Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not Playing Games With Them...PT.3

dealing with karmic repercussions

Karmic repercussions; cosmos playing tricks? God's will is done?

Not playing games with them..the small army rolls up with a brotha kicks breakbeat science..once again it's on.!

Part of the conspiracy? paranoia comes with the territory? did my e-mail messages leak? what it do? acting like I knew..dangerous minds are on that ego trip again!

Plus the pity party is jumping!!! long lines around the block!! folks waiting to get in!

Get in where you fit in!! jumping the fence?..greener grass spotted?

Found out it was astro turf! no bus route to the moon? still using the train of thought..jumping to conclusions? plus haters schemed and plotted.

Astro turf wars fought in the galaxies? bullets..economics?..US..China..Russia.France...India.

Chilling! scientist simulate my turf...found out beyond Mars, Pluto, now on earth; going for what I know...brought funk back! especially after I felt the pressure! from a negative message sender.

O-Dog is a message sender; songs are used; pianos, plus other beats are drummed up.

O-Zone slides through passages and portals; consequences get summed up.

What's up? felt the playing against Louisvlle or Arkansas back in the day.

Nolan Richardson 48 minutes of hell? similar to the devil back in the way.

Karmic repercussions! those on top could just break and won't be eating tomorrow.

Science dropped in these rebuke the pain and sorrow.

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