Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Train Of Thought..

.................running off the tracks.............

Train of thought derailed...spilling out hazardous material.

Hell is caught..not just going down on Halloween Night..even the Haz-Mat team is present...but what we have is spiritual.

Battles are fought everywhere..not just here on earth...we're with you...others are out there with me but don't remember..I'm usually spaced out.

Based on lessons taught.did you see what it do? some front..they won't act like they knew..spotted when joints are cased out.

The caper goes down....frauds perpetrated...some dipped in limousines...I raced out of the spot in the Chevy Impala.

The vehicle was damaged..but the paper chase is on!! will throw down..others will get fouler.

The Android user crime stopper toll free number dialer threw salt up in it.

Helicopters fly in the Iraq and Afghanistan..Al Roker might have talked about it.

Weather forecasting...Typhoons hit the Philippines..inclement weather report like Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter?

Where did we spot you? in the middle of the storm?..out were just off the shelter after you crossed the border.

Even said it's not you that enjoys the helter skelter..but I thought otherwise.

Did my train of thought run off the tracks dealing with the wise and otherwise?

Pain felt by some.. caught a bad one..slipped on the thin ice they were skating on.

Rain felt out in the middle of the storm..I was the one society is hating on.

Train of thought derailed...but I wasn't waiting on back up.

Diplomatic Immunity is invoked...had to fall back..I fell but I got back up.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Conflict Of Interest PT.7

..............still coaching like Phil Jackson..........

Running the shot clock down..then a crossover move is made to the hoop.

Like Iverson was in his prime..O-Zone has a rhyme...O-Dog has the loop.

What's up son they ask? Whats the scoop: told them we have a funky one..right on time like Brothers Johnson..surviving in Babylon

Easy to come know misery loves company...but I'm not the one.

They ask me what was I on? spotting the conflict of interest that's evident.

Told you in previous episodes....cursing one minute and praying the next.

Have you heard of a blessing and a curse residing in the same residence?

Seeing how some work it..stressing the masses...there's no benevolence.

Look around for the evidence..nobody cares about us unless it affects the profit margin.

Society truths or dares us..but I stay out there on the fringe..the margin.

The truth game was played..but pardon me for being outside the box.

Locked out like NBA referees I tampered with the chains and locks.

Meanwhile O-Dog rocked out check these and those..O-Zone maintains while a hater clocks.

It's like that in Babylon the hustle you know one knocks.

Especially if your not a clone going along with the program.

O-Dog and O-Zone chose to rock we didn't want to hear a slow jam.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coaching Like Phil Jackson...

.............once again it's on...............

Veteran in the coaching....accusations met...the game?..said I forgot how to play it.

Whose spitting game? talking a good game? they say I forget how to say it.

"Ain't that a shame"..naysayers say it..sounding like a politician.

"It ain't all game".. naysayers say it..but a brotha knew they were lying.

They kept trying to play this veteran...whose now's a new told them winds of change are blowing..told them I seen it heard it or done it.

Throughout it all? while haters are stressing us..God is blessing us.. that's who I stay on the one with.

Otherwise? usually rolling solo..or running with the alter egos...O-Zone or O-Dog.

One step ahead of stormtroopers:rolling up like the Taliban:looking for altered negroes..lost in the enhanced Smoke and Fog.

Mental and physical fitness enhanced...I jog around the galaxy like Darpa...listening to an Intergalactic track from O-Dog

Out there in the stream of consciousness..rolling in a Camry or a Cut-Dog...

Bear witness to this Captain's log....history can repeat itself..memories I jog...breakbeat science is in full effect.

But this is not Scientology...this is Mechanical Engineering..high and low technology for those that gawk at respect.

The Babylon wilderness is's's like off the coast of Somalia..but we've got that funk for ya...using the big bang theory.. but no hadron colliders to check.

We're freedom riders..blasting rockets off into the respect..but I doubt if Babylon's agents will.

Especially down here in Atlanta...the so called promise land..where vagrants chill.

They know the real deal..actually others know how they feel...not a damn thing has changed.

Some are now self medicating...after their lives were rearranged.

Beats banged on The O-Dog Podcast as he blasts house, funk, hip-hop and disco.

Streets are rearranged..whose on the block? stash houses from A-Town to Frisco.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Conflict Of Interest PT.6's like this and like that...

This dude stays busy...I had to laugh ...they thought I was distracted...on the laptop..or I was fast asleep.

They saw me bounce through with the limp...didn't know I had the the boom bap bop...said I'm acting fast...when I creep.

