Thursday, April 12, 2012

They Were Going Through It PT.5

They were going through it; some things passed...some things failed like the North Korea rocket launch....I guess you can call this the process! 

They were going to it; said they're coming to Atlanta...the so called promised land; but its inhabited by monsters like Lochness! 

Whats up with these brothas? were trying to stop the madness!! but had to admit...due to my Louisville / Newburg upbringing mobster type behavior is embedded!

Were trying to stop the madness!! even banned from Blogster; because I mentioned history can be repeated! 

George Zimmerman was arrested...other entities were defeated; but they mutated....they came through in another form or spirit!

Entries were deleted...but like Bobby Petrino's text messages to the Arkansas model they're still on the hard drive; so you'll get a demerit! 

As they go through it...actually all of us deal with it...nothing was fair in it love or war! 

As we go through it....let the healing process begin; so I can heal the physical and emotional scar! 

Some didn't hear me though!! I think they had on noise cancelling headphones! 

They fear me though!!  because I bring the noise like Public Enemy; I stay one step ahead of these clones! 

Plus one step ahead of drones flying overhead; ready to take us out like its Pakistan! 

They were going through it....I'm right there with them... rocking the baldy but check the persona of a dread; pecan colored but with the heart of the blackest man!

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