Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Last Stand

Its going down!!  making the last big run or push..but is it Custer's Last Stand?

 Napoleon's Waterloo? maybe 41 shots like Amadou....what it do? I heard the engine rattling under the hood...the last time the mothership will land?

 Whatcha knowing man?  too much like Christopher Dorner?  shots from burners smoke you out like in Big Bear!

 Whatcha throwing man?  knuckleballs like Phil Niekro on the outside corner of the plate?  batters say it ain't fair! 

Whats going on per Marvin Gaye?  Negro please!!  from the block or corner to Wall Street to the Las Vegas Strip nothing was fair in love or war! 

Whats really going on?  per my blog..through the Babylon wilderness we jog; in Air Maxes we jump over the bar!

Caught up in danger zones!! similar to the West Bank..we're  not out of these woods yet..we've come far..but still have a long way to go!

 Caught up!! O-Zone is not out of these can catch me in Decatur Georgia...still a firestarter....yet I still have a long way to go! 

Did I choose the wrong path / way to go?  now I have to make the last stand! 

Win or lose?  is this the wrong math? please!! through the universe we cruise!! we weren't the last to understand!

Might land over in North Korea with Dennis Rodman with our own brand of diplomacy...

The Last Stand? is the game over...check the scenario..using a fresh view fresh see what the deal will be... 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blacksmif Boiler Room London DJ Set

Digital Crate Digging Continues....back in the Boiler Room  ...once again!! 

We're checking out the Blacksmif Boiler Room London DJ Set....

.....started not to post it because there's no tracklist  ....but the DJ is ripping it!! he has a nice soulful house set going!! you need to check this out!!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rameses B - Pure

Digital Crate Digging Continues.....checking out Rameses B with his cut called Pure from his upcoming EP of the same name. Nice and smooth!! check it out!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Gato Barbieri-Granada

Digital Crate Digging conjunction with what I listen to at work....checking out 91.9 WCLK earlier. Nicole Sweeney put this nice smooth cut on by Gato Barbieri called Granada. It was so nice I had to hear it twice!!

Check out the players and the track:

Gato Barbieri-sax /   Philippe Saisse-keyboards / Dennis Chambers-drums

Anthony Jackson-bass / Romero Lubambo-guitar  / Jeff Golub-guitar

Cyro Baptista-percussion  / Michael Davis-trombone  /  Jim Hynes-trumpet  / Andy Snitzer-alto sax


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Flora Purim / Andei (I Walked)

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out vocalist Flora Purim with her song Andei (I Walked) 

Ms Purim was a "go-to" back up vocalist during the 70's to a lot of great jazz artist...who returned the favor by appearing on her solo projects.

Check out the players on this great song and enjoy!!

The Sonic Blackjack Mix PT.2 by O-Dog

   Sunday Jazz Continues!!

            ..starting things off with class in session!!!   

                                We're teaching some a lesson with the blackjack!!


  The Sonic Blackjack that is!! check this out!!!


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kevin Toney - Red Tape

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some jazz / funk from Kevin Toney...talking about going through the Red Tape...some of us know what he's talking about!!

This is from his Special k album....check out the players and the track!!

Kenny Dope-Jazz-Funk-45 Breaks 'Saturday Basement Mix 2012'

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out DJ, producer / artist Kenny Dope with his Kenny Dope-Jazz-Funk-45 Breaks 'Saturday Basement Mix 2012' 

....he's on that jazz / funk / old school soul music ....serious crate digging shxt!! check out the playlist and the mix...


Friday, February 22, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

In The Meantime and Between Time / Once Again Its On

I was chilling out..laying in the cut; but soon a bruh will be going for mine! 

In the meantime and between time..I'm typing this at high my previous episode...check the mode..please!! like I said.. I'm going for mine!

Observing the scene....its rough out here for the rolling gun battle on the Las Vegas strip...or like Oscar Pistorius....whose ready to flip? I'm looking for a sign...

Dealing with the madness out here!! whose playing around with the corrupt?  I dont play this!!.. just caught up in the in system / matrix; the meantime and between time! 

