Monday, April 30, 2012

Billy Cobham - Mirage

Digital Crate Digging / International Jazz Day's some more jazz / funk / rock...with Billy Cobham...featuring Randy Brecker on drums...

Frank Zappa - Big Swifty

Sunday Jazz Continues!  by now? y'all should know how it'll work..

The saga / struggle continues; how / what / when / where? be aware, you'll see how it'll work..

Do the math / do the work for what it's worth; showing what the pursuit of knowledge is..

Plus digital crate digging continues, scrutinizing these menus while we're out on these edges..

Plus those that hate continue doing what they do; not holding my breath waiting to see when the paradigm shift will be..

In the meantime and between time lets check out some jazz / rock with none other than Frank Zappa....with one of his standout tracks called Big Swifty 

Check out the players and the track!!

 Frank Zappa - guitar and percussion

Tony Duran - slide guitar

George Duke - ring modulated and  echo - plexed electric piano

Sal Marquez - many trumpets and chimes

Erroneous - electric bass

Aynsley Dunsbal - drums ..

Check this out at Frank Zappa - Big Swifty

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hugh Masekela - "Night in Tunisia"

Sunday Jazz conjunction with International Jazz Day on 4/30/2012...check out one of the featured artists in concerts around the world...Mr. Hugh Masekela..South African trumpeter...with his version of the jazz classic Night In Tunisia...uploaded on You Tube by Rufusdos featuring footage from Japan and China....

Biting Off More Than We Could Chew PT.2

Had to admit.....we got greedy; might have been caught chilling at the White House Correspondence Dinner...we might have bit off more than we could chew! 

Had to admit.....O-Dog even bit the hand that fed him!! my buddy from Nigeria where Christians were killed said that's what Americans do!

In the smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors some were misled; now they're waiting in the dark! 

Please!! Louisville was no joke back in the still isn't;  gunfire and bloodshed from those hating was going down in Shawnee Park! 

These days?  its on me to spark the revolution...breakbeat science will be the fuel! 

These days?  a shadetree mechanic representing the institution will break instead of fix things; rolling with The Witcher 2...The Assassins of who will be the next fool?

As these breakbeat scientists fix things...what did we learn?  its like finding sub-atomic particles at CERN.. at the Large Hadron Collider....what will be the next tool used? 

Surrounded by jokers that fake it until they make it; minds going on a trip like Boy George mentioned; soon rights and privileges under suspension...its like CISPA..what will be the next rule used? 

Jokers merged with the they're caught up in it...the next to be used and abused; they bit off more than they could chew! 

Other jokers emerged from the darkness they were waiting in; now they're acting brand new!

Other jokers were asking me what it do? but they could be snitches calling themselves taking a bite out of crime...

Like McGruff...meanwhile O-Dizzle drops funk like Roger...So Ruff So Tuff...while O-Zone drops this this critical stage of development...while he's caught in a moment of time...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

George Duke / Billy Cobham Band - Red Baron

Digital Crate conjunction with International Jazz Day on 04/30/2011 ...are looking for that jazz flavor...check out this jazz/ rock / blues cut called Red Baron from the Billy Cobham / George Duke Band featuring Billy Cobham - Drums....George Duke - Keyboards, ......John Scofield - Guitar...Alphonso Johnson - Bass, 

We Kept On Running...Concepts Revisited..

I tell got lonely out there; but these brothas kept on running! 

The Brotha O-Zone will keep it moving even though I had to sacrifice; couldn't play it like Russell Westbrooks and keep gunning! 

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play; I let those crooks handle their business! 

I was still parking lot pimping though; saw dude roll up in the GMC Denali..but the vehicle was too big to park!!!  I know what the deal is! 

Its hard to get in where you fit the Chicago Bulls will be without Derrick Rose...the style will be out of sync with others! 

But you have to keep it moving...even though "it ain't nothing nice" time to pose for glamour shots...we're avoiding the brink of disaster like others! 

It got lonely out there!!!  but we kept on running...just  like Bernard Hopkins vs Chad Dawson we keep fighting; its like proving to others we can master this and that! 

