Saturday, November 30, 2013

Chilled Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul Mix #1

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this Chilled Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul Mix #1 from DJ Raphael of his You Tube channel..well done! well done!! check out the playlist and the mix...

 1. Mellow tune - Potatohead People
2. Sweet Europe - Tall Black Guy
3. Al green's Dream - Tall Black Guy
4. Waves - Freddie Joachim
5. Better Days - Freddie Joachim
6. Just You and Me Tonight - Freddie Joachim
7. I Can't Get no Sleep (feat. India) [Down Low Mix] - Masters at Work
8. Stronger Than a Mountain (feat. Heidi Vogel) - Positive Flow
9. Hours - Freddie Joachim
10. Love The World - Tall Black Guy
11. Holiday (DJ Spinna Vocal Remix) - Roy Ayers
12. Ride - Freddie Joachim
13. Let It Go (Tall Black Guy Remix) - Temika Moore
14. Infinite Loop - Freddie Joachim
15. Find Another Way (Question Remix) - A Tribe Called Quest
16. Love's Galaxy - Tracy Cruz
17. Black Gold of The Sun (4hero Remix) - Nu Yorican Soul

Releasing The Pressure

We hit the switch / we pressed the button;  were in the lab like NASA studying Comet ISON...but were trying to release the pressure! 

Damn!!  whats up son? we swung on the pitch and missed like Prince traded;  the game?  like PS4 or XBox One we played it!!  but it'll get the best of ya! its some kind of test for ya!!  Logistics mentioned Reality Checkpoints! 

Some will get whats coming to them..they didn't have the gist of this thing called reality..they were stopped at what you might want to call karma checkpoints! 

Disrespected!!  society anoints a slacker!!  while those putting in work like Wal-Mart workers having to go on strike get no attention!

Disrespected!!  even though it was Black Friday my people felt the pressure!!  but due to the economy some were too broke to pay attention! 

I disconnected from the mainframe; now I try to maintain!! releasing the pressure! 

Errors were corrected like Jason Kidd working with the Brooklyn Nets..even though thought and fashion police issued demerits;  you know they'll test ya! 

It can get the best of ya!!  but I  connected with kindred spirits!! now we put it down like this! 

Releasing the pressure!! were over it!! now check us out!! as we put it down like this!

Jokers will test ya...local national international and even on intergalactic fronts...aliens even mentioned the sound is like this...this is what the meant by funk...

Broken beats and English are the essence of this discipline as we get with ya...releasing the pressure..back in the day? ATLiens mentioned getting crunk... 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Science Orchestra - New Jersey Deep

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some classic house music from the Black Science Orchestra - with a track called New Jersey Deep. 

This is from their Altered States album released in 1994. I posted another track from the album called Philadelphia.  Check this out...

All Up In The Spot / An Unwilling Participant

I'm all up in spot!! already here!! actually always there like Ronnie Laws! 

Word from the hot messenger as I go there!! but its rough out here; plus haters accent my flaws! 

Please!! some were trying to re-write history like Putin in Russia..I even felt the pressure!! a bruh claws his way through the muck created by these muckrakers! 

Straws that broke the camels back were spotted in these warehouses..all up in the spot!! some are disputing the truth..but I didn't fool with those fakers! 

They're rolling like Los Angeles Lakers without Kobe Bryant..but his contract was extended...meanwhile I remained defiant..Sonic
Assaults are unleashed!

.....Oops upside the head with the blackjack!!  but Gap Band style!! word from a Louisville Slugger!! some will get whats coming to
them!! after they beseeched!

We even reached the dread!! Jesse Ventura used his line...he said don't start the revolution without him! 

I rock the baldy with the persona of a dread!! word from the brotha!!  but during this venture / evolution?  some will doubt him! 

All up in the spot!! can they do without him?  please!! they weren't
even checking for me! 

...unless there's a hot mess for him to clean up!! I see they're disrespecting me!

Not expecting me to go along with the program? they just might be the US, Japan and South Korea testing the Chinese air defense zone I'm an unwilling participant..

All up in the spot...the block is hot...stormtroopers, plus the thought and fashion police were posted I'll just go along with the program for a minute..