Dealing with the Total Chaos; a life of crime messed up the young homies down here in Georgia! 

Car jacking and home invading..supposedly mafioso or made men; unlike revolutionaries over in the other Georgia! 

The evolutionary process will startle ya! but some already know; they're hip to the intelligent design! 

Get a clue I tell scary ones!! were not shady like Jesse Jackson Jr;  breakbeat scientific business is what a brotha runs!! in the meantime and between time!

 Obscene with mine?  oh yeah!! accusations were faced by these prime suspects! 

...observing the scene; mine are still suffering!! in the meantime and between time we swing the sonic blackjack at those corrupt with this! 

That's whats up with this!! its going down!! in the meantime and between time!

That's whats up with this!! rolling like Hosea Williams; unbought and unbossed when I'm seen with mine!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

All Trap Music (Album Megamix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this All Trap Music (Album Megamix)...for this project they have out on the can picked up at the following locations...


This mix and album features the following artists and tracks... 

 1. Baauer -- Dum Dum
2. Massappeals -- 7even OH!
3. Flosstradamus -- Roll Up (Baauer Remix)
4. Bro Safari Feat. DJ Craze -- Spooked
5. Buku -- All Deez
6. Dream Mclean -- Network (Chase & Status Remix)
7. Flosstradamus - From The Back Feat. Danny Brown (Lunice Remix)
8. Buku -- Janky
9. Luminox -- I Run This (Original Mix)
10. 12th Planet & SPL -- Ratchet Strap (ƱZ Remix)
11. HPNTK -- Underground Tactics
12. Hucci & Stooki Sound -- Ball So Hard
13. Foreign Beggars -- Goon Bags (UZ Remix)
14. Hucci -- Hustle
15. XXTRAKT -- Higher
16. Gent & Jawns -- TurnUp
17. S-X -- Bricks
18. RL Grime - Grapes Alla Vodka (Salva Remix)
19. Clicks & Whistles -- Fumando
20. All Trap Music (Continuous Mix)
21. All Trap Music (JiKay DJ Mix)

At The End Of The Day? Were Just Trying To Maintain

The ship is out to sea.. floating like the Carnival Triumph? ..the waters are treacherous; were just trying to maintain! 

Underwater? there's no where to run or hide... check the sea full of sharks and dramas above land; Chinese hackers attack the mainframe! 

Underwater like mortgages..different time frames? some are winning..some are losing! 

Another was told to abort that or this! the system plays mind games ....different poisons some are choosing! 

Check the Mission it a Ghost Protocol?...some look like a pro to y'all...they're choosing to take the assignment...apparently the job market isn't that bad..different positions are available!

 Some are cruising through the galaxy like there's nothing to it; but things are unpredictable! 

Some are finding conditions despicable / harsh; in the background I hear New Edition; can you stand the rain? 

More like chilling in Sudan..can you stand the reign of terror? as I go there..just trying to maintain! 

The horror or terror are similar to my deeply held personal philosophies! 

As we go there...just trying to maintain; sometimes purging..check out my clearance rack epiphanies!

As we go there..finding out what the deal is with these and those..I see some flexing like Iran...cyber war is the next big thing...

As we go there..usually minding and tending...whats up man? just trying to maintain...but they pulled me back into the game..wishing it was a simple thing.... 


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Michel Camilo / Nardis

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out pianist Michel Camilo  and his cut called Nardis. 

This is from his Spirit of the Moment album. Mr. Camilo likes the trio setting...check out the players and the track...
Michel Camilo: piano; Charles Flores: bass; Dafnis Prieto: drums.

Who's Fair With This PT.2

Spiritual warfare is going down..but we cherish the victories like Kool and The Gang talked about Cherish The Love! 

But no "big heads" as we go there..who's fair with that or this?  its like under the basket in an NBA game; jokers push and shove! 

Some will get whats coming to them...the glove didn't fit but they won't acquit..damn!! others charges are trumped up! 

No love is shown for a fanatic rolling like Donald Trump..there time is up! 

