Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not Playing Games With Them...PT.3

dealing with karmic repercussions

Karmic repercussions; cosmos playing tricks? God's will is done?

Not playing games with them..the small army rolls up with a brotha kicks breakbeat science..once again it's on.!

Part of the conspiracy? paranoia comes with the territory? did my e-mail messages leak? what it do? acting like I knew..dangerous minds are on that ego trip again!

Plus the pity party is jumping!!! long lines around the block!! folks waiting to get in!

Get in where you fit in!! jumping the fence?..greener grass spotted?

Found out it was astro turf! no bus route to the moon? still using the train of thought..jumping to conclusions? plus haters schemed and plotted.

Astro turf wars fought in the galaxies? bullets..economics?..US..China..Russia.France...India.

Chilling! scientist simulate my turf...found out beyond Mars, Pluto, now on earth; going for what I know...brought funk back! especially after I felt the pressure! from a negative message sender.

O-Dog is a message sender; songs are used; pianos, plus other beats are drummed up.

O-Zone slides through passages and portals; consequences get summed up.

What's up? felt the playing against Louisvlle or Arkansas back in the day.

Nolan Richardson 48 minutes of hell? similar to the devil back in the way.

Karmic repercussions! those on top could just break and won't be eating tomorrow.

Science dropped in these rebuke the pain and sorrow.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not Playing Games With Them PT.2

Didn't have time to play games with them; this is not Toys R Us.

I was trying to chill; but for brothas? no peace and justice.

Where's the bus? thrown "down under" like Australia..what else can I tell ya?

What's up cuz is what they asked me? vehicles will get jacked like pirates do ships over in Somalia.

Usually laying in the cut; questions answer themselves..for those looking for the answer.

Usually praying for the corrupt; even though they try to defame my character.

But told them..I'm not playing games with ya!!! but I see them racking up points..all I can do is salute.

Told you...I'm keeping a low profile..not up in the middle of the dispute.

Getting funky fresh in the flesh..cute with it...but street coded.

Old school...coming out fresh with a brand new batch..funk moded.

Old school like at the Club Excelsior up in Charlotte on Beatties Ford Road.

Old fool spotted..drunk up in the spot! left in the deuce and a quarter..a player from the Himalayas...not melting? global warning? even Bin Laden's mad about it..but it's still so cold.

Old rule followed by O-Dog; basic street funk used by a's like that.

In spiritual warfare the Sonic Assault is used as a weapon; that's how we fight that.

Left..but came right back..said I was acting random..with a little extra.

Please! not playing games! random thoughts are we get with ya.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Not Playing Games With Them..

Didn't have time to play games with them ;no time for the hide and seek.

Shady like Grady is how the games are; for freedom? a brotha will ride and seek.

Naysayers say the outlook is bleak; that's their state of the union; sometimes I even wonder.

Dealing with a bunch of crooks; no love like family reunions...then theres a bus I'm thrown under.

Short school bus? Marta bus? Greyhound? it doesn't matter; they'll run over us.

Short dog from the old school will play the sound; retro futuristic mystic moving's not over for us.

At least not yet..haters want us to quit or forfiet...but the train of thought is rolling.

One step ahead of Suburbans with blacked out windows; authorities think they're soul controlling.

Whose working? companies are going under like Australia..employment rate is sky high.

Whose hurting? Michael Jackson gone!! back in the day he sang Never Can Say Goodbye!

All up in the action! politicians told a good lie!! some believed it.

All up in the action! some chase the American Dream: decieved by it.

Not trying to play games with them; they should be relieved by it ..because I play to win.

Not trying to accept the blame; we put it down, once again.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What It Is? What It Isn't PT.2

What it is? what it isn't...what's the state of the union? how are we trying to call it?

Misery loves company! some are even looking for somebody to fall with.

Others look for somebody to ball with; wannabe macks and divas swerving through the streets of Atlanta!!

Brothas like me know what it is or isn't; but they told me "we don't understand ya"

Others told me we can't stand ya!! they said I was acting either random, extra or even nonchalant like I didn't care.

Random Thoughts are expressed..Sonic Assaults unleashed..told them I knew what it is and isn't; in love or war? nothing was fair.

....Especially with the frontline spiritual warfare business that's going down.

Me and O-Dog lay low in the bunker; Transmitting Live! throwing down.

