Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Flow

Who understands why the sponsors of  Occupy Wall Street are mad? the flow was messed up by systematic procedures; they had us caught up! 

Whatcha know? flagrant agents beseech us!! what did some teach us? mathematical procedures baffled some..but that's not how I was brought up! 

The agency messed up schedules; messed up the time frames!! the money is messed up from the ATL to Europe...what's up with it? now we make adjustments! 

Vacancies are on the premises; check the foreclosure crisis..some will let go; stressed up in this piece!! the system they didn't trust it! 

Whose busted and disgusted? they were caught up in the wrong flow..even Obama is mad!! episodes go down...some look for closure..some seem like the walking dead! 

Whats up with it?  checked the discrete and blatant modes...some remind me of senior citizens talking about their meds! 

As snitches break street codes...they talk to the Feds about revolutionaries and mafioso wannabes!

O-Dizzle is in funk mode..lying in beds that he made!! going with the flow as I hit you up with that and these!

Please!! we're hanging in here like NATO in Libya.. they ask..O-Zone..what's the deal with ya? I told them..I'm trying to get in a flow...

Please!! but a brotha is wise to the set I don't always go with the flow...

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