Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Transition PT.5 (Business As Usual)

We're in transition but digital crate digging continues,  along with Sunday Jazz!  that's how we do things! 

We're in transition, so what it do?  O-Zone will get breakbeat scientific,  acting like he knew things. 

Business as usual? oh yes!! it's like NFL teams wanting to look at Lamar Jackson as a wideout

Business as usual? oh yes!! but some are missing in action like Timothy Cunningham;  foul play / conspiracy theory?  or is he trying to hide out? 

Business as usual? oh yes!! we're rolling down I-20 in Atlanta like we bought a vehicle from Malcolm Cunningham,  check out how we play!  dipping like Randall Cunningham back in the day,  ready to ride out for freedom.

Business as usual? oh yes!! damn!! it's rough out there but we kept on running; it even got lonely out there!!   I see some but wouldn't want to be them. 

..or be with them, but I'll free them after these breakbeat scientific studies are conducted and we jump to a conclusion

We recognize the pattern,  after being spaced out like Saturn due to the chaos and confusion. 

We recognized the pattern just like California did with their gun laws..

Now we're in transition, check out position per GPS or the God Positioning System as we try to follow his laws..

Tried to create our own laws but they didn't work, we were hurt due to our flaws; but now we're back on track..

Jokers tried to hate, wanted me stressed like Ryan Seacrest  on the so white Oscars  red carpet; we're not a part of it as we bless the masses with these good words  and a funky track!!

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