Friday, May 31, 2019

Elevate - A Trip Hop Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; taking it back to the future, doing it my way..

Retro-futuristic mysticism lashing back at the system!! acting brand new based on how they're trying to play..

Let it go, you missed it was the word from naysayers trying TO  undermine my regime like John Bolton vs Venezuela,,

Let it go? dissed like Trump vs Mueller when we try to school ya?  even R Kelly tried to tell me it's rough out here for a player...

Let it go!! that's what I tried to tell jokers trying to sell me visions of utopia; in the meantime and between time I'm tripping out listening to Elevate - A Trip Hop Mix

It's courtesy of a Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture, putting it down for ya!! 

Check the playlist and the mix!! excuse my conduct as we inform you about the culture; check the Friday Feeling, O-Dog Day Partying  in a another form or fashion...

Not playing with this!! dealing with the corrupt / shady dealing,  supported by crooked police types  monitoring the thought and fashion!! 

DJ Shuriken - Psycked Up Muzak
03:03 - Fin - The Disappearer 04:32 - hERON - Flipout 06:18 - Keri - Tacerea Zmeilor 08:06 - DJ Smash - Da Boodah 10:44 - Urchin - Crew Cut 13:09 - Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon (Pt.2 Luke Vibert Mix) 14:38 - Years From Now - Jazz Club Vibin' 17:14 - Ronny Jordan - A Brighter Day (Instrumental Remix) 19:10 - Innereyefull - Blunted Soul 21:18 - Spy from Cairo - Ride my Camel 25:14 - Gabor Deutsch - Chilly Motif (short one) 27:33 - Visit Venus - Home 28:45 - GooMar & Hellblazer - Rolling Marilyn 30:17 - Slowhill - Valo 33:31 - Thes One - The 6th Cup 34:53 - Geoslide - Un Plan Nostalgico 38:28 - deeB - E-type 39:55 - bugseed & ill.sugi - Black Sheep 41:31 - Mani Deïz - Specials ( feat Juliano ) 42:43 - AK420 - Sunday Morning (Loungin ) 43:32 - Bruks Production - It's My Hood 45:55 - GUTS - Take a look around you 47:29 - Marzebian - Chi Che 51:41 - Archive - All Time 54:59 - J-Live - Longevity 59:00 - The Prunes - Theme from Nowhere Pt. 2

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Blue Mitchell - Dorado

Sunday Jazz err I mean Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thursday!!

Sunday Jazz? sometimes caught up in it, brought up in it, it's in my spirit so who'll work with me?

Don't get me wrong!! dropping funk, housing them and hip hopping? they're  also my modus operandi..

It's not wrong!! all are weaponized in this ongoing spiritual warfare; somebody will feel me!!

It's a big world / universe!! we emerge out of the lab fighting the curse, checking out this classic jazz / funk cut from trumpet player Blue Mitchell called Dorado.

Check out the players and the track as we bring it back!! this is how we'll ride bro!!

Trumpet - Blue Mitchell

Guitar - Freddie Robinson 

Tenor Sax and Flute  - Herman Riley 

Drums - Ray Pounds 

Bass - Darrell Clayborn

Piano - Walter Bishop Jr. 

Check them out!!

Just Chilling For A Minute PT.3

It's going down on this Throwback  Thursday / Thankful Thursday; we're blessed, but unworthy...

Like Trump feels about John McCain?  didn't want to see ships with his name?  unworthy?

Beats will bump and this good word is dropped, but who'll work with me? I'm putting it down while others were hesitant like Nancy Pelosi concerning a Trump impeachment...

....even though Robert Mueller wrote the map, per Throwback Thursday?  O-Zone wrote a rap or two based on what the street did..

Oh yes!! based on the word on the curb!! some people were pushed close to the edges!! per Throwback Thursday Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five with Melle Mel  used the Message  to tell you what it do!

So what's the deal?  per Throwback Thursday O-Zone had to curb the Oldsmobile Delta 88 because it didn't act right plus he curbed his appetite!!  but your homie is rough around the edges, based on what I've been through.

So what's the deal? your homie is just chilling for a minute;  messages?  your homie sends you through the songs!  per Throwback Thursday the work will be like Kool and The Gang!   it's  the rebuttal to the propaganda!

Just chilling for a minute but I heard the messages;  what's up with that and this? it's based on gossip, lies, slander, and innuendo!

Whatcha been through?  some are stranded or succumb to Capricorn mountain climbing per Mt Everest; it got the best of them!!  but everybody has something they have to deal with!

