Monday, December 31, 2018

Bugge Wesseltoft - Change

Sunday Jazz err I mean, per this Music Monday?  Digital Crate Digging Continues!! 

Broadcasting live from Atlanta Georgia on a New Years Eve, who / what can you believe as the saga / struggle continues?

Check the menus, meals were prepared in Hell's Kitchen that lacked nutrition..

Check the venues, some truth or dared while others we're lethargic after the consumption; now they lack ambition..

Check the venues, some will say damn!! these brothas are on a mission as 2018 morphes into 2019..

We're chilling out in the lab, checking out this smooth future jazz / house music track from  Bugge Wesseltoft  with a track called Change;  that's what the deal is as 2018 morphes into 2019!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Best Underground Hip Hop Songs Of 2018 (October-November-December)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza; excuse me as I shift gears..

Jazz and house music we're dominant earlier; they were getting over the hump vehicles!! burning rubber while changing gears!!

Popping the clutch, not passing the dutchie from the left hand side, through the portal we'll slide..

Dropping science along the way, that's how we'll play!! check us out, that's how we'll ride..

Dropping this Best Underground Hip Hop Songs Of 2018  (October-November-December) mix..

It's courtesy of A-OK All Day, ok? check out the playlist and the mix as we continue to get breakbeat scientific..

0:00 Pharoahe Monch & Khrysis - Crazy 3:49 Black Thought & 9th Wonder - Cojiba 6:29 Masta Ace & Marco Polo - Still Love Her feat. Pearl Gates 11:06 Masta Ace & Marco Polo - Breukelen feat. Smif-N-Wessun 15:11 Black Thought - Fentanyl (prod. Salaam Remi) 17:08 Black Thought - Conception feat. Reek Ruffin (prod. Salaam Remi) 21:22 The Grouch - Let (feat. Lily Fangz) 24:29 The Grouch - Unlock the Box 27:42 Brother Ali - Sensitive 31:21 Black Eyed Peas - All Around the World feat. Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Posdnuos 36:23 Ghostface Killah - Saigon Velour (Bronze Nazareth Remix) feat. Snoop Dogg, E-40 & L.A.D 40:44 Ghostface Killah - Watch 'Em Holla (Bronze Nazareth Remix) feat. Raekwon, Masta Killa & Cappadonna 44:40 J-Live - The Feeling 48:11 Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz - Grace of God feat. DJ Los 52:03 Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz - Timberlan'd Up RMX feat. Royce Da 5'9 & KXNG Crooked 56:44 Locksmith - Clouds 1:00:20 Locksmith - Stars (feat. Murs) 1:04:22 Curren$y & Freddie Gibbs - New Thangs (prod. Alchemist) 1:06:46 Boog Brown x Tom Caruana - Do It (Yeah) 1:08:49 Boog Brown x Tom Caruana - Act Like You Know 1:11:37 K.A.A.N. - Power Outage 1:14:06 The Grouch & DJ.Fresh - We Are 1:15:44 Atmosphere - Virgo 1:20:16 Dag Savage - If You’re Down feat. Blu & CashUs King 1:25:12 Earl Sweatshirt - Shattered Dreams 1:27:33 Earl Sweatshirt - Riot!

Afronaut - Tribalizm

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza; still trying to get over the hump, understand a brotha?

The saga / struggle continues on the day after Christmas, a told a joker to miss us if they're on that "other / other"

I'm already that type of brotha, I've got an Afternoon Jazz set going while others are caught up in something else..

They'll get cut off like the Trump Asylum / Travel Ban, but they'll try to appeal it, already knew the deal with it!! that's something else!! 

Laying in the cut, beats bump; styling on profiling on them with Afronaut's track called  Tribalizm..

Check the players and the cut; dropping this sound on them and those!! it's for the tribe, we're doing this for them!!

  • Guitar, Keyboards – Joel Klein 

  • Music By, Producer, Arranged By, Mixed By, Drum Programming, Sampler – Afronaut 

  • Percussion – Don Stephen 

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Liquicity Yearmix 2018 (Mixed by Maduk)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can go either way...

