Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just Trying To Hold On..

So whats up?  please!! I'm surrounded by the chaos and confusion...its like Obama..who can I depend on? damn!! even  The Secret Service will get caught out there...slipping...this brotha is just trying to hold on!

Even Bobby Petrino got caught out there..supposedly pimping...please...I  also heard what that politician Mitt Romney said; but that proposition?  I'm not sold on! 

"Shawty"  in the tricked out Ford Torino down here in Decatur Georgia rolled on!! he's out of the area!!...saying things were too much! 

"Sporty" over in Atlanta kept it pimping player!! talking a good game..rebuking a hater....said its like this and like that; so on and such and such! 

The sport can be ugly; ask Tim Lincecum ... but we come through in the clutch; God is good all the time! 

The sport can be ugly; check Goldman Sachs...plus other Wall Street and Main Street crooks...plus DC; the hood doesn't commit all the crime!

Armchair quarterbacks couldn't avoid sacks....meanwhile I'm going all out for mine!! erupting like a solar flare as I go there..putting it down like this...using the by any means necessary method! 

Just trying to hold on; but they weren't checking for me..you know in love or war nothing is fair.....life is hectic..I was even disrespected!

I disconnected; like troops dodging Circling Antonovs...leaving the frontlines in Sudan..but I'm holding on to God's unchanging hand!

Check this good word; its connected with the O-Dog funk....he's a funky type of soul brotha..not down with Antione and them...as we get breakbeat scientific; that's whats up man!

What's up man? a brotha is trying to hold on...meanwhile the Space Shuttle Discovery is headed to a museum..

Meanwhile my hooptie is headed to the garage..threatening my per diem...bon voyage? I'm just trying to hold on man!!


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