Whatcha into? they ask me, told them I'm in the lab just chilling for a minute; the good word and brand new funk is what I chill with!

Oh yes!! just chilling for a minute, life is hectic!! plus during the ongoing toil and strife we're disrespected!

Oh yes!! just chilling for a minute, life is hectic but we're ignoring the turbulence; in Babylon? it's expected..

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Liquid Drum and Bass Mix 119

Digital Crate Digging Continues per my HumpDay Extravaganza segment; we'll roll up with a sonic regiment..

The saga / struggle continues as we continue to get over the hump; it's all about freedom, we're eligible for it..

O-Zone? his writing was legible when he hit up the loose leaf with the blue ink pen; he moved on to the Samsung phone, then to the iPhone...

It's on!! O-Dog aka O-Dizzle?  he's busting loose with these sounds, he's the chief rocker!! so whatcha knowing?

It's on!! we keep going!! catching up with our drum and bass dosage listening to this Liquid Drum and  Bass Mix 119

It's courtesy of Karisma DNB, check the playlist and the mix for the deally!! check the good music playing..

"A Musical Kaleidoscope" (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues per our HumpDay Extravaganza segment; getting over the hump is the business..

The saga / struggle continues; the whole game is shady, like Robert Mueller says they didn't have confidence that Trump didn't commit a crime; real crooks know what the deal is..

Game recognizes game, O-Zone? not acting brand new with ya, he's dropping this good word! the case is not closed like Trump says it is, plus beats will bump!!

That's the business in this zone, once again it's on!! told you earlier the devil will oppose positive movements while trying to get over the hump...

Per this O-Dog Day Party? beats will bump!! we're checking out "A Musical Kaleidoscope" (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Setting this O-Dog Day Party off!! check out the playlist and the mix!! all the way live is how this'll be!!

A Musical Kaleidoscope: 0:00:00 Eyes On You (Main Vocal Mix) by Solista, Angel-A
0:07:00 Girls Need Love (BPM After Dark Mix) by Summer Walker
0:19:17 That Was Then (BPM After Dark Mix) Lala Hathaway 
0:16:16 Nothing Even Matters (Titan Davis' Soulful House Rework) by Lauren Hill
0:22:29 Future Sonic by Trinidadian Deep
0:28:50 Funky Feelings (Afro Mix) by Christos Fourkis
0:33:35 Afromento by Kiko Esse, Emanuele Del Carmine 
0:38:40 I Need To Dance (Honeycomb House Mix) by Janine Lyons, Josh Milan
0:44:38 Je Ka Jo (Homero's Jazz Retouch) by Homero Espinosa vs. Mr. Claussel 
0:50:30 Akekho by Kates Le Cafe , Blue Rose
0:57:35 Butterflies (The Layabouts Vocal Remix) by Reel People feat. Dyanna Fearson
1:03:51 Idiosyncracy by Osunlade 
1:08:13 First Out of The Gate (Unreleased Mix) by Super Mario da Brother
1:11:36 Ain't Nobody Like You (Timmy Regisford Remix / Discuji Extended Edit) by Lemel Humes

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 118

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; as I've mentioned before things can play out either way...

I'm claiming the terrific outcome; starting the O-Dog Day Party early as I pull out the drum; the mantra? "Let The Music Play" 

It's all game, dealing with it; as I've mentioned before the old dude from East Saint Louis told us to choose your poison / drink your broth or elixir then keep it moving...

It's all game: we're taking his advice!! we're going in / getting it in!! a Louisville brotha down here in the ATL showing / proving..

Plus we'll keep grooving, catching up on our drum and bass dosage listening to Liquid Drum and  Bass Mix 118 courtesy of Karisma DNB..

Setting this O-Dog Day Party off early, who'll work with me? check the playlist and the mix, we're shaking off Memorial Day holiday doldrums with these drums!! you feel me? 

Monday, May 27, 2019

Brother Jack McDuff - Opus de Funk

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday!! We're chilling out in the lab listening to some classic jazz from Brother Jack McDuff - with Opus de Funk. Check out the players and the track...

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 117

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon; your dude usually has an afternoon jazz set going..

I'm still in that kind of vibe, but I'm coming from another direction for the tribe; another realm? that's how this thing is flowing..

Memorial Day weekend, so we're O-Dog Day Partying; ignoring the turbulence / shady dealing going on..

Deploring sonic weapons to the front line is how O-Dog will work this!! shade tree mechanics studied the ways of O-Zone..

