Sunday, November 28, 2010

Readers Respond: Backlash Over Bishop Eddie Long Gospel Today Cover - BV Buzz

Gospel Today recieves backlash for having Bishop Eddie Long on the cover..

Readers Respond: Backlash Over Bishop Eddie Long Gospel Today Cover - BV Buzz

The Transcend and Transform Mix

..last mix from the holiday weekend mix series...when we get to the Thanksgiving / Christamas season that means the year is almost over...I don't know your perspective but 2010 has been a rough year!! we went through a lot of changes...but they can be blessings in gives a chance to Transcend and Transform!! check this out!!

The Transcend and Transform Mix

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Coming Out Fresh Mix

holiday weekend mixes continue..

Coming Out Fresh Mix

What's The Alternative?

Heard what was said..saw what was done..I was looking for alternatives.

So called warm souls were left out in the cold..just like the Atlanta weather was today..even home boy from Somali couldn't work with this!!

Thanksgiving Holiday I observed this and that..I slipped through worm holes, portals...I was even slipping through reflecting.

The November 21 Full moon a blue moon? it has me on the pinky and the brain world takeover thing!! had to admit I'm plotting and scheming!

But I told some I'm not!! but I do dream things will soon's destiny.

In this world youve got to be strong..can't let things get the best of me!

Even though there's no rest for me..a Midwest brotha chilling down here in Atlanta.

Drama is like Rio De Janeiro's
..but these wannabe macks and divas were shoveling snow like they're in Canada.

Some will even test North Korea testing South Korea..they told me we don't understand ya!!they tried to give me a earful!

Some are hyper about Cyber Monday...please!! I always have the Monday morning blahs..while they were acting cheerful!

All up in the spot!! there were beer filled mugs..wings were hot..laughter was was boisterous.

All up in the spot!! smoked out like Willie Nelson!! another old cat sings the blues..because of Monday's Blue Moon? he had the math..scientific!! just like mold due to moisture is!

Choosing your poison was the assignment!! I was looking for an alternative.

Most brothas are parallel dimension dwellas!! we learned how to work it.

Found out what's real and whats worthless..even had to visit the service desk.

We did the the mothership gets good mileage!! found out what the alternative is!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dipping Through !! Still On That Other Other Format...

Damn!! the other other format is dominate!! even though I operate on other channels.

A brotha can feel the wannabe pot smokers feel the K2..even the fashion police are mad!! because I'm in khaki and flannels.

Surviving the lions dens like Daniel's story in the bible..whose held liable?

Surviving..another looks through the lens.. said the operation is not viable.

Others arriving..lying to a bro!! had me do do running away like the Roy Ayers song.

...Or Running like the Billy Cobham joint ...what's the deal? I wasn't anointed..they ask me what I'm on!

I refused to be a clone..there were already enough of them caught out in the rain.

What it do? what was I on? I cruised down I-20 in the A-Town in The Buick Regal listening to WCLK...playing Clifford Jordan's John Coltrane.
Was I in the Twilight Zone?...cousin was rocking polyester and a jheri curl..but I'm rocking the baldy..didnt invest in Rogaine it is what it is!

Already told you I had the personna of a dread..handling rastafarian business!

One step ahead of a nefarious is Sagittarius son!! Mars and Mercury visiting..whose spreading ignorance? had the family waiting in the dark.

Various ways and means like congressional committees!! pity parties one will spark.

By any means necessary!! the slogan attributed to Malcolm thats the coping strategy.

Wasn't receptive to the prosecutions motion..had a notion when they holla at me!

No emotion shown!! but still defying gravity..flying like Steve Miller's eagle.

Promotions and commotions are ongoing!! dipping through in the Cut Dog or the Buick Regal.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Erin Barry Broke Up Tony Parker, Eva Longoria Marriage, Caused Divorce | News One

Erin Barry Broke Up Tony Parker, Eva Longoria Marriage, Caused Divorce | News One

Soaking Up Scorpio Sun Rays....The Last Day...

Scorpio suns rays are soaked up..they'll be gone in a couple of days.

This son of God prays!! plus in discrete cloaking devices show instant replays?

