Thursday, November 7, 2013

All Up In The Spot / We're Still Here

Once again its on!!  were all up in the spot!! were still here! 

Going through our own rites and rituals down here in the ATL ....oh yeah!! like Obama apologizing for Obamacare issues coping strategies like shootings by Detroit gangsters the habitual criminals were still here! 

The fresh view / fresh vision is clear!!  now we go there..even though the weather is cloudy like Al Roker talked about! 

Some acted brand new like Rob Ford...or talking the other way like Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood at the CMAs .. they  thought were funky fresh in the flesh!!  but we found out they're  just a foul joker that stalked about! 

Some acted brand new!! now "white chalked out" happened around the Uranus Pluto Square! 

Some acted like they knew like Richie Incognito!! next thing I knew they were caught out there!

Caught up in the system / matrix!! damn!!  now incognegro..they're going through the motions! 

Caught up!!  did the architect from the matrix plan it?  some are cold!!  they're through showing emotions! 

We unleash the Sonic Assault up in this piece!! bold!!  showing were not through!!  we had notions! 

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position!! in the  Booker T and The MG's type melting pot we were brewing elixirs and potions! the lotions aided during the ashy to classy transition / transformation! 

All up in the spot!! were still here!!  were on a mission!! were intergalactic with it...on a mission!!  the mothership provided the transportation!

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