Thursday, February 27, 2020

I Can See What They're Saying (Part Eight)

We're putting it down on this Thankful Thursday or Throwback Thursday; both principles will be utilized..

It's a blessing to be here, thanking the Lord as we go back to the future or to the present enjoying this present;  thanks are super sized!! fast food deals even as a fast fool chills counting the spoils from shady deals; then telling us to relax, stay calm during this coronavirus pandemic...

It's not all good in the hood plus jokers aren't all hood, just suburbanites; I can see what they're saying by the way they're playing, "it ain't right" ; per these breakbeat scientific studies it's all academic..

Who'll come right with that? I can see what they're saying by the way they're playing!! they operate like Pirates Of The Caribbean, or even porch pirates; who's blaming it on chemicals that didn't balance?

Like my morning cup of coffee? potions and elixirs are drunk; did they enlighten this or that one?  others still show malice! shootings up in Milwaukee at Molson Coors; O-Dizzle can see what they're saying so he found cures per Ashford and Simpson,  he'll catch up on his pimping even though reality will spank that ass like an old school grandmother would!

Holla at me but don't drug test me as I put up scores like Bradley Beal, y'all should see what I'm saying /  know the deal!! per Thankful Thursday?  might even thank me for this breakbeat science; some didn't even know a brotha could!

Whats good? whats hood? its going down from Louisville /Newburg to Charlotte / Mecklenburg.

.......from Atlanta to Johannesburg from Pluto to Mars!! now chilling down in Georgia!!  just rode through Chamblee / Doraville /  Clarkston; even though I spotted the old and new school Toyotas and Hondas  its rough on an immigrant that didn't merge!

A brotha gets breakbeat scientific, some can see what I'm saying!! motherships were making intergalactic journeys!! out there  Space Dancing like the mix by DJ Spivey!! now back down to earth O-Dog Day Partying!!  all the way live is how it'll be /  once again it's on!!

....parking the the mothership back down on earth after studying the dark mystery of time and space!! I can see what they're saying / seeing that its rough down here on earth! Mr Cole said it's a dog eat dog / rat race!!  we're trying to to urge these earthlings  to keep on keeping on!  success?  that's what were creeping up on!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Monty Alexander Featuring Ernest Ranglin - Love And Happiness

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! getting over the hump? that's the business, understand a brotha/

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on / toil and strife goes on, not stumped by the question it is what it is; understand a brotha?

Don't get me wrong, I can understand another when they mentioned securing the bag, meanwhile others were secure in drag but this brotha didn't roll like that...

Don't get me wrong; do your thing kid!!  meanwhile I'm getting breakbeat scientific; your dude is trying to roll like that!

Monty Alexander Featuring Ernest Ranglin  mentioned it's about  Love And Happiness as he gives us his version of the Al Green classic..

Afternoon Jazzing; check the players and the track /  pay attention y'all class is in session as we continue to get breakbeat scientific..

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

I Can See What They're Saying (Part Seven)

I mentioned reading the teleprompter on this forum earlier; your dude is peeping game!! basically, "I Can See What They're Saying"..

Paid attention even though funds are low; scoring points like Kobe Bryant  with Michael Jordan showing respect at the memorial service; respect shown while they were playing..

New crying memes? meanwhile our teams are  spanning the globe being defiant with these sonic assaults; dropping this good word and the good music is playing..

Plots and schemes? check the styles on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; usually good / terrific  after we started praying..

Plots and schemes? even on this Fat Tuesday celebrated  with carnivals from New Orleans to Rio De Janeiro? check the scenario, even through  the devil and his advocates are still preying on the masses..

Plots and schemes? I can see what they're saying; now we're dropping science,  boring some according to naysayers as we conduct these seminars and classes..

Plots and schemes? I can see what they're saying!! some jokers don't understand us,  it's  like they're scared of Bernie Sanders..

......or like Mike Bloomberg scared of Elizabeth Warren, against Wall Street and the banks she's warring!! billionaires are saying if we do or don't somebody will damn us!!

This Louisville / Newburg cat soaked up game; old school players dropped knowledge they said don't blame the player blame the game!

 I can see what they're saying; even though whistleblowers conversed; out ther First 48ing and Wikileaking for a pardon like Julian Assange?   to officials?  they were spitting game.

