Thursday, October 31, 2019

Latina Cafe - .Power To Conquer

Digital Crate Digging Continues; check us out we're on some Throwback Thursday business..

Chilling out in the lab on a rainy day in Atlanta; transporting, as I go back to the future; feel this!!

Beat therapy / sonic rehab is taking place; the sport can bring negative by- products..

Really!! tabulating the cost, breaking news from a breakbeat scientist reporting things; check my conduct...

Dealing with those that are hating, faking with the news!! exposure per this Scorpio Season? conducting myself in an orderly fashion...

Chilling, listening to some jazzdance / house music / Yoruba Soul from Latina Cafe  aka Osunlade  with a track called Power To Conquer; check the players and the track / check the fashion..

Guitar – Mike Severson 
Saxophone – Dave Jensen
Vocals [Spoken Word] – Elian Matos

Black Science Orchestra - Where Were You? (Tedd's Lights Out Groove)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, so what will the word on the curb / word in the wind be? 

Damn!! there he goes again was heard!! they said your dude is getting all "futuristic" like that wannabe Usher dude from back in the day that wanted to buy beats from me!!

Retro - futuristic? that's how your dude will do it getting breakbeat scientific when we go back to the future..

That's how we'll move with it, dropping the sound that you can move and groove with you heard? 

Enough of this good word as we set this O-Dog Day Party off listening to the Black Science Orchestra with  Where Were You? (Tedd's Lights Out Groove

...based on what occurred back in the day!! this is their take on the classic Trammps track The Night The Lights Went Out  in NYC during the blackout, which I posted earlier; by now you know a dude stays on the move!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Breaking News From A BreakBeat Scientist (Part Two)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! The HumpDay Extravaganza is underway, but we'll take a pause for the cause..

This is breaking news from a breakbeat scientist; a dude from around the way ignoring the fine print in the contract like Trump ignoring the emoluments clause..

This is breaking news from a breakbeat scientist!! naysayers claim I'm null and void with it!! like Georgia canceling 300, 000 voter registrations? 

Just what we need from Georgia, more voter suppression; these players drop knowledge during these sessions..

It's rough down here in Georgia but these players kept on playing like the Washington Nationals!!  acting irrational when facing opposition? 

Breaking news from a breakbeat scientist? in the back of my mind? devious thoughts!! some yelling!! damn!! who duct taped them? 

Like the Lt Col Alexander Vindman deposition at the Trump impeachment hearings  some said they talked too much to authorities!

Breaking news from a breakbeat scientist? a bruh will achieve that and this!! from being out there in distant galaxies to being down here on earth!! walking behind enemy lines in hostile territories? 

Questions arise, like the silence from Moscow Mitch?  O-Zone will push a button or hit a switch, now I tell these stories!! breakbeat science is dropped, some will be able to catch the drift.

Questions arise while laying in the cut out on the edges doing the knowledge;  things are tight in these hoods / zone!! soon recognizing what it do when priorities shift!

What's the prognosis? we analyze the information!! it was more mysterious than an X-File!!  now check out this breaking news from a breakbeat scientist..

Proper dosage led to the transformation, detrimental to those foul!!  those faking get bruised / bloodied by reality; mathematicians measure the plus and minus..

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Breaking News From A BreakBeat Scientist PT. 1

Check us out, it's going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!! we're still blessed to be here, this is breaking news like your favorite local or national television station...

MSNBC / CNN / Fox News, all rocking different views; misbehaving with it? what's the indication?

What's the occasion? this is breaking news from a breakbeat scientist naysayers say irrational is how the mind gets..

What's the occasion? breakbeat scientific principles are followed by these players dropping this eclectic rhetoric..

No respect? it's like the Trump administration regarding impeachment proceedings but we'll continue with these proceedings; some fell out while running the race, lack of stamina was the reason!

We proeced and continue like California residents dealing with the Getty and Kincaid fires; we got the hell out of Dodge City, that was the answer to the question  for those looking for a reason. 

We proceed and continue per this Scorpio Season!!   making a break for it, but not reckless  like The Dodge Charger that ran off Interstate 20 here in Atlanta!! 

Dude said whatever!! breaking news? he's still getting his crime on!! others were victimized by the treason but "little homie"  was low technical / out of season; he didn't see the security camera.

