Thursday, November 28, 2013

All Up In The Spot / An Unwilling Participant

I'm all up in spot!! already here!! actually always there like Ronnie Laws! 

Word from the hot messenger as I go there!! but its rough out here; plus haters accent my flaws! 

Please!! some were trying to re-write history like Putin in Russia..I even felt the pressure!! a bruh claws his way through the muck created by these muckrakers! 

Straws that broke the camels back were spotted in these warehouses..all up in the spot!! some are disputing the truth..but I didn't fool with those fakers! 

They're rolling like Los Angeles Lakers without Kobe Bryant..but his contract was extended...meanwhile I remained defiant..Sonic
Assaults are unleashed!

.....Oops upside the head with the blackjack!!  but Gap Band style!! word from a Louisville Slugger!! some will get whats coming to
them!! after they beseeched!

We even reached the dread!! Jesse Ventura used his line...he said don't start the revolution without him! 

I rock the baldy with the persona of a dread!! word from the brotha!!  but during this venture / evolution?  some will doubt him! 

All up in the spot!! can they do without him?  please!! they weren't
even checking for me! 

...unless there's a hot mess for him to clean up!! I see they're disrespecting me!

Not expecting me to go along with the program? they just might be the US, Japan and South Korea testing the Chinese air defense zone I'm an unwilling participant..

All up in the spot...the block is hot...stormtroopers, plus the thought and fashion police were posted I'll just go along with the program for a minute..

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