Monday, October 31, 2011

Curtis Mayfield : If Theres A Hell Below

Classic message music from Curtis Mayfield..that's still relevant..check it out...

The Wounded

Surrounded by the walking wounded...they were racked up like Tim Tebow...whatcha know? some will expire soon! 

Check the sound....I turned the track up....Curtis Mayfield said if theres a hell below were all gonna O-Dizzle is stalking the enemy; they'll get slapped upside the head with the sonic blackjack!! the coupon will expire soon! 

Now begging like Groupon...whatcha on? the buyer was swooned by the product...but it was found to be defective! 

The liar tuned them out..he kept on playing like it was an arcade game...lawyers said he was falsely accused like Herman Cain.. some ignored that...they proceeded to the service desk; whose disrespected? 

Whose wounded during the process..they tried to get to the Arcadia like on Resident Evil Afterlife...the madness was hard to see through..but what else do you expect from Babylon?

Whose wounded during the process?..clones or residents told me; we don't believe you!!!..we have a life!! now I see they're dumbfounded or flabbergasted; so what were they on? 

I dipped from the danger zone; moving at a high velocity but I had the speed you need; actually it was faster than the speed of light!

I kicked knowledge to a stranger and kinfolk at the staff meeting; casting no shadows because I am the light! 

Dropping insight to shadowy figures in these shadow wars like it was Ghost Recon...what are we on?  all of us wounded by ongoing battles!

Dropping funk on them; I brought the drums and the trunk rattles! 

Snitches were put in trunks; was Sinaloa after them because of the Arizona drug bust?  one who tattles ends up more than just wounded! 

They contributed to the confusion!! they had my people strung out; issues were compounded! 

Whose hung out to dry after the usual suspects are rounded up?

Let the healing process begin!! soon the wounded will rise up!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Unwrapped Vol. 5.0 - "Shawty" featuring Mike Phillips

Sunday Jazz Continues....Mike Phillips repping the ATL...this is from The Hidden Beach Unwrapped series where hip hop songs get "jazzed up" check this out...

I Wasn't Feeling It PT 3

There was a weird energy floating around; like snow in October in the there any peace? this brotha wasn't feeling it! 

It was like space junk floating around; whatcha know? cosmic karmic debris and residue embedded in souls; revealed when I studied the dark mystery of time and what are you dealing with?

It wasn't on the physical plane; its spiritual...but I can still see it like its solid as a rock! ..

Word from Ashford and Simpson..R.I. P. Nick; check the knowledge I O-Dizzle will rock! 

But we knew the dizzle; the system will knock the hustle for some...its like the Middle peace...for some it's hard to see the traps, roadblocks, and obstacles!

The reign began with a drizzle; but it soon ends like Gaddafi's ...who notices how the energy flows?

...who knows about the energy crisis? unless they pull up to the pumps and noticed Exxon Mobil and Chevron have it locked down!

Wasn't feeling the ongoing energy; so we go for what we know!! O-Dizzle rocked the sound!

What's up with this entity? knocked to the ground...but I keep getting back up!!

As we put it down like this....dedicated to the truth..I wasn't feeling the prevailing energy..but I didn't let it stop me...I can't let up!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Writing With The Black Ink Pen

Check this scripture..I was hitting up the loose leaf with the blue ink pen; but I lost it!

Now I switched to the black one; I guess I'm like Drake and Lil Wayne...I'm Back On One.. but I still have the Moody Blues;  thinking of a master plan before I lost it!

Having second thoughts like Occupy Wall Street protesters as the the snowstorm hits them?  whatcha know? meanwhile down here in Georgia dude ditched the stolen Ford Explorer over in Decatur after the caper was pulled; he smashed and grabbed at the beauty supply store! 

Now trying to flip the weave!! but snitches signed affidavits;  whose deceived? you know how it goes!! some ask..what did he lie for? 

.....Trying to pay the mortgage as the sport gets ugly due to the economy! 

.....Worse than NBA Lockouts; meanwhile O-Dizzle will rock out! so what will the response by?

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position; that will be the move we make! 

