Saturday, March 31, 2018

Crooked I "Minority Report"

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! 

We're back on some hip hop; Crooked I  is giving us the Minority Report!!

Digging deep in the crates for this one!! check it out!!

Jadakiss Ft Fabolous & Lloyd Banks -- Respected

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! Excuse me as I go off into some hip hop! 

Listening to a cut cut called  Respected by Jadakiss ft Fabulous and Lloyd Banks; This ia off the Jadakiss album Consignment!! Check it out!!

Light In The Dark | Deep Progressive House Set | 2018 Mixed By Johnny M

Digital Crate Digging Continues;  Saturday Night Fever is what we call this segment...

The saga / struggle continues!! still fight this spiritual warfare..we had to bring in this regiment...

Accused of being belligerent but there's spiritual significance in this operation...

The sound is used as we deal with it!! we're putting it down like this!! it's our obligation!!

Check the situation; we're listening to  Light In The Dark | Deep Progressive House Set | 2018 Mixed By Johnny M

Check the playlist and the mix; we shine the light into the dark like security with the flashlight; Johnny M has got it right, he's jamming..

01. Zibe - Alya (John D Remix) 00:00 

02. Billy Alex - Tholos (Original Mix) 06:17 

03. Andrea Cassino - Charlotte (Berni Turletti Remix) 12:41 

04. Ditronne - Lost Island (NikoChristo & Synas Remix) 20:37 

05. Erdi Irmak - The Hit (Ejaz Ahamed Remix) 28:37 

06. Alberto Blanco & Nahuel Lucena - Elantris (Pacco & Rudy B Remix) 36:33 

07. Dimuth K - Abyssal (Emi Galvan Remix) 43:39 

08. Ad Brown - Calibre (Solid Stone Remix) 49:57 

09. J. Khobb - Sensless (Santo Adriano Remix) 55:43 

10. Paul Deep (AR) - Sad But True (Soulkeys Remix) 1:02:32 

11. Cid Inc. - Obsidian (Original Mix) 1:07:31 

12. Matan Caspi - Shiny Coral Reefs (Alex Vidal Remix) 1:15:08

Friday, March 30, 2018

"Beyond Measure" (A Gospel House Mix) By DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, we'll probably take it back to the future..

New Music Friday like ways will also be exhibited!! excuse us if we act brand new with ya...

Blessed to see this day; thankful attitudes are exhibited in an environment where it's prohibited..

I mentioned ecological ignorance in one of my previous mixes; maybe some got the gist of it...

There's spiritual significance in this operation!! like this mix? it's "Beyond Measure" (A Gospel House Mix) By DJ Spivey

Check out the playlist and the mix, it's going down like this!! bear witness to what all the way live will be...

Beyond Measure:

0:00:00 You Are Everything (Morales Tribute to Frankie Knuckles Mix) by Louie Vega Starring Joycelyn Brown

0:06:42 God's Got It (DJ Spen Remix) by Booman & DJ Spen 

0:10:56 My Fathers Arms by DJ Ax feat. Charles Dockens

0:17:53 We Magnify His Name by Floorplan

0:24:00 Born Again (Original Gospel Stomp!) by RedSoul

0:29:31 Optimistic (Tribe Vocal Mix) by Zepherin Saint feat. Ann Nesby & G3

0:35:47 God Lives in Me (DJ Spen, Dave Anthony & Bennett Hollond Praise Party Mix) by Two 4 Soul & Nontu Xulu

0:41:20 He Is by Copyright feat. Song Williamson

0:47:16 Come By Here (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix) by Marc Tasio, Aaron K. Gray, DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins

0:54:01 Not Just Sunday by Darrly D' Bonneau, Reggie Steele

0:59:13 Praise by Alex Agore

1:06:23 Holy Spirit (Extended Mix) by David Harness

1:12:00 'Tis A Land (Ma Minnie's Hym) by Kelly G

Thursday, March 29, 2018

In The Meantime and Between Time PT.5 (Throwback Thursday Edition)

I mentioned in previous episodes, we're in Transition; but in the meantime and between time we're chilling..