Processes were slowing down; Toyotas recalled...what it is? Ford is trying to play games...who has their hand on the dial, switch, or button?

Processes are contaminated; some get foul; they hated; some snitch; another was a punishment glutton.

Some were late with it! then fools rushed in! but it was poison like Bell Biv and Devoe.

Poisons introduced by a slick Russian from the FSB; even poison holy water drunk in whatcha know?

Whatcha trying to grow in secret gardens they asked this bro?

Said I was acting like a secret squirrel; because I went for what I know.

Already knew what it is and what it isn't; recognized the pattern.

These days I keep moving; Intergalactic out beyond Mars and Saturn.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What It Is? What It Isn't...

What it is? what it isn't...Arenas and Crittenton bear witness.. they told me it was void where prohibited..

..By whose law? is there Martial Law coming to Yemen? .. in Dekalb County what was it that the Marshall saw? what was exhibited?

Who saw me on the way back in? became suspicious; what's up with this? firing artillery like North heightens.

GPS tracking; even said I'm in the A-Town macking!! now it's screws the mechanic tightens.

Shadetree mechanics thought they were titans! but we clash with them.

They're just Shady Like Grady fanatics; we drop this funk on them.

It's on them! especially since they said it's like this and like that.

This brotha was bearing witness; please! they'll have to come better than that!

Old girl said it get's better than that!! the status quo!! said trouble doesn't last always.

But the smoke and mirrors show is in full effect! every now and then we'll see the sunrays.

O-Zone will run plays like Peyton Manning..trials and errors were part of the process.

In this zone? failures and losses set the tone, but once again it's on! they can't stop this.

What it is? what it isn't...what's the status? seems cash is the determining factor.

Some lusted for it!!! get busted for it!! how were they working it? like an actress or actor.

In the A-Town macks and divas will do what they do.

What it is or isn't? can't front; need to act like you knew.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All Up In The Spot...PT.8

All up in the spot; what it do? mentioned matrix glitches.

Haves or have nots victimized by a fake one who sold counterfeit tickets.

Drama unravels in these spots; chaos and mayhem; gunfire erupts; breakbeat science is kicked in response.

One travels the galaxy; plots and schemes go down like ponzi; nothing but a bunch a cons.

This mysterious traveler operates like Weather Report; up in the sport!! who else is out here?

Dark Mystery of Time and Space is studied; that's what's up with me; studied the dark matter; reporting as we go there.

Dark history? crimes took place against humanity; some say it didn't matter..actually the crimes haven't stopped.

In the dark some missed me; until I put on the hardhat with the lantern on top.

Like I was in a mine in Kentucky; Going in....I dropped down into the abyss.

Diplomatic immunity exercised; going for what were knowing; guerillas are in the mist.

Feeling us on this? in the midst of the smoke and mirrors show.

Dealing with the madness!! all up in the spot where the Mass Konfusion seems to grow.

Down streams of consciousness we flow; like were on a cruise ship in the Carribean..but didn't stop in Haiti..

Forensic teams gather information; spiritual significance in this operation..society will still hate me..

Rocking the nation!! actually the universe....were all up in the spot.

Overcoming glitches like that civil rights movement theme song making it hot.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Train Of Thought PT.8

What it do? Demon Deacons like Wake Forest were sitting up in the communion!!

Act like you knew!! people are fake up in the Babylon forest; for us or against us? Obama will give you the state of the union.

Why do I act like I do? any love like a family reunion? please!!those for us or against us are scrutinized.

What it is? or what it isn't? groovin!!! movin?? what it do? reality proving that some are hypnotized.

During the ungoing storm or blizzard? I sized some up like a tailor.

What's the biz some ask? this retro futuristic wizard told them!!! I float down the stream of consciousness like a sailor.

Mystic voyages taken; serious not faking..the train of thought rolling!!! derailing? might even spill some oil like in Texas... but on guard like I was off the coast of Somalia.

Reality encourages players from the Himalayas!!! for a dollar they'll foul ya.

Never thawed out? when will that hour be? scientists were playing the truth game.

I was even called out!!! they said I missed something!! how did my mind get? quarterbacking like Brett providing proof in the game.

Providing proof to the lame? I dont know!! some say I was Shady Like Grady!!

Compared to homie from Sanford and Son; I'm in Atlanta, they think I'm a Grady baby.