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Deep Soulful House DJ Mix by JaBig

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this Deep Soulful House DJ Mix by JaBig

You should know how he does it!! check out the playlist and the mix...
Deep Soulful House DJ Mix by JaBig Playlist Tracklisting:
Soul In Me Tojami Sessions
Smile (Shur-i-kan Future Vox) Mistura, Joey Negro, Kendra Cash
I'll Be Waitin' (Scott Wozniak Remix) Ayah
Fizzy Steve Mill
Luvin Daniel James
Warning (Rhemi Main Mix) Rhemi, Lynn Lockamy
When It Rains Outside Jon Cutler, Raffa Scoccia
Sending You My Love Nathan Adams
Learning to Love Me (The Zepherin Saint Tribe Vocal Mix) Charles Webster feat.Diviniti
Berlin Jako Diaz
I Feel Its Over (Phaze Dee Remix) Demarkus Lewis
No G Train Service Jon Cutler, Raffa Scoccia
Inside My Love Magic Eye
All Over The World Furry Phreaks Ft Terra Diva

Stressed Out Due To The Information Overload PT.2

The strands of information were coming in too fast!! now some are stressed like Thanksgiving Day travelers on the East Coast due to the inclement weather...check the information overload! 

Others were stuffed like Thanksgiving Day turkeys...who will work with these? I mentioned being in transition / transformation mode..but understand...a few days ago it was 70 degrees in Atlanta in I was over dressed; in winter / fall mode! 

Today? its whats up? damn!! the mothership lands me on this forsaken planet!!  I'm dealing with these earthlings / jive turkeys..but  usually intergalactic! 

But a brotha gets scientific like Comet ISON dipping into a solar storm...this science is not the norm..information overload? over their heads when dealing with a fanatic?

These mathematics just might be over their heads;  I see their temperature rising..its not surprising! 

...Per the Quincy Jones Body Heat  joint;  sampled by Mobb Deep  on Temperatures me and my mob creep with the Nat Turner type uprising! 

When I use these tones?  I know I'm not anointed!! not surprising me!! but I stay in this mode!

 You'll get used in these zones!! like waiting on Assad to step down in Syria...soon disappointed..but you should have known the code! 

Was it information overload?  too much at one time?  some was rejected..we did it to ourselves! 

But now in transition / transformation..going on with our bad selves!

Going on with our bad selves..pulling funk off of typing in this good word...

Others were stressed out...said we put this hot mess out...just call me the hot messenger...similar to Tony over in the hood...hyping it up..claiming he has the good herb... 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Transition / Transformation PT.2

Astrologers stated were moving forward now that Mercury in Scorpio is direct! 

As we Roger this or that per truckers with the CB radio up on I-75 in Kentucky...who will work with me?  a veteran now coaching ...knowing how the sport will go!!  so I come correct! 

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta..Zapp and Roger's More Bounce To The Ounce plays in the background.....while a hater will circumvent...trying to delay us like Dekalb Police..they should see were in transition / transformation! 

...this good word is based on my soul's its combined with a fresh view / fresh vision...but some of this might be lost in translation! 

Everybody ain't Haitian migrants trying to reach America others were lost in I change my position so satellites won't detect me! 

The UN tries to play me like North Korea, cutting deals with Iran or clocking  Syria;  they want to inspect me! 

Like this is hazardous material!!  but what we have is spiritual!!  but I see another tries to steal my aura!!  hijack it like pirates in Nigeria!! but I have other modes of transportation! 

A brotha gets intergalactic with it like the Mars Curiosity Rover during the ongoing transition / transformation!

Damn!!  I see curiosity..just a fanatic that didnt get it!! was it information overload?  some people can only handle so much! 

....or maybe they're worried about the wrong thing like the GOP about Obamacare!!  so on and such and such!

 Some count us out!!  but we came through in the clutch while we were in transition / transformation! 

...knowing the devil is opposed!!  officials were calling illegal procedures or illegal formation!

But We Kept On Running...Out There...Check the Mix out

Monday, November 25, 2013

Rusty Bryant ‎– Friday Night Funk For Saturday Night Brothers

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this soul jazz / funk from Rusty Bryant ‎– with Friday Night Funk For Saturday Night Brothers. 

Please!! this will work on any night...such as this Monday night as I post this!! Check out the players and the track..these cats are getting down!!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hectic / Chaotic PT.2

The Full Moon in Taurus was last Sunday when I started to write this...but jokers are still acting funny! 