Pausing, we're on some Throwback Thursday type of business, did we get the gist of it? plus Mercury is Retrograde, so how are we feeling?

The apparatus will knock the hustle / business, check out the ongoing charade, so how are you dealing? in Sacramento aka Sac-Town  per Stephon Clark they'll tell the children they're not welcome..

Trump is talking junk about Amazon,  on Twitter throwing verbal bombs /  IED's like it's Afghanistan!!  in Louisville Chris Mack will try to put his mack down!! in the meantime and between time we didn't back down,  though it look like it's another black hole we fell in..

As I mentioned? we're in transition, but weren't in sequence even though we visualized it!!  was it on purpose? microchips weren't planted and USB cables weren't hooked up.

What was a jokers position?  like Jared Kushner dealing with the Saudi Prince some they said they had the hook up, but I wasn't feeling the energy!! the deally?  answers were found,  after I looked up.

In the meantime and between time?  I wasn't feeling the energy so I  booked up!! now Moving Forward even though I had to Sacrifice!! it ain't nothing nice,  so how are you living? 

Per Throwback Thursday? some said things were  poison like Bell Biv and Devoe,  or like slick Russians operating over in Great Britain after orders were received from Vladimir Putin.

In the meantime and between time? I wasn't feeling the energy, almost  losing my poise up  in the spot!!  instead I ring the alarm but nobody was checking for me!! if it was something negative?  fools would  rush in.

In the meantime and between time?  per Throwback Thursday O-Dizzle will bring the noise up in the spot, while O-Zone let's you know the dizzle!! we're cold crushing.

In the meantime and between time? Spring Equinox type of warm weather is in Atlanta but the world is still cold, pressuring my constituents..

In the meantime and between time? these kids will rock through whatever conditions; understand a brotha? I don't know, it's a big world so maybe somebody will understand this!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

DJ Krush – Roll & Tumble

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! a mood for some DJ type of stuff!!  We're checking out some of these phat jazzy / hip hop style beats from DJ Krush with a cut called Roll and Tumble. 

Check it out / Let's Go!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

"New Horizons" - Liquid Drum & Bass Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday...

Some ask why? I tell them things can be lovely, but of course I've seen things go sideways!!

Broadcasting live from secret hideaways / remote outposts down here in Atlanta..

Blasting through the universe in the mothership; meanwhile  Hartsfield Jackson Airport offers flights to Wakanda..

That's a bet!! so, what's up with a brotha?  per Deuteronomy 28:3 blessed in the field and the city, trying not to go under; searching for new horizons..

Listening to this "New Horizons" - Liquid Drum & Bass Mix courtesy of Oskar Koch!! check out the playlist and the mix!!
≣ Tracklist:
00:00 ~ London Grammar - If You Wait (Calibre Alternate Remix)

03:49 ~ Satl - Not Ordinary Music

07:37 ~ Calibre - Space Time (feat. Cleveland Watkiss)

09:57 ~ Random Movement - Lake Escape

12:58 ~ Bungle - 25th Floor (DJ Marky & Bungle Remix)

16:28 ~ Alaska & Paradox - Mauja 

19:19 ~ Calibre - Still

23:23 ~ Lenzman - Ever So Slightly

25:25 ~ Mr Joseph - Rose At Your Front Door feat. Collette Warren 

28:14 ~ Seba - Snow

31:31 ~ Halogenix - Her Waves

34:11 ~ Stunna - Under Your Spell

38:53 ~ Calibre - Carry Me Away

41:31 ~ Nelver - Rise On Me

46:37 ~ Colossus - Under The Weather

49:55 ~ Etherwood - You're Missing Life

54:03 ~ The Sentinel - Toulepleu (Feat. Co-Co)

Monday, March 26, 2018

The Transition PT, 10 (The Concept Finale)

Out There!!! scattered thoughts are collected, taking chances!!  we're in transition,  so let the healing process begin..