It also happens to be Christmas Day, Happy Holiday to you and yours no matter how you play..

It can be from Hanukkah to Kwanzaa , atheists had no response to a bruh,  they'll  play it another way...

What's up with a brotha? breakbeat scientific manifestos should have spelled it out, as this good word is dropped and we let the music play!!

We'll play it another way, per the holiday the O-Dog Day Party is underway!! listening to Liquicity Yearmix 2018 (Mixed by Maduk)

We'll play it another way, catching up on some electro /  drum and bass!! check the playlist and the mix to keep pace!! at the end of 2018? with this sonic assault? naysayers we'll rebuke..

Tracklist: 00:00 Raise Spirit - The Temple 01:28 Matrix & Futurebound - Live Another Day (Smoke & Mirrors Mix) 03:32 High Maintenance - Breathe In (ft. Ayah Marar) 03:16 Danny Byrd & Maduk - Better Life (ft. I-Kay) 04:21 Edlan - Shadow VIP (ft. Emy Perez) 05:05 Pola & Bryson - Alkaline 05:49 Rameses B - New Worlds 06:32 Hybrid Minds - Tapestry (ft. Emily Jones) 07:38 Andromedik - Your Eyes 08:43 Polygon - Is It You 09:27 Lexurus - Out Of Love (ft. Leah Rye) 10:10 Aperio - Seattle Sunrise 10:54 Bert H & HumaNature - Blackhouse 12:21 Murdock - Can't Keep Me Down 12:43 Fox Stevenson - Glue Gun 13:27 Fox Stevenson - Something 14:10Delta Heavy - Stay (Maduk Remix) 14:54 Flite & Boxplot - Sunroad (Ft. Audioscribe) 15:38 Cartoon - Whatever I Do (Ft. Kóstja) (Feint Remix) 16:43 Phloem - Luminance 17:27 Maduk & Dennis Pedersen - Miles Apart (Ft. Ella Noël & Rino) 18:32 Camo & Krooked - Slow Down ft. ROBB (Fred V & Grafix Remix) 19:38 Telomic & Laura Brehm - Home 20:43 Madface - Help Me (Ft. MVE) 21:27 Madface Vs Coppa & Meditat1On - What It Looks Like 22:10 Flux Pavilion - Pull the Trigger (Maduk Remix) 23:59 Andromedik - Forever 24:43 High Maintenance - Know The Way 25:27 Andromedik - Colours 26:32 Andromedik & Polygon & Itro - Fly 27:16 Voicians - Breathe 28:00 Polygon - One Day 28:43 Bert H & Edlan - Intercept 29:49 Cyantific - Wild Child 30:32 Andromedik - Holding On 31:59 Fox Stevenson - Never Before 32:43 Champion - Breathe (ft. Veela) 34:10 Brookes Brothers - New Wave 34:54 Kori - Safe At Last Ft. Elle Chante (Bert H Remix) 36:00 Nexus & Tight - All I Need 36:43 Feint - Defiant (Ft. Laura Brehm) 38:10 Au/Ra - Panic Room (Culture Shock Remix) 38:54 Itro - Our Drive 39:49 Itro - Promises 40:32 Telomic - Onism (Aperio Remix) 41:38 Aperio x Kasger - Night Flight 42:22 ARUNA - While We're Young (ft. FKA) 43:05 Rameses B - Twilight Zone (ft. Laura Brehm) 44:10 Reflektor - Hold On Me (ft. Anastasia) 44:32 Camo & Krooked - Last Of The Tribe (Break Remix) 45:16 Aperio - Space Romance 45:59 Fox Stevenson - Take You Down 47:27 Dossa & Locuzzed - Slap! 47:49 BCee & Drifta - Ghost (ft. Hannah Eve) 48:32 Aperio & Mindfield - Seasons Changing 49:16 Flowidus & Tiki Taane - Horizons 50:00 Rameses B - Traveller 50:21 Rameses B - Venus (Ft. Zoe Moon) 51:05 NCT - In The Sun Again (Ft. Laura Brehm) 52:10 T & Sugah x NCT - Say To Me 52:54 Camo & Krooked - Heat Of The Moment (Bensley Remix) 53:59 Fox Stevenson - Melange 54:43 Feint - Mirror Signal 55:27 Brookes Brothers - So Many Times (Blaine Stranger Remix) 56:10 Aperio - Nostalgia 57:38 T & Sugah - Back In Time (Ft. Luna Morgenstern) 58:43 Edlan - Saving You

Monday, December 24, 2018

AfroDrum - Sunshine In The Rain(Original Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; it's  in conjunction with Afternoon Jazz, plus this  Christmas Eve...

