Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Self Inflicted Injuries....

Injuries were self inflicted...knew something wasn't right..some rode into an ambush.

Feel this knowledge..kicked while I was rolling!!! soul controlling...on the train of thought ...vision is not blurred from the cush.

Real with this..based on hell being caught...the earth quakes like Haiti..Lord Have Mercy...the brotha O-Dog bum rushed the gate.

Dealing with this...check the steady bombardment of the enemy position..ecological ignorance altered the fate.

The train of thought rode through altered states of reality...foul with me?..double standards?...like Rose Royce love abandoned us..from Cali to Florida.

Altered egos? O-Dog and O-Zone never recognized the border.

Altered negroes were out of order!!! under the influence..from the Park Hill Projects in Louisville to Herndon Homes in Atlanta.

Work is put in!! then dude will max!! with Hennessey cognac, Red Bull, a cold Sobe or an Orange Fanta.

Capers pulled; where did they land ya? saw how a bully pulled it.

Papers were pulled out of the blazer..homie stepped up to the bully pulpit..

But papers and documents were forged..whose really the scourge of the earth?

Putting chains and locks on this and that!!! but what was it all worth?

O-Dog rocks..it's the rebirth of the funk..new and improved.

Haters..tried to get foul with me..but I'm straight from another galaxy...intergalactic...back with it..scientists can't track it.. I'm zipping by the earth..forward we moved.

A brotha showed and proved..but I can't really front..out here struggling like everybody else..it's the nature of the beast.

Natural..what's natural? trying to live without light..hope your praying to the east.

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