Recognize The Pattern, God is in control!! divine intervention like Loyola Chicago? you know we're gonna win!! 

Out There, in transition rolling in the mothership, we took a spin out by Mars, Saturn and Pluto; whatcha know? we're intergalactic!! who calculates the carbon copy?

Out There, in transition on a fast break like the Villanova Wildcats!!  it might be hard to stop me..

Where did you spot me? rolling, but the game was over for some;  I wasn't like Kentucky Wildcat fans roaming through Lenox Mall down here in Atlanta wondering what happened..

In Transition;  rolling, but the game was over for some threatened by Stormy Daniels types or Robert Mueller types asking what happened!! ..

In Transition!!  Let The Healing Process Begin!! out there in the storm some are stranded!! Agent Mulder from the X-Files investigates!! it's been rough lately...

In Transition!! per Music Monday?  Let The Healing Process Begin, knowing it's gonna be rough.!! ...but we've got Diplomatic Immunity, knowing where the escape route will be..

This is the concept finale but the conflict is not final!! as long as there's chaos and confusion in this world we'll stay in transition..

Per Music Monday?  we're weaponizing vinyl, cassettes, MP3's and other sonic sources!! the sound we're using as we proceed and continue on this mission...

Surprising some now like Rose Royce they'll abandon a brotha like love didn't live here anymore..

Surprising some when I rose my voice and turned the music up!! like ESPN  I let my people know the score...

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Chuck Rainey - Born Again

Sunday Jazz Continues; we're checking out bassist  Chuck Rainey - with a track called Born Again and Again!! 

Check out the players and the track!!

Bass – Chuck Rainey 

Congas – 'Crusher' Bennett 

Drums – Roger Bethelmy 

Electric Piano – James Alan Smith

Percussion – Dom Um Romao 

Piano – Raymond Chew 

Synthesizer – James Alan Smith 

Whistle - Dom Um Romao

King Britt presents Oba Funke - Freedom

So what's up? the saga / struggle continues along with this Sunday Jazz...

It usually goes down during this time frame, rebuking the ongoing mind games; trying not to spaz...

It usually goes down; what? the chaos and confusion!! it's  mysterious like Rasputin

It usually goes down; what? the chaos and confusion!! some want to blame Trump and Putin..

That's a cute one!! meanwhile we're listening to King Britt presents Oba Funke with a track called Freedom

Act like you knew son!! he's bringing it!! check out the soul jazz / jazz funk!! you can see he's on one!!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Brandon Cooke featuring Roxanne Shante - Sharp As A Knife (Special Club Mix Edit)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this segment I like to Saturday Night Fever...

O-Dizzle Radio is on the air; Dr O-Dizzle has the prescription for the fever..

What's the dizzle? we take it there!! the description is matched, usually a prime suspect...

The drizzle preceded the reign!! the mission? the funk is batched up! show some respect...

What can one expect? per Brandon Cooke featuring Roxanne Shante it'll be Sharp As A Knife (Special Club Mix Edit)

Check out the track!! clock it like Facebook / Cambridge Analytica!! we're out here trying to deal with it..

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Transition PT. 9 (Throwback Thursday)

We're in Transition, it's a new season per the Spring Equinox!!   but I peeped into the past per this Throwback Thursday..

Taking it back to the future, acting brand new with ya? knocked out like Joe Biden per Donald Trump, hard and fast? some cats are thirsty!!

Who'll work with me per the Losing / Winning?  Momma said knock you out per LL Cool J after I pulled the knife out of my back mentioned by the O'Jay's!! now in Transition, ready to make a New Beginning / A New tomorrow..

Who'll work with me per the Losing / Winning? in Transition!!  per this Throwback Thursday? I'm listening to The Jacksons with Michael;  Maybe Tomorrow..

