Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Going All Out...

Wasn't feeling the energy; but still going all out..without a doubt..train of thought is still rolling!!! even though energy companies charge a high price.

Fans are on; the thermostat is set; somebody said it felt nice.

Vans are on; plus cargo pants, button down shirt, but no contraband; Ice Age isn't over though? word from players from the Himalayas..even I haven't thawed out.

Cold like the Arctic; hitting up France; big homie said he was colder than a polar bear; now all hands are on deck with the sanitizer; contaminated genes manifest? what caused it?

Meanwhile Shawty Pimp down here in the Dec, aka Decatur, Ga said he was flawless.

The simple was made complex..said he's going all out.. up in the old Cutlass Supreme...seemed to be lawless.

Gunfire erupts...collateral damage? no Love Supreme like John Coltrane...

So what's really up? collateral damage? as my people in Haiti die from the fast and slow pain..

Meanwhile I was going all out; rolling down I-20 in the A-Town in the fast and slow lane...flowing down the stream of consciousness; I might lose some.

I'm going all out; following God's will; he said he might use some.

I'm going all out; Going In; Getting It In...O-Dog might use the drum,cuts, and samples.

O-Zone; I'm out here; whose on the run like Somali pirates? ....even over here the corrupt provide prime examples.

Not feeling the energy: the apparatus tramples on rights and priviledges.

Whose the one running the entity? weaknesses shown..appears to be the idiots in the villages.

Running through the babylon wilderness; dipping like I'm Usain Bolt.

Whose running off at the mouth? heard belligerence; they'll get struck by a lightning bolt.

Wasn't feeling the energy; no need for an Avatar; I'm down south but the beats and quotes have a Midwest flavor.

Wasn't feeling the entity; said they're about this and that; but what's the behavior?

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