Saturday, November 30, 2019

Stuck In Traffic | Deep House Set | 2019 Mixed By Johnny M

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Saturday Night Fever edition on this Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend...

It's coming to a close, along with the month of November as this is the last day of the month; streaks come to an end..

...losing or winning? told some November would be the month I see them like Wyclef Jean per Scorpio Season but now we've moved on to Sagittarius Season, emphasized in December..

...losing or winning? getting over them, what? the episodes!! moving on to the next not crying or celebrating; reality dismembers..

Some play it like Michael Jackson trying to Remember The Time they fell in love, now dollar chases make some push and shove..

..while they're stuck in traffic like here in Atlanta!! it's been rough all week!!  tomorrow / Sunday will probably be a bad day as constituents go back to regular scheduled programming..

Stuck In Traffic | Deep House Set | 2019 Mixed By Johnny M might help the mood, check the playlist and the mix to feel the attitude; this cat is jamming!!

Tracklist: 01. Deep75 - Round & Round (Main Mix) 00:00

02. Alexny - Flying Up The Big City (Original Mix) 07:01

03. Larry Houl - On The Floor (Original Mix) 13:07

04. Scoffer - Don Of A New Era (Original Mix) 18:09

05. NicolΔ & S∆kur∆ - Amour (Original Mix) 22:43

06. Richard Les Crees - Dengon (Kokoro Kara Odotte) (Fredrik Stark Remix) 28:55 

07. Workerz - Zion (Deep Mix) 33:51

08. Blo - Hanwei Forge Practical Katana (Original Mix) 38:59

09. Marc Brauner - Up Some More (Original Mix) 43:08

10. Herr Krank - Piano Bar (Original Mix) 47:51

11. Abilaan - I Surrender (Original Mix) 52:58

12. Shaka - Overminded (Original Mix) 59:23

Friday, November 29, 2019

Essence All Stars - Casablanca

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; corporate sponsors will call this a Black Friday...

...after Thanksgiving Day business, so were thanks given or requests for forgiveness? so how will my people play?

By now y'all should know how this black man will play, business is conducted in a breakbeat  scientific fashion...

By now y'all should know how this black man will let the music play, usually in an orderly fashion..

Out of order? going against the grain clashing with the apparatus like I was in the movie Casablanca like Humphrey Bogart..

Out by the border where they're trying to build a wall, so what's up y'all? we're trying to get over the hump, told a naysayer don't even start? 

Out of order because I'm soul jazzing, listening to Essence All Stars with a track called Casablanca? 

Your dude / boy is just chilling at the moment!! check out the players and the track, it's like we're at the jazz club over in Morocco,  in Casablanca!!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Funky Disco Mix 2020 - Dj XS presents 'The Niceguys' (Funk, House & Nu Disco Party Anthems)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; some of my constituents call it a Thankful Thursday.. it happens to be Thanksgiving Day, best wishes to you and yours as we continue putting work in checking the scores plus this music will play...

That's what's happening captain!! even on these so called holidays breakbeat scientific business will get handled..

No shady business like Rudy Giuliani, so what will the response be? jokers will act like they don't know you like Trump meanwhile we're still trying to get over the hump; this is the kind of business that will get handled..

Check us out, this O-Dog Day Party business will get handled!! we're listening to these Funky Disco Mix 2020 - Dj XS presents 'The Niceguys' (Funk, House & Nu Disco Party Anthems)

This is courtesy of Funky Vibes UK, from Atlanta to the UK the funky music  will play, check out the playlist and the mix!! it's a big world!! a brotha? somebody's understanding!!

