Thursday, October 29, 2009

Conflict Of Interest PT.7

..............still coaching like Phil Jackson..........

Running the shot clock down..then a crossover move is made to the hoop.

Like Iverson was in his prime..O-Zone has a rhyme...O-Dog has the loop.

What's up son they ask? Whats the scoop: told them we have a funky one..right on time like Brothers Johnson..surviving in Babylon

Easy to come know misery loves company...but I'm not the one.

They ask me what was I on? spotting the conflict of interest that's evident.

Told you in previous episodes....cursing one minute and praying the next.

Have you heard of a blessing and a curse residing in the same residence?

Seeing how some work it..stressing the masses...there's no benevolence.

Look around for the evidence..nobody cares about us unless it affects the profit margin.

Society truths or dares us..but I stay out there on the fringe..the margin.

The truth game was played..but pardon me for being outside the box.

Locked out like NBA referees I tampered with the chains and locks.

Meanwhile O-Dog rocked out check these and those..O-Zone maintains while a hater clocks.

It's like that in Babylon the hustle you know one knocks.

Especially if your not a clone going along with the program.

O-Dog and O-Zone chose to rock we didn't want to hear a slow jam.

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