Not celebrated by some, much respect to them as we bring the drum along with the funk son, it's our function;  still out here trying to achieve..

Rebuking those trying to deceive, they'll shut it down like the government then try to blame someone else..

What did you believe? okey dokes are dominant but we're trying to rise above it; back in the day the elders told us to "go on with our bad selves"

We're still out here trying to achieve, pulling the sound off of shelves for the attitude adjustment, might even be like this AfroDrum track; seeing  Sunshine In The Rain (Original Mix)

Oh yes!! some of this good afro-house music with some jazz overtones, especially since I have this Afternoon Jazz thing going; can you dig it? 

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sly5thAve - Let Me Ride (Stro Elliot Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues on a Christmas holiday weekend; Tuesday will be Christmas Day..

The runway to the universe? I-20 in Atlanta, still cruising!! this good word is dropped and this good music will play..

A beat and a verse will repel the curse; winning / losing? we'll continue to play the game, refusing to accept the blame!!

Might even reverse course due to confusion that seem to be par for the course; stepping off like James Mattis, like I said, I'm not the one to blame!!

It's all game!! I'll cue up some jazzhop from Sly5thAve  with a track called Let Me Ride (Stro Elliot Remix)

"Swing Down Sweet Chariot and Let Me Ride" is the chorus / refrain from Jimetta Rose on the vocals; pain is felt by those intergalactic / international / national and locals; can you dig it?

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Breakbeat Scientific Manifesto PT. 10

Check us out on this Saturday Morning as we drop this breakbeat scientific manifesto..

This is the Winter Solstice edition, in conjunction with the Cancer Full Moon;  souls are in transition some will swoon, making a break for it /  looking for a breakthrough..

This Winter Soldier has work to do, not stepping off like James Mattis!! we're back with this, some say stepping into the abyss; blue collar with this rocking the lime green safety vest,  wearing the hard hat with the lantern on top.

Captain America / Winter Soldier? leaving Syria or Afghanistan is what Trump told ya!! meanwhile I'm going all out for mine,  the funk and good word is what I drop.

Who's fair with ya? check out the mass hysteria man!! beats will thump and this good word is dropped in response!! after doing the mathematics my numbers looked good; I couldn't quit / couldn't stop!! it didn't add up!!

The equation didn't equal, so check out this breakbeat scientific manifesto sequel;  time was relative as some continue to be negative, now the government is shut down plus the economy dried up.

We dropped this breakbeat scientific manifesto, while somebody else  lied "up in this peace" ;  they said its all gravy.

But we didn't fall for the okey-doke!! peeped plots and schemes some are trying to enslave me.

A cold grave will be the outcome, as we fight back  O-Dog pulled out the drum using it as a weapon.

O-Zone had the Good Word!! now we're running like the Lebron James / Lonzo Ball  LA Lakers in transition.

It's on once again!! you heard? per this breakbeat manifesto we kept on running!!! but it got lonely out there.

But this breakbeat manifesto we kept on running! we refuse to be casualties in spiritual warfare.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Louie Vega @ Times Square Transmissions 12 18 2018

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; that's the can of vibe we're on!!

Might as well say we've got that Friday Feeling; seeing / feeling is believing, that's what the tribe is on!!

Once again it's on!! the music will play plus we're dropping this good word!! breakbeat scientific business is handled to the best of our ability,  as we take it there!!

Once again it's on! easing troubled minds? it's conducive that we play it like this!! please!! my people know the deally!!  it's rough out here!!