Similar to suicide attacks in Kabul...but nobody will get hurt as we drop knowledge...based on a quote and a break... we rock steady like the Whispers; based on this black ink pen based breakbeat science; its only so much we can take!

What's up with me? info on the loose leaf is transferred to this we go for what we know...the cycle we break..

What does this black man think? nothing like Herman Cain and his 9 9 9 platform..

I'm writing with the black ink pen...sending out a message to the people..its an emergency...dial 9 9 9 like Loose Ends..whose caught out there in the storm?

While jokers from Occupy Wall Street are fighting each other
work will be put in by these breakbeat scientists...

We broke north like Gaddafi's son..refusing to come undone..gimme a break like Nell Carter...these brothas know what time it is!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Immortal Technique - Civil War

Whatcha know about Immortal Technique....on this cut he's got help from Killer Mike...Chuck D and The Brother Ali...check this out!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Burglary / Stolen Moments..

Caught in a moment of's a critical stage of moments are stolen; I had to admit I was a burglar! 

Opponents will try to steal your aura; digging up dirt on you like Herman Cain's tax lien...his response? told some to get a what's happening captain? it's like Halloween..but I fight the terror and horror; who else will work with ya? 

They said they heard ya...sounding like Rick Perry when you tried to drop knowledge; but there were skeptics! 

Please!! I was like the burglar in the hood; rolling like the homies dipping  down Candler Rd in Decatur in the Buick Regal; so who will respect this? 

Caught in a moment of time...was it stolen? I try to get open..what will they expect from this Kangol wearing old / next schooler?  I checked out the sideways glances!

I knew what to expect from some; I didn't fool with them during the transition; I'm all about making advances! 

Taking chances at this critical stage of development..stealing moments like a burglar; but not in the criminal sense! 

I'm dedicated to the truth...this breakbeat science is proof..though I am dealing with those who say I look suspicious; due to my appearance! 

So I am dealing with interference..knowing what the deal is!! like foreign hackers attacking Wall Street banks..was it another version of Occupy Wall Street?  it's going down from Atlanta to Oakland; but I'm blessed and highly that affects the outcome! 

Your dealing with breakbeat scientists; principles are exhibited when O-Dizzle pulled out the drum!

A band on the run like Paul McCartney and Wings; as we do the damn things! 

Check out the by products of stolen moments when spots were burglarized; breakbeat science is what a bruh brings!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Journey

Taking the journey..; were rolling!! but we weren't big balling! 

Not Space Age Pimping like 8-Ball and them..the hooptie dips down I-20 in Atlanta; sometimes it's out on I-85 in Charlotte; what's up with it?  the streets were calling!

Out in space though....caught up in solar storms that were even seen here in called Northern back down to earth providing those caught out there in those streets; soon falling like Gaddafi...casualties of spiritual warfare!

Conditions are harsh papi...they're hazardous!! check the material we use as we go there! 

The breakbeat science is enhanced by sonic chemicals; they were trying to call O-Dog Chemical Ali!

O-Zone is chilling in the ATL...but repping Louisville like Muhammad Ali! 

Back in the day up in the Ville dipping down Muhammad Ali Blvd in the Buick Regal; staying one step ahead of a legal eagle..the Journey brought me to the A-Town! 

Things were way too real..but I still have that Newburg mentality; I stay down! 

As we play the sound reflected by the Journey; from Pluto to Mars...across the galaxies we brought the funk back to earth!

As we fall through; we didn't play around with folk like Pres. Obama going on the Tonight Show...whatcha know?  whose trying to take us back? we know what freedom is worth! 

I see them..wouldn't want to be them; soon some wake up to the madness...even Occupy their cities.. word from the street committees? some will even Occupy The Hood....we have our own Journey to take!

Like that old cliche were keeping it real; we didn't have time for the fake!

As we make it or break it...actually we'll break it...check the broken beats and English..

The claim? we'll stake it..getting breakbeat scientific...representing my peeps in the streets...the pain and anguish...

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Edition sing Can you Stand the Rain on Arsenio Hall

New Edition?  Arsenio Hall? Classic material my people!!


Raindrops keep falling on my head; like that pop song by BJ Thomas! 

Can you stand the rain? that was the question asked by New Edition; Missy said she couldn't stand it!!  even though she was Supa Dupa Fly!! so what was my response to all this?