Doing the mathematics...playing spades / holding trump cards! but some are still getting beat! 

Erratic with this!! looking at the man in the mirror per Michael Jackson;  like Miami I was already feeling the Heat!

But not tripping like Lil Wayne...whats the deal? while some are acting ill....I'm just trying to maintain; but alt / shift / delete was the devil's webmaster's plan; any help from the IT Department? 

Y'all out in the streets with me? I see ya!! but some are out of their jurisdiction or department! 

Victories and defeats were calculated by ESPN and Fox Pulp Fiction; whose heart is in it? who's fair with this?

 Getting slick with it sick with it!! some even truth or dare with this!

Whose fair with this? that's like expecting Obama and Republicans coming to an agreement on budget cuts.. 

Whose fair with this? please...check the drama per Oscar Pistorius and Adam Lanza..who'll understand a bruh? please!! I see them trying to get corrupt with us...

Monday, February 18, 2013

I Told Them..I'll See You When I See You PT.2

Told you earlier about listening to Steve Arrington..he said nobody can be you but you! 

In love or war..whose fair with them? the procedures..check out what we go through! 

Check out the uphill struggle...that's whats up with a we try to keep it moving; we had to sacrifice! 

Check out the power struggle..from the Mideast to out in these streets...the homies told me they'll see me when they see me!! they said it ain't nothing nice! 

Listening to Donald Byrd Think Twice; ....R.I.P....I'm just trying to interpret the signals! 

Whats the word on the curb?  frick and frack tried to swerve ...reminded me of Romney / Ryan....switching lanes without signals!

Whats the word on the curb? some flip like Oscar the thought and fashion police will issue indictments! 

Whats the word on the curb? the bass thumps like Jaco Pastorius; ...Sonic Assaults blast in response to the ongoing madness;  some will get whats coming to them..check the enlightenment!

Check the excitement when the train wrecks!! society disrespects.. but the train of thought is still rolling!

Check the excitement!! the crowd gathers due to police brutality!! dude was swinging the blackjack but unlike the Sonic Assault; please!!  we put the soul in!

My Soul is on Ice per Eldridge Cleaver; cool like that!! all up in the spot with the crooks!! I guess its guilt by association! 

No Ward and June Cleaver type of scenarios;  sideways glances and looks revealed the vibe is otherwise!! so whatcha sayin?

 Per EPMD;  whats the deally?  the outcome was already determined by deals in back rooms!

Club members benefit!!  dude wasn't just the president but also a client!!  but O-Dizzle remained the track will boom! 

Now some are back in the temple of doom!! but I kept it moving..I told them I'll see them when I see them! 

I told them the Sonic Revolution is going down..I'm just trying to free them..

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hubert Eaves - Call to Awareness

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out this classic jazz / funk track from Hubert Eaves  named Call to Awareness. This is off his Esoteric Funk project. Production was handled by the artist, Reggie Lucas and James Mtume...Check out the players and the track...
 Hubert Eaves - all keyboards
  • Reggie Lucas - electric guitar
  • James Mtume - congas, percussion
  • James "Fish" Benjamin - electric bass
  • John Lee - electric bass
  • Howard King - drums
  • Rene McLean - reeds, flute
  • James Stowe - trombone
  • Malachi Thompson - trumpet

Ramsey Lewis –Tequila Mockingbird

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out this jazz / funk classic from Ramsey Lewis  called Tequila Mockingbird. This is off the Ramsey Lewis album of the same name. 

This is a Larry Dunn-produced product so it has a Earth, Wind and Fire feel to it. It includes EWF  players like Al McKay and Johnny Graham on guitars and bassist Verdine White.  Check it out!!

Rotation [original 12" mix] - Herb Alpert

Sunday Jazz Continues..checking out this classic jazz funk tune from Herb Alpert called Rotation.

Jazz / funk at its finest...check it out..

Tony Williams- Sister Cheryl

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out drummer Tony Williams and his cut called Sister of his Foreign Intrigue album...check out the players and the track...