But we knew where the danger zone will be...not a spy in a bag...we follow God's will; he's the master of this and that! 

As we get into this and that; check out the swag...we're dipping down I-20 in Atlanta; the Chronicles let you know whats up! 

We kept on running!! chilling... stopped at Lenox Mall to see whats up! 

Technologies / time periods clash; dude laid in the cut watching videos on the laptop...while homie with the high top fade walked through with a boombox!

Psychologies / time periods clash; dude had on a Bush / Cheney t-shirt..watching Fox News bash President Obama....supporting Rupert Murdoch!

Whatcha heard?  O-Dizzle will rock!! he kept on running..going in getting it in! 

Whatcha heard?  plans fizzle!! O-Zone was alone in a zone; but he kept on running..he's not stopping or quitting!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

It'll Catch Up With Ya

Whats the deal? karma has no expiration date; it'll catch up with ya!

Word to former Liberia president Charles Taylor...listen to what I tell ya..karmic repercussions occur from previous episodes; a new batch for ya! 

....As we come with the percussions, samples, and another batch of this good word!

 I felt the pressure; like Osama Bin Laden's  family leaving Pakistan...whats up man? we're dealing with karma from previous episodes; you heard? 

We're now chilling with small armies; you heard me? just check the Sonic Assault...were bumping heads with devious ones!! street codes are you know for the apparatus that's a problem! 

Now instilling this knowledge in the minds of the masses; O-Dizzle will rock them! 

Distilling this elixir like its Kentucky brown liquor; glasses are turned up like its the Kentucky Derby...drink to the last drop!

Some are feeling this scripture; class is in session!! stay prayed and learned / skilled up because the madness doesn't stop! 

Some are chilling...backwoods is burned up..whose seeing this picture especially after the karma catches up with them?

Some are feeling this mixture....after we came back to these were batching up a fresh batch for them!

Some get slick with ya like John Edwards..others couldn't keep track of the goods and services to see most were bogus.... 

Some get sick on ya due to the salmonella sushi...they even try to act brand new with me...but the karma will catch up with them..I told them don't approach this...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Funky Type Of Soul Brotha Mix

 What I Listen To At Work...changing things up a little bit....decided to listen to some of my mixes. This helped me to prioritize things...I feel fortunate / blessed to have a  job...but I'm all about dropping this breakbeat science.....check  The Funky Type Of Soul Brotha Mix

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No Justice No Peace...Still Relevant...

I once had a dream like Martin Luther King; but soon realized there's no justice and no peace! 

In Atlanta....jokers plot and scheme on Martin Luther King Blvd;  from the State Capitol with Nathan Deal and the Fulton County Courthouse..on over to the West End...a brotha is in a defensive mode due to  the Information Overload...please!! you can't be at ease! 

You'll get suspended like Metta World Peace...please!! understand a bruh; as I holla at my peeps on West Boulevard up in Charlotte; then ease up Muhammad Ali Blvd in Louisville! 

Dipping down Ezzard Charles or Redding Rd in Cincinnati; my peeps know the deal!

Going through rites and rituals with other habituals caught up in this matrix! 

Under scrutiny by the thought and fashion we have weapons stashed like North Korea... please!!  those we thought were real just fake it! 

Whats the deal? like the Trayvon Martin justice no peace is the catch phrase; jokers will break it....the tranquility! 

Whats the deal?  jokers will push the button or turn the dial to distort your reality! 

Whats the deal?  a punishment glutton accepts the lashes from the whip and the slaps upside the head! 

Whats the deal? I'm realizing there's no justice or I'm keeping it revolutionary like a dread!

Whats the deal? its hush hush per the Wal-Mart bribery case in Mexico... 

