Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No Confidence Is Shown

No confidence was shown; like Fox News vs Mitt Romney..what will the response be?  so called powers that be could see that things were barely getting done! 

A con with this breakbeat science because I read the signs?...while others were so emotional like Drake; about to come undone!

....Chilling in Marvin's Room; some lost heart while in the temple of doom; now lacking joy or cheer! 

Sitting up in War's Four Cornered Room...dealing with the madness; some like to see you suffer..like Senate Republicans vs Obama's Jobs bill...they give you the Bronx Cheer! 

That steelo from the Bronx is here!! mixed with Brooklyn's with a dash of Louisville's / Newburg's  and the ATL's.

"That negro is a con" ...rolling like Liam Fox..that's what they say I was!! some play me like Obama; saying that they hope that he fails!

A lack of confidence is shown; but O-Dizzle rocked..now some act surprised after they were Sonic Assaulted! 

As we come with this; even though there was hell to pay..like Natalie Cole we caught it!

As we come with this...we're ready to roll..were on our way..showing confidence...

We brought the drum with this ; along with this good word...it's on and popping..

Showing confidence...even though haters show a lack of confidence..we aren't quitting..we ain't stopping...

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