Whats up with us? not on AMA with Pitbull...please!! Mr. T said he pities the the ATL pulling capers in the Ford Taurus....please!! Life Is Hectic!!  jokers said its all about the money! 

Jokers even tried to run me!! over on Candler Road in Decatur  Dekalb Police  dipped in the Ford Taurus or Dodge Charger trying to start with a brotha! 

Whats up it it?  damn! brothas and sisters even get profiled in Dodge Chargers in the ATL area! 

Check the scenario;  whatcha know? in the grey area its chaotic..but due to Bay Area Scenarios O-Zone will rock it! 

Check the scenario  from the unrest in Syria to Nigeria..or all the way to your zone;  the hustle? somebody will knock it! 

Somebody will block it! even if your on the road to Damascus..bear witness to the catch phrase! 

No justice no peace!!  facing every possible obstacle.. they'll catch in a daze! 

Caused by the haze from the smoke and mirrors!!  now things are hectic  / chaotic! 

Unlike didnt amaze folk have been disrespected!!  but we continue to rock it!

Lucifer and his advocates had their hands in it...making things hectic / chaotic....whose outraged by the destruction / corruption? 

Not acting brand new with ya when we came back with we get breakbeat scientific...thats whats up son!!


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Letting Them Do What They Do PT.9 (Its Still Going Down)

"Ain't a damn thing changed" ... its still going the GOP vs Obamacare..or maybe like French racism..I see jokers out there...I'm still letting them do what they do! 

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play out there!! because that's what they do!

Mental muscle is exercised on this end of the spectrum..please!! Doing What I Do is the mantra used by the Brotha O!

....An O-Dizzle instrumental is dropped along with O-Zone's good word..alter egos combine as we go for what we know! 

As we go with the flow..but we make adjustments like the Chicago Bulls without Derrick Rose...he's hurt again...please!! were not all in with the ongoing platform! 

Universal laws were broken..blessed!! but no thanks was check the wasn't natural ....its not the norm! 

Check the inclement weather..not just with the upcoming around Thanksgiving Holiday..its not the storm your going through? please!! that's what you were told! 

Check the indictment..soon  convicted like Whitey Bulger!! please!! the reign began with a drizzle!!  what were you told?

 Now some are caught out in the cold..meanwhile I rocked
the "skully"  and the leather coat from Wilson's! 

Letting others do what they do;  I thought they knew!! now they're caught up in the shady deals son!

Letting others do what they do...playing games like XBox One's... or maybe ready to collect the funds like Islamist rebels who seized the oil field in Syria...

Please!! I'm putting in work like Rodney Dangerfield..not trying to yield..too busy dropping this breakbeat science...check out the essence of this we avoid the mass hysteria... 



Friday, November 22, 2013

Once Again Its On / The Return Of The Hot Messenger

They said I was a hot mess! I told them to call me the hot messenger! 

Urban legend?  any legendary status?  patriot or crook per Henry Kissinger? 

Working it like John Legend with the Green Light with help from Andre 3000!! pulling out universal maps and a GPS!!  I even left the solar system back on earth...once again its on! 

....after observing it;  the scene..whats it all mean?  now ready to roll.. I'm on my way!! once again its on! 

Dipping through the danger zones!! from I-580-880 in Oakland to I-20 in Atlanta and all points between! 

...from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg...from Lagos Nigeria to  mall shootings in Nairobi Charlotte / Mecklenburg..whats heard or seen? 

Jokers are even intergalactic with it when they go ballistic!! fanatics were seen battling Martians and Plutonians! 

Back with it this hot message!! dipping down I-20 in Atlanta..slowed down by Rockdale

..from that county..New Orleans Saints with the bounty? they come to Atlanta and beat the Falcons...

Its on again...funky is how the sound will be...its the rebuttal against evil forces merging like Islamist groups in Syria..considered foul ones? 

 Its on again!! dealing with the system / matrix!! they won't let
you rest! 

Its on again!!  they said this is a hot mess but its word from
the hot messenger!! we won't let it rest!




Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ghostface Killah – Daytona 500 Featuring – Cappadonna, Raekwon

Digital Crate Digging Continues....oh oh!! caught up in some hip hop!! checking out this classic from Ghostface Killah with that cut called Daytona 500  Featuring – Cappadonna, and  Raekwon

This is from Ghost's album Ironman [1996]......Wu Tang Clan up in this piece!! 