Who'll work with me? dealing with the joy, plus the pain and sorrow!!  some arguments are hollow like Trump vs Robert Mueller saying the truth will prevail..he won't face charges...

Per Throwback Thursday? it reminded of the joint I heard on KISS 104 in Atlanta;  Time Will Reveal by the Debarges..

Pedal to the floor down in the hooptie, rolling down  I-20 here in Atlanta, still in Transition, somebody will feel me..

Per this new season, this is the start of something new, a New Beginning;  I feel free..

Somebody might feel me on this one!! but like the heavy snow in the Northeast storms blow through our lives in different categories...

Bad hands?  who will deal one? Gamblers Out For A Fast Buck, but I could see they were corrupt!! per Cambridge Analytica  / Facebook new technology developed!! now I'll tell these stories...

Scoping out different territories while in Transition;  digital mapping? digital crate digging is the response!! no applause heard,  no clapping..

Sliding through the portal, the conduit; blowing up the spot with the Sonic Assault not blowing up Austin Texas like Mark Anthony Conditt but we are back with it!!  In Transition on a Throwback Thursday but it's a New Beginning..

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Isley Brothers - The Real Deal, Pts. 1 & 2

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Humpday Extravaganza!! I'm feeling some kind of way about!!

The saga / struggle continues!! getting over the hump is the real deal,  understand a brotha? I'm going all out!!

Without a doubt!! menus include beats that thump plus this good word will also be a factor...

Without a doubt!! venues will rock rebuking the hustle knock from an actress or actor..

This is the Real Deal Holyfield, an old school / back in the day catch phrase / cliche..

The Isley Brothers and The Real Deal, Pts. 1 & 2, that old school / back in the day funk will play!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Transition PT.8 (Spring Equinox Edition)

Once again it's on!!  on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday?   your dude is still in transition...

Still trying to get over the hump, even though it's not the Humpday Extravaganza!!  facing bad breaks, obstacles and setbacks like trying to climb a hill in the Olds Cutlass Supreme that  had  a slipping transmission..

Damn!  with this breakbeat scientific transmission?  I tell you the madness  doesn't stop!! the attack continues!! at least I'm warning you unlike Trump not letting Rex Tillerson know he was fired..

It don't stop! while in transition teams will get upset like March Madness and the NCAA tournament!! who can work with it? so what's the deal? shots went in as the shot clock expired!!

Chilling out / senior citizen style / retired with the persona of an old school mack!! was in transition,  rolling  in the old school Toyota Camry like immigrants in Chamblee / Doraville and Clarkston Georgia but I still rock...

We're in transition as seasons / reasons change from Pisces to Aries season!! plus we have the Spring Equinox!! 

Dealing with these Pharisees and their treason!  they reminded me Robert Mueller vs  the Trump administration!! meanwhile I stay in transition like a fast break dunker! ..old school Doctors Of Dunk from Louisville? 

....Led by Darrell Griffith, Dr. Dunkenstein!! in transition but check the styles similar to the X-Files peeping game like Agent Mulder! like Holyfield the real deal..

Real with it!! Dr. Funkenstein like Parliament and George Clinton, rolling, in Transition but it gets hectic!! like Cambridge Analytica  data mining Facebook  you'll get disrespected..

Real with it? Sean Hannity tries to start it  concerning Hillary Clinton with Sean McCabe! who's Honest like Abe? some say it depends on how hectic it'll get..

Losing..Winning?. understand me, while in transition it's part of the equation;  per this occasion? we're bringing Messages In The Music, who will figure the cipher out?

Losing...Winning? some feel the frustration!! no like Chuck Connors the Rifleman they're ready to pull the rifle out..

Monday, March 19, 2018

Into The Deep (Deep House Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this O-Dizzle Radio Music Monday programming...

The saga / struggle continues!! players and playettes say it's all love, now some are mesmerized / slow jamming..