The official said the play "stands as it was called" on the we're charged a time first down.

Chilling for a minute..usually in it to win I'm sitting in the stands...others were getting screened..whose the first to get down?

Trying to get over like Curtis Mayfield said in the song..but is exhibiting hunger and thirst wrong? society played a bruh like a clown!

Trying to get over the hump like the middle of the week..winning or losing streak? under scrutiny like North Korea..but my arsenal is full of sound..

As I get down!!! came through with the Barry Sanders throwback jersey on!!

Dipping through like he did!! but knew the blocking was weak..the case of the worst scenario was on!

But the flavor burst will occur!! O-Dog has a thousand cuts and samples..similar to Al Qaeda..but no harm done..when the bass, treble, and tone are adjusted.

Doing me a favor? ha ha that's funny!! next thing you know there's the funeral ...Willie Watkins brought the the horse carriage out..with the hearst ...these folks cant be trusted!

Behavior is ill!! the structure is's about to fall apart.

Who'll enslave ya? the apparatus will!! you know these folk don't have a heart!

Whose playing a part? a lot of collaboraters just out for the extra cheese!! they'll sell others out.

The saga /struggle continues!! like fighting an old school heavyweight championship bout!

Without a doubt!! it seems like Ali vs Foreman..a rerun of the rumble in the jungle.

Dipping through the babylon wilderness in the hooptie..with the Barry Sanders throwback on...trying not to fumble.

Damn!! Admitting I did stumble..fell off like Charles Rangel? but I got back up!

Energized by the scorpion sun rays...enjoying the last couple of days..thats whatsup!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Posted Up

Posted up like Dwight Howard..but I have more than the basic moves.

Brand new funk posted up at the podcast..similar to atom smashing at the Large Hadron Collider...more than the basic grooves.

A brotha proves things to himself and hopefully others..principles are universal.

Another was fronting!! said they're rolling with the called masters of the universe..but we're seeing how that goes.

....Good luck with that!! that's what I told them!! bearing witness to the results.

Whose corrupt with that? rolling with Illuminatti.skull and bones..and other cults!

Erroneous information from Cincinatti to Old Natti in College Park, Georgia led to a waste of time and money.

Drama kings and queens were acting up!! from Kandahar to Johannesburg..from Newburg to Charlotte Mecklenburg!! problems were physical!! mental!! reflecting on how they felt emotionally.

So called royalty was not deferred to!! nobody heard you!! situations get hijacked like China did the internet..some felt we needed to go along with their program.

But O-Dog was dropping the brand new funk..wasn't really feeling the slow jam.

Whatcha know man? that was some Dramatics or Stylistics playa playa type stuff.

Stacy Adams shoes and polyester slacks!! wide brimmed hat!! listening to Roger and Zapp So Ruff So Tuff!

In the ATL? suburban kids were rolling to the cop heroin.

Whatcha working with? mentioned Tina Turner saying we didn't need a hero!! not again!

But once again it's on!! Im posted up like a back in the day Shaq.

O-Zone came back with the good word..O-Dog came with the funky track!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon - Kush |

Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon - Kush | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Tony Parker Cheating | Hello Beautiful

Tony Parker gets caught out there....playa playa!!

Tony Parker Cheating | Hello Beautiful

Going Off With Mine...

No justice no peace is the slogan!! I borrow it from Rev Al Sharpton.

He borrowed it from John Lewis..and the other 60's model civil rights movement pioneers !! so what you starting?

Whose voting for Sarah Palin in 2012? you might be playing a part in the ongoing conspiracy!

Posted up..but I wasn't staying..we proceed and continue..freedom is out top priority!

The drama doesn't stop!! as I ride through the territory in the hooptie!! ignored the GM IPO...I'm not paying these corporations for a new vehicle!!

In this territory they played my people sideways!! glances reveal the true feelings..a lot of things I see through!

You really can't be you!! word from Bow Wow!! what I see appears to be programmed.

Act like you knew!! O-Dog dropped funk!! he never slow jammed.

Web sites were hacked!! spammed like The Carnival Splendor!! ...I had to shut them down and relocate.

...Me selling Viagra and penis enlargement pills? it's not my style!! told them don't hate.