Whats up with ya? breaking news? big homie said he  saw him!! heard that he was out there like Trump bragging about the al-Baghdadi raid!!  supposedly making it do what it do!

Breaking news!! back at the scene of the crime?  it's rough out here / hard to get over the hump!!  yellow tape / white chalk for those faking until they make it / acting like they knew!

Breaking news!! back on the scene with mine!! a breakbeat scientist doing scientific things like studying wormholes..

Breaking news is dropped on my constituents trying to make a break for it!! others were distracted trying to find out how that pimp Big Worm rolls..

Monday, October 28, 2019

"Listen Up!" (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Music Monday; we're in the midst of the O-Dog Day Party..

Setting it off early, breakbeat scientific is how the work will be!! I told naysayers not to start with me..

...but I knew the would, already knew the deal!! it's not Trump national security advisers not showing up at the impeachment inquiry..

I already knew the deal!! in response beats will bump plus we'll drop this eclectic rhetoric, showing up and showing out!! hot like a California fire will be!!

It can be the Kincaid or Getty One, we'll get on the one and do what we do!! at the moment listening to "Listen Up!" (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey..

Ignoring charades from a petty one, once again it's on!! check the playlist and the mix to see how live this O-Dog Day Party will be!!

Listen Up: 00:00 Pride (Yoruba Soul Mix) by Osunlade feat. Nadirah Shakoor
03:00 Feels Like Home (Frankie Feliciano Ricanstruction Mix) by MdCL feat. Ovasoul 7
08:33 What About Love (Tim & Conway Mix) by Banks
14:13 Do You Still Love Me (BPM After Dark Vox) by Melissa Morgan
20:16 What We Have (Full Boogie Mix) by Steve Miggedy Maestro
26:03 Near The End by The Strictly Jazz Unit
31:50 Deep Spiritual Minds by Aris Kokou
37:08 Don't Stop (Mark Francis Mix) by Monodeluxe, Jaidene Veda
42:37 Sunny Days (Original Mix) by Artwork N.W.N feat. Kage
48:15 Oyelo (Atjazz Love Soul Mix) by Sunlightsquare
53:10 Plumas (Conway & Timmy Voc) by Femina

Sunday, October 27, 2019

DJ Sensei - Body And Soul (Cosmic Funk Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues, we're back on the set after a brief hiatus!! check us out, it's going down!!

Just got off the highway, Atlanta  I-85 / I-20 universal gateways; now back down to earth?  we'll touch down..

From Charlotte the Queen City to your city, per Bobby Blue Bland we find out "ain't no love" in the heart of the city..

No Saturday Night Fever digital crate digging but we will "holla at a non-believer" even though we understand there's no pity from the street committee..

Came back around the way listening to some jazz funk / jazzhop from DJ Sensei with a track called  Body And Soul (Cosmic Funk Remix)

 It's going down from Italy to the ATL ; local, national, international and intergalactic is how we'll play! can you dig it?

Friday, October 25, 2019

Deep and Techy Mix Oct 2019

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, as we morph into our Friday Night Fever segment..

The saga / struggle continues as we flash back to the future;  excuse us, we're retro -futuristic with it..

The saga / struggle continues, some are amused by it like Rudy Giuliani  butt dialing reporters talking trash; low technical?

The saga / struggle continues, drums are used to spread the message, the response will be reported by the brotha...

..O-Zone; while DJ Steve Adams will adjust the bass, treble and tone, leading to this Deep and Techy Mix Oct 2019

It's on!! please!! this dude is jamming! check out the playlist and the good music playing!!

Tracklist: 1. Ian Carey ft Michelle Shellers - Keep On Rising (OFFAIAH Extended Remix)
2. Cup and String - None Of Your Time
3. Stylezz - Selfish Desires (Extended Mix)
4. Giovanni Angelucci - Do You
5. Block and Crown, Marc Mosca - Sensual
6. Qubiko - Love Like This (Extended Mix)
7. Denis Rublev & Dj Anton - No More
8. Sam Dexter - Tell Me (Marco Anzalone Extended Remix)
9. Duke Dumont and Zak Abel - The Power (Leftwing and Kody Extended Mix)
10. Tenacious - Walk Right In
11. Mirko and Meex - Like This (Extended Mix)
12. Martin Ikin - Hooked (Extended Mix)
13. Mark Knight vs Mr. Roy - Something About U (Extended Mix)
14. DJ S.K.T. ft Youngman - Certi (Move Your Body) (VIP Mix)
15. Juliet Sikora - Beat Dancer
16. CASSIMM - Shined On Me (Extended Club Mix)

Four80East - Skip Tracer

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; excuse me, I gave the cash back and I'm doing it my way..