1. The Funk Intro
2. The Brothers Johnson – Get The Funk Out Ma Face (Loshmi Edit) (0:22)
3. Moods – Hold Tight (0:57)
4. Joe Hertz feat. Amber-Simone – Stay Lost (Cabu Remix) (2:39)
5. Kano – Can't Hold Back (SanFranDisko Re-Dub) (4:05)
6. LJ Reynolds – Travellin' (JR.Dynamite & C'Man Pack Your Bags Edit) (5:16)
7. Prince – Clouds (Ash Reynolds Edition) (7:16)
8. JKriv feat. Adeline – Yo Love (8:23)
9. Joey Negro – Free Bass (Joey Negro Funk Equation Mix) (10:17)
10. Shaka Loves You – Disco Weapon (11:55)
11. Purple Disco Machine feat. Alex Mills – Where We Belong (13:32)
12. Snacks – Burnin' (16:13)
13. Alan Dixon – Bless Me Today (17:26)
14. Bit Funk – Soul Satisfaction (18:20)
15. Art Of Tones – Gimme Some More (Saison Remix) (20:00) 16. Ronny Hammond & The Washington Groovers – Magic Funk Attack (22:38)
17. The Funk District – Soul Vibration (24:32)
18. Jaco Jones – West Side Funk (27:13)
19. Diana Boss feat. Giorgi Holiday – Thicc Honey (29:00)
20. Kraak & Smaak feat. Izo Fitzroy – Sweet Time (Yuksek Remix) (31:19)
21. The Shapeshifters feat. Kimberly Davis – Life Is A Dancefloor (33:22)
22. Mark Lower – Express Yourself (36:36)
23. The Magician – Ready To Love (Mercer edit) ***Not on YouTube Version***
24. Me & My Toothbrush – Fair Enough (37:44)
25. Axwell – Nobody Else (A-Trak Remix) (40:20)
26. Televisor – Neon (42:37)
27. Flevans feat. Sarah Scott – It Just Goes (Ray Mang Extended Mix) (44:55)
28. Polyphonics feat. Hasina Sheik – Nitelites (Seamus Haji Remix) (49:24)
29. David Bowie – Let's Dance (Reed Streets Remix) (52:59)

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Jersey Maestros and Sarah Dash - Something Inside (DJ Spen and Reelsoul Disco Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza, it's on and popping...

We're back to O-Dog Day Partying , soul jazzing our last episode to prevent souls from spazzing..

..due to trolls razzing like comedians progress impeding meanwhile we're reaping the harvest from seeding earlier in the year...

The mothership rolls through the universe, local / national / international / intergalactic fronts  hit up when we drop these mathematics we didn't front; taking it there!

A brotha gets breakbeat scientific; maybe it's like the The Jersey Maestros and Sarah Dash -  Something Inside (DJ Spen and Reelsoul Disco Mix)

A brotha gets breakbeat scientific!! from Jersey to out in the Bay Area to back here in Atlanta we make mad dashes due to internal and external clashes!! the struggle is real but we still get breakbeat scientific..

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

HIP HOP Mix 90' s underground rap

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible /Terrific Tuesday; the emphasis has been on the terrific side..

That's how it's been as we proceed and continue to do what we do, playing this based on the study of mathematics, now implemented when we ride..

Fanatics slide through acting like they're the king like Trump but they'll get rebuked like him and Melania..

Democrats slide overtures to John Bolton, hopes he starts quoting during impeachment hearings but I don't know bruh!!

Back with this!! placing bets on this HIP HOP Mix 90' s underground rap mix courtesy of Lou Dav; during this Thanksgiving Day celebration this is how a Louisville / Newburg bruh will behave..

Back with this!! facing threats!! you're back on that hip hop from the 90's again? why you...was heard but check the playlist and the mix for the word!! excuse the default settings; this is  how a Louisville / Newburg bruh will behave..

Darc Mind - Outside Looking In Nautilus - Smooth with Mine Zigg Zagg - N-Ya Mind Blaque Spurm,Fyne,Tony D - Pack Ya Shit Jazz Liberatorz -The Process - Feat. Apani B Fly Ran Reed - Wack Tapes Powerule - Dawn to Dusk Hardwe're - The Bricks Ghetto Concept - E-Z On the Motion World Renown - How Nice I Am Natural Mystics - How It Go (Uncensored)

Monday, November 25, 2019

Deep Beat Deep House Vocal House Winter Breeze Mix By JAYC

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; excuse us, but we're in the midst of the O-Dog Day Party..

The saga / struggle continues / life goes on ; on another level?  the toils and strife is!!   I told another devil, don't start with me!!

Now showing heart is how we're playing, plus providing Monday Motivation to my constituents as we busy..

We're out here playing this good music plus good word dropping; we're not quiting / stopping we'll stay busy!!