Sounds like a contradiction to me...a conflict of interest.

What it do? some come through with fiction and non fiction...I show a lack of interest.

Beauty..ugly..conflict of interest...matters of you living?

A brotha will be staying the lab building rockets...with plans to rock it..the universe.. doing it....all up in this and that dominion.

Didn't like the way things are going down..get played like a clown..deception is's evident.

The gauntlet some are throwing benevolence its evident.

Who fronted and flaunted?..throwing down like Gemini..the other side of the game revealed.

Confronted by the daughter of's all game so I chilled.

Studied the big bang and chaos theories..knowledge instilled in a bro.

Bloodied and bruised egos take a loss... not knowing how to deal with a bro.

Some studied the steelo.. but it was hard to come to a conclusion.

They're mad at a Negro..because I wasnt on the one with the mass konfusion.

Using the drum and the piano..sending messages in the songs..figure the cipher Out.

Staying busy..dealing with this and that scenario..staying strong going all out.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Conflict Of Interest PT.5

................cursing one minute..praying the next..

The saga struggle continues....praying one minute....cursing the next...or vice versa..

A brotha asks himself... how am I playing this? it's a conflict of interest..who'll work with ya?

Go on with your bad self I was told!!!....It's Over Now..shouldn't be in that I Move Forward...I stay one step ahead in this game.

But the outcome could be bad!!!...whose asleep at the wheel?..or distracted? move too fast? a head on collision...or crash and burn like car bombs......damn what a shame.

Pulled out the wasn't a mind blowing decision like Heatwave...when I clash with so called titans like Obama..they say I misbehave.

Trying to front on a brotha...when I'm putting it down with precision...balling like Miami Heat..D Wade...I misbehave?

O-Dog is a beat the old school factory like Pittsburgh or Detroit once had..sounds we manufacture.

Mechanical loathing or fearing... that will leave souls fractured.

Out in the Babylon wilderness some are captured....civilizations studied..but we rebuked the Hostile Takeover.

The Sonic Assault is in full effect...were blue collar...time to go to work...the break is over.

Ran the fake over in the old school Oldsmobile Delta 88....rolling down Freedom..up in Charlotte...

Spotted old dude on Saturday Night...geeked..he wasn't humbled...bought rocks from his set up a hookup with the harlot..

During our time alloted on this earth? we go to work... we bring the Natural Light..the bass rumbled..steady bombardment of the enemy position the spot where I felt the hate.

Some are Slick With It...Sick With H1N1..what are you on?..The Situation Is Critical..the scenario? emergency state..

Couldn't relate to some...mad at me...because I didnt quid pro quo.

Please!!! I was brought up on the frontlines...that would be a Conflict Of Interest.. knew the deal from the get go.

Peeped game...It's Over Now...shouldn't be here...but where do we go from here?

Healing Process takes we Transcend and Transform..going through the storm..ready to blast NASA..waiting for the weather to clear..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sick With It...Slick With It...Or Vice Versa

..........lets getaway...let's leave today..

Damn here we go a point I didn't want to reach.

Listening to Earth Wind and Fire...Getaway....let's leave today..on the hooptie the tires will screech.

In an old Buick are Nu-Nile or Murray's Pomade.

What it do? what it does? check the behavior...some are sick with it..slick with it..please...can't be at ease.. get hit up in more ways than are played.

Masquerade by George Benson is heard in the's all game...referred to in the Chronicles.

It don't don't stop...but funk is played by O-Dog....some will run for cover...the response to these and those.

What's up with these and those?...the devil will oppose..some haven't Stopped Hatin...sweating the technique like the lodge..

Laws were passed....meanwhile the funk will blast in the some try to get the hell out of Dodge..

Whose getting crunk in the Smoke and Fog..enhanced by mirrors off of shiny buildings.

Here in Atlanta...if your collateral they'll damage ya..with social engineering.

Mechanical engineering is used to steer the mothership down I-85 on a Saturday morning...listening to Youngblood on Kiss -104.

Or maybe out into another galaxy..what it do? maybe I can take a taxi...hooptie want ride that far..

Otherwise...I'm Transmitting Live...spotted teams running up the score.

Spotted the wise and the otherwise..Sick With It..Slick With swine flu...with no vaccine..when they came through the door...marching.

Like high school bands under Friday Night lights..who can stand the natural light? the earth is scorching.

Hit up by the sun..Everybody loves the sunshine...word from Roy Ayers....but son was planning the Earth Wind and Fire getaways...he's rolling out.

