the jokers were all mouth; but old girl knew about the Illuminati..she was surprised a brotha understands! 

Watch your dirty mouth I want to tell snitches!! the super full moon made them run and tell it from Cincinnati to Charlotte!

Its going down!!  from Kandahar to Nigeria to Syria ; whose in the heart of it?

.....On down to Sudan and South Sudan; why did they start it? blame it on the Super Full Moon in Scorpio?

Whats up man?  that's what a joker asked me...trying to find out what a brotha know!

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