We're out here listening to this Deep Beat Deep House Vocal House Winter Breeze Mix By JAYC

Out here in these streets cruising listening to the good music; check the playlist and the mix, for getting our minds right  it's conducive; somebody will feel me!

01 Moe Turk & TSHNKO Feat. Mougleta - My Blood (Kevin Karlson Remix)
02 Moe Turk - Just Like I Love You (Original Mix)
03 Akora, Mike Stil & Yam Nor - Eyes Of Love (Toly Braun Remix) 
04 Costa Mee - Don't Look Any Further (Original Mix)
05 West.K & Mr.Nu feat. Dessy Slavova - I Can't Stop (Jako Diaz Remix)
06 DanielSK & Gio-T - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (ft. Maria Bali)
07 Toly Braun - Silence (Original Mix)
08 Kevin Karlson, Maxim Kurtys - Scared Of The Light (Original Mix)
09 Kvant - Secrets (Original Mix) 
10 Narcotic Sound & Christian D - Hope (Pascal Junior Remix) 
11 Kevin Karlson & Vicent Ballester - Call On You
12 Deeperise, Mr.Nu & Tolgah - Just To Me (Original Mix)
13 Pascal Junior - She Likes It
14 Kevin Karlson - Let's Go Somewhere (Juloboy Remix)
15 Pascal Junior Feat. Sergio – Cravin (Extended Mix)
16 Playmen - Stand By Me Now (The Distance & Riddick Remix)
17 Anton Ishutin - Watching Me (ft. Irina Makosh) 
18 Bahlzack feat. Bonnie Rabson -Dreaming (Orig Mix)
19 Oscar G & Ralph Falcon - Dark Beat (John Sivris Remix)

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Eddy and The Soulband - Theme From ''Shaft'' (A Ben Liebrand Hot Pursuit Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues as Sunday morning morphs into Sunday afternoon; a good time to hit you up with a tune..

...or two so what it do?  might even set this O-Dog Day Party off, going off? oh yes!! soon and very soon!!!

During the ongoing smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors we'll party with a purpose, uplifting spirits...

This thing is no joke, please!! advanced studies of a breabeat scientific nature took place, delays in the race led to penalties / fees / demerits..

Knew they wouldn't be fair with it; this good word and the sound? we'll share it!! listening to Eddy and The Soulband with their version of  Isaac Hayes classci Theme From ''Shaft'' (A Ben Liebrand Hot Pursuit Mix) can you dig it?

Oh yes!! blending genres, bringing this disco jazz / jazz funk  so this brotha won't spaz!! we continue to get breakbeat scientific!! can you dig it? 

Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Kay-Gees - Space Disco

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Saturday Night Fever edition; priorities are shifting..

O-Dog Day Partying earlier, now we've got other work to do; we're paradigm shifting..

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors has the structure rifting, but corrupt ones we oppose uplifting the masses..

Jokers danced with the devil at the disco inferno, they've got a lot to learn bro!! we're conducting classes..

Back with this!! listening to Kool And The Gang protégés The Kay-Gees with a track called  Space Disco 

Back with this on a cool Saturday evening in Atlanta, playing these obscure tracks!! facts!  some of my constituents are  spaced out at the disco!!

Friday, November 22, 2019

Jack Back and CeCe Rogers - Freedom (Harry Romero Extended Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday / New Music Friday; playing it either way..

As long as the music is bumping, thumping we're doing something; by now you should know the motto; "Let The Music Play"

Let us pray and take action was the movement, now grooving!! O-Dog Day Partying morphing into the Friday Night Fever..

...just like from Scorpio to Sagittarius season earlier today; in the heart of this thing / playing the sport again blessed to be here; a true believer..

Knowing how the sport will go, nefarious ones with the treason we're rolling like Lindsey Graham vs Joe Biden..

Doing Trump's bidding concerning Ukraine so what's up man? in the midst of it all we're still freedom riding!! can you dig it? 

Beats bump in the hooptie out on I-20, check us out we're back! listening to Jack Back and CeCe Rogers with Freedom (Harry Romero Extended Remix)

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Breaking News From A BreakBeat Scientist (Part Eight)

This is breaking news from a breakbeat scientist; it's going down on a Throwback Thursday..