 I can see what they're saying; meanwhile we bumped heads with Hunger Games Peacekeepers as these flamethrowers carried torches off into the wilderness; we also rocked the hardhat with the lantern on top!

 Flames sparked to the fuse,  lit the way for those confused /  waiting in the dark!! O-Zone dropped this good word but check the O-Dog Podcast;  O-Dizzle dropped jazz /  funk /  house and even hip hop!

Patrice Rushen - Haven't You Heard (Extended Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can go either way..

Claiming the terrific outcome, O-Dog Day Partying celebrating early!! who'll work with me as we drop this good word and let the music play? 

Doing the damn thing on this so called Fat Tuesday, celebrated strongly in Mobile Alabama and New Orleans..

..actually all over; my peeps are everywhere, spread out all over the country after Hurricane Katrina hit;  still repping New Orleans!!

Points? your homie is scoring repping like Kobe Bryant; homage and respect paid at his memorial service..

Points we're scoring!! spanning the globe being defiant dropping this funk!! we're checking out this classic soul / funk track from  keyboardist Patrice Rushen  called Haven't You Heard (Extended Version)

Monday, February 24, 2020

Ashford and Simpson - Found a Cure (A Tom Moulton Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this  #MusicMonday..

Just got back from mystic voyages, clear the runway..

...aka I-20 in Atlanta, understand a brotha; the moves made are intergalactic..

Consulted with aliens on how the funk should go, it's not dysfunctional when we come back with it..

We're checking out some disco / funk / soul / house music from Tom Moulton with his remix of Ashford and Simpson's  track called Found a Cure. 

Let's Go!! we're out here going for what we know on this Music Monday!! motives are intentional / pure..


Curtis Mayfield - Back to the World

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday; we were O-Dog Day Partying earlier but now we've got other work to do...

Back in other modes after crazy episodes, smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors after my people danced with horrors and terrors? so what's good? so what's up, so what it do?

Staying on code due to the street code, still hood due to being from Louisville / Newburg similar to my people up in NYC affected by the Mike Bloomberg stop and frisk...

Staying on code / staying on point even though Bloomberg apologized on the  Rev. Al Sharpton show the rebuke was a sharp one, so whatcha know? meanwhile reality urged a dude to multi-task...

Dropping this good word is one task, while bringing this sound is another; word from this intergalactic brotha!!

Like this Curtis Mayfield I'm Back to the World dealing with the drama that unfurled, taking it down a thousand after discoing and housing!! check out the mathematics dropped by a brotha!!

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Opolopo ‎– Voltage Controlled Feelings

Sunday Jazz Continues!! this is the kind of business usually conducted during this time frame..

Spazzing in these venues? the kind of business usually conducted by those corrupted confirmed the mind game..

Soul jazzing on these menus? that's what the deal is / that's whats up with this along with this good word dropping..

The madness continues, check these methods to it while we're going through it not quitting / stopping..

We're back with this listening to some so called future jazz / soul jazz / jazzhop from Opolopo with a track called Voltage Controlled Feelings...

We're back with this, dealing with that and this!! the sound is medicine on this cool Sunday evening down here in Atlanta; the voltage from the sound will control are feelings!!

Saturday, February 22, 2020

"Mixed Feelings" (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues per my Saturday Night Fever segment; my constituents are eligible for it!

Off to a late start due to being out in these Atlanta streets a step ahead of the matrix architect alt - shift -delete; dealing with it...

What? the madness, methods were developed, going postal pushing the envelope!! up with hope and down with dope was the old school catch phrase..

Methods to the madness were developed as we kept hope alive per Jesse Jackson; another old school catch phrase!! 

Earlier? caught up in those Pisces sun rays, caught up in the middle of the action wondering if we're losing traction..

Work to do? caught up in the crisis? like that Kelly G track we Keep Wondering with the mixed emotions after we had notions; check the reaction..

Work to do? caught up in the crisis? moving on, back with this per this "Mixed Feelings" (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

There's not a problem that the DJ can't fix, check out the playlist and the mix!! catch that feeling!! all the way live is how it'll be...