Realizing there's no justice or we continue to cold crush the enemy..knew they wouldn't act right...from the get go...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rodney Lee Soul habitz

What I Listen To At Work.....WCLK was rocking this smooth track by Rodney Lee earlier...had  to listen to it again..check out Soul Habitz from his Satellite Orchestra project...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kruder & Dorfmeister - Gotta Jazz

Sunday Jazz Continues...check out Kruder and Dorfmeister...Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister, an Austrian duo most known for their downtempo-dub remixes of pop, hip-hop and drum and bass songs....with a jazzy feel to them...on this cut they say they've "Gotta Jazz" we'll let them...check this out...

Metta World Peace Elbows James Harden; Gets Ejected

Check out Metta World Peace gaffling James Harden...looks like Harden didn't have to go towards World Peace...he already scored!! but that doesn't condone what World Peace did..check it out!! 

Quantic - Sol Clap

Sunday Jazz Continues...still listening to this Quantic...check them out with Sol Clap..from the best of Quantic project...

Ted Shumate and Friends....Mediterranean Midnight

Sunday Jazz Continues...Tribal Disorder is in the house!! Lets check out Ted Shumate and Friends with Mediterranean Midnight 

Biting Off More Than We Can Chew..

We were greedy like we were at Ryan's or Golden Corral; we bit off more than we can chew! 

Big ballers said forget the needy!!! continue swagging; get rich or die trying....word from 50 Cent!! check the style; he told you what it do!

Winds of change were blowing while I sat outback on the deck;  get a clue my mind was telling me! 

Life is hectic...its a bitch!!! She's strange like Cameo said; but I better hit it my kind were telling me!

Miles Davis told me about the Bitches Brew; told to act like I Friends and Strangers were mentioned by Ronnie Laws!

Misbehaving with Iran reverse engineering a US drone? what are some on? armed and dangerous? told to keep it pimping player!! ATLiens told me I better learn to hide my flaws

Misbehaving!! hiding from the laws intergalactic aliens out on Pluto and Mars hiding from the Skylander's Cloud Patrol or stormtroopers! 

ATLiens were posted up at the Citgo station buying grape flavored Swishers; hitting winning shots like Derek Fishers in his prime?  but released by the with the Thunder; soon fired by the player's union?  check out what the storm does!

Players in the union from up top / New York tried to warn us about Mello and Linsanity! 

Others were waiting in the dark; dipping in the old school Acura Legend...New York plates were vanity! 

Those hating get caught out there in the system / matrix...they get sparked by lasers and tasers; the force wasn't with them! 

Skating on thin ice; they bit off more than they could chew trying to act like they knew; but of course it wasn't them!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

French Montana & Coke Boys Coke Boys 3

Digital Crate Digging Continues...check out French Montana and the Coke Boys...with guess appearances from Red Cafe...Chinx Drugz and others

Still Rebuking The Hostile Takeover...

A bruh is all all up in the spot!! but like the UN with monitors in Syria  so called powers that be try to flex their authority! 

The situation is hot like Las Vegas in the summer!! check the mass hysteria....jokers run up like in Sudan / South Sudan...trying to annex territory! 

They tried to fake us like the militants in Afghanistan with 11 tons of explosives..whatcha saying cousin? please!! O-Dizzle had the funky drummer drumming; plus O-Zone will tell this story with a hot style! 

Jokers tried to shake us.....Lyrid Meteor Showers were used to distract us...the arch nemesis is even on the premises; it appears the takeover will be hostile! 

Jokers tried to break us with torture chambers like Gitmo; even waterboarding in showers...they said we were posing a threat!

That's ironic....I told them; pump your brakes cuz!! like Bendix..its like this!!! from the get go they were posing a threat! 

Rolling like like GOP presidential campaigns they weren't fair with this; in love or war!

But we didn't fear this.....after going through the healing process for the physical and emotional scar! 

Coming back like Tiger Woods!! below par for the course..rebuking the hostile takeover!

Coming back!!! even though its tight in these hoods from Louisville / Newburg to Charlotte / Mecklenburg; but staying real need for a hot style makeover!

....Was chilling..laying in the cut...but the break is were going all out...paying the price...haters were posing a threat...