Wallace Roney- Trumpet
Donald Harrison- Alto Saxophone
Bobby Hutcherson- Vibes
Mulgrew Miller- Piano
Ron Carter- Bass
Tony Williams- Drums, Percussion

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Letting Them Do What They Do PT.4

I was letting them go on about their business; letting the hustlers hustle and the players play! 

Dude was rocking the Afro with the receding hairline like George Jefferson!! checking out the mess he was in...I spotted him trying to make a play!

I told him play on player!! R.I.P Sherman Hensley..meanwhile who'll understand me? I'm standing alone against the world..moves are made because I had the audacity to hope! 

...Like Obama; even facing the same kind of drama!! diplomatic immunity is exercised so I could cope! 

Check the drama;  the player player from Louisville knew the deal..he was rolling in the Sam Swope GMC Yukon mentioned once again its on as he broke it down to the sista!

Check the drama;  its way too real!! whats he on?  fronting like North Korea conducting nuclear tests or ready to show a pistol!

 Check the drama; at the grind....when he pissed?  the stool showed controlled substances in his system!

...Or he was caught accepting bribes like Atlanta on player!! somebody encouraged him;  but now he's caught up in the matrix /system!

Stay on task..say a prayer..somebody else encouraged him..but at the end of the day? they already knew....

Jokers trying to the limelight they either a Blade Gunner or Blade Runner?  per Oscar Pistorius..some know how the story were letting them do what they do... 

Some say the joke is on us...but O-Zone dropped this the funk played..per Clyde Stubblefield type inspiration the funky drummer O-Dizzle got busy...

Beats and English are broken..check the inside joke...its on us..we drop this bonus..some will get whats coming to we get busy... 

They Didn't Let It Go / They're Still Going Through It

Whats the deal? I see some didn't want to let it go..maybe they can't let it North Korea flexing...I see some are still going through it.

Astrologers blame it on the Uranus / Pluto Square in affect until 2015;  so I act like I knew it! 

As we go to it; check the 12th House we go to a private place; going private like Dell!!  no IPO's like Facebook! 

As we go through it;  reflecting on past episodes as a crime lieutenant..not a Sargent or private; can't lie about it... some were face to face with a crook! 

O-Dizzle has the bass, hook lines, and his own beats; check out the Street Funk... its used as a weapon while were going through it!

That's the dizzle!!  for real though!! plus we did the knowledge; no Vatican conclaves needed;  checked the Da Vinci  Code; secrets were were acting like we knew it! 

Discrete with it;  but not too slick like horse meat scandals in Europe; some people are full of Drake kicked out of a club where Chris Brown and Rihanna were...gossip, lies, and innuendo is the fuel for a fool! 

 ...some said they had the word on the curb!! the Heat like Lebron on fire!!  but I'm ready to take them back to school!

...Teaching them a lesson with the Sonic Blackjack; class is in session!

Reality already hit them with one!!  showing aggression!

 Now they're going through it!!  again claiming there's no justice
or peace!

 But happiness is just around the bend per the Main Ingredient; whose impeding it?  peace is found inside as we slide..down the road we ease!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Applying Pressure

Whats the deal with it? please!! you don't know? its just like the Russian meteor is hectic....chaotic!!  the apparatus will apply pressure! 

Whose real with it? down here in the ATL wannabe macks and divas flexed in the Mercedes Compressor! 

Who can feel it?  the pressure!! damn!!  I even felt it!

Gamblers are out for a fast buck; like Bernie Madoff...if its a bad hand?  they dealt it! 

Ramblers off at the mouth will run and tell the insider trading to take Heinz private.. somebody lied about it.. so they can stay paid! 

Whistle blowing aka snitching!! soon like Christopher Dorner..authorities are Incendiary Tear Gas pitching...meanwhile

Randy Johnson type jokers were fast ball and curve ball pitching;  but over the plate the pitch strayed!

....Knocked over the fence with the Louisville Slugger by a Louisville brother!

 O-Dizzle rocked out!!  swinging the Sonic Blackjack..its going to be rough on another! 