Winds of change are blowing for some...the shot clock will expire.. couldn't run a others had sold out..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Air Pollution...The Climate Change... was hard to see in the smoke and mirrors......

Just came through the smoke and mirrors....wore the hardhat with the lantern on top.

Easy to get played in different scenarios... just got back from Saturn...bringing the Intergalactic funk and hip hop.

Reason gave way to don't stop....balloons will drop...even the Revolutionary Guard will get hit up..

Seeing what it do in barrios, ghettos, suburbs, villages and settlements worldwide.

Seeing what it do...from the get go they should know...for freedom some will ride.

Especially if it's about freedom!! some say they have it..but I wouldn't want to be them.

New age slavery imposed by new type gangsters exists...maybe a few dollars are involved...but I'll just try to free them.

Please...I see them....behavior will be we have clones, cyborgs and surrogates.

Check our behavior.....bonafied...official..recognize what it do?..taking care of business in these zones....we're coming pure with this.

Nothing is dilluted..the truth is not question about this vaccine...we cure the illness.

Deep rooted feelings don't want to leave..embedded..they made this entity their residence.

Deep rooted feelings? no benevolence shown by the apparatus.

Back with this...are they ready for this?..twenty years later....from the Bay Area to Sri Lanka...quakes in the economy caused by a shady banker?

Back with this....climate change?..are they ready for this?....check a'll need to bear's rough...but God? we still thank ya..

Back with this...navigating through the smoke and mirrors..more stank for ya...check the status..

Meanwhile crooks and creeps looted the losers? check the status.

Hooks, bars and samples from my peeps from back in the day are looped....treasures....gems...we come back with this.

Scars from examples of persecution healed by percussions..check check this.

Corporate ones disrespect this..there solution? your fired like Donald Trump...but hiring Blagojevich? it appears the use the same hair stylist..

The sport can get uglier in the smoke and mirrors.the air is polluted..check the climate...bearing witness to how the style is...

...............CHECK OUT THE SMOKE AND MIRRORS MIX............

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Conflict Of Interest PT.4

...........dude fumbled to get to the 38........

The A-Town is a melting pot...chilling with Patel....Abdul and even Hector.

Even spotted the old school player Willie...original A-Town representative..not acting tentative..rolling in the stankin Lincoln...what's he on? what will the deal be? dark shades on in this sector.

Playing that Ray Charles look.....72 years old..deacon in the church..but the hood says he's a crook..the Detroit style....wearing linen suits and gators.

Players say it's off the hook down here in the A-Town!! Escalades and Navigators are rolling!! but wannabe macks and divas turn to haters.

Drama goes down...old dude was still selling product...straight from go sideways..he fumbled to get to the 38 in his pocket...old school..these days folks carry choppers and glocks..

Blasting missiles off like Iran...or even North Korea..even O-Dog is armed and dangerous..breakbeats a brotha rocks..

Prayers also have us slipping through....when ill issue debaters bring drama.

Players of the funk unite...O-Dog is going in..slipping through with tracks..slipping through the cracks.. bringing the funk...that's word from a brotha.

Flipping this Good Word..that's what O-Zone does...all the way live.. that's how I'm Transmitting.

From down here on the A-Town Pakistan...what it do?..even to the Congo: I spotted history repeating.

Then I spotted others...defeating the purpose...a conflict of interest.

Spotted some...contracts are they trying to work this? some said they're deleting my they can stop me from coming with this.

Playing this like a bank...but these reality checks are coming with interest.

The funk will stank...cashing checks and making sound's no conflict of interest.

Thanks given to the Lord for blessing us...karmic repercussions can be rough on us.

No lack of interest!! whose bringing the Good Word and percussions?'s us.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


.........trying to tell me how the funk should go...

Structures are dysfunctional...leaders were found to be incompetent.

Corrupt ones try to tell me how the funk should go...sweating the technique like the lodge... we went for what we the hell out of Dodge...check out how funky the sound will get.

Awkward interuptions mess with the flow..recognize the pattern.

What are the dimensions and color schemes? maybe having rings like Saturn.

Rack and pinion steering.....shocks on the suspension of the hooptie.... what will the scoop be? another is back in love again.

Like Jeffery Osbourne... once again it's or mechanical engineering? some push and shove again.

Loathing and fearing in hoops? can't get position under the basket to rebound.

O-Dog is steering the Mothership with drum loops, cuts, and samples.. check the sound.