Drum and bass is weaponized per this Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 117 courtesy of Karisma DNB, you feel me? 

Check out the playlist and the mix, perfect foe now or whenever as we continue to get breakbeat scientific letting you know what the deal will be!!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Stanley Clarke / School Days - Live At The Greek

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Flashback Friday / The Friday Night Fever

...checking out this classic Stanley Clarke ...School Days - Live at the Greek (full version).....check out the players and the track...

Stanley Clarke / bass guitar.....Larry Carlton / guitar   ....Billy Cobham / drums

Deron Johnson / keyboards  / Najee / saxophone..

Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 116

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; excuse a player, just doing things my way...

O-Dog Day Partying, exhibiting that Friday Feeling!! lose a player with that drama; there's some things a dude doesn't play..

Who said a dude doesn't pray? please!! a prayer is sent up and blessings come down!! that's basic mathematics..

Who said a dude doesn't play that good music? please!! the sound is used  as a weapon to deal with these fanatics!!

Catching up on our drum and bass dosage listening to this Liquid Drum and  Bass Mix 116 courtesy of Karisma DNB..

Check out the playlist and the mix, it's smooth like liquid!! my constituents will feel me..

Ignoring The Turbulence PT. 10

Per this Flashback Friday? I borrowed a catch phrase from my uncle, telling my constituents it's rough out here!! nevertheless, your dude keeps it moving!! I'm ignoring the turbulence..

Per this Flashback Friday? these Gemini sun rays beaming down remind me it's two sides to the game; my mistake, there's actually three with the truth being in the middle; excuse me but unlike Trump I'm not a stable genius..

But Nancy Pelosi  reminded him of his capabilities meanwhile I flex my abilities, broadcasting live from out here in the corrupt state of Georgia!! baton passed to Brian Kemp from  Nathan Deal and from Sonny Perdue.

Watch yourself when your around those type of shady dealers!! per Georgia stolen elections the fix is in!   O-Dizzle had a mix called you'll get played!! but we still come up,  like Isleys we've got work to do!

Whats the deal  /  what's the dizzle?  I mentioned earlier that the reign began with a drizzle now the rise of Trump / Steve Bannon  like conservatism  is worldwide;  some act brand new in the village / extra special / extra spicy!

What's the deal?  we're ignoring the turbulence / ignoring village idiots acting like they knew!! we're exercising diplomatic immunity when things get nasty!

What's the deal?  we're ignoring the turbulence, dipping back to the village / community; spot me in Atlanta rolling down I-20 on to the next..

It's the runway / gateway to the universe as we blast off like Space X satellites dealing  with the curse;  excuse us if we pray one moment and curse the next!! 

Running Away by Roy Ayers will play in the background per this Flashback Friday!!  blasted on our satellite stations,  check the transmission!! 

Back in the day? down with the Ohio Players when I was chilling  up in Cincinnati running from the devil who was catching up because the Oldsmobile Delta 88 had a slipping transmission..

Back in the way like John Bolton with Venezuela? slick like Michael Avenatti? naw, bruh!! that's not how we'll work this!!

As long as we're on this earth we'll keep it moving; one way to do that is to ignore the turbulence..

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Ignoring The Turbulence PT.9

I mentioned ignoring the turbulence but it's hard to do when high winds and the rain hit you like Jefferson City, Missouri..

The show me state capitol; prayers sent up blessings will come down, in the Lord we have capital, blessed by his mercy...

Ignoring the turbulence trying to get somebody to work with this; who'll work with me? it's like Trump vs The Democrats...

Seeing how they're trying to work this per House Oversight Committee /  House Judiciary Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee concerning Trump finances, the Mueller Report and policies..

Your a damn lie I was told when I dropped this insight!!  they heard me but try to ignore me when I say the winds of change were blowing like the storms out in Kansas ands Oklahoma; really hard!!

It's hard to ignore the turbulence when it's like a hurricane or tornado!!  the landscape was really scarred!

It's hard to ignore the turbulence, those who show pain are barred from the premises!! per Throwback Thursday  Jerry Butler's song was heard.

Only the strong survive!  as we transmit live from the A-Town planet!! dropping this brand new funk and good word!

In the gray area where the lines blurred..whatcha trying to do? like I mention during my Terrible / Terrific Tuesday segments  it can go one way or another!

What's the scenario? what's the state of mind? per  Throwback Thursday and the Grey Area / Bay Area Scenario a West Coast state of mind can be exhibited, so how will they play a brotha?

