Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Journey

Taking the journey.. local..international..intergalactic; were rolling!! but we weren't big balling! 

Not Space Age Pimping like 8-Ball and them..the hooptie dips down I-20 in Atlanta; sometimes it's out on I-85 in Charlotte; what's up with it?  the streets were calling!

Out in space though....caught up in solar storms that were even seen here in Atlanta..so called Northern Lights..now back down to earth providing insights..to those caught out there in those streets; soon falling like Gaddafi...casualties of spiritual warfare!

Conditions are harsh papi...they're hazardous!! check the material we use as we go there! 

The breakbeat science is enhanced by sonic chemicals; they were trying to call O-Dog Chemical Ali!

O-Zone is chilling in the ATL...but repping Louisville like Muhammad Ali! 

Back in the day up in the Ville dipping down Muhammad Ali Blvd in the Buick Regal; staying one step ahead of a legal eagle..the Journey brought me to the A-Town! 

Things were way too real..but I still have that Newburg mentality; I stay down! 

As we play the sound reflected by the Journey; from Pluto to Mars...across the galaxies we brought the funk back to earth!

As we fall through; we didn't play around with folk like Pres. Obama going on the Tonight Show...whatcha know?  whose trying to take us back? we know what freedom is worth! 

I see them..wouldn't want to be them; soon some wake up to the madness...even Occupy their cities.. word from the street committees? some will even Occupy The Hood....we have our own Journey to take!

Like that old cliche were keeping it real; we didn't have time for the fake!

As we make it or break it...actually we'll break it...check the broken beats and English..

The claim? we'll stake it..getting breakbeat scientific...representing my peeps in the streets...the pain and anguish...

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