I told some I was like jokers in Libya...I can't stand the reign; plus stock brokers had a shady deal for ya..I noticed Occupy Wall Street couldn't stand the reign either!

But another reign began with a drizzle; what's the dizzle? the brotha  O-Dizzle will Rock With Y'all!! plus O-Zone will drop knowledge on a non believer! 

.....Not a deceiver like a Republican with the flat tax proposal..not an under achiever; as we put it down like this and like that!! but its not all sweet!

Sometimes we played ourselves like Michele Bachmann..when we were caught in a moment of the critical stage of development...facing the agony of defeat! 

But check out this anarchist from the street; he's rocking it..victory is sometimes in the cards! 

All up in the heart of this...moving faster than the speed of light; showing some what heart is!

Knowing how hard it is to survive when your caught up and caught out there; heard your out in the the inclement weather!

Whats the deal? as raindrops keep falling on our head..jokers like Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich drop knowledge; talking about whatever!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

[Flying Lotus] Golden Diva

Sunday Jazz continues...the last episode was Thundercat..produced by Flying you know I had to put FlyLo on next right? this is some nu jazz..acid jazz..trip hop type of shxt..check it out..

The Wake Up Call

Ring the alarm....rise and shine..whatcha know? some have requested a wake up call! 

As I go for mine...but the weather is inclement; whose caught up in the storm? word from Occupy Chicago...some were acting fake with y'all! 

Check this breakbeat science; its not the we take y'all there like the Staple Singers! 

Those that are fake with it get slapped with the blackjack for all that we deal with the drama bringers! 

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Kiss 104..whatcha know? R & B singers were so some think its a sign of weakness! 

Alarm ringers and town media pundits will tell ya how bleak it is! 

The winning streak is over for some; Herman Cain's success soon ending?  losing plus failure is an option!

The media will Wikileak classified documents; meanwhile O-Dizzle is rocking! 

Oh yeah were rocking it!! as we take things to another level!

Check the moves we make; bumping heads with the fake....the hustle? they're knocking it!!  but that's how its done when you deal with another devil!

Witches and warlocks carry pitchforks and shovels...also cell phones, lap tops...dressing in the latest fashion or wearing business suits..

Pitches are thrown from the sales pitches are are made in back rooms by new type gangsters..soon the treasury one loots..

A snitches story rocks the masses..martial law in danger zones..what's up y'all?  you'll get caught out there like Gaddafi..

In the lab we hit buttons...bringing this wake up call..word from Ashford and Simpson...R.I.P Nick...solid as a rock is how this will be...

In Atlanta...home of the smash and grab..jokers steal that we bob and weave like Muhammad Ali...word from this Louisvillian..

Please believe me...we're falling through with the wake up call...what's up y' how you feeling?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

charles earland let the music play

....Funk / Jazz from Charles Earland....

You Win Some...You Lose Some..

Spiritual warfare is going down; it goes down from the Gaza Strip on out to the Las Vegas strip...check the battles; we win some and lose some! 

As we go there; listening to Gregory Porter 1960 What? while dipping down I-20 in the trunk rattles in the hooptie ....based on the weapons O-Dizzle uses; they're unconventional...sometimes he'll choose the drum! 

Trying to keep it real compared to what..trying not to come undone during this rumble in the jungle type championship bout!

Chad Dawson vs Bernard Hopkins controversy?  who'll work with me? O-Zone is not the one...I'm  all up in the slug fest acting like a champion; going all out!

Danger zone residents soon found out what its all about; like the wild exotic animals that were on the loose in Zanesville Ohio....what's the deal? why lie bro?  dude failed the drug he's unemployed! 

Like Lindsay Lohan in court...a stranger finds no benevolence on the frontlines of spiritual warfare where troops are deployed! 

Who you rolling with...good or evil? as we go there funky loops are employed by a brotha to do the dirty work!

Whats good? see what it do...check the messages in the song as we put in work! 

What kind of trick bag did you get put in? some wake they Occupy Wall Street!

O-Zone is kicking this good word; he had a whole sack or bag full!! we had to school a fool; whats the word on the curb? like Obama haters will call for your defeat!