This brotha wasn't with it! some are surprised he's  jamming frequencies, frequent with these hip hop, house music and jazz cuts...

Everybody ain't able, mentioned earlier!! so society and their secrecies are rebuked!! their game is peeped like Cambridge Analytica!! ready to spaz due to agendas  that are corrupt..

So what's up? spots get nuked by the sound as we go Into The Deep (Deep House Mix) courtesy of eXogroove

Check the playlist and the mix! check how we creep, self contained but not crashing out like Uber self driving cars! we stay on the move!


Jelle Kuipers - ISM (Original Mix) 

Ivan Picazo - Squid Legs (Karol XVII & MB Valence Loco Remix) 

Javier Varez - You Are Here (Original Mix)

 Ruthit - Deep blue (Manik Remix)

 Howard Sessions - Barking (Jesus Pablo Remix)

 Ella, Tom Eales - A Stroke Of Luck (Deepfunks Royal Flush Remix)

Evren Ulusoy – Fade To Blonde (Paronator Remix) 

11 Inch - Believe In Your Dreams (Original Mix) 

Francesco Bonora & Marcello Arletti - Abstraction (Eric Ericksson Remix)

Anton Lanski - Manger (Original Mix)

Ivan Picazo - Squid Legs (Chris Minus Remix)

 Brian Snr - Dont Wanna Say I Can - (Original Mix) 

Jae B. - Ordinary House (Original Mix)

 Selected & Mixed by eXo

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Johnny Fiasco ‎– Ready When You Are

Sunday Jazz Continues!! in the midst of the madness the tradition is ongoing...

The saga / struggle continues!   in the midst of the madness the petitions are sent to the all knowing..

Lord Help is the battle cry!! when prayers are sent up blessings come down!!

We rebuke that lie that we heard from these players that are stressing!! now it's about to go down!!

Check the sound!! we're listening to this house music / Latin jazz from Johnny Fiasco ‎with a track called Ready When You Are

Check the sound!! those that are stressing can use it!! the fiasco go be going down wherever you are!!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Roni Size - Saturday

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever!! I'm  getting my daily dose of drum and bass, checking out Roni Size and his cut called Saturday. I guess this is today's theme song, at least for a few more minutes. Check it out..

Friday, March 16, 2018

Ronnie Laws / Heart Station

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Flashback Friday!!  We're checking out this smooth track from Ronnie Laws called Heart Station. 

The album cover mentions The Three Kings Project, with Wayne Henderson,  Wilton Felder and Ronnie Laws from 2008,  but this is actually from the Ronnie Laws True Spirit album from 1990.

Wayne Henderson did produce True Spirit though!! Check out the players and the track...

Bass – Nathan East / Drums – Raymond Pounds  / Guitar – Roland Bautista / Piano – Bobby Lyle / Strings, Keyboards, Chimes – Terry Marshall   / Tenor Saxophone – Ronnie Laws


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Con Funk Shun / Got To Be Enough

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday!! Excuse me while I have an old school funk moment, checking out Con Funk Shun  with Got To Be Enough. Let's Go!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Blak Beat Niks - The Sun Will Shine (Simon Grey Vocal Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Humpday Extravaganza, you know how we do!!

The saga / struggle continues!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, acting like we knew!!

Humpday motivation is exhibited, don't stop get it get it? oh yes!! this is how it's going down!!

O-Zone? this is word from a 2018 black beatnik while O-Dizzle is in the mix, throwing down!!

Danger zone coping strategies provided!! like Blak Beat Niks we tell you The Sun Will Shine (Simon Grey Vocal Mix)

The sun will shine in the morning, trouble doesn't last always reminded when the music plays!!   it's safe to get caught up in this mix!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Transition PT.7 (We're Focused Man!!)

I'm in transition, I'm focused man!! I switched my thoughts from the widely scattered...

How were we living? it's rough out here!! Sonic Assaults are unleashed after we were bruised and battered!!