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

George Benson ‎– Octane

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some of this classic George Benson ‎– as he hits us up with a track called Octane from his Space album...check out the players and the track...

George Benson - guitar
Hubert Laws - flute
Ronnie Foster - keyboards
Wayne Dockery - bass
Marvin Chappell - drums

It was recorded January 11, 1975 at Carnegie Hall, New York City 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

House Music Mix by DJ JaBig - 2013 DEEP & DOPE 213

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out this House Music Mix by DJ JaBig - 2013 DEEP & DOPE 213.....DJ JaBig always puts it down!! check out the playlist and the mix...

After The Club Tommy Bones
That I Am Paolo Rocco
I Might Do Something Wrong (Ethan White Raindrops Inst) Tortured Soul feat. N'Dea Davenport
I Wait for You (King Britt Remix) Jay Haze & Reboot
Don't Believe In Love (Dennis Ferrer Objectivity Mix) Dido
Tarzan (Ame Remix) Roy Ayers
I & I AphroDisiax
Incoming Celsius
The Morning After (Sunrise Mix) Fallout
Green Garden (Salah Ananse Afrique Electrique Mix 2)
Secrets (Original Mix) Franco & Salla

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hectic / Chaotic

Its going down!! winds of change are blowing like tornadoes that hit the Midwest! 

Its going down!!'s strange!!  I'm down south in the ATL but my settings didn't interface with the mainframe...I'm from the Midwest!

But I try to make the best of it..just trying to maintain..but like Tim Hudson to the Giants I was even West Coasting...but having to admit;  life is hectic! 

Its chaotic....but a brotha is still out here hustling..he stills rocks it!  not bragging or boasting...but my life?  the Lord blessed it! 

Its chaotic!!  like the GOP vs Obamacare..of course a hater stressed it!!  no justice no peace is the catch phrase! 

Its toxic!! what?  the atmosphere..but have no fear!!  O-Dizzle rocks it!! fixing it in the mix....O-Zone did the knowledge while catching Scorpio sun rays! 

Hazardous material brought forth?  naw!! but we know how the
sport goes!! this son of God plays the diplomatic immunity! 

Intergalactic moves are made like the Maven Mars Mission!! but at the end of the day?  due to default settings this  Louisville / Newburg bruh will dip back to the community!

A fanatic claims he shows and proves when moves are made. ..smoking that stuff with the virgin drinking Remy Martin. ..rolling like Rob Ford...

A fanatic claims he shows and proves when moves are made..but now down to Plan Z...jokers were dipping through Atlanta in the Crown Victoria...smashing and grabbing stealing Virgin Remy!! robbing and stealing up in the Ford!!

Hectic / Chaotic is how reality will rock it...please!! it seems only the George Zimmerman types get justice or peace..but then the drama catches up with them..they'll get whats coming to them...

Disrespected...but to the heavenly father we stay connected..its rough out here! but  we fight back dropping this good word...O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them..


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lenny White / Climax: Theme For Astral Pirates

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out some classic jazz rock from Lenny White / Climax: Theme For Astral Pirates...from his The Adventures Of Astral Pirates  album. Check out the players and the track...

Raw Stylus – Pushing Against The Flow (Joey Negro Extended Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out some more soul jazz / house music  / acid jazz / inspirational  from Raw Stylus with Pushing Against The Flow (Joey Negro Extended Mix)..check it out...

I'm Over It PT.2

This brotha is letting it go!! damn!!  I guess you can say I'm over it! 

Breaking the cycle...history repeating?  its not my fault!!  I'm using the Sonic Assault to get over with! 

Breaking the Superman leaving the building per Michael Jordan.... I'm dodging Crossing Jordan types rocking some 23 Jumpman's!! whats up man?  back in the day my peeps were crossing the Nile! 

Breaking a little something off on a tangent;  damn it!!  warning shots were fired at the arch nemesis on the premises! but like the drone that hit the Navy ship the situation was foul!!

Breaking a little something off ...jokers were told to watch their tone!! they managed to get off some parting shots...they  might even hack the system like The Tea Party did! 

Its always something!! now its the Tea Party vs Duck Dynasty..why did jokers try to start with me? I tell them its not that kind of party!! but some said its all love! 