Listening to Whose That Lady by the Isley Bros.!! rolling up in the Toyota Camry.

Brothas gonna work it out like Willie Hutch; in the clutch; understand me?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Train Of Thought PT. 7 Kept Moving!!!

Train of thought is rolling!!...crossing over like Allen Iverson; might even go back to Philly where it started.

Bossing over here!!! running things!! that's the deally up in this conglomerate.

Random Thoughts expressed; mad at them like Obama!! ...campaigns becoming more corporate?...what's up with it?..seminars are conducted; we're even rolling up with Sonic Assaults.

Fighting the power like Isley Brothers and Public Enemy talked about; they tried to accent my imperfections and my faults.

Playing it like Dekalb County Georgia; roadblocks set up at intersections; caught us on the way back in.

Suspicion was aroused; indiscretions from previous episodes? were we Wang Chungin?

Disco inferno? having fun tonight!! when the freaks came out!! like Whodini?

Holes in the structure? look what the cat brought in!! what's up with them? some are excited...but should they show restraint? it's like....Damn,Damn, Damn!! like Florida from Good Times.

Reflecting on back in the day episodes; rolling in the hooptie, listening to Chic's Good Times.

Bad or good crimes? everybody has their opinion; will it stimulate the economy?

Time seems to be the ultimate medicine; realizing we have diplomatic immunity.

Intergalactic, out beyond Mars...but I dipped back to the community; might spot me down in Atlanta or up in Louisville.

Or back down in Jacksonville; on up to Charlotte; in the heart of it;like Cheryl Lynn said its got to be real.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Man!!! We're Struggling!!!

My folks are out here struggling!!! we're going through the storm.

Earthquakes in Haiti; and South America; in Kabul? dealing with the Taliban.

Earthlings are just fakes!! in front of me is a foul one...talking nonsense.

Who brings the drama? the hood is full of jakes; even tried to front on me!!! sweating the style of this one; sweating my circumstance.

What's good for these Riders of the Storm like Jim Morrison and the Doors? they said I hurt my chances.

What's good they ask at the spot? not with devils or wolves; a brotha never dances.

What's hood others ask? told them I keep moving; train of thought is rolling; making advances.

Next school brotha taking chances!!! down to earth, but usually out on Mars....O-Zone spars with the arch nemesis..Dark Mystery Of Time and Space analyzed;..speeding through...intergalactic.

Next rule that's not viable? corporations take over elections..moves introduced by a fanatic.

Next fool will try to play a brotha like Obama;setting traps...they introduced Hidden Obstacles.

Mad at a brotha!!! I avoided the drama ..didn't seduce the daughter of chaos.

Caught out there!! some want us to take a loss!!! reduced to zero or below zero status.

Seeing the world and my place in it realistically; I checked the status.

Peeping game like the hubble telescope; the apparatus ran the old okey doke.

Sleep in the game? taking back your time slot like Jay Leno; but it's no inside joke.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What It Do? Pt. 2...Acting Like We Knew..

Word from Miguel in the barrio!! to Jamal in the hood; and Abdul over in the sand.

The saga / struggle continues; feel me!!! whatcha know? some won't understand.

This chef provides menus; for the soul? food...but some wanted fast food.

No nutritional value!!! haters get foul with you; stations go off the Air America...others not fair with ya.. weapons some share with Pakistan they just blasted on a fool.

Whatcha know? what did the style do? the economy flopped..who lasted in school, old or new?

....Or maybe the next one; simple problem made complex; I act like I knew.

Had to text one; e-mail, tweeted, or face booked; podcasted..Random Thoughts dropped..knew things weren't right.

Spotted shadetree mechanics with wrenchs; but not Mr. Goodwrench; now Toyota has another recall.. I knew things weren't tight!!

Spotted Shady Like Grady fanatics;they hope Obama fails; the light shines on them in the darkness.

Dropped funk and mathematics on them; straight from the Mothership; on earth we park this.

Back in the day? Shawnee Park was the spot in Louisville ;it was real; but things have changed.

Whose back in the way? part of the ongoing conspiracy? knowing the crooked deal was arranged.

Species are endangered; please; O-Dog worked on a banger; to repel the attack.

O-Zone is quarterbacking; ghetto passes are thrown!! touchdown!! guess whose back?

Whose slacking? ghetto passes revoked from some; they're forged documents.

