Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cashing Reality Checks and Making Sound Effects PT.2

Seventy degrees in Atlanta in February...damn!!  a brotha had to fire the grill up!

360 degrees is how universal concepts are flowing; what goes around comes around..Qaddafi finds out.. but the time for the real is not up!

Whats the deal up in this piece? no peace in the Middle East.. whats really going on?

Asking when will the madness cease? I'm trying to slide through the portal..the crease...residing in the danger zone!

Once again its on!!! they ask me what it do?  told them I'm cashing reality checks..O-Dizzle is making sound effects; no reality show like Ted Williams!! I'm trying to make it do what it do!

Once again its on!! cashing reality checks and making sound effects..it's breakbeat science..I couldn't front had to act like I knew!

Told them I already flew through the sky like Blake Griffin!! the choir from Compton was singing while I'm jumping over cars!

Finishing the fast break with a dunk!! didn't break due to bad breaks, setbacks, obstacles, fences, and bars!

Dealing with the fake in debatable circumstances!! scars from either being built or torn down!

A lot is at stake!! so highlanders didn't turn the level of scorn down!

Jokers were even talking about shutting the government down...dials are adjusted; buttons are pressed gluttons loved it!

Some attempt to shut down sites down like they're the Iranian Cyber Army...they re in the low post like Shaq and Dwight Howard pushing and shoving for it!

Meanwhile I'm rising above it...didn't go to the pity party...trying to play this hand the Lord blessed me with!

Meanwhile I'm rising above it..like the prices of oil will be..ignored haters and the issues they stressed me with!

A mean style? getting elected like Rahm Emauel? no not hardly a bruh is not playing around with these Philistines!>

A mean style is what some have!! but they'll get convicted like Buju Banton.I peeped game while observing these scenes!

Funk in my genes; Louisville / Newburg brotha that chilled up in Ohio with the Players! 

Winds of change blow; the smoke clears after we said prayers!

Play on players!! keep it pimping is what they say down here in Atlanta..told homie I heard ya!!

We're just cashing reality checks and making sound effects...this is how we gonna work with ya...

Monday, February 21, 2011


...check out this minicast for reason gave way to madness


Putting It Down...

It's going down...but I'm surrounded by these Atlanta players wearing Stacy Adams and gators!

Its going down....I'm out here on Candler Road in Decatur..I hear the homies snapping like Florida Gators!

Whose snapping on these haters?  as we deal with crooks...blaming Libya so they can raise oil prices..deals are shady; benefiting companies.

Guns are clapping...jets are attacking..due to some transactions!! but I'm acting brand new....usually found where the drums will be!

IEDs blew up Humvies in the sands of Iraq; others were trying to fall on the sword for the emperor!

Please!! some are at the plate but not swinging..called out on strikes by the umpire!

Who will strike back against the empire? but end up catching a beatdown like Anderson Cooper.

Punishment gluttons not liking themselves!!! wounds are self inflicted that contribute to what others are trying to do to ya!

Sacred tombs and grounds are raided by Lara Croft < and them!! they were acting like they knew ya!! soon there's a trail of tears like Cherokees.

Who succumbs to the madness? now dipping like Trevor Bayne in Daytona..out in the wilderness crashing Jeep Cherokees!

Back with this one!! who peeps the steez? can see that breakbeat science is being dropped.

Dealing with the inclement weather; on the ground a foot of snow like Detroit; whose null and void? big dummies like Lamont Sanford flip flopped!

O-Dizzle hip hopped...jazzed it up; plus he rocked out.

....Plus he dropped funk....meanwhile O-Zone grabs rebounds like Dwight Howard after he blocked out!

Who was in Atlanta getting crunk..but actually a player thats locked out of the league....or playing it like John Boehner...having the government shutdown..

Dude I don't understand ya I was told!!...but  truth be told..I'm not caught up in the drama and intrigue...please..breakbeat science is being put down..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cashing Reality Checks and Making Sound Effects

Whats the deal? I ask other people that question..plus I ask myself!

Couldn't chill...somebody's always cock blocking like Wisconsin  trying to take away the unions rights!! but I stay on a quest son...as I go on with my bad self!

O-Dizzle is block rocking!!  he pulled funk off the shelves...plus O-Zone is cashing reality checks...he did his share.

What was purchased? its more than an oz or ounce in the backpack like homie over in the hood..what's good?  the sack is full of the good word as we go there!

As we go there; cashing checks and making sound effects like Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh..but we found out this world is cold..a bruh had to put on the skully!

As we go there!! we're coming out fresh with a brand new batch..wasn't doing the Dougie..but my baby girl said I look like an intelligent hoodlum;might even have to strong arm muscle and act like a bully!

Had to be strong; get my hustle on...check the mechanical engineering..it's like UPS in Louisville.. conveyor belts, pulleys; forklifts buzzing around!

Hustling hard like Ace Hood & Swiss Beatz and them...it's the rebuttal to the social engineering that's going down!

What will a bruh do? please!! it's all good..there's  no loathing and fearing..its going down from the ATL to Cairo!

Even over in Libya....what's the deal with ya? on this end its low key..chilling; laying in the cut..even though I'm a fly Negro!

Always peeping the steelo; spotted Philistines on their pilgrimage to the Taj Mahal!

No pilgrimage to Mecca  please!! some will disrespect y'all..even homie was over in Decatur, Georgia... said it was greater...he was trying to tell y'all!

How ill did it get? dude and his peeps were smoking Black & Milds and drinking Grey Goose over on Candler Rd..but I noticed coping strategies fail y'all!! now your back to square one!

How ill did it get? peeps in the Middle East bear witness...the battle in love or war wasn't a fair one!

Reality will truth or dare one!! then play you like Wikileaks..tattle on you when you fall down!

Reality checks are cashed...accepted worldwide..actually universal...but fatalities surround me..but I'm not trying to fall down!