Were over it though...rising above it all; the whats up y'all? like the Maven Mars Mission were intergalactic with it!

 But drama is local national or international;  from the Fruitvale Station to the International Space Station...fanatics are even intergalactic with it! 

Drama was caused by those acting irrational!! they're playing games like they purchased PlayStation 4...but no weapons formed would work against me! 

This brotha is over it!!  at the end of the day?  I found out whose for or against me...

Pain and anguish? oh yeah!! they had it for me!! but were over it..we move on to the next...

Maintaining..thats danger zone business..why make the simple complex?  

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Utramagnetic MC's – Poppa Large

Digital Crate Digging Continues...still on some old school hip hop...checking out the Utramagnetic MC's  with Poppa Large.....Kool Keith and them!! 

This is the East Coast Mix produced by Da Beatminerz..check it out y'all !!

I'm Over It

This is how its going down!!  I'm using breakbeat science to get over with! 

This is how its going down!! the affect of past episodes has diminished...per Dr Phil I had to get over it! 

Now the real authentic is prevalent..I'm moving on ..but not to the other team like Timothy Geithner...I'm trying to be right with ya...even though its evident that there's no benevolence! 

Like the GOP vs Obamacare...jokers take it there..real authentic fanatics were all up in it!! I heard what was said!! check out the belligerence!

 Now some are still caught out there with substandard healthcare;  but  we continue to take it there! were real authentic with these mathematics!!  one of the weapons used in the ongoing spiritual warfare! 

...Plus the mothership is rolling!! from I-20 in Atlanta to out on Pluto and Mars..please!! were out there!! just  like the MAVEN launch..intergalactic funk was the by product after we went there! 

...Plus a brotha gets scientific!! dealing with the local national international  and intergalactic drama!! was I misbehaving because  my conduct is the rebuttal? 

Whats the deal with it? I was over in Decatur with it..dealing with real authentic monkey ass armchair quarterbacks!! ready to run a play....fresh out of the huddle! 

A brotha will do what he does; but opposition is met..I'm dealing  with a hater or two..I know forces are working against me!

...secret societies..secret entities..secret we deal with those and these..but I'm letting it go!!  I get over it!!  I already see whose for or  against me...

Jokers are crooks like JP Morgan with the mortgage fraud... that's why I get free and stay free!!  I'm getting over it!

 I'm Doing What I do!!  using this breakbeat science to get over with!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Babylon Warchild Feat Sadat X, Mr Merak, & C-Rayz Walz / The International

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out some so called underground hip hop from Babylon Warchild Feat Sadat X, Mr Merak, & C-Rayz Walz...with a cut called The International...worldwide y'all !!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Deep Soulful House DJ Mix by JaBig

Digital Crate Digging Continues..getting into some house music...riding out with this Deep Soulful House DJ Mix by JaBig

This brotha is known for putting it down! check out the playlist and the mix...
Deep Soulful House DJ Mix by JaBig Playlist Tracklisting:

Soul In Me Tojami Sessions

Smile (Shur-i-kan Future Vox) Mistura, Joey Negro, Kendra Cash

I'll Be Waitin' (Scott Wozniak Remix) Ayah

Fizzy Steve Mill

Luvin Daniel James

Warning (Rhemi Main Mix) Rhemi, Lynn Lockamy

When It Rains Outside Jon Cutler, Raffa Scoccia

Sending You My Love Nathan Adams

Learning to Love Me (The Zepherin Saint Tribe Vocal Mix) Charles Webster feat.Diviniti

Berlin Jako Diaz

I Feel Its Over (Phaze Dee Remix) Demarkus Lewis

No G Train Service Jon Cutler, Raffa Scoccia

Inside My Love Magic Eye

All Over The World Furry Phreaks Ft Terra Diva

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hazardous Material? What We Have Is Spiritual PT.2

Its going down!! O-Dizzle will break beats!! he'll bully them like he was Richie Incognito! 

Its going down!! whats the dizzle?  O-Zone will find out!! but usually laying in the cut!!  incognegro! 

Negro please!! that's what I tell Benjamin Carson and Herman Cain types that were talking out the side of their neck! 

We can't be at ease!! what were jokers starting? like Obamacare website attacks after Republican hacks / hijacks!!..but we respond with the Sonic Assault..damn!! what did these jokers expect? 