A brotha gets spatial... intergalactic ...out beyond the International Space reaction to this and that..I get down.

Might relate to you...if your not a fanatic...I can see how you put it down.

Might relate to you.... caught up in an unpleasant situation.. where's the fast forward button?

Might relate to you..unless you love the status quo..a punishment glutton.

Might relate to you.... but I ask what it do? what's up player?

As we skate through..fighting the structure like a hockey player.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Electronic Thoughts Transfer PT.2

.........scattered thoughts are collected

Haters roll what's up? I ran a background check like a patrolman.

Yellow submarines like Beatles?..discreet is not how some roll..listening to Cypress they can just kill a man...

Rolling up in the Camry...listening to J up is Strong Arm Steady & lib on a Mad Lib track..

Hold up!!! wait a minute!! man...I tell's like Sam and Dave..were Soul Men..we've got the knack..

Some are losing control.. man...they should fall back...I see dudes with braids swinging around like divas.

How are they trying to roll? man please..real rastafarians think it's blashemy ...images are damaging to the true believers.

Peeped game...heads up for the nefarious ones...and their conspiracy deceiving the masses.

Various ones use the by any means necessary theory..disrespecting Malcolm...understand these seminars and classes.

Discussions about freedom are not arbitrary..but a foul one asks for a meeting.

With percussions and the good word we free some from bondage..the response to this is like the lodge..some are sweating.

Some are having shotgun weddings..concussions suffered by some..history repeating? because some were confused about things?

Excuse them..they thought it was payday..what do you say? is it just the evolution of things?

Sense of purposes? some are all about victories are claimed...what a shame.

Work with this a brotha!!!! now coaching...based on being a veteran in the game.

Armageddon cold players start melting... old girl said she's ready....license plate on front of the Cadillac Sedan Deville said she's cruising with Jesus.

Industrial Strength..Mechanical Engineering...loathing and fearing dealt with...using the funk and this thesis.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Electronic Thoughts Transfer.......

.........scattered thoughts collected like debt agengies..........

Purging random thoughts from the central processing unit... the brain.

Working it all out....with no help from the stimulus package.. acting random with Sonic Assaults....maybe you can feel my pain.

Working it all out....damning me because I did or didn't ...they didn't like my conduct.

But it's the way of the Earth Wind and's the by product.

All up in the can be local or worldwide..but the drama unfurled...the Chevy Impala shot up by the Don Dada.

Al Gore said it was gonna get warning...even NASA studies the thawing ice.. but in this case local noise..from the shotta with the chopper.

Helicopters fly in Iraq, Afghanistan and Dekalb County Georgia..spanning the globe.

O-Dog is Intergalactic...out beyond the International Space Station but now I'm stranded on this globe.

Strobe lights in the disco inferno...but check the weather..but the climate is bad...whose acting like a rad?..good, bad and ugly?...sources of danger are internal..not just external..

Probes made into Babylon..bringing the Natural Light..whose gonna work with a bro?

Robe and slippers worn my mafioso types..carrying pistols...meanwhile Iran and North Korea are shooting missiles.. they're real special.

Meanwhile in Dekalb County I was trying to dip through...but it's like old school K-Mart blue light specials.

Acting brand new? real special? God Bless The Child That Has Their Blood Sweat and Tears.

Random thoughts expressed by this brotha...after they asked what' up with ya? rebuking hostile takeovers.. horrors terrors.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Word From The Hot Messenger

...they said I was a hot mess...just call me the hot messenger...

Laying Low in a police state..things have tightened up.

But this is not Archie Bell from Houston Texas...this is Brotha O in the A-Town...that's what's up.

All up in the heart of it..caught up in a flash flood....dude fell off..I've seen a brotha take a fall down here in Georgia!!

Told them don't even start it...this is not the promised land!! it's just another hot mess for ya.

Word from the hot messenger...out in the I'm back on earth..I'm on the highway...I looked at where the signs pointed.

The apparatus is stressing know they've got a mess for'll end up on a slippery ice's gonna take a miracle like Deniece Williams..some almost lost their mind! others are mad..said they weren't anointed.

Check the status...others are disappointed...meanwhile I appointed myself to be the mixmaster and the scribe.

Authorities check the's easy to get mixed up in a negative vibe.

Territories were claimed by my tribe... but lost due foreclosures.. to technicalities.

I'm telling about characters that get defamed or assassinated...some are looking for closure...but officials call technical fouls on me.

Other characters and role players are blamed.. all up in the in the game..nobody was shamed...prosecutors elaborated.