Whose tracking with GPS? some spotted; said they were all that and this; A-Town macks and divas said they're rocking this.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Going All Out PT.2...Filling The Void...

Trying to fill the void; but not like the City of Atlanta fixes potholes.

Cheap asphalt!!! doesn't stay long!! the hole gets worse!! but worldwide..actually Intergalactic..the hooptie still rolls.

It's my fault if funk is dropped and beats are looped!! so souls will get seasoned.

Check the track; O-Dog has the heat; O-Zone has the fact sheet ...written in blue ink...Democrats infighting? with my folks I reasoned.

Points I rack up like D Wade for the Miami Heat; the Reasons like Earth Wind and Fire?

Underdogs like the New York Jets..going all out when the game is played; until the shot clock expires.

Going all out!! but in Babylon? hustles get knocked..worlds get rocked like Haiti..some act Shady Like stocks fall...who hires during these rough economic times that are experienced?

Going all out; dude in the A-Town had the purple haze, like Jimi Hendrix; are you experienced?

Going all out; but had to pump brakes like Bendix; gunfire erupts tires screeched.

Things were shady like grady; fakes were all up in this and that; some leached.

Some teached; some preached; Wall Street soon regulated? on the side they get their hustle on.

From Beecher Terrace in Louisville to MLK Blvd in the ATL; jackers regulated..they get their strong arm muscle on.

It's on!! in Somalia, Afghanistan, what it do man they ask? I tell them, questions answer themselves.

Told them we're Going All Out; trying to fill the void; old girl told us to go on with our bad selves!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Going All Out...

Wasn't feeling the energy; but still going all out..without a doubt..train of thought is still rolling!!! even though energy companies charge a high price.

Fans are on; the thermostat is set; somebody said it felt nice.

Vans are on; plus cargo pants, button down shirt, but no contraband; Ice Age isn't over though? word from players from the Himalayas..even I haven't thawed out.

Cold like the Arctic; hitting up France; big homie said he was colder than a polar bear; now all hands are on deck with the sanitizer; contaminated genes manifest? what caused it?

Meanwhile Shawty Pimp down here in the Dec, aka Decatur, Ga said he was flawless.

The simple was made complex..said he's going all out.. up in the old Cutlass Supreme...seemed to be lawless.

Gunfire erupts...collateral damage? no Love Supreme like John Coltrane...

So what's really up? collateral damage? as my people in Haiti die from the fast and slow pain..

Meanwhile I was going all out; rolling down I-20 in the A-Town in the fast and slow lane...flowing down the stream of consciousness; I might lose some.

I'm going all out; following God's will; he said he might use some.

I'm going all out; Going In; Getting It In...O-Dog might use the drum,cuts, and samples.

O-Zone; I'm out here; whose on the run like Somali pirates? ....even over here the corrupt provide prime examples.

Not feeling the energy: the apparatus tramples on rights and priviledges.

Whose the one running the entity? weaknesses shown..appears to be the idiots in the villages.

Running through the babylon wilderness; dipping like I'm Usain Bolt.

Whose running off at the mouth? heard belligerence; they'll get struck by a lightning bolt.

Wasn't feeling the energy; no need for an Avatar; I'm down south but the beats and quotes have a Midwest flavor.

Wasn't feeling the entity; said they're about this and that; but what's the behavior?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Play On Players...Once Again It's On..

train of thought is rolling!!!

Everybody's trying to get their hustle on; what it do? once again it's on!! even the ill train of thought on player!!!

Worldwide? even in Kabul.. even in the A-Town they roll 30 Deep..jackers get their strong arm muscle on!! better say a prayer.

Doesn't matter if it's MLK Day!!! even slackers feel the pain..another layer of stress was added.

Hackers continue their reign of terror; even if a firewall is added.

Tractor trailers slide on the ice covered I-65; just north of Nashville; made me crash out in the Buick Regal.

But were back with this!! coping strategies didn't fail us;covered by the blood of the lamb; in Haiti? God is looking after my people.

What can haters tell us? shake hands!!! then try to lash out at my people.

Stabbing us in the back!! then try to hash out a peace deal with my people.

Out of the lab we bring this product; it's like Park Hill Projects in weed or hash on the street sold by somebody named Tony.