Once again it's on! stress doubled? soon blessed double!! when the going gets rough we had to use more prayer!! plus O-Dizzle is a music player similar to Louie Vega..

Listening to this Louie Vega @ Times Square Transmissions 12 18 2018, no playlist for the good music playing but check out some of the featured tracks, player!!

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (feat. Anané & Tony Touch) -  Louie Vega

Can't Fake the Feeling (feat. Navasha Daya) - Reel People

Love 4 Love (Extended Remix by Joey Negro) - Change

Love 4 Love (Jazzy Dub Remix by Joey Negro) - Change

Love To The World - L.T.D.

Into My Life (You Brought The Sunshine) (Louie Vega Vamp Instrumental Mix) - Elements of Life

Into My Life (You Brought The Sunshine) (Louie Vega Roots Mix)  - Elements of Life

New Walk (The Feliciano Supreme Version) - Sue Avenue

Union Dance - DJ Clock 

Ngeke (Andhim Remix) - Armonica

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Funkadelic - Get Your Ass Off And Jam (Marcellus Pittman Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; what it do? that's how the work will be!!

These are the rules that are followed, like James Mattis resigning no fools like Trump are followed; please believe me!!

Other rules followed? old school / new school and next school if so called facts align; no alternatives..

Per Rudy Giuliani,  who also doesn't believe Trump's wall is a good idea, so what will the response be? sonic assaults will be launched!  check out how we work this..

On a Throwback Thursday? beats will bump and this good word is dropped while listening to Funkadelic with Get Your Ass Off And Jam (Marcellus Pittman Remix)...

On a Throwback Thursday? we'll get retro-futuristic while at the same time getting breakbeat scientific..

Oblivion | Deep Progressive House Set | By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! it's going down on a rainy Throwback Thursday in Atlanta..

The saga / struggle continues; jokers came around with a grainy picture like Colin Powell talking about WMD's in Iraq; a Throwback Thursday reference,  somebody will understand a brotha!!

The saga / struggle continues; Colin Kaepernick unemployed? it's foul!! Rush Limbaugh even said he didn't need to kneel anymore...

Because of a bogus Criminal Justice Reform Bill, my people living while black know the deal / score..

We're listening to this soundtrack / score caused Oblivion | Deep Progressive House Set | By Johnny M | DEM Radio Podcast

Taking this sound back to the future? that's how we're dealing!!  check out the playlist and the mix as the sounds blast...

Tracklist: 01. Lost Soul - Falling (Original Mix) 00:00

02. DP-6 - Synesthesia (Matteo Monero Remix) 06:42

03. Solid Stone - Phenom (Original Mix) 12:23

04. Space Motion - Muse (Morttagua Remix) 18:04

05. Sapiens - Culture Shop (Anthony G Remix) 24:50

06. Tim Penner - Kharon (Simos Tagias Remix) 31:01

07. Rick Pier O'Neil - Twanged (RPO Part 1) 37:13

08. Stan Kolev - Nu Moon (Original Mix) 41:52

09. Paul Deep - Shakti (Matias Chilano Remix) 48:04

10. Paul Deep & Sebastian Franco - Nohono (Original Mix) 55:33

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Glenn Underground - Abstracts

Sunday Jazz... err I mean Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday when things can go either way!! that soul jazz / jazz funk vibe? that seems to be me these days!!

Mix in a little house music? oh yes!! you got me!! for chilling it's conducive!! it's a blessing to be here, now I'm ready to run these plays...

..showing these breakbeat scientific ways shining rays of light with the sound and this insight..

Showing and proving, who's with it? intergalactic!! staying in flight!!

Showing and proving, who's with it? let's keep the jazz / house vibe going with my dude Glenn Underground called Abstracts..

...this track is nice and smooth!! check the sound, it's got that soul jazz / house vibe I was talking about!! check how we bring it back!!

Breakbeat Scientific Manifesto PT. 9

Excuse a dude as I get breakbeat scientific dropping this manifesto; just letting some know what it do / what it does..

Who's rude with it? rolling like James Comey vs Trump and House Republicans? who's seeing what it do / what it does? 