Y'all should know we're broadcasting live from the ATL, trying to move forward ignoring the ongoing turbulence but it's rough out here..

Y'all should "know how it go"; we'll get bruised / scarred /  soaking up the game but we'll still take it there..

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Monstercat Instinct Vol. 3 (Album Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues, we're trying to keep this O-Dog Day Party going!!

This is the HumpDay Extravaganza edition, rebuking orders of submission "we keep going for what we're knowing"

Over the hump motivations provided out here where good and evil collided / coincided!! it's like Trump vs The Democrats..

It's like the Rolling Stones there's No Sympathy For The Devil  plus Public Enemy mentioned There's No Sympathy From The Devil; do the mathematics!!

O-Dizzle? rolling with O-Zone on some next level business, catching up on some electro / house music / drum and bass from this Monstercat Instinct Vol. 3 (Album Mix)

What's the dizzle? it's on once again!! check out the playlist and the mix, they're a monster with that!! meanwhile we'll continue to conduct breakbeat scientific business!!

🎹 Tracklist: 00:00:00 Nonsens - Heroes (feat. Tobias Stenkær) 00:03:33 Rogue - Oceans 00:06:57 Mazare & Luma - Nothing More 00:10:42 Laszlo - Rendezvous 00:13:22 Slushii - Dreaming of You 00:16:33 Protostar - Feel Your Heart (feat. Sam Tabor) 00:21:54 Mazare & RUNN - Where Do We Go 00:25:17 Infected Mushroom - Lost In Space 00:30:18 Murdock - In Touch (feat. Veela) 00:33:38 Feint - Drifters (feat. Eilzaveta) 00:37:53 Duumu - You Say (feat. Pauline Herr) 00:40:46 Disero - Like That (feat. Josh Smith) 00:43:54 Disero & FTKS - About Us (feat. Winter) 00:46:49 Bishu - Blind Spots 00:49:26 Bishu & Anjulie - Control 00:52:50 Mr FijiWiji & Matt Van - Enough 00:55:57 Grant - Wishes (feat. McCall) 00:59:54 CloudNone & Elle Vee - Out There 01:03:25 CloudNone & Matt Van - Juliet 01:06:25 CloudNone - Blue To Blue 01:09:43 Rootkit - Voyage 01:12:48 Conro - Remember You 01:15:44 Vicetone - Fences (feat. Matt Wertz) 01:19:05 DESERT STAR - Foreign Land 01:21:42 Grant - Color (feat. Juneau) 01:24:55 7 Minutes Dead - Without Chu (feat. Emsi) 01:27:55 Au5 - Eden (feat. Danyka Nadeau) 01:32:41 Aiohbahn & RudeLies - Motivation (feat. Kris Kiss) 01:35:41 Dion Timmer - Internet Boy (feat. Micah Martin) 01:38:56 Vicetone - Home 01:42:33 Braken - Wherever You Go 01:45:46 SLUMBERJACK - Hide and Seek (feat. Claire Ridgely) 01:49:24 Duumu - Wash Away (feat. Danyka Nadeau) 01:52:12 SLUMBERJACK & Ekali - Closure 01:56:38 Lil Hank - Hank’s Happy Place 01:59:34 Half an Orange - Given Up 02:03:19 Half an Orange - End of the Moon 02:06:45 Midoca - Poor Surgeon 02:10:13 Direct & Killabyte - One Less Star (feat. Matt Van) 02:14:20 Trivecta - Tornado (feat. Monika Santucci)

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Ignoring The Turbulence PT.8

The atmosphere has shifted as we go into Gemini season, plus it's a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way;  a lot of changes have been made but we're ignoring the turbulence..

Priorities shift during the paradigm shift; the smoke hasn't cleared, so  change or be changed was the catch phrase!!  like Trump Tariffs don't let them catch you in a charade, you should know how they work this!! 

Ignoring the turbulence, a joker even  mentioned catching up on their pimping!!  play or be played on was the advice.

Ignoring the turbulence?  a joker paid attention even though funds were low,  others were sucker slow; "it ain't nothing nice"

Ignoring the turbulence!! it takes a village to raise these children,   plus Richie Havens said teach them well!  

Idiots in the village played me like Howlin Wolf; they  brought me gasoline instead of water!!  plus they wear those kind of suits in hell!!

Village clowns and court jesters were heard howling like a wolf after they  get played!!  others get betrayed like  Magic Johnson mentioning how  matters were with the Lakers...