Listening to Blue Nile by Alice Coltrane on 91.9 WCLK in Atlanta..hating the fast and slow lane on the Interstate I took Memorial Drive and Candler Road..the side streets.

Whatcha know man? didn't have $80,000 for my baby to hide in her bra and panties like Jack Johnson's wife up in Maryland!! I maintain..the wrong button? alt shifts deletes!

A bruh defeats the enemy!! I hit the reset product of being in the lab like Dr. Frankenstein! now on some other other.

Down here in Atlanta..home of wannabe macks and divas..friends and stranger like Ronnie Laws..or even lovers.

Stranded in Afghanistan beyond 2015?...a non believer soon discovers that things can jump off anyplace and anytime!!

.....over or under achiever? this brotha is going off with mine!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bobby Tillman, Fatal Party Brawl Victim Laid To Rest | News One

Bobby Tillman, Fatal Party Brawl Victim Laid To Rest | News One

I Didn't Fool With Them...

They didnt know how to play a brotha...because usually I didn't fool with them.

Already knew the play!! a veteran now coaching like Phil this the last stand? noticed jokers were asleep in class!! I went to school with them.

They were letting haters creep up on their ass!! slapping them around like Pac Man matrix glitches interfered!

Admitting I was laying in the cut..didn't like how things were going down!! but like Cam Newton I did make moves while haters loathed and feared!

A bruh steered the hooptie through Babylon!! Manny Moe and Jack couldn't fix it!! any advances made?

The coast wasn't cleared!! even though The Carnival Splendor made it home but sideways glances are returned to sender like the Elvis song..they exposed the charade!

Defendents weren't cleared due to overwhelming evidence!! I didn't brag or boast..I pleaded the fifth..that's how the game is played!

Others were toast!! Burn Notices recieved like Michael Weston caught up in the game..they'll get played!

Comedians will roast ya like it's Comedy'll be played like a joke!

Impeding this progress!! caught up in the dragnet..or at party central in the smoke filled room..taking a toke!

Meanwhile I'm planting..seeding..secret gardens soon bearing fruit..I was taking a joke personal.

Check the style..the funk is dropped...along with the good word..who will work with a bro?

Professional...or mechanics can be shadetree or what's up?

What's up with ya? a bruh is not fooling with the corrupt!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jay-Z Welcomes Jay Electronica To Roc Nation [VIDEO] |

Jay-Z Welcomes Jay Electronica To Roc Nation [VIDEO] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Listen To Kanye West's Album Before It Comes Out! [AUDIO]

per 107.5 Columbus,Ohio...check out Kanye West's new album before it comes out!!

Listen To Kanye West's Album Before It Comes Out! [AUDIO] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Heard Them Laughing...But Nothing Was Funny..

I heard a bunch of jokers laughing!! but not a damn thing is funny!

G-20 and Wall Street brokers had the game twisted!! I'm asking..where's the money?

What's up with me? spiritual warfare is going down!! did we need a G-Unit reunion? I acting like a brand new one? please!! I had to cover for some.

Now what's the deally? playing me like I'm nothing!! there was no love from them!

Thats whatsup with them!! I analyzed the sideways glances was like moderate Democrats vs Nancy Pelosi..there's no trust!

But a brotha makes advances..taking chances..going out there on it's written on the God We Trust!

Showing a sense of urgency..a brotha didn't like the way episodes unfolded.

It's a state of's like NATO under attack in Afghanistan..things can get ugly..but beauty is beholded.

But God doesn't like ugly!! how cold will it get? some will find out!

It's not odd for karmic repercussions to occur!! didn't know? some will soon find out!

My squad comes equipped with percussions and the good word..we didn't blow our minds out!

..This time like the Delfonics..the Sonic Assaults disturbed the time out!

Now the game is ongoing..whatcha knowing? our response is to keep it moving forward..never backwards.

Not a damn thing is funny!! this is not Comedy Central or the new Conan O'Brien show this is not how that works.

An O-Dog track works like a dangerous we continue to drop messages.

Not going back!! as we proceed an continue!! during these updated middle passages.

....Not going back...supersized and upgraded imagination stretches are ignored.