Unbought and Unbossed like Shirley Chisholm co-signed by Hosea Williams; do the math / study the history..

This is history in the making; rest in peace / rest in power to Elijah Cummings, we'll keep good word dropping and funky drumming!!

Showing respect, trying to operate in that same vein; we're trying to maintain!! they've got us going and coming...

....or is it coming and going?  in Babylon we'll keep going for what we're knowing; rolling!! from I-20 in Atlanta, to I-10 out in Houston to out on I-80 in Oakland..

Going for what we're knowing, the Kincaid Fire was on the horizon as we roll out past the Oracle in Oakland!! the Golden State Warriors seem to miss I-80 after being clipped by the LA Clippers at the Chase Center in San Francisco, so whatcha knowing?

Going for what we're knowing!! flowing through these Atlanta streets like a smooth criminal per Michael Jackson; avoiding a   Four80East type of  Skip Tracer..

Flashback Friday business is handled before it handles us, ignoring Donald Trump / Rudy Giuliani / Bill Barr wannabe smooth criminals; the music?  they'll have to face bruh!!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Nick Holder - 'Freedom In 63' / 'The Dream Lives On'

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, that's how this work will be..

Doing my due diligence, real with this as I go back to the future; acting brand new with ya? who'll work with me?

Borderline belligerence? eclectic rhetoric? pseudo intellectual / spiritual? so what it do, acting like we knew?

Out past the border with mine, out on the edges but this is the return engagement, per Scorpio Season facing what we're going through..

Out of order with mine? taking it back before 69' with Nick Holder with  'Freedom In 63' / 'The Dream Lives On' 

Excerpts from Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr speeches are holding it down in the mix!!  rebuking the "politricks" once again it's on!!

Black activism in house music is exhibited, so who's with it? this is courtesy of NRK in the UK.. it's going down from Toronto to London to Atlanta...

We're back with this!! appropriate for this Throwback Thursday business, who can work with this? who'll understand a brotha?

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Out On The Edges (Part Ten )

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza; we're broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta..

The saga / struggle continues, beats will bump but at the moment this good word is dropped; it's a big world / universe somebody will understand a brotha...

Excuse a dude, but I'm out here on the edges, no allegiance pledges; emphasized here at the beginning of Scorpio Season..

Check the attitude, knowledge is dropped from a breakbeat scientific perspective, not up in the sport with the treason..

Check the attitude, in the sport with a reason unlike the Trump Ukraine business; doing Putin's bidding like the withdrawal from Syria? 

Check the attitude, abort your mission I was told!!  but beats will bump and O-Zone is not disputing the truth during the ongoing mass hysteria..

Out on the edges, laying in the cut doing the knowledge while some sound like preachers  mentioning  errors of omission or commission; others said it relates to power.

Out on the edges, due to attitude / edges; wasn't saying much to the corrupt, I let them go on about their business;  they'll get dealt with during the last hour.

Out on the edges, that's whats up with a bruh!! I'm laying in the cut chilling at the moment gathering strength to battle the evil opponent; soon, I'll be too busy fighting the power like Public Enemy!

Sonic guerrilla warfare style!!  out here on the edges doing the knowledge; I checked the file, already knew the deally!

So what's really going on?  some ask, as the Adversity Anniversary is celebrated by soaking up Scorpio sun rays; the light will spell it out!

So what's really going on? in the sport? a dude plays but at the moment we're out here on the edges reflecting on lessons learned in Adversity University; like Bill Taylor testifying during Trump impeachment proceedings some will spill out!

Monday, October 21, 2019

Glenn Underground - Nothing But A Groove

Sunday Jazz err wait a minute; I mean Digital Crate Digging Continues per my Music Monday segment...

In a chilled out kind of mood, for nutrition eating the soul food in more ways than one, can you dig it?

Chilled out kind of dude normally, but weather forecasting like Al Roker spotting where the storm will be!!