As we win some and lose history repeats; check the's like Bryant Gumble vs David Stern..somebody tried to hit the rewind button!

As we use the drum, piano, and the good word; were shining light into the darkness where we might find a punishment glutton!

What's up with him? that's what they ask....some even mentioned the swagger...

But in this life I know you win some and lose some....the smiling face will hold a dagger...

1960 What? by Gregory Porter

......Listening to 91.9 WCLK on the way home from the 9 to 5....they played this's been in my head all night..check it out....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All Up In The Spot...Trying To Hold It Down...

Were back at the scene of the crime; similar to the crooks at the GOP debate; were all up in the spot!

The uniform? flannel, khakis; and Chuck Taylors are replaced by Crooks and Castles white tees and Nike Air Force Ones; whose making it hot?

...Soon like Carson Palmer running the West Coast Offense in Oakland; crooks attack the castle like Kenya rolling up on Somali; it wasn't fortified; now a blue ribbon panel does the study!

Told to calm easy; but haters were sitting up drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and smoking Swishers; while were caught up in the Lions Den like some Occupy Wall ain't is hectic...the days gonna be messy; maybe even bloody!

We're all up in the spot...trying to hold it down...but my Timberlands are muddy from the Georgia Red Clay Freddie Hubbard talked about! 

The red clay was spotted over in Sumter, SC out off  I-20 while I was there this summer......middle passage residue? blood from when our forefathers from Africa stalked about? 

Meanwhile Soulja Boy was caught out there with contraband on I-20 in Carrollton...I'm out here in the ATL surrounded by habituals; y'all think they have clout? I don't know; that might be a front! 

Meanwhile I'm All Up In The Spot..just trying to hold it down..others were going through their rituals..meanwhile I just gather and hunt!

Just going through it; mathematics? I drop this!!!  its not a stunt; its how we put it down all up in the spot! 

Just going through it; knowing how erratic it is; whose caught out there? all up in the spot.. we're just trying to hold it down...the weather is inclement; it can be cold or hot!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Check The Prose..

Check the prose; college basketball soon approaches...I don't know about the the meantime breakbeat science is dropped in the composition! 

Trying to stay composed in the midst of the madness; but ready to  fight like Tubby Smith when facing the devil's opposition! 

Shalom!!  my brotha...sista..what's up with ya? not trying to shoot it out like at Hell's Angel's funeral's...I was put on to the game by the old school baptist preacher; he mentioned governing yourself accordingly!

No devils arithmetic is studied..he was  already in the details; recognize where the boundary or border will be! 

Another level is reached!! those who are asthmatic have trouble breathing when we reach these heights!

Another devil was telling them to wait in the dark; don't proceed to the lights! 

As we proceed and continue to drop these insights.. based on soaking up universal vibes under  Libra / October sun rays!

As we proceed and continue...dealt with the full moon were back with this... check the prose; knowing the devil will check the Sonic Assault; for some hell is caught.. is it a Red October? check out how this son of God plays!

As we proceed and God a brotha prays..check the battle cry....Lord help us all!!

As we proceed and continue..check the prose...knowing the devil will oppose..he's trying to help us fall...

Jack McDuff - The Heatin' System

Oh Yeah!! getting an early start on this Sunday Jazz Thing.....whatcha know about  organist extraordinaire Brotha Jack McDuff?....joined by Phil Upchurch on the guitar..the intro lasted until about 1:45 then after that they dropped that jazz/funk!! check this out!!


Saturday, October 15, 2011


So whose caught up in the distractions? they're going down from Wall Street on over to were out of sync! 

Discombobulated!! having seizures like Rick Ross..whose the boss? some were left mentally devastated..whats legislated..disaster? were on the brink! 

...As the mothership tosses and turns out in the was even struck by space lights blink on the instrument panel indicating I'm stuck on earth with these earthlings! ;

...but these earthlings found a keg or case...drunk the elixir or koolade aka haterade; now sweating how I work things!

Dropping this brand new space funk and good word is how I work things!! its going down like this! 

But were dealing with malfunctions and glitches in the matrix...whose under attack by drones like in Yemen? now issues are caused by shadetree mechanics...but were not acting we put it down like this! 