Or like suburbanites driving down Northside Drive in the A-Town..dope boys grabbing their cash after they pulled it are made by people!! but it's shady.

Part of MLK's legacy? ..not much has changed...the game is still Shady Like Grady ...victims soon lash out at their tormentors.

Somali pirates make some cash out..meanwhile we're up in this game..played it like veterans maybe like Brett Favre...but now coaching..just call us mentors.

The blame not accepted by this hot messenger!!! ...even though they said I was a hot I approach the entrance.

The shame not shown by this brotha!! this operation has spiritual significance.

The shame? not shown by those spitting belligerence in the atmosphere.

The Ill Train Of Thought was rolling!!!! what's next?? the name? O-Zone..putting it down up in spiritual warfare.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Minding & Tending..

minding..tending..O-Dog is beat blending

Might have mentioned minding and tending; left Orlando earlier...pulling a Magic act like David Blaine..might be hard to see me.

Honorable mentioned? I doubt it!! America's most wanted; so I'm low key.

What it do? I'm watching the news on TV; checked newspapers and magazines at the news stand.

A brotha the new face of terrorism? what's up? even put the country on the list ? whose the judge? it's not hard to understand.

It's hard out here for a pimp per Three Six Mafia?'s hard out here for black man...mentioned no justice no peace.

While I'm out here? I even had to step up security!!..I stay on point..a brotha can't be at ease.

Moving forward; but we're in the Smoke and's hard to ease on down the the Wiz.

Moving forward; Straight Ahead....Mothership is rolling..God controlling..I'm just minding and tending..negative messages some are's like Google vs. China...nosy ones ask me what's the biz?

O-Dog was beat blending; O-Zone? I ignored the quiz that was presented to me.

.....It was on a scan sheet; multiple choice questions didn't pertain to me.

What it do? it's just more pain for me and my people..but knowing where relief comes from....I wasn't down with the punishment gluttons.

No more self inflicted injuries for this entity; rolling..urban explorer..with or without MS Internet Explorer...these days? putting it down!! it's on!!

O-Zone is kicking breakbeat science; for those wondering what he's doing.

Peace be still!! but after we received word from the Lord? we kept moving.

We kept grooving!! after we were given clearance!! but it wasn't by security.

Episodes kept going down in our favor; realizing we have diplomatic immunity.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What It Do?

What it do homie asked? gave a brotha some dap....but they deserve a slap..they're one who usually talks the other way.

Previous episodes? my folk needed in Haiti..but I saw homie look the other way.

Other episodes? the street code was violated..whose running another play? ghetto passes are intercepted.

The funk played? street discrete modes are used by this brotha that's hated by society ..those folks were mad deceptive.

O-Dog showed and proved; my priority? the Sonic Assault; those that disrespected get blasted on.

God moved in mysterious ways; all issues were prayed and fasted on.

Plus it's mysterious the way we run plays;like Dooley to Tennessee; check this veteran whose now coaching.

The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space is studied; Armageddon is approaching.

No penalties were called!! the defense was encroaching when Sonic Assaults were made.

They said it's all love!! in the background I hear George Benson's Masquerade.

Background music for the charade; smoke and mirrors show in full effect.

Ecological ignorance will alter the fate; a fool gets no respect.

Another fool tries to connect the USB cable or flash drive but it shorted out the circuits.

Next school brothas are Transmitting Live word to those who ask what it do this is how we work this.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Going In...Taking It To The Hoop!!

Going in!! taking it to the hole!! it's like Lebron or Kobe.

Others were going in another direction..wrong turn made at the intersection..but we're all up in your section...whose gonna block the dunk? O-Dog will drop the funk!! act like you know me.

Others were in search of perfection..weapons packed in your section...already told you it gets is like that.

Acting like we knew!!! doing what we can to fight that.

Brought the light back!! the natural one!! hardhat with the lantern on top.

Studied the dark mystery of time and space!! even with India checking out the solar eclipse..out beyond Mars and Saturn!! we didn't stop.

Somebody said we dropped off the face of the earth!! we were gone so long!!

Now were back!! found out what it's all worth...they didnt know we were so strong.

So they brought King Kong with them!! and other assorted monsters.

Others were without a job for so long!!! none found on ...debt is high...of course they owe the mobsters.

New type gangsters!! corporate ceos, and government officials, you don't want to get mixed up.

The saga / struggle continues!! to another level it's kicked up.

