Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hazardous Material? What We Have Is Spiritual PT.2

Its going down!! O-Dizzle will break beats!! he'll bully them like he was Richie Incognito! 

Its going down!! whats the dizzle?  O-Zone will find out!! but usually laying in the cut!!  incognegro! 

Negro please!! that's what I tell Benjamin Carson and Herman Cain types that were talking out the side of their neck! 

We can't be at ease!! what were jokers starting? like Obamacare website attacks after Republican hacks / hijacks!!..but we respond with the Sonic Assault..damn!! what did these jokers expect? 

Jokers show no respect!! now they roll up in haz-mat suits!! saying this is poison like BBD said! 

But it wasn't about the honey it was about the money!! unless you were pimping like Toronto Mayor Rob Ford..whose on board? choose your poison and get to work!!  that's what old dude said! some are misled...waiting in the dark!! like Crocs they're played out..we dipped towards the light! 

What we have is spiritual..crooks thought this was hazardous we continue to drop this insight!

Like Palestinians talking about Israeli settlement expansion.. "y'all ain't right"  was heard from naysayers!!  they said this was hazardous material! 

But soon they'll be jumping and recognizing!! they'll see that this is spiritual!

We're humping like the middle of the week...which it is!! as I type this!!..I wrote it on the loose leaf at 9:10 on 11 /12 /13...

Beats are thumping plus this good word is dropped...hazardous material? naw ..what we have is spiritual..that's how its working..


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