I'm focused man!! what really mattered? I started  writing this on a new sheet of loose leaf;  switched them over to the HP Keyboard!!  now we're transmitting live from this remote outpost!! we keep coming..

Alt-Shift-Delete was the matrix architects  belief!! but O-Dog hits up Roland and Yamaha keyboards, he keeps drumming...

The streets are calling,  drama keeps coming, it didn't stop!! .it's going down!!  Robert Mueller said it's manipulated by types like  Javanka..

The streets are calling but a brotha keeps chilling, I'm in transition!! per the outback chronicles? I was on a porch built on my remote outpost, quiet is kept!! my mind travels,  with visions of Wakanda..

Didn't try to out brag or out boast anyone like Trump in Pennsylvania supporting Rick Saccone!! I'm not trying to start with ya!!  authorities are trying to find out who's part of the Russian election meddling conspiracy? please!! once again it's on I'm back in the game!! I it kept moving, I left my carbon footprints everywhere..

Still in Transition, on a mission!! trying to see who's really down for the cause!! some will play you the other way like you just got here..

Still in Transition, even on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday;  Out There, even though we were left out of there like the Louisville Cardinals not in the NCAA Tournament!! we're on the front lines!! in championship bouts / rumbles in the jungle..

Still in Transition!!  it's time to get down / play!! I heard the announcer say let's get ready to rumble!!

Still in Transition!! some were trying to clown!!  I heard a hater say lets get ready stumble!! told to prepare yourself for the worst failure ever..

Switched my thoughts from the widely scattered, .now selected at Random!!  I'm focused man!! I had to tell a hater whatever!!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Booman - ‘God’s Got It’ (DJ Spen Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; during this time frame?  I've got a Friday Night Fever thing going..

...Plus it's Flashback Friday so I'll let the music play!! retro-futuristic with it? back to the future we're going...

Flashbacks occur, but no mushrooms were taken; just reminiscing / reflecting on past episodes..

...Thinking about how I got over, like old sisters and old deacons from the church house!! those kind of modes..

Past episodes remind me that God's got it!! why should I sweat it?  this gospel / house music from  Booman with  ‘God’s Got It’ (DJ Spen Remix) will play to remind us...

Past episodes? devils schemed and plotted but no weapons formed would work!! Flashback Friday reflections should remind us!!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Transition PT. 6 (Throwback Thursday Edition)

We're in transition!! fast breaking like Showtime, per old school LA Lakers!! we're Roy Ayers Mystic Voyages takers on pilgrimages,  back to sacred grounds.

How were we living? check the Throwback Thursday type of business!! soon hitting you up with the by-product,  check my conduct per his good word and the sacred sounds.

How were we living? hungry and thirsty like the rest of my constituents in these backwoods / ATL suburbs!! inspiration found in familiar surroundings and with familiar people.

Out here in these backwoods broadcasting from a remote outpost battling familiar spirits like the GB Vihara and other Buddhist Temples does!! I'm on the Eastside trying to bounce / pimp through this!! I see it's all game!! similar to these Trump vs Stormy Daniels plots and schemes I see through.

In transition, back in these hoods doing what I do;  per Throwback Thursday? I heard nobody can be you but you,  that's word from Steve Arrington.

In transition!!  others were going to and fro in these ATL rush hours in pursuit of stacking goods!! was it due to the greed?   Love? War?  per Three Days Grace nothings fair in either one of them.

The system will track goods and services, while your out here trying to swerve with this!!  they'll front on them and those!!  who? my fellow tribe members.

Caught up in the machine?  the apparatus folds / mutilates and dismembers.

O-Zone? I'm in transition to the spot with other positive vibe senders!! meanwhile O-Dizzle is launching sonic assaults rolling up with a small army.

What it do?  like Robert Mueller we're peeping game; who's part of the conspiracy?

Acting like we knew bro? we keep moving at a High Velocity with the speed you need!! the style is universal / intergalactic.

