Sunday, February 9, 2020

Randy Brecker - 34th 'n Lex

Sunday Jazz Continues, getting off to a late start it's an error of the mind not the heart like the Baptist preacher said this morning...

Son!! spazzing was on a dude's mind when I see society mistreating my kind!! "buking and scorning"

Son / daughter? a step ahead of the slaughter, physical / mental / metaphysical, detrimental!! it's got us coming and going;  out here fighting back with an instrumental...

....or maybe two or three so what it do? what it be? weaponizing soul jazz / jazz funk / jazzhop we didn't quit / stop; this is what it do!!

Acting like we knew, listening to Randy Brecker with a track called 34th 'n Lex; oh yes!! that corner up in the NYC...

Check out the players and the track!! respect due as we bring it back!! it's a big world / galaxy somebody will feel me..

Alto Saxophone – David Sanborn
Baritone Saxophone, Soloist [First Solo] – Ronnie Cuber
Electric Bass – Chris Minh Doky
Guitar – Adam Rogers 
Keyboards, Programmed By [Drum And Percussion Programming] – George Whitty
Tenor Saxophone, Soloist [Second Solo] – Michael Brecker
Trumpet – Randy Brecker
Written-By – Randy Brecker

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