They were as desperate as I suspect...they're trying to launch hostile takeovers...but we keep it moving..we won't stop and we won't quit...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kanye West - Mercy ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz (Explicit)

What I Listen To At Work....bouncing in my chair / seat at work....I know jokers were wondering what I listening to!! everybody ...Kanye...Big Sean...Pusha T and 2 Chainz went in on  this cut!! check it out!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Marcus Miller - Rampage

Digital Crate Digging we go on a Rampage with Marcus Miller...Live!!..we've got Marcus Miller on Bass/Bass Clarinet/Vocals .....Michael Stewart  on Trumpet .....Kenny Garrett on Saxophone Morris Pleasure  and Bernard Wright on Keyboards ....with Poogie Bell on that's a hell of crew to go on a Rampage with!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beanie Sigel Broad Street Empire Vol 1: Lost Files

Digital crate digging continues...back on that hip hop....Beanie Sigel is working on some new the meantime and between time he's dropping this mix tape called the Broad Street Empire.hosted by DJ shxt

Just Trying To Hold On..

So whats up?  please!! I'm surrounded by the chaos and confusion...its like Obama..who can I depend on? damn!! even  The Secret Service will get caught out there...slipping...this brotha is just trying to hold on!

Even Bobby Petrino got caught out there..supposedly pimping...please...I  also heard what that politician Mitt Romney said; but that proposition?  I'm not sold on! 

"Shawty"  in the tricked out Ford Torino down here in Decatur Georgia rolled on!! he's out of the area!!...saying things were too much! 

"Sporty" over in Atlanta kept it pimping player!! talking a good game..rebuking a hater....said its like this and like that; so on and such and such! 

The sport can be ugly; ask Tim Lincecum ... but we come through in the clutch; God is good all the time! 

The sport can be ugly; check Goldman other Wall Street and Main Street DC; the hood doesn't commit all the crime!

Armchair quarterbacks couldn't avoid sacks....meanwhile I'm going all out for mine!! erupting like a solar flare as I go there..putting it down like this...using the by any means necessary method! 

Just trying to hold on; but they weren't checking for know in love or war nothing is is hectic..I was even disrespected!

I disconnected; like troops dodging Circling Antonovs...leaving the frontlines in Sudan..but I'm holding on to God's unchanging hand!

Check this good word; its connected with the O-Dog funk....he's a funky type of soul brotha..not down with Antione and we get breakbeat scientific; that's whats up man!

What's up man? a brotha is trying to hold on...meanwhile the Space Shuttle Discovery is headed to a museum..

Meanwhile my hooptie is headed to the garage..threatening my per diem...bon voyage? I'm just trying to hold on man!!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Hihache

Sunday Jazz Continues...lets get into some jazz / funk from the New York to Paris funk group from the 70's called the Lafayette Afro Rock Band...with something called Hihache...

Lost In Translation / Transition...

I heard what was said!! like Kim Jong-un delivering his first North Korea address... so I had the rebuttal; but a lot of it was lost in translation!

Whats Really Going? like my other site where I'm word-pressing.......check this good word and the street funk from O-Dizzle; were fast breaking!! defenders were lost in transition!

I was over in Decatur Georgia on Candler Rd...I heard dude say the Olds Cutlass Supreme was broke down!! it'll cost to fix that transmission.....check with Manny Moe and Jack! 

Whats up with us? rebuking a hater like Timothy Geithner calling out Romney on statements concerning working women...were flowing down the stream of consciousness; Transmitting Live with the hardcore sound!!! check the O-Dog track! 

Whats up with the system? how are they working them? are things sinking like the Titanic? whose manipulating? shape shifting? was poison was placed in the HVAC?

Its allergy season in Atlanta...enhanced by Chemtrails near Hartsfield Jackson airport? check this report...we have the knack!

.....for dropping this breakbeat science; but some of it may be lost in translation!

Were fast breaking on them like old school LA Lakers with Magic Johnson!!! some will be lost in transition!

The Sonic Assault will blast on fakers....O-Dizzle?  he's that funky type of soul brotha...

O-Zone was unbought and unbossed like Hosea I hip you to ongoing shady dealings brought forth by another...