Jokers show no respect!! now they roll up in haz-mat suits!! saying this is poison like BBD said! 

But it wasn't about the honey it was about the money!! unless you were pimping like Toronto Mayor Rob Ford..whose on board? choose your poison and get to work!!  that's what old dude said! some are misled...waiting in the dark!! like Crocs they're played out..we dipped towards the light! 

What we have is spiritual..crooks thought this was hazardous we continue to drop this insight!

Like Palestinians talking about Israeli settlement expansion.. "y'all ain't right"  was heard from naysayers!!  they said this was hazardous material! 

But soon they'll be jumping and recognizing!! they'll see that this is spiritual!

We're humping like the middle of the week...which it is!! as I type this!!..I wrote it on the loose leaf at 9:10 on 11 /12 /13...

Beats are thumping plus this good word is dropped...hazardous material? naw ..what we have is spiritual..that's how its working..


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eddie Henderson ‎– Butterfly

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out Eddie Henderson ‎– with his version of Herbie Hancock's Butterfly. Mr Hancock even provides some keyboard help. 

This is from Mr. Henderson's  Mahal album.Check out the players and the track..

Monday, November 11, 2013

Warren G Ft Nate Dogg – Regulate

 Digital Crate Digging Continues…excuse me while I have another old school hip hop moment…checking out Warren G Ft Nate Dogg with their classic cut Regulate….

Warren G Ft Nate Dogg – Regulate | Whats Really Going On?

[NL Bass] Guest Mix ✖ Panda Mix Show

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out the [NL Bass] Guest Mix ✖ at the  Panda Mix Show

.....the anything goes night for this music continues....check out the playlist and the mix...

 ✖ Tracklisting ✖
00:00 - 1. Spag Heddy - Spunk Moovs
01:40 - 2. Spag Heddy - Overdose
03:20 - 3. Spag Heddy - Snuk Peasers
05:00 - 4. Spag Heddy - - Exclusive
06:40 - 5. Spag Heddy - Chewbacka
08:20 - 6. Spag Heddy - For This Moment
10:00 - 7. Hummz - Fly Away (Spag Heddy Remix)
11:40 - 8. Spag Heddy - Bunga!
13:20 - 9. Spag Heddy - Flying Monster
15:00 - 10. Spag Heddy - Ferocious
16:40 - 11. Nobody Beats The Drum - Blood On My Hands (Spag Heddy Remix)
18:20 - 12. Spag Heddy - RAGE
20:00 - 13. Spag Heddy - Emily May
21:40 - 14. Reid Speed X Proper Villains - We Love The Blunts (Spag Heddy Remix)
23:20 - 15. Bone N Skin - On Fire (Spag Heddy Remix)
25:00 - 16. Spag Heddy X DESH - Still Raggamuffin
26:40 - 17. Spag Heddy - - Exclusive
28:20 - 18. Spag Heddy - Mariposa


Solid Sessions – Janeiro (Armin Van Buuren Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...this seems like an anything goes day as far as the music is concerned..checking ou some deep house / trance from Solid Sessions with a cut called  Janeiro ..the  (Armin Van Buuren Mix) 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

King Curtis - A Whiter Shade of Pale

Sunday Jazz Continues..checking out saxophonist  King Curtis - with his version of Procol Harum 's A Whiter Shade of Pale..This was recorded in 1970  Live at the  Fillmore West in San Francisco

...organ player Billy Preston, bassist Jerry Jemmott, guitarist Cornell Dupree, Pancho Morales (percussion), drummer Bernard "Pretty" Purdie and The Memphis Horns helped him put it down..check it out!!

Jokers Still Haven't Learned Their Lesson!

Taking a look at things; damn!!  like Ted Cruz vs Jay Leno..I see some jokers still haven't learned their lessons! 

Taking a look at things!! It Wasn't Natural! some act ungrateful with what they have / earned; but God still blessed them! 

Like Bank of America / Countryside...a crook had things under control!! hateful!!  its not odd that the system stressed them and those! 

The Bible / rules book for the game mentioned it!  along with the old school Baptist preacher..they said the devil will oppose! 

The rules?  a crook broke those!!  check the Deliberate Falsehood;  some are soon facing a baptism of fire!! I suppose no long range plans were made! 