Heard the laughter..but nothing is funny..we proceed and continue..sonic troopers are deployed!

The Miami Heat: Are They To Be Feared Anymore? | News One

kinda premature to count the Miami Heat Out!!

The Miami Heat: Are They To Be Feared Anymore? | News One

Friday, November 12, 2010

McNabb Benching Raises the Race Issue

bad performances or lack of the nation has in the other black quarterback Obama?

McNabb Benching Raises the Race Issue

Buju Banton Released From Prison [Breaking News] | News One

Buju Banton Released From Prison [Breaking News] | News One

I Thought They Were Rolling...

I thought they were rolling!! but they caused a traffic jam on I-285.

...In Atlanta..moving sucker slow or going with the flow? either way, it's all the way live!!

....Like the joint by the fake slide like this and like that!!

Took a break...I had to slide off the set...proceed..quit or forfiet? the voyage was rough like Carnival's Splendor.. but I came right back!

Admitted I had to pump brakes for a minute!!! Georgia state troopers set up roadblocks.

Sonny Perdue and them were tripping!! it wasn't like Frank Perdue's chicken.. the hustle one knocks.

Passed the baton to Nathan Deal..a shady deal? these folks in Georgia get what they deserve!!

Or getting played like that Republican Michael Steele..the Brotha O is knowing the deal!! we proceed and continue!! down I-20 in Atlanta...a bruh will swerve.

Democrats in Georgia in need of diversity?...I'm still observing the scene...noticed a lot of enemy collaborators.

Whose telling what's heard and seen? then trying to call us haters!

But were serving them like waiters..they'll get Sonic Assaulted!

How were we working it? winning like Atlanta Falcons!! they'll get hit up by the steady bombardment.

Wanted no part of it!! their will lead to the downfall of my people.

Already in the heart of it!! peeping game..a lot of things I can see through!

Told some I see them!! wouldn't want to be them!! situations get monitored.

But these brothas will come up..with a global footprint like Obama...ignore that's are response to it.

The technician response to it..he said files need to be updated.

Actually styles should be updated...knowing how things in a corrupt state will get!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kanye West's "Today Show" Interview [VIDEO] | Hello Beautiful

matt lauer tries to front on kanye on the today show

Kanye West's "Today Show" Interview [VIDEO] | Hello Beautiful

Michael Jackson's Estate Issues Statement Surrounding Authenticity Of "Breaking News"

Michael Jackson's Estate Issues Statement Surrounding Authenticity Of "Breaking News" | HotSpotATL - Hot 107.9 Atlanta's Home for the Hip-Hop Community

For Colored Girls Is Not A Male Bashing Film | News One

here's another view

For Colored Girls Is Not A Male Bashing Film | News One

For Colored Girls: The Demonization of Black Men | News One

for colored girls only....more black male bashing?

For Colored Girls: The Demonization of Black Men | News One

All Up In The Spot...The Scene Of The Crime...

Back at the scene of the's like James Bond..situations are cloak and dagger.

Going for mine!! situations? soaking up Scorpion Sun Rays that will enhance my swagger!

All up in the spot!! eating Spam and pop tarts on The Carnival Splendor..who has the dagger or burner? somebody will take a loss.

All up in the spot!! it's hot easy to get burned warming? word from John Shimkus? get ready for Genesis? were surrounded by barbarism and chaos

All up in the spot!! didn't front, fake or floss!! actually I'm not in sync!

...with this world..Ive seen the drama unfurl..from the ATL to happened in a blink!

...of the eye..why ask why? the brink of disaster is upon us!

What's the deal? it's way too real!! Maliki still in power? what it do? I can't lie!! I had to think faster!! it's on us!

What's the deal? haters said I'd get a bonus...or maybe a blessing!

All I had to do was chill with them!! but these jokers keep stressing!

They want me to keep second guessing!! word from G-20? the money is still funny.. based on rules, regulations ,procedures and guidelines.

Please!! it's all about freedom!! rebuking the confusion and frustration...this brotha will ride for mine!

I see them...wouldn't want to be them..even though they said they already had liberty!

Noticed they were like planes at Hartsfield Jackson Airport..the system has them coming and matter where the database will be!

