Monday, January 4, 2010

Back Up In This!!

Back at the scene of the crime..but this is no Welcome Back Kotter!!

Peeping game...charges get trumped up..soon listed in the crime blotter.

Whose the shotter? it's like fooling with Donald'll get fired.

But in these spots you'll get fired on..ear shattering gunshots exploded!! now like Michael Jordan, jerseys are retired.

Up in the rafters..but shot clocks expired...spirits floated to the ever after..was it heaven or hell?

What's up in these chapters? the sack is bloated with this good word...I had a story to tell.

As I spell it out..rapture is on the way..just like Armageddon.

Caste the spell out? help is on the way..Balm in Gilead.

Last episode? dude fell out!! he was trying to make it to Grady after the gunplay.

Past episodes? I fell out in the hooptie..the Buick Regal..bumping Roy Ayers Running Away.

Past episodes? in Louisville, little homies were gunning away!! in Park Hill and Park Duvalle projects.

Past episodes? Checker Cabbing!! these days down in the A-Town..or Duval County in the Jax..out of the lab we bring fresh projects.

Following street codes? the prosecution objects to your defense attorneys motions.

Discrete modes is the status of these brothas..not showing any emotions.

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