The vehicle was scratched and nicked up..but the Mothership gets good mileage..

Something fresh was we rebuke plots and schemes that were hatched...conspiracy theories were confirmed...haters will have to acknowledge...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Self Inflicted Injuries....

Injuries were self inflicted...knew something wasn't right..some rode into an ambush.

Feel this knowledge..kicked while I was rolling!!! soul controlling...on the train of thought is not blurred from the cush.

Real with this..based on hell being caught...the earth quakes like Haiti..Lord Have Mercy...the brotha O-Dog bum rushed the gate.

Dealing with this...check the steady bombardment of the enemy position..ecological ignorance altered the fate.

The train of thought rode through altered states of reality...foul with me?..double standards? Rose Royce love abandoned us..from Cali to Florida.

Altered egos? O-Dog and O-Zone never recognized the border.

Altered negroes were out of order!!! under the influence..from the Park Hill Projects in Louisville to Herndon Homes in Atlanta.

Work is put in!! then dude will max!! with Hennessey cognac, Red Bull, a cold Sobe or an Orange Fanta.

Capers pulled; where did they land ya? saw how a bully pulled it.

Papers were pulled out of the blazer..homie stepped up to the bully pulpit..

But papers and documents were forged..whose really the scourge of the earth?

Putting chains and locks on this and that!!! but what was it all worth?

O-Dog's the rebirth of the and improved.

Haters..tried to get foul with me..but I'm straight from another galaxy...intergalactic...back with it..scientists can't track it.. I'm zipping by the earth..forward we moved.

A brotha showed and proved..but I can't really front..out here struggling like everybody's the nature of the beast.

Natural..what's natural? trying to live without light..hope your praying to the east.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Train Of Thought PT.6

..wasn't out of the loop..they could't stop me from achieving.....ow were they trying to play a brotha? like I was out of the loop?

Didn't know I was Transmitting Live!!! O-Dog will pull out a loop.Usually of the funky variety..all the way live like Lakeside.

O-Zone..rolling on the train of thought..what it do? what it does?...I can see what's up..from the Oak-Town to the A-Town..see how the fake ride.

In Northern California the earth quakes..Tony Toni Tone said it never rains in the Southern part..Arnold said they're trying to front on mine!!!

What's up with ya? some act fake with ya like Harry Reid.. ...they'll take you for a thing you know your on the frontlines.

Where good and evil collide; dodging bullets; I'm like Arnold, haters try to front on mine.

Intergalactic with it...stronghold is out in the universe...on a distant planet...sometimes hard to find mine..

Moving targets are hard to hit!!! didn't ride in a hybrid..the vehicle is a V-8.

Told to quit or forfeit..the world's resources are controlled by the G-8.

Hold up!!! wait a minute!! they'll stretch it out to G-20..stretching the money.

Lojack or GPS tracking on the stolen vehicle rolling down Old National Highway in College G-Money is acting funny.

O-Dog's tracks are funky...vehicles I use to ride into the next decade.

O-Zone is back in the game....rolling on the train of thought.. haters have to respect how it's played.

Up in the game!! you'll get played!!! even though big homie gave you dap.

Up in the game? how did McNabb play it?..or was it Andy Reid's offense..somebody deserves a slap..

Up in the game? how did Harry Reid say it? maybe he deserves a slap...

Up in the game? the Street Funk plays..but out in the streets, if it's about the funds? you'll hear the guns clap.

Up in the game? a brotha knows the haps..I wasn't out of the loop.

These brothas are Transmitting live..O-Dog will pull out a funky loop.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Train Of Thought PT.5

............running off the rails..........

Motions are perpetual..going with the flow? I dont know..I just keep moving.

Notions told me to let go of some things..move on to new things..playing it like Pete Carroll...questions are asked can we keep grooving?

Emotions were almost shown...almost flipping..why do I have to keep proving myself to some?

Almost gone!! dipping!! but train of thought derailed!! so I had to pull out the drum.

Out in the mainstream of equation? sum, product, or answer? after I faIled, I found the formula.

Trial and error, while floating down the stream of consciousness, but not a dancer with wolves or the devil, that's another storm for ya.

Admitting, my train of thought derailed, not the norm, a lot of times losing like Minnesota Timberwolves, or maybe running off the tracks like Amtrak.

