Tuesday, July 7, 2020

We're Not Quitting / Stopping!! (Part Nine)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can play out either way..

Sometimes there'll be a combination of both, we'll drink the elixir and broth and go forth taking the advice of old dude from East Saint Louis; soon we'll be ready to roll / on our way!!

We're not quitting / stopping bumping heads with the madness that's not stopping, confirmed by dude on Bay Street down in Nassau in the Bahamas..

We're not quitting / stopping!! bumping beats and good word dropping!! launching sonic assaults against those responsible for the ongoing dramas..

We're not quitting / stopping!! bumping beats out in these streets!! O-Dog is playing drums like Ringo Starr beating them like going upside the head of that gringo Bill Barr for justice obstruction..

We're not quitting / stopping!! Trump types trying to incite Culture Wars will get rebuked; they're just trying to distract us from their corruption...

Collateral damage occurred,  due to the hypes that PE told us not to believe?  the cancel culture will leave some of these contracts null and void..

Collateral damage per the undeclared Herd Immunity / reopening America / we'll have to live with it  strategy concerning  Covid 19 adopted by the Trump administration?  Dr Fauci said we're knee deep in it sounding like the Parliament / Fundadelic!! meanwhile your dude still shelters in place, crowds he'll avoid..

Vandalize / damage operations?  some heard we had diplomatic immunity so'll they'll do whatever it takes to stop us...

Systemic racism along with Covid 19 gave us the one / two punch, we dipped back to the community to regroup now we'll recoup; they can't stop us..

We're on the case again!! we're not quitting / stopping emphasized on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday...

Knowing things can play out either way, but we'll proceed and continue, of course  after we pray!!

Monday, July 6, 2020

3-Hour Drum and Bass DJ Mix (Playlist: Liquid Funk, Ambient, Melodic DnB & Jungle)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; checked my constituents morale, it's low many are in recovery..

....from the Fourth of July / Independence Day Holiday weekend, some sheltered in place while many resumed the race; Covid 19 numbers? going up like in Florida, that's how it'll be

...along with other coronavirus hot spots, this brotha chills hip to the ongoing schemes . plots but this brotha never quits stops..

Realizing the pursuit of the prize is like chasing the wind / chasing a dollar per Ecclesiastes  2. 11 dropping knowledge like King Solomon, so what's up son?  meanwhile that Brotha O drops jazz / funk / house music and he hip hops..

Usually O-Dog Day Partying or Afternoon Jazzing but at the moment?  we're on this drum and bass, listening to this Drum and Bass DJ Mix (Playlist: Liquid Funk, Ambient, Melodic DnB and Jungle)

It's courtesy of JaBig; check out the playlist and the mix he's doing it real big!! on this Music Monday? this is whats up with a brotha!!

Numbers feat. Benabu Alix Perez
Twenty Questions Ivy Lab
Run Away feat. Fox Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Fox
What she wants Redeyes
Had I Known Alix Perez
The Prize / Golden Roots (Interlude) Submorphics, T.r.a.c.
Higher Ground Submorphics, T.r.a.c.
Lazy Dub Lenzman
Suggestions Anthony Kasper
Bass Controlla Unknown Artist

Mile High Club Utah Jazz, MC Fava

What she wants Redeyes

Faded Images Submorphics

Sunrise Carlito & Addiction

Silly DJ Marky

One of a Kind Utah Jazz

Sunrise Carlito & Addiction

Atmospheric Rebirth Furney

Bass Controlla Unknown Artist

Mr Majestic High Contrast, Calibre

Whatcha Doin' Command Strange

Whistler Silence Groove

Better Perspective Ft. Jinadu Jinadu, Technimatic

Little Bird (Monrroe Remix) Bcee

Deja Vu Twintone

Pictures in My Head (High Contrast Remix) MJ Cole

Mindfield Twintone

Summer Rain Fracture Design

Sweet PLTX

The Inevitable Monrroe

Tenderless (Whiney Remix) London Elektricity, Emer Dineen

As Sure as Sunrise feat. Hugh Hardie Logistics

Ember Dawn Wall

In My Mind feat. IAMDDB Lenzman

Future (Calibre Remix) Breakage, Madi Lane

Just One Second (Apex Remix) London Elektricity

The View feat. LSB and Tyler Daley Drs

As Sure as Sunrise feat. Hugh Hardie Logistics

Return To The Source Submorphics

The Prayer (Om Unit Remix) Goldie, Jubei

Shores Halogenix

Bass Controlla Unknown Artist

Return To The Source Submorphics

Space Time feat. Cleveland Watkiss Calibre, Cleveland Watkiss

Weather Change Lurch

Feel Me Rafau Etamski

The Optimist LSB

We Look For Patterns Technimatic

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Chill Instrumentals - Hip Hop Mix [Vol.1]

Digital Crate Digging errr I mean Sunday Jazz Continues, check these menus..

Actually? it's one in the same, it's all game!! that Brotha O will rock these venues..

The saga / struggle continues, even on this Fourth of July / Independence Day weekend..

Mentioned earlier Frederick Douglass dropped knowledge about this time period earlier, so we've got work to do; havoc some are wreaking..

What's the perspective?  the outlook was a bleak one for some, maybe this Chill Instrumentals - Hip Hop Mix [Vol.1] courtesy of  The Jazz Hop CafĂ©  will help them get their minds right. 

Check out the playlist and the mix, as we continue to get breakbeat scientific dropping this sound and the insight..


