Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stressed Out Due To The Information Overload PT.2

The strands of information were coming in too fast!! now some are stressed like Thanksgiving Day travelers on the East Coast due to the inclement weather...check the information overload! 

Others were stuffed like Thanksgiving Day turkeys...who will work with these? I mentioned being in transition / transformation mode..but understand...a few days ago it was 70 degrees in Atlanta in I was over dressed; in winter / fall mode! 

Today? its whats up? damn!! the mothership lands me on this forsaken planet!!  I'm dealing with these earthlings / jive turkeys..but  usually intergalactic! 

But a brotha gets scientific like Comet ISON dipping into a solar storm...this science is not the norm..information overload? over their heads when dealing with a fanatic?

These mathematics just might be over their heads;  I see their temperature rising..its not surprising! 

...Per the Quincy Jones Body Heat  joint;  sampled by Mobb Deep  on Temperatures me and my mob creep with the Nat Turner type uprising! 

When I use these tones?  I know I'm not anointed!! not surprising me!! but I stay in this mode!

 You'll get used in these zones!! like waiting on Assad to step down in Syria...soon disappointed..but you should have known the code! 

Was it information overload?  too much at one time?  some was rejected..we did it to ourselves! 

But now in transition / transformation..going on with our bad selves!

Going on with our bad selves..pulling funk off of typing in this good word...

Others were stressed out...said we put this hot mess out...just call me the hot messenger...similar to Tony over in the hood...hyping it up..claiming he has the good herb... 

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