Principles were followed, rolling in the old school Buick out on I-20 in Atlanta  listening to Isaac Hayes and the original Shaft theme; so who'll work with me? 

Principles were followed  by Morris Baxter aka Morris In The Morning on 91.9 WCLK

.....he was hooking up the old school jazz tracks; please!! breaking news on this Thursday morning?  those are  facts for a Throwback Thursday!!

Principles followed by Democratic Debate participants here in Atlanta at the Tyler Perry Studios? check the moves bro!!

Principles followed by Democrats vs Republicans at these Trump impeachment hearings? check the moves bro!!

Check out this minister of information, a breakbeat scientist with the breaking news but rolling discrete through the streets of Babylon!

Check the transformation; your boy transcended.!! winning streaks  performed like the Houston Rockets until they got beat by the Denver Nuggets? winning / losing some so what's up with it?  once again its on!

But the saga /struggle continues aka life goes on;  so what's on these menus? O-Zone will rock these venues that's what's up!!

These breakbeat scientists will proceed and continue!! we're in soul's kitchen check the menu as we calculate the Dark Mystery of Time and Space;  we kept it moving, we can't let up!!

This is breaking news from a breakbeat scientist!! intergalactic, out there in space shining like Alpha Monocerotids

This is breaking news from a breakbeat scientist!! mathematics are dropped and the good music will play; dig this!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

HIP-HOP underground 90's street life

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this HumpDay Extravaganza segment; can you dig it?

The saga /struggle continues, beats bump / the music will play, understand a brotha!! this is how it goes down can you dig it?

The saga /struggle continues / life goes on; word from O-Zone, the brotha bears witness!! shining light like Northern Lights!!

True indeed!! shining like Alpha Monocerotids not the cannabis / weed called Northern Lights, we broke north now we're back with these insights!

True indeed!! sharing this alpha and omega knowledge as we go forth listening to HIP-HOP underground 90's street life

It's courtesy of Lou Dav check the playlist and the mix to see how we'll behave!! didn't quit / stop caught up in that street life..

T-Max - Business
Tru Understanding - Life Of Crime
T.D.K.- Street Life remix
Q Jeru - U Bless Me (feat. Tragedy Khadafi)
E Rule - Wonderful World (feat. Saukrates & Self Scientific)
E-Life - More Days Ahead
Aarophat - Russian Roulette 
Raw Earth - Night Life
MC Eiht - When All Hell Breaks Loose
laster - Bare Witness
Ghetto Inmates - Real bad injuries
Sub-Conscious - Pushin Orbitz

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

1982 (Statik Selektah x Termanology) - Shining

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can play out either way..

Actually? we claimed the terrific outcome and that was done!! what more can I say? 

Actually? fanatics gamed on us like Trump vs Biden and Burisma!!  the drum and the good word was used for retaliation..

Mathematics shamed some during getting over the hump / freedom riding missions!!  good and bad impressions, lack of charisma during a foul situation?

Reflecting on the situation while raking leaves on some Outback Chronicle business..

Disrespecting!! one faking deceives the masses; even deceiving myself outback as leaves keep falling while I'm raking! on a windy day? that's what the deal is..

Digressing, maybe somebody can feel this hip hop; check out 1982 (Statik Selektah and Termanology) they're Shining!! this is from their 2012 project..

Not stressing, but your buddy was back in 1982, it was a rough year for me!! showing my age? anyway, I  kept grinding, turned things around from 2012 until now; grinding!! I was up on it!!

God blessing? oh yes, won't he do it!!??   sounding like Canton Jones..

1982? they had help from Reks and Sheila B on the track as we bring it back; once again it's on!!

Schoolboy Q - Blessed ft. Kendrick Lamar

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday.. called because things can play out either way; sometimes a little bit of both, drink your elixir / broth and get out there and play!!

Gatorade or whatever, old dude from Saint Louis said choose your poison trying to sound clever...

Throwing shade? whatever!!  "saints and aints"  reside in the same spot; due to the scheme / plot? ties I had to sever..

Back on that hip hop; check out Blessed by Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar from out on the West / Left Coast!!

Blessed from that perspective, your dude can respect it; feeling it on another level I can't brag / boast..