Clones and drones are dealt's like were in Pakistan or Afghanistan vs the whats up man? when dropping this breakbeat science some of it will be lost in translation / transition...

Zones will still get penetrated as we drop this insight like Northern its the aurora borealis...these brothas are real with this!!...check our position..


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blue Magic ~ Look Me Up

Digital Crate Digging Continues....I like when those old school soul music groups that were known for doing ballads and love songs did dance / uptempo songs....they would be off the chain!! I guess it was the music /orchestration.....check out Blue Magic with Look Me has kind of a jazz / soul music / house music / disco feel to its the long version!! alright then!!

Tycho - Systems

Digital Crate Digging a laid back / chill type of mood....reflecting ...contemplating..thinking...doing the math...thinking how different systems work...checking out this Tycho with a cut called Systems!!

Laying In The Cut / Behind The Scenes

I was laying in the cut; intuition is working Secret Service agents with prostitutes in Colombia a lot is going on behind the scenes! 

So whatcha saying? they ask me..per severe storms in the Midwest..whats the reason for the season? basically I'm trying to find the motivation behind the plots and schemes! 

Whatcha praying for they ask me? as Egyptian Christians visit Jerusalem...whose acting brand new again? whats the reason for the treason? some were telling me it is what it is!! but they're rolling behind my vehicle like Dekalb County police  as I float through the stream of consciousness! 

Whats the motivation behind the dream chasing? that's what they ask a brotha..they want to know what the deal is!

Told them I'm going in like Cory Booker..I'm real with this not playing with it!! but it seems they aren't checking for me! 

Sonic capers are we try to get away; but nobodys wrecking the vehicle for me! 

Manny Moe and Jack weren't checking the vehicle...they said I needed to pay up! 

Whatcha know? a brotha was hacked like Kobe Bryant when taking it to the hoop for a lay up! 

Whatcha know? even my e-mail was hacked by spam all-stars..apologies to those with scars...meanwhile behind the scenes?...all up in the lab? ..O-Dizzle will take a beat and loop it; while O-Zone will pray up in this piece! 

Whatcha know?  behind the scenes haters plot and scheme to guarantee we have no justice and no peace!

Laying in the cut..behind the scenes...trying to put my mind at ease..but there's always gonna be something...

Laying in the cut....behind the scenes..soon blasting off out beyond Mars and Venus......please!! it's like NASA / Space X...we're always into something..

Thursday, April 12, 2012

KRS-One - AZTECHNICAL (Official Video) Prd. By MAD LION

Digital Crate Digging...ran across KRS-1 with AZTECHNICAL...dropping knowledge..Edutainment...class is in session....check this open letter from KRS-1....


Peace. This is KRS-One! I'd like to personally thank everyone for their show of support toward the release of the "Just Like That" video. I'm not really a big Internet guy myself, but I had to respond to the enormous amount of love we've experienced since the release of the "Just Like That" video. MAD LION ROCKED IT! However, the best is still yet to come. 

As you may know, I often use my talents to edutain my listeners and inspire the international Hip Hop community. 2012 will be no different. I feel sorry for those who already think that I preach too much in rhyme, or that I need to retire. On the contrary, I'm just getting started. 

Turning the flame up a little more, my next video presentation "Aztecnical" will deal with the myths of 2012, particularly the December 21st 2012 Mayan Calendar "end date". Too many of our people are being led astray by movies, lectures and hype mostly regarding the celestial calculations of the Mayan Calendar. And while other cultures also predict the same "end date" calculations, it is important to point out that all cosmic alignments, shifts and even changes are occurring RIGHT NOW! The question is, how might this affect Hip Hop worldwide?

 I believe we are about to finally have our "say" in the world. The key word in the next few upcoming months will be "courage", and true courage comes from living rightly. As an international culture, Hip Hop is poised for a great opportunity; my goal is to get us prepared for it, and fear has no place in our collective future.
I am sending this "Aztecnical" video out in hopes that it sparks discussion and dispels fears.

The first verse deals with the actual Mayan calculations themselves and shows how governments and corporate entities of all sorts use the fears of the public to their own economic and global advantages. 