1. 00:00 FloFilz - jazzchains
2. 02:20 Freddie Joachim - Sauced
3. 04:18 Tom Misch - Where Were You
4. 07:14 Pabzzz - Sunday
5. 10:00 Joey Pecoraro - The Bishop
6. 12:18 Aso - Sun Will Shine.
7. 15:29 Shin-Ski - Haze
8. 18:32 Phoniks - No Stress
9. 21:35 DJ Mitsu - Yeah Ya'll
10. 24:58 Tomppabeats - lonely but not when you hold me
11. 25:49 The Cancel - Summer Tape
12. 27:42 Joakim Karud - Dreams
13. 30:33 Stephen Onprachanh & Rhythmatical - Melancholy
14. 33:25 Joey Pecoraro - Tired Boy
15. 37:35 Ljones - Mango Kimono
16. 41:14 Boho Fau & Elevated Soul - Swinger Swagger
17. 43:38 Freddie Joachim - Shoulder Kiss
18. 46:11 Soulwanderer - jazzy joint
19. 48:52 Re:Plus - Breaks
20. 50:36 FloFilz - Komptis
21. 53:06 D3tails - Walk With Me
22. 55:12 Soulchef - Brazilian Summer

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Inner Life - Moment Of My Life

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon / evening , which also happens to be on this so called Independence Day or the Fourth of July..

Thunder and lightening provide the soundtrack as storms come and go interfering with picnics; the smoke and scent from barbecue grills goes away..

A nation asunder? enlightenment  in the midst of Covid 19 and systemic racism? reinforced by Donald Trump Mt Rushmore speeches? 

Going under like Ghislaine Maxwell? so what'll happen to James Maxwell Trump?  check the score, another  hoax? pump the brakes, I hear the tire screeches

What a life? 2020 has been a hell of a year? meanwhile beats will bump, listening to Inner Life with a Moment Of My Life

Check out the players and the track!! Jocelyn Brown handles the vocals; we're handling business local / national / international / intergalactic, about that life!!

Arranged By – Leroy Burgess
Mixed By – Shep Pettibone
Producer – Greg CarmichaelLeroy Burgess
Written-By – James CallowayLeroy BurgessSonny T. Davenport

Friday, July 3, 2020

Smif-N-Wessun - Bucktown 360

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, we also can consider it a Fabulous Friday..

What? we're still here but on the front lines of spiritual warfare fighting the invisible enemies; Covid 19 and systemic racism ; some will "see what I say"

They can see what I'm saying like I can see what they're saying; this thing is serious, no time for playing!!

I can see what they're saying !! they're playing it like Trump at Mt Rushmore with his constituency super spreading

Good music is playing, beats will bump as we Approach Armageddon, you caught us listening to Smif-N-Wessun with  Bucktown 360

This is there 25th anniversary edition from their debut album Da Shinin; dropped on Nervous Records; earlier I mention being caught in a moment of time as things come back around, 360...

Thursday, July 2, 2020

We're Not Quitting / Stopping!! (Part Eight)

Due to the Covid -19 resurgence you'll find us sheltering in place, but we're not quitting / stopping..

Not reopening too quick like some of these states then having to hit the pause button; fools rush in then become collateral damage,  soon dropping..

Low key with it, no Russian bounties paid to the Taliban for us; peeping game, so who's for or against us? those supposedly looking out for us play us like Bobby Rush,  lounging in our office like Chicago police officers..

Low key with it, but cold crushing like the Cold Crush Brothers per Throwback Thursday but avoiding slush fund operatives like Atlanta, Louisville and Minneapolis police officers..

...shooting up brothers and sisters, Rayshard Brooks / Breonna Taylor  / George Floyd deaths shed light on matters..

Looting treasuries was the focus of crooks in these corporations, billionaires get richer while null and void was my constituents status

We're not quitting / stopping!! here we are, back at the scene of the crime; earlier? per Throwback Thursday  I circled back around the block in The Olds Cutlass Supreme aka The Cut Dog on 26's to see what One Adam Twelve or  CSI /Miami was up to!

We're not quitting / stopping that's whats up with us!! winning like Trump said he was going to do but derailed by coronavirus / economics / racial injustice?   suicide bombing like a wannabe martyr? whats up with ya?  who did you let corrupt you?

So whats up with ya? that's what  they ask the brotha O-Deezy!! told them I'm not quitting / stopping  I'm trying to be easy. 

...like Commodores on Sunday Morning, check the Throwback Thursday reference in the midst of no benevolence!  in the details is where the devil is!! knew what the deal is, now I'm chilling!!  picked up the order at Waffle House with  hash browns smothered and covered; eggs over easy!

We're not quitting / stopping but situations get salty and greasy like Church's Chicken!!  a brotha can't have any peace!

Drama goes down everywhere, on to the streets, churches, corporations and government ; so whats up with it? check the catch phrase,  no justice no peace! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Valique - Think About It (Not Too Long Edit)

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check us out!! this Humpday Extravaganza is underway..

....along with this O-Dog Day Party, don't start with me / don't play with me as we let the music play!!

Let us pray was the movement, leading to some kind of improvement once we start moving it..

...moving it forward never backwards is how that works,  bear witness to these works we're showing / proving it..

...to a naysayer, they can't stop a player that's not quitting / stopping; like this track by Valique they'll need to Think About It (Not Too Long Edit)

Oh yes!! this is his interpretation of the Con Funk Shun jam, understand? from Moscow Russia to Atlanta it's going down, can you dig it? 

Oh naw!! no Russian collusion like Trump or Taliban Russian bounties, beats will bump!! funky is how the sound will be..

What's up y'all? fools rush in meanwhile we're cold crushing, like I said; funky is how the sound will be..