Monday, November 4, 2019

Breaking News From A BreakBeat Scientist (Part Three)

This is breaking news from a breakbeat scientist on this Monday Morning, but the science dropped is good for any day..

MSM  faking with their news? Fox News  riding for Trump with CNN and MSNBC riding for the Democrats? I see how they play..

Dude asked me what's the deally?  like Fox News polls about the Trump Impeachment?  damn!! I mean really!! check this breaking news!!  just look around, Read The TelePrompTer!!  damn!! I thought he already knew! 

What's the attitude? check this word from O-Zone, breaking fools during the getaway as I dip down I-20,  tires screeched kid!! your homie is intergalactic, a stream of consciousness frequent flyer! posted up on my own planet,  magnetic field destroyed by asteroids like Mars? who has the scars now that the arch nemesis is on the premises? I thought some already flew!

All of us are danger zone occupants, null and void according to the apparatus!! per the season change feeling the cold!! for freedom? we're breaking the rules!!  Scorpio Season is in full affect!!  I thought they already knew what it do? apparently not!

Breaking news!! I'm no stranger to the funk..O-Zone is rocking it!! even though the world is cold flames are spotted like out in California; apparently its hot!

In Atlanta?  a stranger said he's Brave!! per Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday terminology he mentioned something about getting crunk!!! what's the score? also, back in the day? games were knotted in the bottom of the ninth at Turner Field.

Rolling down Hank Aaron Drive,  dude put up 755; meanwhile the Braves got mad at Kasim Reed, plotted and schemed then  moved to Suntrust Park out in Cobb County but the players  down at the bottom. / down in the Bluff didn't keep their vehicles in park, mentioned don't count me out!! a fast learner is trying to build!

Broadcasting live with this breaking news, O-Zone didn't yield but excuse the quick history lesson / digression..

Breakbeat scientific business is handled as we go back and forth through history;  blessed in the city and the field, even getting futuristic during the session...

Breaking news? the apparatus will show aggression; they'll have you caught out there like Willie Taggart..

Breaking beats and dropping this good word? just breaking news from a breakbeat scientist; that's how it'll work..

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