Plus I'm Reading The TelePrompter, then blasting sounds, prompt for ya!! by now y'all should know what the deal will be!!

Beats will bump bro!! at the moment we're Afternoon Jazzing per this house music / jazzdance from Glenn Underground with a track called  Nothing But A Groove

Getting over the hump bro, and it's not even the HumpDay Extravaaganza understand a brotha? we're getting into nothing but a groove..

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Antibalas With Jojo Quo - Uprising (Parts 1 and 2)

Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out we seem to be on a roll; it's smooth!!   the situation is flowing...

The saga / struggle continues, it seems I'll have to remind you when I find you out there "going for what you're knowing"

That's how it's going on this end as I introduce this good word and the musical blend on this Sunday evening..

That's how it's going on this end! this vibe is appropriate for any time frame, check it out  365 / 24-7

Achieving!! listening to some soul jazz / jazz funk / afro beat from  Antibalas With Jojo Quo with a track called  Uprising (Parts 1 and  2)

They're also referred to as the Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, I had them on earlier!! check this out to see what it do!!

All Hallows - A Trip Hop Mix

Sunday Jazz Continues; some will have to excuse us but we're coming out of left field due to being out on the edges..

The saga / struggle continues, influenced due to not following the format? yield not to temptation was the emphasis this Sunday morning!! your dude acknowledges....

Good mileage is received on the mothership; residue / cosmic karma receptions vs deceptions led to the conceptions...

Multi- dimensional levels achieved as a brotha gets breakbeat scientific with no one checking for it / no pattern recognition..

Just got back from Pluto /  Mars / Saturn wrecking it!! out their listening to this All Hallows - A Trip Hop Mix courtesy of  a Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture

So whatcha know? check out the playlist and the mix, more of that jazzhop / trip hop type of vibe, confused? not the tribe! they know it's a by-product of the jazz culture!

00:00 - The Herbaliser - Shocker Zulu
05:11 - Mr. Looper - Treasured Clouds (feat. DJ Found) 08:08 - Nyctophiliac - Hidden Galaxies 11:06 - Hypoetical - Staring at my eyelids 14;18 - DJ Krush - Sign 19:05 - NickNack - Sight Unseen 23:44 - Bolaphone - No Chance For Sheep (Herdsman Cradle Song) 27:18 - Twigy - Holy War Pt. I (Instrumental) 30:09 - Mr. Island - Esoterismo 34:19 - Urchin - Crew Cut 38:10 - Moth Equals - His Story Repeats Itself 41:40 - Blood Red Shoes- Into The Night 45:41 - Purge+audit - Levee 49:28 - Juzhin - Railways 53:28 - Dr. Quandary - Mosaic Chamber 55:53 - Tony Mahoney - Delusions 59:03 - Ugress - Regression 22 Art - Ben Goossens

Friday, October 18, 2019

Kyoto Jazz Massive Eclipse (Afronaught Nocturnal Dub)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday / New Music Friday; however you want to play..

This is the Friday Night Fever segment, my constituents are eligible for it; what more can I say?

Please!! these jokers will play you like HUD vs Puerto Rico concerning hurricane relief funding..

Please!! these jokers will play you like Hillary Clinton vs Tulsi Gabbard concerning Russian support / funding...

O-Dizzle? trying to play it like George Clinton, funky drumming it / jazz funking it!! listening to the Kyoto Jazz Massive with a track called Eclipse (Afronaught Nocturnal Dub)

That's the dizzle!! in the lab chilling, funky drumming it / jazz funking it!! it's going down from Kyoto Japan to here the ATL; it's sounds like we're up in the club!!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Out On The Edges (Part Nine)

I mentioned chilling in safe havens / safe harbors; the mothership is out there on the edges..

Paid attention even though funds are low, don't start with a bro!! but jokers will, that's what a dude acknowledges!!

Your dude acknowledges this Throwback Thursday, rocking the Fubu 05 hat and the Barry Sanders number 20  throwback jersey..

The mood? melancholy due to the passing of Elijah Cummings; O-Dizzle will keep on funky drumming reflecting that intensity...

O-Zone? the Audacity To Hope like Barack Obama even when caught up in the drama?  even if I have to walk out like Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats due to a Trump meltdown? 

Showing the propensity to cope? a brotha will exhibit that behavior, even though the devil is opposed to you and me!! our response? dropping this good word and beats that bump; y'all should already know how I felt about the sound!!