As we apply pressure to those that applied it to us; its called karma... some will get whats coming to them! 

As we apply pressure!!  O-Zone has the good word; O-Dizzle puts the funky drumming on them! 

Like foreign and domestic drones summing up the consequences  ...were reflecting while riding down Broadway up in Louisville! 

The old dude at White Castle on Broadway mentioned clones doing the Funky Broadway per Wilson Pickett ...also the funky four corners; said back in the day it was real! 

But now the arch nemesis is on the premises!!  attacking the palace or castle....the same jokers once chilled on corners talking smack!

Empty promises were revealed..authorities rolled up; some flip out like Christopher Dorner..slow learners will get hit with the blackjack! 

Applying pressure...crossing the boundary or border like deputies in San Bernardino mentioning burners.... some will earn these and those...the Sonic Blackjack is part of the rebuttal! 

Applying pressure then dipping;  staying elusive is conducive;  that's how a brotha will do!

Check out the Sonic Blackjack we apply pressure..



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

All Up In The Spot / Damn! Here We Go Again

We're all up in the spot; like Obama's State of the Union address? once again its on!! one cliche after another one?  damn here go again! 

All up in the spot; once again its on!! I see thought and fashion police were on patrol again! 

...Like we were Christopher Dorner out in Big we go there; Sonic Assaults blast in response!!!  who gets whats coming to them? word from authorities? tear gas was the the arch nemesis entered the premises! 

Some are caught up in the system / matrix..unknowing participants who actually believed the empty promises! 

...As we respond to this;  knowing the Deliberate Falsehood was embedded in the structure! 

...As we response to this; rolling through the hood..dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie with the funk in the trunk rumbling...sounding like North Korea's nuclear test...but for a brotha there's no rest...were even calling for back up or reinforcements ...hip to the game...of course its a set up to corrupt ya! 

Whats up with ya? they were asking me why I was watching the world news about drama in Mali and Egypt? 

Another was just concerned with drama on Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia; unable to connect the dots!!  didn't know whats up with it!

Another seemed to be the leader of the clique with fans / followers;  mad because I didn't want to be down like Brandy! 

All up in the spot...damn here we go again!! as they play me like Chuck Connors stripped of medals and honors;  they'll brand me! 

Damn!! where did the mothership  land me?  down here on this forsaken planet earth! 

Damn here we go again!! as a brotha gets scientific;  but jokers play me the other way like I wasn't knowing ..Like I'm taking Marco Rubio style water breaks...but I know what its all worth! 

Damn here we go again!!  a fanatic is tripping!! one who fakes the funk...but it can have a ripple effect!

But I'm not playing around with them!! at the end of the day they'll have to show respect!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Train Of Thought Derailed...But We Prevailed...

              they couldn't stop us from achieving...

Like Pope Benedict resigning ..this wasn't breaking news on CNN or Fox News;  but the train of thought derailed! 

Reality was breaking fools; the devil was co-signing..was NTSB notified? somebody lied!! now some are hoping that he failed! 

But he prevailed...riding the MARTA train in Atlanta listening to MFSB;  now there's  love...a message in the music! 

Per the Soul Train; how did some roll?  no pain no gain was the mantra..some will use it! 

Were rolling!! but the train ran off the tracks; though elusive was how O-Zone was!! just trying to maintain...crashing and burning but rising from the ashes like the Phoenix! 

Were rolling!!  but danger zone methods aren't conducive!! clashing with titans? lessons were learning..but like Christopher Dorner some crimes were heinous! 

Check the aggression; the car jackings in Atlanta.. crimies thought it was hilarious the way they gaffled fools! 

But check the sonic aggression as we teach some a lesson with the blackjack...but some still didn't understand...the Sonic Assault baffled fools! 

Whose caught up in the system / matrix that rules this earth?

The train of thought derails after finding out what its all worth!

Crashed and burned when the train of thought derailed...but the rebirth will amaze some...