Out in these zones? foul ones were dysfunctional!! part of the family.....just armchair quarterbacks who also had their opinions on how to call plays; just contributing to the confusion! 

Just a distraction!! how did I act during the interaction?  I'm praying to the Lord and cursing people out at the same time!!  what kind of strategy are you using?

During the interaction? some  were caught up due to they're ready to fight like Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson..

During the interaction? chinks were found in the armor..on earth? it's hard to find a flawless one... 

Behavior due to distractions is exhibited;  caused by a lawless one smash and grabbing down here in Atlanta...trying to get that weave..

Behavior due to distractions is exhibited...word from the GOP!! whose out here trying to deceive??

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Didn't Play It Right!!

Damn!! I had to admit; a brotha didn't play it right! 

I tried to spit game to them; but I hope I didn't sound like your boy Herman Cain...I didn't say it right! 

That's not saying my game ain't Dr. Conrad Murray I won't get caught out there..I just had to make adjustments! 

Who'll work with me at this critical stage of development? realizing its all game..but sometimes "it ain't right" will we fight because  Iran ships opium to Mexico..for help assassinating the Saudi diplomat?..whose really trusting it?

Whose disgusted with it?  whatcha knowing? whose wanting to be mad at the player and the game?

The spot was dusted for fingerprints; usually a brotha is the prime suspect...someone will be assigned the blame! 

The structure is rusted and falling apart..who'll close the Gap? others will get caught the called powers that be clocked our maneuvers! 

The corrupt ones were like Strauss Kahn...but they were ignored; what were we on? these brothas rocked!! now some want to act brand new with us! 

These days? I understand its on we never clocked out; we continue to put work in!

.....Even little homie tried to clock the swagger to see how its working!

But I'm peeping game....some were soon coming with the dagger; hurting things on some O-Jays stuff! 

Acting brand new;  but so am we!!  check the moves we make...previously? I didn't play it right...but I said enough is enough!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

They Were Bootleg

They were bootleg at the Candler Rd Flea Market in Decatur..or down at The Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta..they asked me what did I need? 

I told them I was good!! meanwhile in the hood? wannabe mafioso shoot legs for money owed; you'll get kidnapped like Gaddafi's son out in we work with we continue; we proceed! 

I told them I was hood; even though I walk through corporate corridors! 

Armchair quarterbacks said we ran the wrong plays..that was word from Herman Cain..just check the scores!

Check the doors and windows of opportunity that are locked; the bootleg education left some woefully unprepared! 

They weren't checking for us!! those that are caught up were heard saying "woe is me" after they were truth or dared!

Others were scared!! they said the playas from the Himalayas had it locked down! 

Brothas like me were barred from the premises accused of being bootleg' but we fought back; O-Dizzle rocked the sound! 

Where were you found? caught up because of empty promises ....finding out the whole situation was bootleg! 

Where were you found? trying out for show business?..American Idol...the X-Factor....some heard that old cliche..they were told to break a leg..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No Confidence Is Shown

No confidence was shown; like Fox News vs Mitt Romney..what will the response be?  so called powers that be could see that things were barely getting done! 

A con with this breakbeat science because I read the signs?...while others were so emotional like Drake; about to come undone!

....Chilling in Marvin's Room; some lost heart while in the temple of doom; now lacking joy or cheer! 

Sitting up in War's Four Cornered Room...dealing with the madness; some like to see you Senate Republicans vs Obama's Jobs bill...they give you the Bronx Cheer! 

That steelo from the Bronx is here!! mixed with Brooklyn's with a dash of Louisville's / Newburg's  and the ATL's.

"That negro is a con" ...rolling like Liam Fox..that's what they say I was!! some play me like Obama; saying that they hope that he fails!

A lack of confidence is shown; but O-Dizzle some act surprised after they were Sonic Assaulted! 

As we come with this; even though there was hell to Natalie Cole we caught it!

As we come with this...we're ready to roll..were on our way..showing confidence...

We brought the drum with this ; along with this good's on and popping..

Showing confidence...even though haters show a lack of confidence..we aren't quitting..we ain't stopping...