Underground railroad rider, like I'm riding MARTA here in Atlanta; got off at the Five Points MARTA station where street preachers were dropping knowledge on us...

Underground Atlanta was party central back in the day per the retro- thoughts on this Throwback Thursday; these days? the work will be put in out on the edges..

The anxiety / edge is felt per politicians trying to stay sharp in the debates!! scripted / rehearsed!?  but performance tells the real story!

The anxiety / edge is felt, peeped game, why do we put up with Tulsi Gabbard? heard the gab / word  along with the harps and violins playing,  while some told the sob story!

In a hostile territory? from Dekalb County Georgia per Anthony Hill to Dallas / Fort Worth  and Atatiania Jefferson some are mad at the police!!  patrols circle the block, authorities say it's not over at the opera until the fat lady sings.

Per chilling out there on the edges, is this  brotha is an invisible man like Ralph Ellison? a phantom at the opera/  but  they can't stop a bruh!! check this breakbeat science a brotha brings!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

rush hour. [jazz hop / lofi / chill mix]

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Humpday Extravaganza; we're broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta...

The saga / struggle continues; getting over the hump is the business understand a brotha?

Wednesday evening on these Atlanta streets? my constituents just got off from work so I-20 / I-75 / I-85 and a fifty year old I-285 are full of rush hour traffic...

Long commutes, stress / anxiety / internal disputes; some will self medicate, drinking / pill taking plus jokers over fifty get live still smoking kush; damn!! at the last hour? still trying to feel the magic?

O-Dizzle debuts this rush hour. [jazz hop / lofi / chill mix] courtesy of The Jazz Hop Cafe!! Doctor O providing the medicine..

Check the playlist and the mix, that good jazzhop / chillhop so my people won't spaz!! they're feeling this!

Stuck in traffic? Here's some 'jams' to keep you 'busy'... 01 00:08 Coffy - Velvet
02 01:54 Rakuyou - Far from the City
03 03:50 That's Cool - Hold On
04 07:14 luvbird - forsaken times
05 09:32 Hubert Tas - Mr. Nobody (Ft. Tomek Nowak)
06 11:20 bace - not alone
07 13:44 Chalky White - Saké (Ft. Alicia Kiah)
08 17:14 lately lui - Breakfast In The Sun
09 19:40 Charlie Myles - living a good life {is strange}
10 22:18 nitsua - for friends lost
11 29:28 Hast - Handschrift [Instrumental]
12 31:56 iwamizu - Time to Start Another Day
13 36:21 bace - feeling different
14 38:54 lately lui - Lifeboats
15 40:26 That's Cool - Anywhere
16 42:26 Jordy Chandra - Distance

Deep House Collection 29 by Paulo Arruda

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Humpday Extravaganza!! O-Dog Day Partying!!

Told my constituents earlier when mentioning safe havens / safe harbors; now getting over the hump!!  the ship is sailing / departing!!

Starting this thing off early, some will work with me and some won't; acting like the Trump administration not cooperating with Congress per the impeachment inquiry..

Shady is not how this work will be!! beats will bump and this good word dropped as we cosmic slopped trying to collect good cosmic karma; no telling how that last hour will be!!

Somebody will feel me, it's a large world / universe as we reverse the curse; using this sound as medicine!! listening to Deep House Collection 29 by Paulo Arruda..

Somebody will feel me, but  I get messy  as I pray and curse!! missed a few episodes of the collections so there'll be corrections!!  in the meantime and between time check out the playlist and the mix to this one to  see what it do!!

DEEP COLLECTION 29 TRACKLIST 01 Booka Shade Feat. Daudi Matsiko - Neon Gods (Vocal Mix) 02 D Juiz - Compensation (Original Mix) 03 Filippo Cirri - I Give You (Extended Mix) 04 Bonetti - Deep Message (Original Mix) 05 Sven Tasnadi & David Jach - Nothing 06 CIOZ - Lucky Shot (Original Mix) 07 Fizzikx & Artfunk - Jam 01 (Artfunk Remix) 08 Fabri Lopez - Divine Air (Christian Monique Remix) 09 Cup & String - Be With You (Original Mix) 10 Alessio Cala - A Question For You (Original Mix) 11 Lost Desert - Nepal Sunrise (Original Mix) 12 Paulo Arruda & Bootrar3 - Timelapse (Original Mix)

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

"Soulful Reflections" (A Soulful, NuDisco Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can go either way..