O-Dizzle? he got busy...hook lines and his own beats were used!!  check the Street Funk...check the sonic aggression as I get with them!!  will I bully them like Richie Incognito vs Jonathan Martin? its going down before the shot clock expires!! the funk is played!

 So whats the dizzle? I'm running things like Goodluck Jonathan; what was I on?  the sonic blackjack is swinging!! Oops Upside The Head per The Gap Band... the charade is rebuked!

 So whats the dizzle?  jokers claim this is hazardous Iran or North Korea is whats unfolding?  the spot might get nuked? 

So whats the dizzle? beauty I'm beholding along with the seems good and evil coincide..

So whats the dizzle? check the Call Of Duty....Ghost Protocol Mission Impossible type moves made when we ride..

We slide through the portal with these lesson plans per elementary school teachers..but its not Elementary Dear Watson per Sherlock Holmes!!

As we ride through the streets of Atlanta..dipping down I-20..whats up money? The Chronicles will tell the story...teaching jokers a lesson from Candler Rd in Decatur to the west side...over by Hamilton E Holmes...



Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dj XS 90mins Jazz, Old School Hip Hop & Funk Mix 2013

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this mix from Dj XS ..a 90mins Jazz, Old School Hip Hop & Funk Mix 2013...check out the playlist and the mix..

1. 3io - Eple Original
2. Hackney Colliery Band - No Diggity
3. Pete Rock - Reminisce (DJ T Rice XXL Vitamin C Edit)
4. Erik B & Rakim Paid In Full (Freqnik & WDRE Classy Mix)
5. Charles Bradley vs Eminem - Shake The World (CooBee Funk Mashup)
6. Busta Rhymes - Woo Haah (Dj Inko Remix)
7. Roast Beatz feat Mys Diggi - Pour Me
8. The Roots vs Poldoore - Don't Say Over U
9. Notorious Big - Mo Money, Mo Problems (Coobee Funk Remix)
10. Funk The System - Terapeutica Do Grito (Funk The System Remix)
11. Illbilly Hitec - Bad Boy Bass
12. Pecoe - Another One Bites The Dust
14. Funk Ferret - Whole Loada Shizzle
15. Doctor Hooka - Lush Life (I LIke It)
16. Ed Wizard, Disco Double Dee - Power Of Funk
17. The Funk Hunters - Soul Man
18. Chudy - Say It
19. Big Bird - Lose Control
20. Fergie vs Tom Tom Club Genius of London
21. Aretha Franklin-Get It Right (SteEdgeEdit)
22. Timothy Wisdom - Up N Down
23. Slynk - Hey You
24. Discothèque - Disco Special - (Funk Ferret Edit0
25. ShurIKan - I Like It
26. Direct Current - Nothing Can Stop Us (The Apple Scruffs Edit)
27. Mr Confuse - The Groove Merchant (Uptown Felaz Remix)
28. RHCP vs. The Doors - Give It L.A. (pomDeter - Mashup)
29. Funkanomics - Keep On Dancing

30. Peggy Lee & Ludacris - Hallelujah (C@ in the H@)
31. Minimatic - ABC (Jacksons5 under the volcano)

Jerry Bouthier - 100% JBAG Kitsuné Soleil mixtape

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out this mixtape from one of the top DJ's in the world...London's by way of Paris ...Jerry Bouthier -bringing  the 100% JBAG Kitsuné Soleil mixtape....check out the playlist and the mix...

JBAG ‘Mogadisco’
Kamp! ‘Cairo (JBAG remix)’
Housse de Racket ‘Château (JBAG remix)’
Reflex ‘Wavering (JBAG remix)’
Two Door Cinema Club ‘Next Year (JBAG remix)’
Arnaud Rebotini ‘Another Time, Another Place (JBAG remix)’
Shindu ‘happy House (JBAG remix)’
Fancy ‘69 (JBAG remix)’
Ladyhwake ‘My Delirium (JBAG remix)’
Jupiter ‘Starlighter (JBAG remix)’
Gigamesh ‘Your Body (JBAG remix)’
Punks Jump Up ‘Get Down (JBAG remix)’
RÜFÜS ‘This Summer (JBAG remix)’
Bunny Lake ‘Army Of Lovers (JBAG remix)’
JBAG ft Louise Prey ‘X-Ray Sex’

JBAG is Jerry Bouthier and Andrea Gorgerino, enjoy!

