Friday, January 22, 2010

Man!!! We're Struggling!!!

My folks are out here struggling!!! we're going through the storm.

Earthquakes in Haiti; and South America; in Kabul? dealing with the Taliban.

Earthlings are just fakes!! in front of me is a foul one...talking nonsense.

Who brings the drama? the hood is full of jakes; even tried to front on me!!! sweating the style of this one; sweating my circumstance.

What's good for these Riders of the Storm like Jim Morrison and the Doors? they said I hurt my chances.

What's good they ask at the spot? not with devils or wolves; a brotha never dances.

What's hood others ask? told them I keep moving; train of thought is rolling; making advances.

Next school brotha taking chances!!! down to earth, but usually out on Mars....O-Zone spars with the arch nemesis..Dark Mystery Of Time and Space analyzed;..speeding through...intergalactic.

Next rule that's not viable? corporations take over elections..moves introduced by a fanatic.

Next fool will try to play a brotha like Obama;setting traps...they introduced Hidden Obstacles.

Mad at a brotha!!! I avoided the drama ..didn't seduce the daughter of chaos.

Caught out there!! some want us to take a loss!!! reduced to zero or below zero status.

Seeing the world and my place in it realistically; I checked the status.

Peeping game like the hubble telescope; the apparatus ran the old okey doke.

Sleep in the game? taking back your time slot like Jay Leno; but it's no inside joke.

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