We're in transition from the Midwest / Louisville to the ATL; from Pluto to Mars; the funk? were coming back with it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

"Smokin' 2" (An Afro Cuban, Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Humpday Extravaganza!! ladies and gentlemen? it's going down!!

The saga / struggle continues!! trying to get over the hump per the ongoing shady business that's going down!!

Dealing with setbacks, bad breaks and obstacles while trying to put it down!! it's like dodging these potholes down here in the Atlanta area!!

Illing? get back I had to tell a hustle knocker!! supposedly important rolling down I-20 in the Dodge Charger or Chevy Camaro!! but the drama is  local, national international and intergalactic!! it can cover any scenario!!

But the sounds dropped can be  local, national international and intergalactic!! we're listening to "Smokin' 2" (An Afro Cuban, Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Check out the playlist and the mix to see what the deal is!! take it from me, it's smoking hot!! it's all the way live bro,  you feel me?

00:00 Havana 1959 by Mano Trio

08:23 Ritmo Celoso by Brian Boncher

13:02 Celia Y Tito (Afro Latin Mix) by Peppe Citarella

17:08 Yalodde Yale (Afro Latin Mix) by Peppe Citarella feat. Virginia Suesada

22:30 Mi Gaita (Peppe Citarella Latin World Club Remix) by Mijangos, DJ Fruto, Jack N' Brothas

26:45 Khuba (Original Mix) by Leoesco 31:18 Coros en la Calle (Afro Tech Mix) by Doug Gomez & Toto Berrial 

39:27 La Gente (Louie Vega Main Mix) by Robbie Rivera

44:35 Vida (Afro Mix) by Pablo Fierro

48:55 Chan Chan (Dino MFU & Syfax Summer Edit) by Buena Vista Social Club

54:47 Puertorro (Radio Edit) by BoriCuba feat. Lucian Vega

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Liquid & Beyond #38 [Liquid DnB Mix] (Lasu Guest Mix)

It's another Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!! it's been a little bit of both but we're blessed to see it..

Digital Crate Digging Continues; play that music dude!! that was the encouragement received!!

The saga / struggle continues, we're working it all out even though it's rough out here...

Jazz / funk / hip hop / soul music and house music? my constituents can use it so we take it there...

This time we're putting the bass in a naysayers face per this drum and bass!! listening to Liquid & Beyond #38 [Liquid DnB Mix] (Lasu Guest Mix)

Kasger is in charge of the proceedings, fertile grounds we're seeding!! check the sounds / playlist and the mix!!

► Liquid & Beyond Mix:

00:00:00 Eastcolors - Toys

00:02:55 Makoto & Battery - Submerge

00:04:44 Kasger - Blue Marble

00:05:52 Mountain - Overheat

00:07:41 WMB - Longing For You

00:08:26 Sub Focus ft. Alma - Don't You Feel It (Sub Focus & 1991 Remix)

00:09:54 Indivision - Elee (Alter Ego Remix)

00:11:44 Aperio & Mindfield - Seasons Changing

00:12:48 Redemptive - Aerospace

00:14:18 Camo & Krooked - Last of the Tribe (Break Remix) 

00:15:46 Logistics - FWD ft. Pola & Bryson

00:17:37 Rockwell - User

00:19:05 DJ Zinc - When I (DJ Zinc X Makoto Remix)

00:20:40 Danny Byrd - Devil's Drop

00:21:50 Lexurus - Static Groove

00:23:18 Indivision - Libra (Fliwo Remix)

00:24:46 1991 - The Epiphany ft. Matt Wilson

00:26:14 Cyantific - Body Movin' ft. Shock One

00:27:20 Specialist Sound - Back In 96

Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Transition PT.5 (Business As Usual)

We're in transition but digital crate digging continues,  along with Sunday Jazz!  that's how we do things! 

We're in transition, so what it do?  O-Zone will get breakbeat scientific,  acting like he knew things. 