Mixed Feelings: 0:00:00 Mixed Feelings (Merecube Soul Mix) by Doug Gomes, Peter Jericho
0:03:27 Stay In The Groove (Extended Mix) by Beat Rivals, Lifford
0:10:20 Smile by Zepherin Saint feat. Jackie Queens
0:17:43 Don't Stop Believing in Love (Instrumental Mix) by Andrea Curato, Coco Street
0:24:05 I Am Your Mind (Mr. V 2020 Soul Channel Remix) by Roy Ayers
0:31:03 Don't Be Late (DJ Big Rob's Bang Da Late Drum Remix) by Miggy Entertainment 
0:36:51 Don't Find Me (Original Mix) by P.M. Project feat. Imani
0:41:53 My Passion (Soul Instrumental) by Mikki Afflick
0:48:03 Feels Like Home (Frankie Feliciano Ricanstruction Vocal Mix) by MdCL feat. Ovasoul7
0:53:54 Let It Show (Libation Instrumental) by Stephanie Cooke, Ian Friday
1:00:07 No Stopping Us (Original Vocal Mix) by DaSoul & Niko M. feat. Stephanie Cooke
1:06:11 So Lonely (Guillotine's So Called Remix) by Janet Jackson, Titan Davis

Friday, February 21, 2020

I Can See What They're Saying (Part Six)

It's going down on this Fabulous Friday but this science dropped is appropriate for any day...

It's going down on this Flashback Friday!!  science was dropped by ancestors per this Black History Month;  per the back in the day episodes, checked the modes now "I can see what they say"

I can see what they're saying by the games that the apparatus is still  playing,  but Black History? we're still making every day in every way..

I can see what they're saying!! in these games? check the status!!  O-Dizzle aka O-Dog is up in here beat breaking while O-Zone will utilize a Fresh View / Fresh Vision  in every way, every day..

I can see what they're saying!! in these games? plans fizzle as shade tree mechanics provide the shoddy workmanship..

You'll probably see me praying due to the games the apparatus is playing; the status quo? there's no Trump quid pro quo!! a brotha can't work with it..

.....was told blessings come down, even though devils kept messing around!! others were asking,  did they miss out on something?

Stressing the masses that were trying to make advances, like Trump dealing with Russia devils were bold; so cold!! all up in this and that; asking me did I miss something?

Told them I wasn't missing anything!! I could see the Trump Putin ticket for 2020; per Flashback Friday? I   was like what I heard Funk Master Flex saying;  "I see and know about everything moving"

Maybe somebody can see what I'm saying!! beats bump and science?  O-Zone is kicking!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta or  moving through the universe at a high velocity with the speed you need; showing and proving!

Maybe somebody can see what I'm saying!! but are you cursed or blessed I was asked? some were  told that those two concepts live in the same neighborhood!

Maybe somebody can see what I'm saying!! roles were rehearsed; I chilled with preachers and convicts while keeping it 100;  excuse me but per default settings? a bruh is still hood!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Daz-I-Kue feat. Hadiya George - Pedigree (Oliver Dollar Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thursday as we take it back to the future; so who'll work with me?

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on; Thankful Thursday comes to mind based on the Lord blessing you and me...

Celebrating, pulling out the drum, beats banging; once again it's on!! that's the kind of work that'll be put down along with this good word...

Celebrating!! usually jazzing it up this time of evening but it's been a good day based on believing!! don't get me wrong bad and good occurred..

But a dude deferred to the Lord's will that's the real deal!! now we're jamming!! listening to Daz-I-Kue feat. Hadiya George with a track called Pedigree (Oliver Dollar Remix)

The attitude? word!! that's based on this good feeling ignoring the shady dealing as we continue to get breakbeat scientific..

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

I Can See What They're Saying (Part Five)

It's going down per the HumpDay Extravaganza but this science dropped is good for any day of the week..

It's good for a Sunday, Monday, Thursday or Friday; holla at me, even though a naysayer will provide an argument that's weak..

Others will see what I'm saying, like I can see what others are saying even though they didn't speak on it; the scene?  O-Zone is observing..

Somebody said action speaks louder than words like that funk song by Chocolate Milk or even the hip hop  Geto Boys version it depends on how you're swerving..

Somebody said action speaks louder than words!! oh yes!! check the messages sent to Roger Stone by pardons to Michael Milken or Rod Blagojevich sentence commutes

Michael Jackson mentioned somebody "wannabe starting something"; once again it's on per Trump economic moves per the deficit a crook robs / steals / loots..

Missing in action? I guess,  but I'm back up in here!! chilled during the so called Presidents Day holiday weekend even though digital crate digging and Sunday Jazz continued; I was still on deck in another form and fashion! even though it was raining here in Atlanta and it's still raining I was outside breathing fresh air.