Monday, November 18, 2019

Breaking News From A BreakBeat Scientist (Part Seven)

Digital crate digging continues on a Music Monday, but at the moment we're dropping this breaking news from a breakbeat scientist..

Those that hate are rigging up menus / systems doing the evil opponent's bidding; like Mayor Humdinger on Paw Patrol plotting and scheming they'll lie about that and  this!!

..or maybe like Rudy Giuliani and the Three Amigos,  major moves made by these bad hombres or senors? actually just contributing to the confusion..

What will the response be? check this breaking news from a breakbeat scientist, as we expose the illusion..

....perpetrated by an institution; those lacking stamina fall out during the marathon!! it could be in New York or Boston!

Damning ya if you did or didn't!!  related to the Family Robinson? Space is what your lost in!

...or maybe shipwrecked like the  Swiss one, society will try to diss one, hemming / jamming you up!!  per Music Monday Jamming like Teddy Riley and Guy and them?  I doubt it, somebody's lying to them!!  in the midst of the madness who's fronting and flossing?  spotted out on I-20 in Atlanta in the Monday Morning rush hour traffic in the new ride, plus fresh gear even worn!

That's what the style will be!!  but we'll be confronting some with the sonic assault / drum; coming out fresh with a brand new batch!! but due to player hating  we still catch the scorn!

Check this this breaking news from a breakbeat scientist!!  your dude will keep praying as the enemy's game plan was torn out of the pages of history as it keeps repeating!

Check this this breaking news from a breakbeat scientist.!! laying in the cut, the enemy's game plan also consisted of database administers getting busy,  alt shift deleting.

Following the matrix architect's instructions? similar to Trump impeachment corruptions? 

We're not fake with it, all about the art / culture!! dropping this good word plus beats will bump so pardon the interruptions!!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Nat Adderley Sextet - Space Spiritual

Sunday Jazz err wait a minute, Afternoon Jazz Continues!! it's going down!!

We're in a jazz mood, chilling out on a cool Saturday afternoon in Atlanta, somebody will understand a brotha and this breakbeat scientific way he's putting it down!!

Trying not to spaz, using the sound as medicine, making sure I take my proper dosage..

Trying not to spaz, studying to show myself approved, analyzing the information / finding out what it do / so what's the prognosis? 

Trying not to spaz, even though we know the devil opposes!!  we're chilling out, checking out the Nat Adderley Sextet  with a track called Space Spiritual. 

Right on time for  this Afternoon Jazz on this  Saturday,  "holla at me"; check out the players and the track!! we're spaced out, getting spiritual..

Cannonball Adderley - alto sax 

Nat Adderley - cornet 

George Duke, Nat Adderley, Jr. - piano and electric piano

Walter Booker - string bass 

Francisco Centeno - electric bass 

Roy McCurdy - drums 

Airto Moreira, Mayuto, Octavio, King Errison - percussion 

Stephanie Spruill - vocals

Rick Holmes - narration.


Friday, November 15, 2019

Beat Therapy 29 - A Trip Hop Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday or New Music Friday; we'll hit you up both ways...

The saga / struggle continues / life goes on as we go back to the future, doing new things using old ways..

O-Dizzle plays the sound, entering attack zones while these good words are O-Zone's out here dodging the system's  drones and clones...

The dizzle? another plays around  with slick operators like Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis or Palantir accepting products that help ICE and DHS  infringe on the masses; meanwhile we'll continue to conduct breakbeat scientific master classes in these zones...

The dizzle? bass, treble and tone is adjusted by a Confused Bi- Product Of A Misinformed Culture with  Beat Therapy 29 - A Trip Hop Mix

The dizzle? moving forward, check my conduct, repairs made to a previous post taken down while I was out in those Atlanta streets; now I'm deep in the culture undergoing beat therapy; it's going down from coast to coast, actually worldwide; check the playlist and the mix!!