The second verse deals with the conquest of Cortez over the Mayan People and how it was the Mayans' own cultural beliefs that were used against them to cease their lands and resources. The point being, do not allow hype and your own view of the world to lure you into the hands of those only out to exploit you. BE STRONG! BE COURAGOUS! And yes, Knowledge Reigns Supreme. There It Is, Just Like That. C

Check Out The Video...... 


They Were Going Through It PT.5

They were going through it; some things passed...some things failed like the North Korea rocket launch....I guess you can call this the process! 

They were going to it; said they're coming to Atlanta...the so called promised land; but its inhabited by monsters like Lochness! 

Whats up with these brothas? were trying to stop the madness!! but had to admit...due to my Louisville / Newburg upbringing mobster type behavior is embedded!

Were trying to stop the madness!! even banned from Blogster; because I mentioned history can be repeated! 

George Zimmerman was arrested...other entities were defeated; but they mutated....they came through in another form or spirit!

Entries were deleted...but like Bobby Petrino's text messages to the Arkansas model they're still on the hard drive; so you'll get a demerit! 

As they go through it...actually all of us deal with it...nothing was fair in it love or war! 

As we go through it....let the healing process begin; so I can heal the physical and emotional scar! 

Some didn't hear me though!! I think they had on noise cancelling headphones! 

They fear me though!!  because I bring the noise like Public Enemy; I stay one step ahead of these clones! 

Plus one step ahead of drones flying overhead; ready to take us out like its Pakistan! 

They were going through it....I'm right there with them... rocking the baldy but check the persona of a dread; pecan colored but with the heart of the blackest man!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nobody Beats The Drum - Mind Control

Digital Crate Digging Continues....earlier I had the Ethics with To The Beat Of The check out the group Nobody Beats The Drum with Mind Control...

Scuba - Action [Personality]

What I Listen To At Work....WRAS 88.5 here in at Atlanta has been playing this CD called Personality from Scuba (Paul Rose) a London DJ / producer / musician..check out Action from that project...

The Ambush PT.2

We were chilling all up in the spot; then George Zimmerman types rolled up; we got ambushed!

 How were some dealing? acting like some new Jordan's came out;  the spot got bum rushed!

 It was like the earthquake in Indonesia...please bruh!!  you know bum rush the show was the slogan used by Public Enemy!

Now dry kush has some in a state of limbo!! others rolled like that whistleblower with the New Orleans Saints...they befriended the enemy!

Some will even holla at Sean can't lie and say Bush / Cheney and them wanted to see the end of me and my kind! 

Policies implemented during that regime are still in affect; some are losing their mind!

...Scurrying around like those secret squirrels that invaded my attic! 

Hurrying!!! running to and fro..following their rites and rituals; the epitome of a real fanatic! 

Who'll work with me? an epiphany made me drop these mathematics on the masses! 

The state of emergency made me take things up another level; reality is still conducting classes! 

Plus I feel the wrath from Titan clashes; the situation is ashes to ashes..dust to dust!

....Doing the math; alpha to omega ....whats up player? in God we trust!

As haters rushed..we were ambushed like its Syria...but we will prevail!

 Its going down like this!!! off into the stream of consciousness we sail!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Ethics; La Luna /To The Beat Of The Drum.

Digital crate digging continues....rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to college radio station WRAS...this cut got me home in a good mood...check out The Ethics...with La Luna / To The Beat Of The Drum...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Outback Chronicles PT.2...Just Zoning..

Chilling out ....outback on my what I thought was going to be a safe haven or safe harbor; I was just zoning! 

But spots will get raided.....jokers will go on a shooting spree like in Tulsa...whats up with ya? who has jurisdiction? so called authorities were planning or zoning! 

Jurisdictions will hold fund raisers like the Dekalb County police posted up with roadblocks and radars..whose facing time behind bars?  is the truth told or was it pure fiction? whats the business in these hostile territories?

As we repel hostile takeovers from terrorists...asking questions like Mike Wallace....R.I.P....were dedicated to the truth; using a hot style to tell these stories!