I like to call its Gods breath!! natural sustenance!! what's up with us? somebody might be able to see what we're saying as we take it there!

I can see what they're saying like noticing how Bill Barr shut down SDNY probes against Trump; pundits and experts studied the odds; they might be ready to make a prediction!

I can see what they're saying by peeping game!! my people are trying to heal scars after bumping heads with crooks running networks; O-Dizzle is on the beat showing some how it works but some might not believe in the sonic insurrection!

I can see what they're saying!! haters creeping up in the game have some Running Away like Roy Ayers after seeing how the net works; prey get caught up in it!

I can see what they're saying!! Hunger Games Peacekeeper types have some coming away scarred or bruised up;  if they escape prayers answered; others were sent up by a dimwit!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Atjazz - Touch The Sun (King Britt's Scuba Journey)

Sunday Jazz Continues as we put it down during this time frame, this is not a mind game..

Jazz on these menus for the Sunday meal, rebuking how some as they told us how we're supposed to feel;  it was a mind game...

Spazzing in these venues like some of my Twitter constituents? it's not that serious, it's all a mind game based on that universal principle; it is what it is..

Jazzing it up in these venues as the saga / struggle continues per these new and improved methods to the madness..

Jazzing it up in these venues!! listening to some deep house / jazzdance from Atjazz  with a track called Touch The Sun (King Britt's Scuba Journey)

Jazzing it up in these venues!! check out the track and the contributors, intergalactic with this!! might even touch the Sun on this journey!!

Engineer – Oba Funke
Horns – Peter Wraight
Remix – King Britt
Vocals – Marie Douce

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Selections #030 | Deep House Set | All Tracks By M-Sol Records | 2020 Mixed By Johnny M

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Saturday Night Fever segment; my constituents are eligible for it..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes / the toil and strife goes on; all; my constituents are eligible for it..

Can you dig it? menus include the whole spectrum from joy to harsh conditions; your dude is chilling in the midst of the madness..

Can you dig it? I answered no,  I can't being played like a toy per these conditions so your dude developed methods to the madness..

Now back with this smooth sound , listening to Selections #030 | Deep House Set | All Tracks By M-Sol Records | 2020 Mixed By Johnny M

This is from the Johnny M Mixcloud Select channel, this is a special edition of the Saturday Night Fever segment; check out the playlist and the mix to see what we're saying..

01. Chris Le Blanc - The Eyes Of Revelation (Miss Luna Remix) 00:00

02. Jero Nougues - Blind Love (Big Al Remix) 05:45

03. Moe Turk - Dreamer (Original Mix) 11:45

04. Helly Larson & Miss Disk - Deep Dreams (Original Mix) 16:43

05. Darles Flow - Northern Lights (Original Mix) 22:36

06. Marga Sol - Tibetania (Darles Flow Dub Mix) 27:18

07. David Devilla and Elisabeth Aivar - Inception (Original Mix) 32:07

08. Vasiliy Umanets - Sound Maneuver (Deeperteque Remix) 37:53

09. Deep Spelle - My Heart (Ilias Katelanos Remix) 43:39

10. Deeperteque - Time To Deep (Original Mix) 49:57

11. Darles Flow - Myth Of Living(Original Mix) 55:28

12. Stefano DG - Touch Me (Original Mix) 1:00:50

Thursday, February 13, 2020

I Can See What They're Saying (Part Four)

Your dude is out here peeping game; I can see what they're saying!!  I told you earlier I was reading the teleprompter

The attitude?  it's a Thankful Thursday even though my constituents are still hungry and thirsty; I can see what they're saying so I'm  feeding them, told them I'll be prompt for ya! 

Any comps for ya?  Throwback Thursday has me reflecting and contemplating past episodes like the Bloomberg stop and frisk. 

Any comps for ya?  Throwback Thursday sounds are dropped along with this good word as we multitask.

We can see what they're saying so we're raiding the enemy's comfort zones with this sonic assault ; check the bass treble and tone. 

We can see what they're saying!! soon there's no comfort for these clones residing in the danger zone.

Broadcasting live from a remote outpost, we're still chilling in secret gardens like the Quincy Jones song; featuring Barry White and El Debarge and them.