Truth or daring us?...making an ass out of themselves...truth game played but these brothas collaborated.

But in the spot....ruthless games are played....bombs explode in the Swat Valley.. automatic weaponry is aimed..Swat teams rushed the alley..guns clapped in urban badlands.

Gamblers were out for a fast buck....some players were dealt bad hands.

Maybe somebody understands this Hot Message..similar to science dropped by the Wu-Tang Clan..

A hater will say it's just a Hot Mess..not understanding the process..The Message Is In The Music man!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Conflict Of Interest PT.3

.........stranded on earth...but a Pluto resident....

Once again it's on...we're all up in the spot..might even say it's a hood thing.

Adding my two cents...conditions were harsh..even dipping back to the community.. but it's a good thing.

Rebuking The Hostile Takeover...knowing Diplomatic immunity would bring blessings to us regardless.

No hot style makeover from Oprah...this is what it heart is in this.

All up in the heart of this...B.E.T Awards in Atlanta..some are down here swerving..

Whose a part of this and that conspiracy that's confirmed?..the scene I'm observing...

Meanwhile we're working it all collar style..mechanical with it...but Intergalactic with it...just got's a conflict of interest..

Even as I cruise down Candler Road in Decatur Georgia....I'm seeing how hard it is.

Whose part of this and that conspiracy? some rebuke the hostile takeover..times are any means necessary..trying to take it back to the Reagan Years.

In the background I hear Tupac....dude in the Cut-Dog playing so many tears.

Another dude was rolling through in a deuce and a quarter...from years ago... listening to Maze and Frankie Beverly...Before I Let Go.

O-Zone...a Midwest representative...just crossed the border into Georgia...knowing how some of these jokers were gonna be...from the get go.

They were watching me...said they're on to me... player player style!! like I was from Detroit.

Now down here on Glenwood Rd at the convenience store casino with Vegas style slot machines..trying to make my point.

Message In The Music...trying to make my point..rocking the funky joint like Poor Righteous Teachers.. based on what reality teachs us.

Not knocking the hustle of corporate Atlanta preachers...prosperity is the message one preaches us.

Tires screech on the hooptie after the caper was pulled ..big homie tried to dip.

His road dog got caught with cash, product, three cell phones and packages he was trying to flip.

Tires screech...even Soulja Boy tried to get away but dipped caught up in the spot..

Drama is minor compared to Pakistan..understand..Al Gore said it was gonna get hot...

Conflicts of Interest...all up in the's like a sweatbox..

Conflict Of Interest when we come with this?.what it do? .O-Zone had the Good Word...O-Dog rocks..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Conflict Of Interest PT.2

...........parallel dimension dwella...........

It's a conflict of body is in one spot...heart, mind and soul is elsewhere.

Conflicts end like that and like this..your in the trauma ward, Vanderbilt, Grady, Crawford Long or St Elsewhere.

Contradictions, fiction and non fiction, going there, fantasy and reality.

Drug interdictions, in Mexico and Afghanistan, man please...product is still flowing... I mean really.

Stopped at intersections by agents of Babylon..headquarters raided by commandos in Pakistan..letting go Letting God.

Error corrections by O-Zone before history repeated itself...or it's erased..but sometimes it does and it's not odd.

Imperfections highlighted in this zone...our squad is under attack.

Intervention that's divine is provided..on the frontlines where good and evil collded..due to Diplomatic we're back on the right track.

God has a knack for sending representatives to let us know what it do.

Heard the elders say act like you know...should have known what it do.

What's up with you? they ask me..told them I bear witness to the conflict of interest...

Rolling down I-85 in Atlanta...listening to KISS-104 and moms in Subara Outbacks...not the one shot on the webcam...passed up homies in Cut-Dogs...what is this?

We're rolling up with small armies..O-Dogs beats and the Good Word..Nobel Prize? Castro might like know Limbaugh was about to blow a circuit...

Whose part of the conspiracy? what's the priority? spotted the conflict of interest..we were able to Recognize The Pattern..seeing how some work it..

In The A-Town..some work it out...B.E.T Hip Hop Awards in town..players from the Himalayas..

NASA to study the ice melting..the conflict of interest..on so many layers...

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Conflict Of Interest

..........we did it like this...we did it like that.........

Cursing one minute....praying the next's a conflict of interest.

Conflicts like Jerusalem..but I'm in it win it..realizing there's no victory unless God blessed it.

It wasn't odd that a hater stressed it..spinning it...please.. they're just doing their job.