Wolves didnt run me off!!! but I fell back for a I'm back.

Admitted, they had me scrambling for a minute like the usual black quarterback...Mike Vick, Randall Cunningham, Vince Young or Donovan McNabb.

Not rambling off at the mouth like Mariah Carey...but disrespected ...but they didn't know mechanical engineering was going down in the lab.

Sonic rehab takes place..on the case..some say circumstances are debatable..being built or torn down?

Sonic right hooks and left jabs thrown at those who didn't turn the level of scorn down.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Letting Them Do What They Do...

Mentioned earlier..some are slick with it...or sick with I let the hustlers hustle and the players play.

Some fronting..couldn't work with them..been there!! grew up with the corrupt!! now up in the cut I lay.

Mentioned earlier..playing it like Nick coaching...others get fired...some are out of control...please..I could run a play or two up in this game.

But a brotha is not trying to hurt anyone!!! this brotha is not the one..didn't blast on the other team's bus when I come with this game.

Operating on a different timeframe..working on a different schedule.

Another tries to play mind games..but I'm a veteran..knowing how it go.

Another tries to find blame in this a veteran now who ignores them.

A brotha will maintain..who brings the pain? the Sonic Assault is unleashed to destroy them.

The system tries to make it rain!!! threw dollars at some of my kinfolk.

Wasn't with them!! knowing what it and my people have been broke.

Plus I've been in on the inside joke..but it was hard to see in the smoke and mirrors.

Wasn't fooled by Nephew Tommy from the Steve Harvey Morning Show!!! enhancing irrational fears.

O-Dog steers the mothership to a safe harbor...rolling like the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

A brotha gets funky..taking it back to the basics..but still on another level.

Dealing with another devil's advocate...trying to pull plugs out of the wall.

But chilling...letting hustlers hustle and players play...slipping on the ice down here in Atlanta...spotted wannabe divas macks and thugs trying to ball.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Peeped Game...What's Up Wth My Folk?

Peeped game...I could see my folk were jacked up by the apparatus.

Sleep in the game...who can you blame? they said you had baller status.!!

I creeped back in the game...back to basics...back with this...some are mad at us..I even had to fall back for a minute.

Now a brotha is Jay Leno? collar style!! hard work is put in!! not slack with this!! a brotha is in it to win it.

Everything wasn't working...a dimwit caused glitches in the matrix ...but the knack for this? should be apparent it's about survival.

Everybody's not hurting!! please, somebody lied!!! they're delaying our arrival.

Snitches were blurting out they were smarter than a fifth grader...somebody cried !!!affected by false prophecies.

Gamblers are out for a fast buck!! they played you!! politicians were false with those policies.

Hip to a false prophets steez!! pitching fastballs, curves and sliders..needing to retire like Randy Johnson.

Spotted the steez of little homies!! in the Gaza Strip pitching rocks!! but some have surface to air missiles..DID THEY MISS YOU? ...Israel fires back at Hamas..they said it's all on them!!!

Blackwater puts in down...not on back order..No peace in the Middle East!! please, that's the catch phrase.

But it's like that worldwide...Augustus Caesar is who one pays.

No Justice No Peace? another catch phrase...meanwhile O-Dog plays the breakbeats..

Security heightens...O-Zone stays on point..didn't leave my post..a brotha wll be made a scapegoat made to take the heat..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Took A Look At It...

Sat back..took a look at what's up with it? .studied it like the hubble telescope...had to looked crazy to me.

Sat back...saw a crook hard at it!! then others said they were getting busy!! actually they looked lazy to me.

Things looked hazy to me!!! in The Smoke and Mirrors..but O-Dog had the track...he'll bring bars and hooks with it. amazed me like Luther..R.I.P...what will the deal be? cuts and samples from vinyl and cassettes used..O-Dog will rip it.

The lesson? I didn't skip it...some will play you the other examples are right in front of me.

Whose stressing? talking the other way...they'll try to front on you and me...

In this zone? rights and priviledges are trampled on!! it's easy to get played.

In this zone? knights in shiny armor roll up in Chevys and Buicks's easy to get sprayed.

Not just this zone...the game is played from the East to West Coast.

...Down south and to the Midwest..even on Wall Street deals go sideways..whose the host with the most?

Staying on point! at my post..had to step up security like airports..a veteran in these it's all natural.. solar energy runs the spot I'm in.