...with Al B Sure and James Ingram; O-Zone? he had the spoken word he wasn't singing!!  who's drama bringing like Trump and Barr with their power grab? they're just barging in!

Others found a cure like Ashford and Simpson said they were like Jay Z big pimping; large and in charge was supposedly big homies status down here in Atlanta; stated that his game was good!

Now news anchors are barging in on regular scheduled programming; others are apologizing like Snoop Dogg vs Gayle King; it's all game in the hood..

I can see what they're saying like I said earlier its all game!! that's what  I told homie who asked me whats good!! told him its like this and like that!

Gil Scott Heron said the revolution would not be televised...but I told dude the revolution is ongoing; we continue to fight that!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

I Can See What They're Saying (Part Three)

Somebody mentioned, for this year 2020 they'll keep their eyes open, utilizing their 20 /20 vision...

I mentioned hindsight is 20 /20, trying to get my mind right reflecting as I dip down I-20 here in Atlanta; on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday things can go either way! claiming the terrific outcome,  your dude is on a mission...

As I dip down I-20 in Atlanta I noticed the skies are clearing up, the clouds move away but weather forecasters predict more rain...

O-Dizzle mentioned the smoke and mirrors per the manipulated horrors and terrors; he can see what they're saying!!  but jokers were loathing / fearing; now so called pundits / experts / forecasters predict more reign..

...from Trump; but even though the reign began with a drizzle plans can fizzle; heard the prayer warriors praying, plus O-Zone mentioned that it all can fall apart...

Jokers will be subject to the authority, a higher one O-Zone is not lying to one; some will be able to see what he's saying from the bottom of his heart..

Subjects in a hostile territory?  per Black History Month a brotha rides for freedom like original Freedom Riders; I can see what  they're saying, spiritually they'll confide with us as we're  caught in the middle of turf wars;  we're asking whats good in the hood while we're out here swerving!!   solving the riddle; but earthlings will develop another one; a little something to keep you guessing.

Rolling like Freedom Riders the 2.0 version!! out here where good and evil collide / coincide, earthlings have wars rumors of wars!!!  it'll keep you stressing while others sit back and laugh!! to the devil and his advocates it's entertainment while they're chilling..

...eating Hibachi meals at Japanese restaurants, drinking adult beverages and smoking cigars in the smoking section!

Whats up with me? I can see what they're saying so I'm just bringing more math; not too much joking in this section.

What's up with me? I can see what they're saying!!  it is what it is on this path but as we enter attack zones we'll bring the percussions!! the sonic insurrection will knock some off balance.

What's up with me? I can see what they're saying!! basically; this is the retribution!! karmic repercussions for those that showed malice!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Soul Deeper Vol. 60 (Deep and Soulful House Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Music Monday segment; we're off to a late start, life is hectic...

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on can you dig it? universal currency? cash that reality check kid!!

The saga / struggle continues, toil and strife goes on another level!! the game? jokers will rig it the fix is in like the GOP senate with the Trump impeachment acquittal..

Check these menus, slicing this meat with a knife, it's lean and mean!! this good word is dropped and beats bump as we reach out letting my peeps know what it do!!

Check us out!! nice with this thing, back in from those Atlanta streets listening to eXogroove's Soul Deeper Vol. 60 (Deep and Soulful House Mix)

Check out the playlist and the mix, somebody will understand a brotha setting off this O-Dog Day Party while getting breakbeat scientific

Barry and Gibbs - Move On (Original Mix)
Sebb Junior - A Piece Of Me (Jarred Gallo Remix)
Adina Howard- Mind reader (Opolopo Remix)
Odyssey Inc. - Whatcha Gonna Do (Original Mix)
PEZNT, Divine Essence - Deep Down Inside (Original Mix)
David Penn VS Roland Clark - The Power (Extended Mix)
N-You-Up - Vibin' (Saison Remix)
Micky More & Andy Tee feat. Angela Johnson - Time (Original Mix)
Oliver Dollar feat. Daniel Steinberg - Testified (Scan 7 The Way Of The 7 Extended Mix)
Mo'Cream - Electricity (Original Mix)
Lee Cabrera & Kevin McKay feat. Start The Party GimmeGimme (12 Disco Mix)

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Randy Brecker - 34th 'n Lex

Sunday Jazz Continues, getting off to a late start it's an error of the mind not the heart like the Baptist preacher said this morning...