Big things got hot!! the situations foul due to George Wallace types...not the comedian...progress? haters are impeding...we fell from glory among these earthlings! 

We were clashing with the titans....not the ones from Tennessee...feel me? jokers didn't like how we worked things! 

So now whats up? chilling outback on the we reflect..broke..not cashing out like Cash feeling the wrath of the titans ....but we fight back! 

So now whats up? chilling outback on the deck...the grass needs cutting..but were too busy lashing out...dropping this math that enlightens..we bring the light back!

So now whats up? wrong path takers went right back into the dark;  in that zone is where they're hating!

Was it the wrong math they cling to? contemplating...reflecting.... zoning is what we do; irrelevant issues were not debating!

Plus we're not relating to jokers like Sen. Chuck Grassley trying to make the masses think the grass will be greener on the other side...

Just zoning...but soon jokers that are hating get hit up with the Sonic Assault...that ass will be on fire!!..were not tired...for freedom these brothas will ride....

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Outback Chronicles / Random Thoughts Edition

Check out these Outback Chronicles; but I'm not down under like Crocodile Dundee! 

Plus I'm not at Outback Steakhouse; O-Dizzle goes all out with the track!! O-Zone has this good word; but Blogster is done with me!

Sitting out back on my deck composing this; jazz / funk / breakbeats / hip hop and house are usually composed in the compound! 

In Tulsa some fool is trying to hunt brothas whats going down? I'm out back....on my deck...birds chirping..mockingbirds singing; spotted the red cardinal; maybe because I'm a Louisville brotha like Rozier..but coming with the sound! 

Down in Sanford Florida a joker mentioned standing his ground; but its deeper than that!

Chilled down there for a minute; its rough on brothas and sistas..."it ain't nothing nice" Neo Nazis patrol the gets deeper than that!

 I wasn't sleeping on that!! nationwide others aren't either! 

Freedom? were creeping up on that!! once caught up in the system; subject to the authority of an evil doer! 

Trying to act like they knew ya; soon your subjects of drama royalty and their flawed policies!

These brothas came back from Louisville / Johannesburg...from out in the galaxies..Pluto / Mars...coming through to expose the fallacies!

From Charlotte Mecklenburg to the ATL!! where I'm sitting on my deck writing these Outback Chronicles! 

The danger zone? were in the heart of it...for freedom? were going all out for it; that's our response to these and those!

Friday, April 6, 2012

LTJ Bukem - Atlantis

Digital Crate Digging Continues...on that drum and bass / house music kick...check out LTJ Bukem with Atlantis...

Wasn't Feeling It PT.5

Trying to harness the energy....wasn't really feeling it...but a man has got to "do what he do" I'm trying to put a handle on it! 

Soon there will be harvest for the world like the Isleys; but don't be surprised if these secret gardens are raided...just like the hysteria in Syria....haters will put a vandal on it!

Secrets are revealed by accident like Bobby Petrino...whose trying to be a fly Negro? check the Herman Cain type steelo...some will gamble on it; they're out for a fast buck...they'll make a pile of money off you! 

Some will ramble off at the mouth....snitching; check the style / like Jennifer Lopez on behalf of DeAndre Brackensick ..that honey is going off on you! 

These sonic defenders are trying to get them off you...they roll up like Joey Greco and Cheaters in the big white vans...based on word from we unleash this Sonic Assault!

O-Dizzle has the funky blend for ya; O-Zone will wax poetic about the hell that's being caught! 

.....Telling you what the blizzard will do!! as we deal with the forces of nature! 

Rocking the Phat Farm shirt...Rocafella jeans; fashion police are mad because I'm mix matching!!...they're just a bunch of haters!

During that storm the thought police are mad!! they knock a fella's hustle....they're coming forth with negative energy! 

I wasn't feeling it..but we ring the alarm with the Sonic Assault; there's no way they can stop this entity!

I wasn't feeling it...might even sue some like Keith Olbermann will Current TV...