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Good Word Mix Reloaded what's the good word? the good word? please!! I've got a whole sack full!! the Jansport is full of the loose leaf with the blue and black ink on we drop mathematics..four-five- sixing it!! check this mix out!!

The Good Word Mix Reloaded

Posted Up Like Hakeem Olajuwon

Posted up like Hakeem Olajuwon; but some don't know nothing about that! 

Maybe if I mentioned I'm posted up like Shaq in his prime or Dwight Howard they would know...but some still won't know or understand!!  as I go all out for that! 

Posted up like Occupy Wall Street..but naysayers say y'all will meet defeat..from America on over to's all about the money.. 

Posted up like David Stern, NBA owners and the players the lockout's all about the money...

Whose toasted up in the so called tribute? they said your not about all this and that; some even thought it was funny! 

Average citizens roasted up in the pot or pan in hells kitchen;  French and Georgia leaders to prop up the euro...once again...chefs said pay tribute; its all about the money!

Coasted up in this piece!! ignored the honey do list; low key with this..please!! its like this and like that! 

Boasted up in these piece? some said they're all this and that..but like Herman Cain or Michelle Bachmann they'll neither confirm nor deny to prove it they'll have to fight for that! 

Maybe someone heard the pain and anguish as we come back in this..all up in the hot mess..that's word from the hot messenger...once again...

Plus that's word to the so called player player and Bishop Eddie Long... the revy reverend! 

Whats heard in the hooptie as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta? anything from Lil Wayne /Nore to James Brown; from Drake to Miles Davis; from Young Jeezy to Led Zeppelin! 

As we climb the stairway to heaven; RIP to Troy Davis and..even  Al Davis; did we misbehave with this? it seems were slept on..

Ain't no half stepping like Heatwave and Big Daddy Kane mentioned! 

We ain't playing around with them!! we're posted up like Hakeem Olajuwon..some wonder what were on!! we're broke but still paid attention!

We ain't playing around with this or that dimension...from Pluto to Saturn...from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg...

Posted up like Hakeem the dream...playing the funky sound...Transmitting Live with the hardcore style...with other extra terrestrials we merge..

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yusef Lateef - Eastern Market

Sunday Night Jazz Continues....just had to put on one of my favorites...whatcha know about Yusef Lateeef? this is Eastern Market from his album Yusef Lateef's Detroit - Latitude 42 30 Longitude 83 ...he's playing the hell out of that flute!!

Trying To Get In Where You Fit In PT.2

Had to's hard to get in where you fit in; even if your a Mormon..some say that's just a cult..what's the result?'s not like wearing a snapback..though they're's not one size fits all! 

Adjustments had to made; homie said where's the tailor? said he needs a new outfit so he can ball! 

Checked the movie trailer; Al Davis the hero? he took a fall..some thought he and his team were out of it!! but the Raiders are in it to win it! 

Check the moves that are made; please!! this is not a charade..Raiders Of  The Lost Ark type maneuvers are put down... your homie is more than a dimwit!

The problem? DJ O-Dizzle can fix it in the mix; tools of the trade are possessed! 

Broken beats and broken English reflect the pain and anguish; representing fools that got played; occupations take place from Wall Street to Y'all's Street peeps are stressed!

Rules weren't followed when some played the game..meanwhile others were already blessed but didn't know it!

Fools were followed; said they're trying to get in where they fit in!! but the saga /struggle continues; some didn't know it!

Some didn't show it..they were talking junk.....said they're getting in where they fit in...then throw four interceptions like Mike Vick..

Some didn't show it..but they're just stalking..said they're in the ATL getting crunk...a true player for real!! getting in where they fit in..but they just might be a trick..

Breakbeat science we kick...putting it down like this...getting in where we fit in..

Taking it to the dishing the ball like point guard..playing my position...

Phyllis Hyman & McCoy Tyner (Love Surrounds Us Everywhere)

Sunday jazz continues......classic material from the queen Phyllis Hyman with McCoy Tyner on the keyboards..the vinyl even has the snap crackles and pops in it like Rice Krispies!!