Who's real with it? some cashed out, they  get  off the grid  but tracked by GPS!! entities still hate/ we're still stressed by these fakers!!

What's the deal with it? like I said,  the apparatus had us stressed but we use the Dr Phil strategy!

We get over it!!  ignoring the turbulence / trying to get over with it  like Superfly per Curtis Mayfield; that's the deally!

I mean, really!! you feel me? you heard this? on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday we'll accent the terrific!! we're  blessed in the city and the field!! that's how it works!!

Ignoring the turbulence is how we plan to work this, as we continue to move forward not backwards!!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Liquid Drum and Bass Mix 114

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday as we hit the ground running with this O-Dog Day Party..

Digital? analog? is rigging these menus how they'll play? check the sound, we've got the funky drummer drumming in response; why did they start with me? 

What it do? O-Dog aka O-Dizzle will pray then keep it moving knowing the fog / reign began with a drizzle so I'm hip to the inclement weather..

What's the dizzle? it can be like storms in the Midwest, during these life storms a brotha from the Midwest can't rest down here in the ATL where it's like,  whatever!!

What's the dizzle? chilling in these dorms / compounds getting caught up on these drum and bass sounds per this Liquid Drum and  Bass Mix 114

It's courtesy of Karisma DNB; check the playlist and the mix to see what the deal will be!! points? like Kawhi Leonard points we're scoring..

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Titeknots - Hummingbirds

Sunday Jazz Continues!! it's going down!! we're off to a late start but we're all up in the house!!

The saga / struggle continues as we fight these battles using  different musical elements such as hip hop, funk,  jazz  and even house..

Trying to arouse the masses with these sonic assaults rebuking the devil in the details like all these different states with their abortion laws.

Conducting these classes and seminars, lessons taught blessings caught, even though we're all up in the sport with a bunch of flaws..

Corrupting the masses with a lot of lawless representatives? oh yes!! victims and by-products we're out here on Highway 85 in Riverdale Georgia humming and bumming...

Instead of getting something to eat with the proceeds spotted smoking a Black and Mild; meanwhile this black man will go wild, he's got the funky drummer drumming!!

Listening to some house music / jazz -lounge music from Titeknots with a track called  Hummingbirds..

Jazz tested, purist might not bless it!! they're down with the thought and fashion police!! please!! we hit them up with the sound and these good words!!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Mike Dunn Feat MD X-Spress – ‘DJ Beat That Shhh'

Digital Crate Digging Continues per that Saturday Night Fever vibe; can you dig it?

The saga / struggle continues, holla at me if you believe it / receive it, no need to ask can you dig it!!

Another will try to rig it up like they're trying to topple the Venezuela government; the drama? they're loving it...

They're out there, affected by this Full Moon in Scorpio shining through my window? trying to light it up like a Times Square billboard on fire: we're not playing around trying to hit shots like Kawhi Leonard before the shot clock expires; we're trying to "rise above it"

The lies? some people love them / it like the GOP clinging to power even though Trump is hanging himself with the loose rope..

The prize/? we're dropping this sound from Mike Dunn Feat MD X-Spress called  ‘DJ Beat That Shhh' ; something to get the people moving on this Saturday night!! bringing joy so they won't lose hope!!

Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 113

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Saturday Night Fever edition; at this moment? this is how we're living!! 

Caught in a moment of time, the Full Moon In Scorpio is lighting the sky; a critical stage of development? reality is unforgiving..

Others recognize this as a Buddha Full Moon  or  Vesak Day in Sri Lanka; who some say have Saudi Arabia to thank for the Easter terror attacks..

Brothas like me recognize the pattern, tunes play!! thanks for O-Dizzle for exposing the reign that began with a drizzle; check the tracks..

Listening to this Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 113 courtesy of Karisma DnB2, trying to catch up on the episodes / seeing what it do..

Check out the playlist and the mix to see how we're working this!! repelling the dismal, we're acting like we knew..

Friday, May 17, 2019

Chuck Mangione Give it All You Got

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Flashback Friday!!

Digital? analog? the saga / struggle continues!! let the music play..

Let us pray about the madness in the world, then we'll keep calm and carry on!!

Per the digital crate digging? I had to blow the dust off this one; it's Give It All You Got By Chuck Mangione sounds like the theme song from some old school movie or detective show from TV!!   ""shiddd""

...I might make it my theme song!!! ..because that's how I roll!!! I give it all I got!! that's how you need to roll on this Friday!! get that Friday Feeling!!  check out the players and the track to find out what the deal is with it!!