Sunday, April 1, 2012

Getting Back In Sync...PT.2 Random Thoughts Edition

Trying to get back in sync; crazy situations knocked me off balance! 

Some blame  it on planets retrograde...others say its a charade...some say the brink of disaster is imminent; the arch nemesis is on the premises!! like over in Syria...the enemy tried to raid the palace!

Check the mass evil entity tried to show malice.. "love don't live here anymore" ...per Rose Royce! 

Whats up with me?  black history is being made...were rolling with men with music;  not boys with noise! 

Whats up with me? disappointed that Louisville lost to Kentucky...trying not to lose my poise; while trying to get back in sync! 

But still representing Louisville / Newburg when trying to put it down...while I'm able; it can be over with in a blink!

Especially if you believe he fable..we didn't merge with them..not politicing like Romney and McConnell....please!! these brothas are  dedicated to the truth...but sometimes the situation can stink after somebody snitched! 

....Old girl was on Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia buying Mega-Million tickets...she said a hater "took and told" on some....ideas were pitched!

 The drama will unfurl...from Crips involved in pimping to the shooting of Trayvon Martin...but we "stick and stay"  like old girl also said; we won't stop! 

Worldwide with this...actually intergalactic...once again its on!! check out this breakbeat science we drop!

As we continue to ride for freedom...we won't stop...we keep it moving...

Just trying to get back in sync at this new location after we were banned from Blogster...we had to keep it moving....

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