Phyllis Hyman, Lonnie Liston Smith, Najee - Obsession

Sunday Jazz...ran across this classic cut featuring the late great Phyllis Hyman...Lonnie Liston Smith & Najee...Obsession...this is classic material!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Flow PT.2

Things weren't flowing right; checked out the ecological ignorance that caused the stream of consciousness to be polluted!

Whatcha knowing? a bruh is dedicated to the truth ...but even its disputed! 

Mathematical formulas are computed like this is the Hadron Collider!

As we proceed!!! check the flow; it's been 50 years..but you know society is hating on a freedom rider! 

You didn't know you?  better find her!! sounding like the Chi Lites; asking have you seen her! 

Check the flow; bright lights will blind ya; its easy to get swept out of the playoffs like the Atlanta Dream..whose observing the scene with ya? 

Who you rolling with? seeking payoffs...moved to Atlanta..following a dream..facing added due to the economy...but it's not finding out life is hectic; you might have to call for back up! 

Whose controlling it? Occupy Wall Street will fight the power..meanwhile O-Dizzle will manipulate the beat; I told him to turn the track up! 

O-Zone is back up in this piece with the good word!! as we flow down the stream of consciousness! 

Danger zone saga / struggles continue in these designated areas; were facing tremendous odds concerning success..the flow is interrupted like virus infected drones..but check the scenarios; plus our response to that and this!

It's like that and like this as we continue to fight this...trying to flow upstream....

It's like this and like that.....I don't know....somebody might know what I mean....

Friday, October 7, 2011

They Were Strung Out

They were caught up and caught out there; some for ten years like the War in Afghanistan..whats up man? you can say they were strung out! 

I was brought up in spots where some were on that "lean" or heroin; where at man?  all up in the hood..that's where I hung out! 

Society hung them out to dry..identities were stolen like that ring in NYC that got busted..or at least they played themselves! 

Don't lie to me I told a punishment glutton!!..they were sounding like Mitt Romney or some other politician..sometimes I wondered what they said to themselves! 

Who encouraged them..told them to go on with their bad selves??? now they're strung out! 

...Now subject to the authority; what's the deal? I've seen and heard about hostile territories I've hung out! 

Spotted some that took a plunge out in the deep waters that were still; mentioned by the Four Tops!

Defenses were new and improved; zones or man to man coverages in the game!! now the score drops!

Drones drop terrorists in Yemen and Pakistan; in danger zones they'll jack a man! 

From Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg; from Pluto to Mars..from Libya to Afghanistan! 

ATLiens even understand;  so called illegal aliens dip down Buford Highway trying to stay a step ahead; down here in Georgia and even over in Alabama! 

They've got us strung out; coming and whatcha knowing?   I was wise to the set up...somebody might understand a bruh!

Even though I'm on some other other..I'm still taking it to another level...

....Knowing what my people are going through..they're strung out....whose faking it? just another devil..

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Flow

Who understands why the sponsors of  Occupy Wall Street are mad? the flow was messed up by systematic procedures; they had us caught up! 

Whatcha know? flagrant agents beseech us!! what did some teach us? mathematical procedures baffled some..but that's not how I was brought up! 

The agency messed up schedules; messed up the time frames!! the money is messed up from the ATL to Europe...what's up with it? now we make adjustments! 

Vacancies are on the premises; check the foreclosure crisis..some will let go; stressed up in this piece!! the system they didn't trust it! 

Whose busted and disgusted? they were caught up in the wrong flow..even Obama is mad!! episodes go down...some look for closure..some seem like the walking dead! 

Whats up with it?  checked the discrete and blatant modes...some remind me of senior citizens talking about their meds! 

As snitches break street codes...they talk to the Feds about revolutionaries and mafioso wannabes!

O-Dizzle is in funk mode..lying in beds that he made!! going with the flow as I hit you up with that and these!

Please!! we're hanging in here like NATO in Libya.. they ask..O-Zone..what's the deal with ya? I told them..I'm trying to get in a flow...

Please!! but a brotha is wise to the set I don't always go with the flow...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Seasons Change...Winds Of Change Are Blowing...PT.2

Seasons change...winds of change are blowing; so now a bruh is playing it like that dude Steve Jobs; looking at the big picture! 