00:00 Blend Crafters - Imagine 01:53 - London Funk Allstars - Junkies Bad Trip 03:06 - Ras G - Dwight's Joint 04:21 - TM Juke - Life, Rain, Fall 05:22 - Luke Vibert - Turn 07:51 - Howie B - Who's Got the Bacon 08:46 - Blazo - Double Silver 10:10 - 9 Lazy 9 - Black Jesus 11:04 - Dadamnphreaknoizphunk - Crackback 15:45 - Sofa Lofa - Pump da Ball 18:00 - Heal & Mend - Vibration 18:51 - Gramatik - The Prophet 19:59 - HashFinger - A1.November.11 22:51 - Billa Qause & Hidden Riddim - I Know Who He Is 23:24 - Apanemic - A Thousand Secrets 24:31 - Cool Breeze - Acoustic Blues 27:21 - Darkside - Shaolin Temple 28:21 - Ras G - Juju 30:15 - Mr. Skinz - Narcotic Jazz (Blunted on Wax Mix) 31:06 - Ours Samplus - Jungle Data 32:49 - Soul Square - That Swing

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Breaking News From A BreakBeat Scientist (Part Six)

It's going down on a Throwback Thursday as Thursday Thoughts go from the past to the present to the future...

Oh yes!! traveling like South Taurids meteor showers!!   I mentioned going back to the future, now Sonic Assaults are unleashed!! this is breakbeat scientific business as usual!! 

Oh yes!! in the lab dropping this breaking news like the mission to get Trump impeached!! in the lab cooling off from Full Moon in Taurus business; cooling out like the joint by the Isleys,   appropriate for a Throwback Thursday...

Soon unleashing the O-Dog Day Party, told a hater don't start with me!! I was goofing off earlier, rolling out on I-20 in the hooptie!! waiting on the truth to be told, knowing that its scary!..

Discussions about my freedom are not arbitrary; breaking news from this breakbeat scientist? God is with me!! no need for union representation!

Corruptions take place, unions have been weakened; sold out? rites and  rituals performed at communions with Demon Deacons like they went to Wake Forest?   those acting fake in this Babylon forest contribute to the confusion! 

What's up son? a lot is at stake; Stakes Is High per De La Soul, another Throwback Thursday reference so, who's for or against this? using my intuition to to figure the cipher out!

What's up son? a lot is at stake!! the Dark Mystery of Time and Space was analyzed; some underestimated ;  "intellects were vast / cool / unsympathetic / serene in the assurance of their dominion" ;  but that was their opinion!!  they didn't figure we would go all out!

Throwback Thursday? per default settings your dude was up in Louisville / Newburg dodging jake due to a dark history; accused of  being a crook doing the  crime!!  the state will try to bring a case..

Breaking news from this breakbeat scientist? found out that knowledge is power or 
scientia potestas est due to a dark history, it took time to prepare a vehicle that'll run in the race..

Breaking news from this breakbeat scientist? making history, it looks fine although the saga / struggle continues..

....y'all knew I would throw that in because it means life goes on; saying it again,  the saga / struggle continues..

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're in the midst of the HumpDay Extravaganza; we're O-Dog Day Partying with a purpose...

The saga / struggle continues, another way of saying life goes on!! word from O-Zone!! breakbeat scientific is how we'll work this!!

Fighting the loathing / fearing as media pundits and experts talk about an impeachment hearing; of course we're steering the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor..

Enlightening as the Approaching Armageddon mentioned by Elton John is manifesting; tires were screeching as we made the Earth Wind and Fire Getaway; a brotha stayed one step ahead of a stormptrooper or Hunger Game Peacekeeper; hatred they harbor!!

O-Zone? a fire starter setting it off with this sound!! it's on!! we're listening to DEEP HOUSE NOVEMBER 2019 CLUB MIX courtesy of Stefano DJ Stoneangels..

It's on!! check out the playlist and the mix, putting it down per this November / Scorpio Season!!  check it out, your dude O-Zone is working the angles!! 

PLAYLIST: 1 - Etur Usheo - Want To (Original Mix) 2 - Marshall Jefferson - Lock The Doors (DAN.K's Chicago Remix) 3 - Rawdio - Blue Hearts (Original Mix) 4 - Oliver Schories - Maia (Original Mix) 5 - Trouble Within - My Body (Original Mix) 6 - Lisandro (AR) - Anemona (Original Mix) 7 - Newman I Love - Kiss of the Seraph (Original Mix) 8 - Big Al - Scope (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) 9 - Roland Nights - Kasama (Original Mix) 10 - Newman (I Love) - Written in the Language of Dreams (Original Mix)