Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Ambush PT.2

We were chilling all up in the spot; then George Zimmerman types rolled up; we got ambushed!

 How were some dealing? acting like some new Jordan's came out;  the spot got bum rushed!

 It was like the earthquake in Indonesia...please bruh!!  you know bum rush the show was the slogan used by Public Enemy!

Now dry kush has some in a state of limbo!! others rolled like that whistleblower with the New Orleans Saints...they befriended the enemy!

Some will even holla at Sean can't lie and say Bush / Cheney and them wanted to see the end of me and my kind! 

Policies implemented during that regime are still in affect; some are losing their mind!

...Scurrying around like those secret squirrels that invaded my attic! 

Hurrying!!! running to and fro..following their rites and rituals; the epitome of a real fanatic! 

Who'll work with me? an epiphany made me drop these mathematics on the masses! 

The state of emergency made me take things up another level; reality is still conducting classes! 

Plus I feel the wrath from Titan clashes; the situation is ashes to ashes..dust to dust!

....Doing the math; alpha to omega ....whats up player? in God we trust!

As haters rushed..we were ambushed like its Syria...but we will prevail!

 Its going down like this!!! off into the stream of consciousness we sail!

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