Saturday, February 22, 2020

"Mixed Feelings" (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues per my Saturday Night Fever segment; my constituents are eligible for it!

Off to a late start due to being out in these Atlanta streets a step ahead of the matrix architect alt - shift -delete; dealing with it...

What? the madness, methods were developed, going postal pushing the envelope!! up with hope and down with dope was the old school catch phrase..

Methods to the madness were developed as we kept hope alive per Jesse Jackson; another old school catch phrase!! 

Earlier? caught up in those Pisces sun rays, caught up in the middle of the action wondering if we're losing traction..

Work to do? caught up in the crisis? like that Kelly G track we Keep Wondering with the mixed emotions after we had notions; check the reaction..

Work to do? caught up in the crisis? moving on, back with this per this "Mixed Feelings" (A Soulful House Mix) by DJ Spivey

There's not a problem that the DJ can't fix, check out the playlist and the mix!! catch that feeling!! all the way live is how it'll be...

Mixed Feelings: 0:00:00 Mixed Feelings (Merecube Soul Mix) by Doug Gomes, Peter Jericho
0:03:27 Stay In The Groove (Extended Mix) by Beat Rivals, Lifford
0:10:20 Smile by Zepherin Saint feat. Jackie Queens
0:17:43 Don't Stop Believing in Love (Instrumental Mix) by Andrea Curato, Coco Street
0:24:05 I Am Your Mind (Mr. V 2020 Soul Channel Remix) by Roy Ayers
0:31:03 Don't Be Late (DJ Big Rob's Bang Da Late Drum Remix) by Miggy Entertainment 
0:36:51 Don't Find Me (Original Mix) by P.M. Project feat. Imani
0:41:53 My Passion (Soul Instrumental) by Mikki Afflick
0:48:03 Feels Like Home (Frankie Feliciano Ricanstruction Vocal Mix) by MdCL feat. Ovasoul7
0:53:54 Let It Show (Libation Instrumental) by Stephanie Cooke, Ian Friday
1:00:07 No Stopping Us (Original Vocal Mix) by DaSoul & Niko M. feat. Stephanie Cooke
1:06:11 So Lonely (Guillotine's So Called Remix) by Janet Jackson, Titan Davis

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