Its not strange for a bruh to be going for what he's knowing!! going big with the sonic mixture and this scripture!

Trying to avoid capture; the mothership is rolling ten steps ahead of drones! 

Rolling with this brand new intergalactic funk; plus the good word is O-Zone's! 

A fanatic rules danger zones like it was Libya; what's the deal with ya? policies were implemented that weren't prudent!

Mathematics were studied while the winds of change howled; I act like I knew it!

As we all go through it; everybody has their own coping strategy! 

Winds of change blow; but I was already ten steps ahead when a flagrant agent tried to holla at me!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Check The Message In The Music

O-Dizzle gets busy!! what's the deally? he was beating drums like Billy Cobham....or maybe even Narada Michael Walden..what's up man? we're coming through with a message in the music! 

Some will still miss me;  I've got this message from the inner city ; the The Crusaders mentioned..somebody might be able to use it!

Word from this middle passage descendant; knowing from the get go some still hate us..word from Rick heard me?  I'm trying not to lose it..chilling out... low key!

.....Able to solve the riddle; passing the test even though it was an essay multiple choice..on Wall Street I hear a multiple some act like they know me! 

Based on what they show in Babylon? I'm passing through; I slip and slide.....Lets Go!! like Trick Daddy's old label! 

Based on what some show me? ghetto passes were revoked due to tricking; supposed to be a playa playa from the Himalayas....somebody was lying!! had me believing an old fable! 

Its cold...whose unable to deal with Highlanders in Toyotas who presented Passports like Hondas? how did they respond to us? rolling like the Koch Brothers..knowing damn well they weren't legit! 

Its cold...whose having bad games like Tony Romo...whatcha know? check these brothas...understand the messages passed in the the midst of the drums and samples; O-Dizzle didn't stop and didn't quit!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Narada Michael Walden : I shoulda loved ya (remix)

Sunday Night Jazz continues...lets give the drummer some...Narada Michael Walden is one of the baddest!! ....Narada Michael Walden is a drummer, musician, singer,producer, songwriter whose career has spanned three decades...while researching one of my earlier posts with the drummer Billy Cobham I kept seeing his name pop up on a lot of songs...check this one he put down..this track has a more funk / disco vibe to it than the straight ahead jazz....check it out!!

Seasons Change...Winds of Change Are Blowing

Winds of change are blowing; flowing like the Ghost Whisperer! 

Its not strange; Herman Cain said the Perry sign was obvious..the whispers aren't careless like George Michael mentioned; broke..but I paid attention!! some asked what difference will it make to ya? 

Gray area and danger zone residents should have seen the signs of change that were obvious..but they were comforted by the status quo; but soon are in for a rude awakening! 

Wall Street protesters were wide mass hysteria is on the menu; now whose falling it those keeping it real or those faking? 

Dude said keeping it real was outdated; but that philosophy was breaking all the hip hop by laws! 

Attitudes were revealed like Dick Cheney talking crazy about Obama concerning national security..meanwhile rations are low but check the purity....though some kept it alley or ghetto; this brotha even has his own flaws! 

Mind, body, and soul are dirty from doing the dirty work....but this  brotha even has his own laws; in sync with universal ones..trying to stay on the one.

Out of sync with these earthlings; they weren't checking for me anyway...unless I spend a dollar or two to save the economy...otherwise...I can see I'm not the one! 

They're half way right; I'm not the one to come undone..based on their policies! 

....As the winds of change blow the top came off the structure!! the comforter blew off the bed exposing the fallacies!

Palaces will be under attack; drones will hit some up like the Al Qaeda leader in Yemen! 

Winds of change blow...whatcha know? the playa playa was seduced by the daughter of chaos..he shared his semen! 

Whatcha knowing..was it Amanda Knox?  meanwhile this playa down here in the ATL rocked the Sean John denim suit after the winds of change cooled things off! 

The role portrayer was out in Sirte Libya...whats the deal with ya?  who forgot their lines from the script? this brotha ran that fool off!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random Axe "Chewbacca" Music Video feat. Roc Marciano

....whatcha know about Random Axe? Sean Price....Guilty Simpson.....they've got help from Roc Marciano and even Chewbacca on this one...check it out!!