Who disappoints? the right energy wasn't created by polar opposites.

Po Po draws up composites!!! joints get cased..then raided.

Even I felt the pressure!!! haters became suspicious..caught me on the way back in..after I played it.

Tried to delay my arrival!! when I was floating down the stream of consciousness..but I shook it.

It's about I take care of business..after I took a look at it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back Up In This!!

Back at the scene of the crime..but this is no Welcome Back Kotter!!

Peeping game...charges get trumped up..soon listed in the crime blotter.

Whose the shotter? it's like fooling with Donald'll get fired.

But in these spots you'll get fired on..ear shattering gunshots exploded!! now like Michael Jordan, jerseys are retired.

Up in the rafters..but shot clocks expired...spirits floated to the ever after..was it heaven or hell?

What's up in these chapters? the sack is bloated with this good word...I had a story to tell.

As I spell it out..rapture is on the way..just like Armageddon.

Caste the spell out? help is on the way..Balm in Gilead.

Last episode? dude fell out!! he was trying to make it to Grady after the gunplay.

Past episodes? I fell out in the hooptie..the Buick Regal..bumping Roy Ayers Running Away.

Past episodes? in Louisville, little homies were gunning away!! in Park Hill and Park Duvalle projects.

Past episodes? Checker Cabbing!! these days down in the A-Town..or Duval County in the Jax..out of the lab we bring fresh projects.

Following street codes? the prosecution objects to your defense attorneys motions.

Discrete modes is the status of these brothas..not showing any emotions.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Public Service Announcement..RTFB Version.

testing the emergency broadcast system

This is a Public Service Announcement..check out the word from our sponsor.

God is in the blessing business..check how funky the sound gets..O-Dog is more than a conqueror.

Spiritual Significance in this operation!! the Sonic Assault is introduced.

Some are conquered by division..after the daughter of chaos was seduced.

Mathematical formulas were deduced..figured the cipher out...I started a star trek insurrection...others were in search of perfection..I let the hustlers hustle and the players play.

Came through with rare form..I was in the back court..a point guard running the play.

Mentioned back and forth like Cameo..others Running Away like Roy Ayers.

Making more than a cameo appearance...old dude at the Checker Cab stand in Louisville told us to play on players!!!

Meanwhile the old school baptist preacher told us to say prayers ..refrain from the deadly seven...God is in the blessing business.

Opening up a can of whup ass with the Sonic Assault!! hell is Kentucky over we take care of business.

As we come with this Public Service Announcement!! using the sound and good word to get scientific.

Force fields are up to protect the aura..haters will try to jack it.

Grew up with hustlers and the players..hip to the rackets going down..on so many levels.

It's Worldwide!! actually is put down by so many devils.

Were back with the sonic assault!! sonic first responders..blasting on enemy positions.

Public service announcements are given when seminars are conducted and random thoughts are expressed check this entity's transitions.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Retro Futuristic Mystic

Retro-Futuristic the past and future..taking voyages to remote locations in the universe..

Being realistic..fake ones will discourage..others introduce a spell or a curse..

Real with this...what can I tell you in a verse or two? it can be written or spoken..

Dealing with this thing in a blue collar is put in..up in the lab beats are broken..

Representing minds, bodies and spirits that are broken..that's what this breakbeat science is symbolizing..

Blowing minds this time like the Delfonics..misinterpretations? other symbols lying?

Blowing minds...somebody's lying!! Blackwater guards not charged..Iraq is mad

Going for mine...unleashing Sonic Assaults; bringing Random Thoughts...conducting Funk Seminars...playing this hand we had..

O-Dog had cuts, snares and samples...O-Zone will not be Unleached..going out with a win like Bobby Bowden..or win the Rose Bowl like Ohio State...

Led by Terrelle Pryor..not joking like Richard Pryor..we've got our priorities straight...

Prior episodes play a part..but it's I flush some of them down the's a new year...but some still show hate..

We come to set it straight..but on earth evil forces built a fortress..ugly is how the sport is..check the volleyball match in Pakistan.. ...some can relate..

Heard the people catch hell...what's up man? shady deals are made... while other corporations cut ties..

Some still show hate....bear witness to how they do...basing their agenda on lies..

But it's not too late..2010..We're Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New's going down!!!

Random Thoughts are we let you know what's going down..