Saturday, October 15, 2011


So whose caught up in the distractions? they're going down from Wall Street on over to were out of sync! 

Discombobulated!! having seizures like Rick Ross..whose the boss? some were left mentally devastated..whats legislated..disaster? were on the brink! 

...As the mothership tosses and turns out in the was even struck by space lights blink on the instrument panel indicating I'm stuck on earth with these earthlings! ;

...but these earthlings found a keg or case...drunk the elixir or koolade aka haterade; now sweating how I work things!

Dropping this brand new space funk and good word is how I work things!! its going down like this! 

But were dealing with malfunctions and glitches in the matrix...whose under attack by drones like in Yemen? now issues are caused by shadetree mechanics...but were not acting we put it down like this! 

Out in these zones? foul ones were dysfunctional!! part of the family.....just armchair quarterbacks who also had their opinions on how to call plays; just contributing to the confusion! 

Just a distraction!! how did I act during the interaction?  I'm praying to the Lord and cursing people out at the same time!!  what kind of strategy are you using?

During the interaction? some  were caught up due to they're ready to fight like Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson..

During the interaction? chinks were found in the armor..on earth? it's hard to find a flawless one... 

Behavior due to distractions is exhibited;  caused by a lawless one smash and grabbing down here in Atlanta...trying to get that weave..

Behavior due to distractions is exhibited...word from the GOP!! whose out here trying to deceive??

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