Stashed beats and rhymes; CD's were burned..MP3's posted up..due to the Sonic Assault these brothas prevailed...the rebirth will amaz

Check out The Train Of Though Mix

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Candido - Thousand Finger Man

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out Cuban percussionist Candido with a  Latin jazz / funk / disco / house music jam called the Thousand Finger Man...

Candido ( Candido Camero)   was among the many jazz artist who fused jazz with other types of music during the late 70's 

Check out the players who helped him and the track...

Arranged By, Synthesizer [Arp Odyssey, String Ensemble], Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Piano – Louis Small Bass [Fender] – Norman Durham Congas, Bongos, Claves, Percussion [Jawbone], Bajo Quinto, Other [Tumbao] – Candido Drums, Arranged By [Vocals] – Woody Cunningham Flugelhorn – Kenny Warden Guitar – Sandy Santana Vocals – Al-Yasha Anderson, Isabelle Cole, Miles McMillan, Woody Cunningham 

Michel Camilo Trio - On Fire

Sunday Jazz Continues..checking out some jazz with a little Latin flavor to it with the Michel Camilo Trio with a cut called On Fire.

The trio consists of Michel Camilo on piano Horacio Hernandez on drums and Anthony Jackson bass. 

This is live  at the North Sea Jazz Festival  in 2002  ...Check them out 

Moving Forward; After Jumping and Recognizing..

So whats up?  I had a these Random Thoughts are collected! 

Moving forward..spotted the evil opponent..after Jumping and  situations I'm rectifying;  to the higher power?  I stay connected! 

Jumping to conclusions after recognizing the pattern;  now responding with beats that are perfected per Afrika Bambaataa! 

Plus hitting the masses up with this good word;  similar the Jamaican Rohan who said he had the good herb..but I'm not trying to start with ya!

 It'll get hot for ya..rewards are offered for your capture..after believing in the American dream like Christopher Dorner..soon disappointed!

 Caught out there!! having lucid dreams like Jared Loughner!!  soon you missed your appointment! 

Get to your point kid!!  that's what I was told by those christened or anointed by the masses!

 Like American Idols ...or maybe even the Grammy Awards per Cissy Houston;  based on the lies told;  Sonic Blackjacks will teach lessons during these classes!

 At Hindu festivals in India one prays and fasts after the stampede!! true the US Northeast some are caught in the blizzard..

 Acting like we knew after Jumping and Recognizing...true indeed..dropping this breakbeat science like a wizard... 

 Get to your point kid!!  that's what I was told by those christened or anointed by the masses! soon they'll be jumping and recognizing...

 ....after missing their appointment...that's why were staying on point kid!!...situations were rectifying..

Check out  jazz / funk from O-Dog with the Jumping and Recognizing Mix

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Horace Silver Quintet - Nutville

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out so more jazz...this time from the Horace Silver Quintet -with a cut called Nutville!! from the The Cape Verdean Blues album. ....I feel that's what Atlanta is..anyway..check out the players and the track.. 

All Up In The Spot / No Where To Run Or Hide..

We were all up in the spot...caught out there!!  rolling like Christopher Jordan Dorner?  damn!!  there's no where to run or hide! the deep waters with the shark and piranhas;  in the background I here Slave with Slide!

Plus the runaway slave avoided genocide..somebody lied..they said waiting in the dark was the check the Chicago like scenarios;  homicide or suicide awaits him!

 He was the one to misbehave!! all up in the spot...out in Babylon where society hates him! 

Racking jokers up like Ed Reed and Ray Lewis...Baltimore Ravens; ...but pundit debates him over irrelevant issues;  basically weapons of mass distraction!

 I was done with it!! nobody was benevolent;  it was a rat race / dog eat dog per Mr Cole;  but check how we roll....class was in session! 

Some will get whats coming to them now that I roll up with the sonic aggression;  especially since it looks like I'm stuck on earth! 

All up in the spot..lights blink on the instrument panel or dashboard;  signals indicate I'm whats it all worth? 

The mothership crashed and burned..but  I'm rising from the ashes;  but not on one accord with these earthlings after the rebirth!

A brotha gets scientific with them..since there's no where to run or hide..jokers try to claim turf! 