Part of their job description...said they're on a mission..IEDs and grenades they'll lob.

Hood thing...Shorty pimp fit the description....he's known as "pimp juice" in the hood...ask him what's good? he'll ask you how high? like Method Man..

Dude came through with Stacy Adams shoes, linen slacks and the silk shirt...he was the man...

His big homie was called Pimping Ken said they would win...what it do?..dipped with the cash like Jon Gosselin..taking it to the bridge like Maceo Parker...but they said it wouldn't hurt.

Said it wouldn't hurt nobody to get on Brick...from down here in Atlanta..but it didn't work..

What it do?....act like you's easy to get's easy to take a fall down here in Atlanta...

What it do? It's A Conflict Of Interest..a debatable circumstance..being built or torn down here in Atlanta?

What's up? O-Dog will try to work your body with the disco inferno.....following James Brown's instructions given to Maceo... we make it funky...

Smoke and Fog enhanced by mirrors..horrors and terrors...irrational fears..even David Letterman can't make it funny..

Meanwhile...creatures of habit try to kick it....located the source of danger.

The style featured in the hooptie? jazz fusion from Ronnie Laws... of course its Friends and Strangers.

Martial law is enforced in the Babylon forest by rangers with so called power.

What was it that the marshall saw? brought up to speed by informants at the last hour.

Conflict of interest... during the inclement weather.. during the last shower? it had me cursing and praying.

What's up with this? old girl told this player from the Himalayas that things will thaw out..keep on playing.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kicked To The Curb?

.........playing a brotha like Gus or Herb..............

Was a brotha kicked to the curb? not the one they'll this point...if I was?.. it doesn't even matter.

Observing the scene..haters try to play me like Herb..waffle head Fred...I keep doing what I do....staying on point..I collect thoughts that try to scatter.

Climbing Jacobs Ladder or a Louisville one ....not acting brand new with one..Intergalactic...back with it..refusing to come undone.

Getting radical for ya..that's what's up...that's the deal....O-Dog has the drum for ya..acting random...but it's the real we continue to deal with one.

One whose getting all fanatical with ya..they deal one a bad hand to play in this game.

Trying to get mathematical with ya...they're just gamblers out for a fast buck in the game.

Word from Ms. Peters..from back in the day....said you can't trust to luck in the game.

Haters will try to delete your file....after satelites kept track of Typhoon they've got another storm for ya..knowing your down to your last buck in the game.

Checked the news....shame shame shame like that great philosopher Gomer Pyle said..a brotha will catch the blame....somebody has to be the scapegoat.

What it do? haters try to sweat your homies style!!! O-Dog will take a beat and a quote.

Take a vote... now whose checking for a brotha? little homie said I was played like Chicago...The Olympics...kicked to the curb.

Quiet is kept like a true gangster...but haters try to play me like Gus or Herb.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Shady Like Grady...The Concept Is Revisited

........shady like grady..but not homie from sanford & son...

The whole game is shady like grady ...strangers roll up..what can you say to me? I'm not trying to get caught up.

Pops schooled me... said the system would play me...that's how I was brought up.

How was I brought up? in the hood...not tricking...even if I had it I wouldn't.

What's brought up? just the knowledge I'm kicking..some thought I would be like Obama in Denmark..coming up short...putting it down..others thought I couldn't.

No wouldn't..couldn't..shouldn' this point just going for what I know.

Out here in the Babylon Wilderness....unlike some to play the hunter gatherer role.

Taking care of business.....all up in the house...with house, funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul.

Breakbeat Science we get gangsta or scientific with it.

Parallel dimension dweller..others played that role in other realms..contradicting it?

Branches in heaven..roots in hell....pass or fail? in this world ..that I have a conflict with.

Stairway To Heaven like the O-Jays or Led Zeppelin...intelligent design or evolution?...issues contradicted..

Almost knocked out by glitches in the ran by zombies or surrogates gone bad..I blast back with the Sonic Assault.

It's a reaction to the negative reaction...all the hell thats caught.

Chi-Town caught off guard..meanwhile dealing with reality? lessons are taught..

Meanwhile...were still on the frontlines...dealing with those who are shady like grady..but not like others...staying clear headed when battles are fought..

Things almost came to a screeching..Kojak and the boys rolled up on the spot.

A brotha was face down on the ground accused of a bank robbery ...things got hot.

All up in the spot... visions of Louisville not always good...due to harsh conditioning.

It gets way too real so we stay praying... God were petitioning.