Friday, November 8, 2013

DJ Rodriguez – Maestro's Theme

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some of this jazz funk / soul jazz  with a hip hop feel to it from DJ Rodriguez with a cut called Maestro's Theme..nice!! check it out y'all !!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

All Up In The Spot / We're Still Here

Once again its on!!  were all up in the spot!! were still here! 

Going through our own rites and rituals down here in the ATL ....oh yeah!! like Obama apologizing for Obamacare issues coping strategies like shootings by Detroit gangsters the habitual criminals were still here! 

The fresh view / fresh vision is clear!!  now we go there..even though the weather is cloudy like Al Roker talked about! 

Some acted brand new like Rob Ford...or talking the other way like Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood at the CMAs .. they  thought were funky fresh in the flesh!!  but we found out they're  just a foul joker that stalked about! 

Some acted brand new!! now "white chalked out" happened around the Uranus Pluto Square! 

Some acted like they knew like Richie Incognito!! next thing I knew they were caught out there!

Caught up in the system / matrix!! damn!!  now incognegro..they're going through the motions! 

Caught up!!  did the architect from the matrix plan it?  some are cold!!  they're through showing emotions! 

We unleash the Sonic Assault up in this piece!! bold!!  showing were not through!!  we had notions! 

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position!! in the  Booker T and The MG's type melting pot we were brewing elixirs and potions! the lotions aided during the ashy to classy transition / transformation! 

All up in the spot!! were still here!!  were on a mission!! were intergalactic with it...on a mission!!  the mothership provided the transportation!

Ultra Naté – Free

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out house music queen Ultra Naté with a tracked called Free   (Mood II Swing Vocal Mix) check it out y'all !!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mantronix – Bassline

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Flashback Friday!! We're checking out this classic hip hop track from Mantronix called Bassline .. Check it out y'all !! 

Lloyd Banks F.N.O. (Failure's No Option)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some hip hop from this veteran in the game Lloyd Banks with his mixtape  F.N.O. (Failure's No Option) ...hosted by DJ Drama..

Vado, Styles P , Raekwon and others stop by to help him. Its courtesy of DatPiff..check it out...


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The No Where To Hide Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues...Whose swimming in the deep water? ...out there in the ocean with the sharks and piranhas....bear witness to what drama is...check out O-Dog's No Where To Hide Mix

Monday, November 4, 2013

Gary Bartz ‎– Love Tones

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this classic Gary Bartz ‎–with his track Love Tones from his album The Shadow Do.

The sound has a Donald Byrdish  style to it!! Thats because it was  Produced by .. Larry And Fonce Mizell ...known for their work with Mr Byrd. Check out the players and the track...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Black Jazz Consortium ‎– Deep Love

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out the   Black Jazz Consortium ‎– with a track called Deep Love..from their Structure album.

Charge It To The Game!!

Its going down!! I guess you can say God's will is done!! so charge it to the game! 

Its going down!! check the karma...some will get whats coming to them!!... any credibility?  can you charge it in your name? 

Bills will alarm ya!!  Visa, Master Card;  one Discovers that its rough out here! 

...Per the Sonic Assault and WordPress version!! check me out... The Brotha O-Zone is out here swerving!! I can bear witness!!  its rough out here! 

But we go there!! out there in the danger zone !! Dekalb County Police set up roadblocks...overseas UN weapons inspectors look for nukes and chemicals! 

But we go there!! we noticed some are restrained like the pitbull on the chain in my neighbor's backyard!!  but O-Zone jukes like Barry Sanders since I'm rocking the number 20 throwback..I go back!! dropping these subliminals! 

Charge it to the game?  I grew up with criminals!!  due to socio-economic factors they were rolling on that Plan Z strategy.

Rolling in Dodge Chargers targeted by Metro Atlanta police!! realizing what the deal will be?

 It'll be a Nathan Shady Deal!!  also manipulated by the GOP hacking healthcare. were told to charge it to the game! 

But lets be real!! the way this economy is;  who can charge it in their name?

Whose in charge? who can you blame?   please!! was security lax..per LAX?

Losing? winning? charge it to the game! word from this veteran in the game now coaching...wishing it was simple...but I see its complex....