Business as usual? oh yes!! it's like NFL teams wanting to look at Lamar Jackson as a wideout

Business as usual? oh yes!! but some are missing in action like Timothy Cunningham;  foul play / conspiracy theory?  or is he trying to hide out? 

Business as usual? oh yes!! we're rolling down I-20 in Atlanta like we bought a vehicle from Malcolm Cunningham,  check out how we play!  dipping like Randall Cunningham back in the day,  ready to ride out for freedom.

Business as usual? oh yes!! damn!! it's rough out there but we kept on running; it even got lonely out there!!   I see some but wouldn't want to be them. 

..or be with them, but I'll free them after these breakbeat scientific studies are conducted and we jump to a conclusion

We recognize the pattern,  after being spaced out like Saturn due to the chaos and confusion. 

We recognized the pattern just like California did with their gun laws..

Now we're in transition, check out position per GPS or the God Positioning System as we try to follow his laws..

Tried to create our own laws but they didn't work, we were hurt due to our flaws; but now we're back on track..

Jokers tried to hate, wanted me stressed like Ryan Seacrest  on the so white Oscars  red carpet; we're not a part of it as we bless the masses with these good words  and a funky track!!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Manu Dibango vs Masters at Work - New Bell

Digital Crate Digging Continues per my Saturday Night Fever format..

The saga / struggle continues, but we were encouraged; we were told to "go on with that"

The saga / struggle continues, supreme courage and maximum strength is exercised...

We're ringing the alarm with this sound an good word; naysayers will act surprised

We're ringing the alarm, plots and schemes were devised; per Manu Dibango vs Masters at Work we'll ring a New Bell

We're ringing the alarm!! plots and schemes were devised!! beats will bang plus O-Zone was accused of acting brand new because he had a story to tell..

Friday, March 2, 2018

Kenny Dope - Superkat

It's a Flashback Friday, so my digital crate digging will be pointed in that direction...

My mind flashed back to that 90's hip hop from last episode, I'm in that mode / direction..

Searching for beat perfection? 90's hip hop provided it for this funky type of soul brotha..

Searching like Roy Ayers; back in the day I was down with politicians / preachers and street players; I was on some other / other..

Once again it's on!! dropping another old school hip hop / breakbeat track!! this is from Kenny Dope with Superkat

This was before he got into house music, it's conducive!! it's dope!! per Flashback Friday? it's phat and all that!!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

90's Underground Hip Hop Mix - Rare & Indie

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; my mind goes back to previous episodes...

...From rolling down Broadway or Muhammad Ali Boulevard in Louisville to I-20 down here in Atlanta up in the Buick Regal or the Olds Cutlass Supreme! check the modes...

I checked the codes,  now I drop this good word on my constituents / teams that's coded like Indian code talkers or even my people in the hood...

Using ebonics? we launch assaults of a sonic nature!! per NRA constituents? constitutions mentioned the right to bear arms per the second amendment but we weaponize funk, soul music , house music, jazz and hip hop, so what's good!! 

So what's hood? damn!! per Throwback Thursday and previous episode reflecting we're listening to 90's Underground Hip Hop Mix - Rare & Indie courtesy of  Nicola Armellin

So what's hood? damn!! per Throwback Thursday your dude is back in those 90's!! check out the playlist and the mix!! it's on once again!!

Legacy - That's How I Live 

Peanut Butter Wolf & Rasco - Run The Line (Remix)

Scientifik - I Aint The Damn One (Remix)

Creative - Expect Wreck 

Mixed Elements - Divine Styles

Royal Flush - Rotten Apple (Remix)

Skitz & Phi Life Cypher - A Time Of Chaos 

Shadez Of Brooklyn - Change

 Lord V.I. - Not Tonight 

Das EFX - Microphone Master (Remix) 

Sparrow The Movement - Rhyme Impotence 

Gab Gotcha - Angels

 I.G. Off and Hazardous - Demo 

Hidden Track (Instrumental)