What's corrected? it's all game homie!! I got up from / abandoned the table, no longer believed the fable; left Facebook / Instagram before the Russian / African American voting scam; I could see what's up with it!!

What's perfected? I brought the drum with me,  plus dropping these random thoughts!!  letting my people know things are unstable!! it's like that from here in Atlanta to  Saudi Arabia vs Yemen to Israeli vs Palestine; they even say I'm "offline with mine"; was this brotha corrupted?

Please!! O-Dizzle had to unleash these sonic assaults!! weapons utilized?  turntables, cassette and CD MP3's!!  manipulated against those that hated on the family..

Wires and cables are hooked up to components by O-Dog aka O-Dizzle; the beat booms, we're on it!! meanwhile O-Zone will have a clearance rack epiphany..

Slick tires caused the vehicle to crash, some will ask was dude on those magic mushrooms? some said mushrooms were  supposedly a cure for cancer..

The shot clock expires!! coaches lash out at so called players that didn't take the shot!! check the feeling of doom;  who's spotted waiting for an answer?

Per this breakbeat scientific manifesto? O-Zone will hash out an answer while O-Dizzle is waiting on a dancer as the beat is dropped!!

Some might "cut a rug" like Michael Jordan, we're all up in the sport again as this breakbeat science is dropped!!

Others take a cut out of the drug profits while this street endorsed prophet continues to do what he does..

Per this breakbeat scientific manifesto? we'll drop this on the streets rebuking matrix architect "alt shift deletes"; this is what's up cuz!!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Breakbeat Scientific Manifesto PT.8 (Working It All Out)

What it do? what it does? even though this breakbeat scientific manifesto is being dropped, on this Monday morning?   the "I wish somebody would"  attitude prevails.

Word from this stream of consciousness Mystic Voyager, on a Treasure Hunt; back from a brief hiatus!! intergalactic,  moving with zest bro!!  a brotha floats / sails..

Check out how we come with this, working this thing out blue collar style until my back hurts!!  a dude wasn't done with this!! unlike Trump with his legal issues, admitting coping strategies will fail!! damn!!  I even had to regroup..

Check out how we come with this, working this thing out!!  a dude wasn't done with this, though I had to admit I lost cash fooling with these and those!! like the stock market? I'm trying to recoup..

Breakbeat scientific? that's the business, I wasn't done with this!! I knew the scoop, some talk out the side of their neck like Rudy Giuliani!! messages were blatant and subliminal..

Being specific? in the Atlantic and Pacific radars detected submarines; they weren't yellow ones like the Beatles, they were driven by war criminals..

...Or drug dealers; I'm dipping down I-20 in Atlanta with "Real Deal Holyfielders" ; who's disrespected?   wannabe players / subs seen entering the game but seeing how the street does!!  they didn't stop by the scorers table..

What it do? some will feel us as  these thoughts are selected at random;  playing the field, it's all game but some  try to say your boy is unstable!!

Cutting the cord like cable, a dude didn't believe the fable!! it was like saying Lamar Jackson wouldn't succeed in the NFL..

Didn't abort the mission though things were unstable; I was scarred up in the action but a dude will prevail...

Now I've got a story to tell, who knows; it might provide Monday Motivation for somebody..

Dropping this breakbeat scientific manifesto, with zest bro!! who knows; it might provide Monday Motivation for somebody!!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Deodato - Moonlight Serenade

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we're broadcasting live from the lab, live here in Atlanta..

We're cooling out / chilling out / maxing and relaxing; it's been rough out here,  somebody might understand a brotha!!

Ruling out spazzing on another, even though they tried to drop a bomb on my compound like the Federal Judge in Texas going after Obamacare..

Jazzing it up, that's what a brotha will do; once again it's on, check the sound as we take it there!!

Pulling out some classic jazz funk from  Deodato with a track called  Moonlight Serenade..

Check out the players and the track!! a brotha rode down Broadway in Louisville  to this back in the day; now in Atlanta out off of I-20  dropping insight; hipping my people to the ongoing charade..