The dollars they chase will be the factor..masters and visa cards are tracked.

Just like called masters of the universe say they macked!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The "Wheelchair Shawty" Song & Dance Takes Hip-Hop To New Lows [WTF?]

...wheelchair shawty? what the what?

The "Wheelchair Shawty" Song & Dance Takes Hip-Hop To New Lows [WTF?] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Soaking Up Scorpio Sun Rays...

Solar energy is soaked up enhanced by the Sun's Scorpio position.

Whatcha know about this science? based on broken beats and's what were giving!

How you living? can't ask is not easy!! but it can still be great!

...heard the cliche..of course things will be messy..some can relate!

This is how we play it..had to regurgitate it!! now epiphanies are on the clearance rack.

Dropping it like it's hot!! like Wiki Leaks...but no security clearance is needed for that!

Stroking like Clarence Carter!! ..just rode by Strokers over here off of Ponce De Leon.

Not joking with these jokers!! this is not Comedy Central or Conan O'Brien.. it's revolutionary!! my response to the madness!! this is what I'm on!

In this zone? no justice no peace came to mind!! after I saw how things went down!

A clone perpetrates injustice..just to accent didn't see the way it went down?

What are we on? this is what is meant by funk...the bass, treble and tone is we fight back with the sound.

Trouble caused when we bring this Sonic Assault? missile launch near Los Angeles ..steady bombardment of the enemy position is how we get down!

...based on being found behind enemy lines..this is our Call To Duty!! .now biting the hands that feed us!

Based on secret knowledge that was found..they said they didnt need us!

Caught trying to feed us food and drink that was contaminated.

..As I flow down the stream of consciousness..on the brink of disaster..the ghetto pass is laminated!

Damned if we do or don't..things will run smoother..faster once we put in our offense in like the Miami Heat..

Who said I won't soak up Scorpio Sun Rays..I'm energized..when I'm feeling the heat...

Monday, November 1, 2010

MC Hammer Drops Jay-Z Diss 'Better Run Run'

...per Daily News - : MC Hammer Drops Jay-Z Diss 'Better Run Run'

President Obama On Rickey Smiley [EXCLUSIVE] | HotSpotATL - Hot 107.9 Atlanta's Home for the Hip-Hop Community

President Obama on the Ricky Smiley Show

President Obama On Rickey Smiley [EXCLUSIVE] | HotSpotATL - Hot 107.9 Atlanta's Home for the Hip-Hop Community

T.I Speaks For First Time Since Sentence

T.I. on Ricky Smiley

T.I Speaks For First Time Since Sentence | HotSpotATL - Hot 107.9 Atlanta's Home for the Hip-Hop Community

In The Meantime and Between Time..From Then Until Now!!

Back in the the backwoods of Kentucky..the gambling spot was in a trailer.

Backwoods in the air...brown Kentucky liqour was drunk..dice slap the table in blackjack games..listening to James Brown Brand New Funk as it plays in the background..what I write is more than a movie trailer.

Back in the day when Maurice Lucas was with The Portland Trailblazers..R.I.P..I was back in those hoods...Newburg..West End Louisville..more than a failure? big homie said I needed to get gone!

...Back in those down here in ATL..something to tell ya!! didnt forget what's going on!

..Word from Marvin Gaye!! plus that's the name of a brotha's blog!

Let the music play like Barry White!! the soundtrack for overcoming the smoke and fog!

..A brothas muse is at play! at work! insight is provided this is no joke dog!

..The system will use and we continue to ride!! broken beats are provided by O-Dog.

Broken english from the Captains log is provided by the Brotha O-Zone.

Fiends have gotten crazy from Newburg to Charlotte Mecklenburg!! from Palestine to Yemen and on over to Johannesburg the whole world is a danger zone.

It's on!! remembered homie rocked the baldy like Isaac Hayes..a back in the day Rick Ross.

Rolling down Broadway in Louisville in the Caddie Sedan Deville from Brown Bros..he was the boss!

Rolling!!! other homies played the Olds 98 or the Buick duece and a quarter.

Brothas gonna work it out like Willie Hutch!!! but it might go down til the last quarter.