Claiming the terrific outcome, pulling out the war drum in the ongoing spiritual warfare; by now you should know the motto; "Let The Music Play" on player was the encouragement received from the player over in Decatur; but I'm not trying to get caught up in any of their drug deals; John Bolton vs Rudy Giuliani  and Mick Mulvaney..

....revealed by Fiona Hill concerning Trump and Ukraine so what's up man? I'm just chilling out here on the edges in a remote outpost off of I-20 in Atlanta; similar to Hooterville; Green Acres with Mr Haney

The struggle is real, pain we'll feel after the truth is revealed!! relief provided by the sound per this "Soulful Reflections" (A Soulful, NuDisco Mix) by DJ Spivey

The struggle is real but  the sound is like a pill providing relief!! check out the playlist and the mix; O-Dog Day Partying!! all the way live is how it'll be!!

Soulful Reflections: 0:00:00 Glad To Know You by Chaz Jankel
0:06:09 Way Back When (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix) by Brenda Russell
0:12:43 Hit And Run (Dr Packer ReWork) by Loleatta Holloway
0:15:19 Can't Fake The Feeling (mikeandtess Edit) by Geraldine Hunt
0:23:04 You're The One For Me (SanFranDisko Re-Edit) by D Train
0:30:26 Reach Up (SanFranDisko Re-Touch) by Tony Lee
0:36:04 Still In Love (Dr Packer Remix) by Shuya Okino feat. Navasha Daya
0:41:52 Lovers Holiday (Retro Roland Edit) by Change
0:45:33 Keep On Movin' (Dave Allison Edit) by Deodato
0:51:51 Feel The Drive (Petko Turner's Kit Kat Club Edit) by Doctors Cat
0:57:06 Beat The Street (SanFranDisko Edit) by Sharon Redd
1:03:25 Dirty Talk (SFD's Digital Mix) by Klein & M.B.O
1:09:37 Come With Me (Lego Dub) by Tania Maria
1:15:53 I Need Your Lovin' (Opolopo Remix) by Spencer Morales, Tasha LeRue

Monday, October 14, 2019

Out On The Edges (Part Eight)

Posted up like Adam Schiff confronting Trump in these impeachment inquiries; but every now and then I get tired of those and these so I'm laying in the cut on this Monday Morning / batteries recharging!

I'm not worried about it;  part of the ongoing paradigm shift; per Trump Videos of church massacres others get roasted like they're up on Comedy Central; others talked about it / authorities knew about it  / soon charging.

....them and those with high crimes and misdemeanors; meanwhile my constituents mention no justice no peace cuz!! it's like the Kurds / ISIS and others at the  Turkey / Syria border things are out of order!! amen!! church!! that's what the deacon said,  for a brotha its dangerous times!! naysayers knock these rhymes heard asking, what's your point son? 

While out on the edges?  I heard bells, whistles and chimes executed by a jive turkey supposedly saying all the right words,  now check the crisis; but  I heard some are impressed!! soon they'll anoint them.

Next thing you know? they're running things!! some are impressed!!  but revelations / culminations from the Hunter's Full Moon In Aries will soon disappoint them!

We're out on the edges doing our own thing  still hunting and gathering while some are stressed; that's what it do when you refuse to beat them and join them! 

We're out on the edges doing our own thing  while it's on them to decide between Columbus Day or Indigenous People's Day..

We're out on the edges doing our own thing like Teddy Bridgewater of the New Orleans Saints calling a play..

We're out on the edges doing our own thing!! didn't burn the bridge over troubled waters!!  per Music Monday? the Aretha Franklin version!! excuse us for being out here swerving, making adjustments to routines /  rites and  / rituals.

Things can go either way like my Terrible / Terrific Tuesday concept,  hectic or majestic!!  so what it do /  what it does?

We'll continue to play our position, like Lamar Jackson another Louisville representative;  we kept  playing / dipping!! representing like the Louisville Cardinals against Wake Forest..

We'll continue to play our position, all up in the action but we're out on the edges!! unlike Rudy Giuliani representing Donald Trump we're not acting fake out here in the forest