Artificial or astro turf on the other side of the fence?  that's why the
grass was greener! 

The art was official per the ATL player!! that joker said he was trying to catch up on his pimping!!  but he asked me have you seen her?

Sounding like Chi-Lites;  meanwhile I drop these insights!! there's no where to run or hide! 

From the city lights to the suburban meadows; a whistle blower meddles..trying to see how you slide! 

Then they confide with authorities; next thing you know your caught up in the system / matrix!

 There's no where to run or hide in these hostile territories;  surrounded by jokers who fake it!

Olugbenga Boiler Room London LIVE Show

Digital Crate Digging Continues...after chilling for a couple of days...back up in that Boiler Room  ...checking out  Olugbenga's  Boiler Room London LIVE Show....

Olugbenga is a DJ /Producer  from  BRIGHTON, Britain (UK)...from The Pictures Music Group..check him out!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Rolling through the intersection; or out on the interstate.. like out on I-16 west of Savannah;  next thing you know vehicles collided!

 Or the quarterback drops back to pass;  just looking one way;  so whats up?  he gets sacked by Baltimore Ravens..Ed Reed or Ray Lewis;  blindsided! 

True indeed!! some act clueless;  blind to the fact..but some confided with the enemy! 

True indeed!! some will get whats coming to them.....act like you knew this!!  we're bumping heads with the evil entity! 

Acting brand new?  the apparatus supplied some with status!! now like Christopher J. Dorner...out in LA...they'll go off the reservation! 

Acting brand new when they holla at this? please!!  I painted myself in a corner... then somebody said something about going green and conservation! 

Observing the scene;  checked out the sideways I overheard the conversation! 

Some are back on the scene!! but up  in secret hideaways one dances with the devil;  as he makes it reign!! unlike LRLL 54361 Hubble telescopes needed for the observation! 

Were discrete with it when we ride;  the deal can go sideways!! a world of trouble per Lou Rawls?  its easy to get blindsided!

 Reality will slap you with the blackjack;  but we had a sonic one the elixir or tonic for onefreedom?  we ride for it!

Some lied for it; was it like John Brennan at CIA confirmation hearings? 

Some cried for it;  like peace in the Middle East...but they get facing loathing and fearing...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Life Is Hectic / Total Chaos / The Concept Combo

Its like the family reunion around the Fourth of July; concepts are revisited! 

Life is Hectic....check the Total the LA Lakers without Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard;  whose a coward? Demon Deacons serve the communion as they come forth!!  now the drama is revisited! 

Dudes weren't from Wake Forest ....but there's a lot of fakes in the forest; check out the anti-Asian frat party at Duke; peep game...getting the gist of it requires work!

Life is Hectic...check the Total Chaos; a combo meal from hells kitchen? check the the confusion and frustration!! its like Damascus...whose on the road like Paul / Saul?  fiery lakes are upon us; these firemen fight the fires..we're putting in work!

Check out those taking a the structure burns down; were there arsonists like in Detroit around Halloween? 

Players were fronting;  faking and flossing!!  but corrupt contracts are null and void due to information overload!!  jokers are obscene! 

Prayers are sent up; life is hectic...but not taking this Total Chaos!!  let the healing process begin! 

Layers are provided for my aura during the smoke and mirrors / ongoing terror and horror;  let the healing process begin!

Players were disrespected; they tried to catch up on their pimping; but it hard out here...

Prayers were sent up; disconnected? cut off by AT&Tor maybe Comcast? meanwhile we blast off..way way out there...

As we go there..wasn't spending any Nights In Tunisia  per Chaka Khan...

Life is hectic..check the Total Chaos like in Tunisia.. once again its on...

Check out The Life Is Hectic Mix...

Check Out The Total Chaos Mix..

Monday, February 4, 2013

Curren$y / New Jet City

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some hip hop; this new mixtape from Curren$y  called "New Jet City." 

Features include Wiz Khalifa, Trinidad James, Styles P, Jadakiss, French Montana & more!Courtesy of DatPiff. Check it out!!