I wasn't feeling it...but a man has to "do what he do"... whats up man? who'll work with me?


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Grant Green - My Favorite Things

Digital crate digging continues....I'm on that jazz tip now...checking out this Grant Green...My Favorite Things...its so smooth...yet it has an edge to it..he has Pianist McCoy Tyner,  Drummer Elvin Jones
and Bassist Bob Cranshaw helping him out...check it out!!

Mathew Jonson - Gemini

Digital crate digging continues....of course I'm all over the place with it....listening to this electro / house / drum and bass type of stuff from Mathew Jonson with Gemini...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Anita Wilson - It's Done

Just watching WGN in Chicago...Anita Wilson made an her song that's talking about It's please!! you know the Lord's gonna work it out!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Soul Makossa - Manu Dibango

Digital Crate Digging Continues...Check Out Soul Makossa from Manu Dibango....this is classic material y'all!!

We Thought We Had Something PT.5..

We thought we had something!! but the Dallas / Fort Worth storms were similar to glitches in the destroyed them! 

But Sonic Assaults are launched...the funky drummer is drumming.....we had weapons stashed...but now we deployed them! 

The "good ole days" chilling at Blogster?  we enjoyed them..but now its time to move forward! 

As we roll up on them!!! check the Relocation / Renovation.. moves are made; like its a chess or checkers board!

These other folks weren't checking for us..but that could be a good thing!

Walked through corporate collegiate and church corridors; but at the end of the day?  its still a hood thing! 

This is no  Eddie Floyd Knock On Wood thing; "you can't trust to luck" per my fourth grade teacher Ms Peters! 

Haters knock the hustle like Romney does Obama; but God is still blessing us; no matter what the street does! 

...Already saw what Wall Street does; what will the response be? these gamblers out for a fast buck have the economy messed up!

Already saw what your street does..snitches ramble off at the mouth; now somebodys life is messed up! 

Plus its all messed up in the spot!!! folk are stressed up in this piece; its like Syria..we're all up in these hostile territories!

Some might have thought they had something...a hot style!! but now they're subject to the authorities!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Marvin Gaye "What's Going On" 1972

Happy birthday Marvin Gaye!! found some old footage of Marvin doing Whats Going's like a mini-movie......check this out!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Brotha O's Jazz Mix

Sunday Jazz Continues...check out this mix I put together featuring Grover Washington, Freddie Hubbard, The Crusaders and others...

Jazz Liberatorz - Blue Avenue

Sunday Jazz Continues.....lets take it over to France with the Jazz Liberatorz...jazz / funk/ hip hop group of producers / DJ's featuring DJ Damage, Dusty and Madhi.....lets cruise down Blue Avenue

Getting Back In Sync...PT.2 Random Thoughts Edition

Trying to get back in sync; crazy situations knocked me off balance! 

Some blame  it on planets retrograde...others say its a charade...some say the brink of disaster is imminent; the arch nemesis is on the premises!! like over in Syria...the enemy tried to raid the palace!

Check the mass evil entity tried to show malice.. "love don't live here anymore" ...per Rose Royce! 

Whats up with me?  black history is being made...were rolling with men with music;  not boys with noise! 

Whats up with me? disappointed that Louisville lost to Kentucky...trying not to lose my poise; while trying to get back in sync! 

But still representing Louisville / Newburg when trying to put it down...while I'm able; it can be over with in a blink!

Especially if you believe he fable..we didn't merge with them..not politicing like Romney and McConnell....please!! these brothas are  dedicated to the truth...but sometimes the situation can stink after somebody snitched! 

....Old girl was on Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia buying Mega-Million tickets...she said a hater "took and told" on some....ideas were pitched!

 The drama will unfurl...from Crips involved in pimping to the shooting of Trayvon Martin...but we "stick and stay"  like old girl also said; we won't stop! 

Worldwide with this...actually intergalactic...once again its on!! check out this breakbeat science we drop!

As we continue to ride for freedom...we won't stop...we keep it moving...

Just trying to get back in sync at this new location after we were banned from Blogster...we had to keep it moving....