Son!! spazzing was on a dude's mind when I see society mistreating my kind!! "buking and scorning"

Son / daughter? a step ahead of the slaughter, physical / mental / metaphysical, detrimental!! it's got us coming and going;  out here fighting back with an instrumental...

....or maybe two or three so what it do? what it be? weaponizing soul jazz / jazz funk / jazzhop we didn't quit / stop; this is what it do!!

Acting like we knew, listening to Randy Brecker with a track called 34th 'n Lex; oh yes!! that corner up in the NYC...

Check out the players and the track!! respect due as we bring it back!! it's a big world / galaxy somebody will feel me..

Alto Saxophone – David Sanborn
Baritone Saxophone, Soloist [First Solo] – Ronnie Cuber
Electric Bass – Chris Minh Doky
Guitar – Adam Rogers 
Keyboards, Programmed By [Drum And Percussion Programming] – George Whitty
Tenor Saxophone, Soloist [Second Solo] – Michael Brecker
Trumpet – Randy Brecker
Written-By – Randy Brecker

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Liquid & Beyond #44 [Liquid DnB Mix] (MELURAN Guest Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a cold Saturday evening in Atlanta; we're all up in the mix per the Saturday Night Fever..

Caught out there in the snow earlier, prepared!! unlike dude on the bus stop waiting on MARTA with the shorts on or dude with the blue jean jacket on with no hat or skull cap; the cold weather will make him a believer..

Caught out there, you know we've got work to do the attitude is blue collar, check the style!! a starter and a finisher..

Caught out there, you know we've got work to do the attitude is breakbeat scientific!! check the style!! in the heart of danger zone!! once again it's on!! O-Zone is a starter and a finisher!

Taking it there with this Liquid and Beyond #44 [Liquid DnB Mix] (MELURAN Guest Mix) presented by Kasger.

Taking it there with this drum and bass on a Saturday night!! some will understand what it do after checking out the playlist and the mix!! no need to ask a brotha!!

Liquid & Beyond Mix: 00:00:00 Dustkey - Hidden Love (Hiraeth x Sektor & Subsequent Remix) 00:02:12 Rameses B - Ivy 00:03:41 Polygon - Feel This Good 00:05:09 Toronto Is Broken x Deuce & Charger - Pressure 00:06:37 DJ Ransome & SynthForce - Feeling 00:08:28 Feint - Vagrant (Smooth Remix) 00:09:34 Murdock - Down For Love (ft. Sunday Rose) 00:11:02 T & Sugah - Walk Her Way ft. Amanda (Madface Remix) 00:12:53 Inside Info - Quicksilver 00:14:21 Sound In Noise - Space Cadet (ft. Jon Hazel) 00:15:49 Seba - Lose Control (Technimatic Remix) 00:17:18 The Outsiders - With Me (Pyvot Remix) 00:19:08 BCee & Blu Mar Ten - Grow 00:21:20 Kallan HK - Meant to Be 00:22:48 Dossa & Locuzzed - Sandbox 00:23:55 Cyantific - Take Me In 00:25:23 Koven - Give You Up 00:26:07 Anfm - Ultraviolet 00:27:57 Kove - The Music 00:28:42 Subtension - Voices ► MELURAN Guest Mix: 00:30:43 Upgrade - Won't Hold Back 00:33:07 Wilkinson - Decompression 00:34:12 Resolve - Off The Grid 00:35:19 Sound In Noise - Ping Pong 00:36:47 Zeds Dead & Urbandawn - Sound of the Underground 00:37:54 Mejfus & Phace - Bubble 00:39:00 Levela - Realities 00:40:28 Culture Shock - Get Physical 00:41:12 Camo & Krooked Set it Off (feat. Jeru The Damaja) 00:43:03 Skrillex - Mumbai Power (Kasger x MELURAN Bootleg) 00:45:04 Mejfus - If I Could (REBRTH Remix) 00:46:10 Kasger x MELURAN - Enchanted 00:47:38 Flite - Fairy 00:49:27 Coverk - Back 2U (Haszan & Overload Remix) 00:50:35 Culture Shock - There for You 00:52:03 1991 - The Epiphany (feat. Matt Wilson) 00:53:32 Millbrook - What Now 00:55:00 Upgrade - Popular (Friction Remix) 00:56:50 Current Value - That Smile 00:59:20 RL Grime & What So Not - Tell Me (Reaper Remix)