Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sounding Like A Broken Record (Its Shady Like Grady)

The whole game is shady like Grady!! but I hate to sound like a broken record! 

No shame in the game for one whose a fanatic!! they'll even call off peace talks like the Pakistani Taliban...they even tried to play me!! going all out!! they even think they broke a record!

My kind catch the blame out in the mainstream of mathematics!!   scapegoats?  somebody has to take the weight! 

....or so it was said; into the darkness? some are they're going to take the hate! 

Now they'll take a full slate like President AL-Assad in check the information overload!

Jokers acted a fool during the debate!! they even fronted like a hustler / player or even a drug overlord! 

...its  Shady like Grady!! Royal Carribean Grandeur of the Seas type of drama...some were even drug overboard by jokers they tried to kick off the boat! 

The game is Shady Like Grady!! with the Lord we stay on one accord!! we pass this breakbeat science on with a beat and a quote!

Out here in these streets? ...we tote a whole sack full of this good O-Dizzle has a track full of this brand new funk...

Out here in these streets..the apparatus will hold us back..whats the dizzle? they didn't want us to get crunk...

Like usual ATLiens..check the status..whats the dizzle? the whole game is shady...even out in the galaxy on Mars some are exposed to radiation..

Resident aliens holla at us after plans fizzle....Mohammad from Pakistan discussed US politics after drones disrupt the occasion..

Refugees and aliens migrate across borders from Syria to Nigeria..

Whats the deal with these? some still hate..the whole game is shady like Grady..but not homie from Sanford and Son..whats up son? whats the deal with ya?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Humping Like The Middle Of The Week / Still Blue Collar Style..

Still blue collar with it!! were humping like the middle of the week! 

Whose blue about a dollar?  the cash flow wasn't straight!! but some are still  Donald Trumping...even though the outlook is bleak! 

Act like you knew!! word from this scholar!! Uncle Nitt Pitino 
 mentioned the hump thing!! co signed by Jim Jones! 

 Rick Pitino and the Louisville Cardinals shocked the world G!! meanwhile Shock G and Digital Underground did the Humpty we deal with the debatable circumstance in these danger zones! 

Being built or torn down? how will some get down? word from the robot on Lost In Space? danger Will Robinson danger!! drones will hit you up like its Pakistan!

 From Louisville / Newburg to Atlanta / Decatur Georgia jokers are robbing and stealing...but not a stranger to these hoods / zones...O-Zone is pecan colored with the heart of the blackest man! 

The stranger was just a clone!! genetically engineered like the food from Monsanto's that's ate! 

Similar to meals prepared by chefs in hells kitchen!! so how you living after you get a full plate? 

That fool was full of hate!! causing the London Whale banks to sink to the bottom of the financial we have to work harder just to survive! 

The golden rule has us out here humping!! blue collar style! but check the style...O-Dizzle is transmitting live! 

Holding trump cards up in this thing!! we didn't shuck and jive...I told you the style is blue collar! 

New and old things are broken down to basic elements when we bounce / pimp through;  others were wishing it was simple....soon they'll wanna holla at a scholar!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dj C1 / Generations

Digital Crate Digging Continues...along with what I listen to at work....

Checking out that house music today....I needed something to get me through the day!!

 Lets listen to  Dj C1  track called Generations from 1998......

 This is off of    "The deeper sound of bristol presents tec house living" album, from that year...check it out!! its hot...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Louie Vega...feat. Raul Midon – Cerca De Mi

Digital Crate Digging Continues....on that Sunday Jazz vibe....well...with a house music flavor to it

..checking out Louie Vega  with some help from Raul Midon– with a track called Cerca De Mi.....nice!  nice!

Electronic Thoughts Transfer PT.4

So whats up? electronic thoughts are transferred..once scattered like Waffle House hash browns!

Now collected at random...before authorities select us at random like terror suspects in Great Britain; that's how they get down! 

Sites were selected and shut down because jokers at Blogster weren't feeling this! 

They were Mamby Pamby / Disney World residents!! an Elaborate Fantasy...not accustomed to how real this is! 

Understand me..a rusty one won't know what the deal is after the mainframe was hacked! 

We maintained...but there was a malfunction at the junction!! plus some didn't know about humping or putting work in; those jokers slacked! 

Those jokers that macked?  actually tricked because they said they had it! 

Those jokers that tracked our moves? they sweated the technique like Republicans on Obama in Benghazi;  slick!! they were bad with it!

Some are sad with it!! no closure or souls are corrupted after foreclosures! 

We just had to collect these scattered thoughts like banks collecting house keys after foreclosures!

Now check out the electronic transfer through this blog..but the devil will oppose egos get bruised or battered! 

Check out these next level random thoughts that were once scattered!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Conversations With The Wind PT.2

They said the answer my friend was blowing in the wind like the Bob Dylan  pop song! 

Sometimes anger was shown per E4 or E5 winds  like Moore Oklahoma per Tornado Alley..whatcha know about a bro?  I usually kept it moving..dipping down I-20 in Atlanta..didn't stay in the spot long! 

The stranger fronted on a brotha...tried to get foul with I was smoked out like the Toronto mayor Rob Ford ....said I'm not strong!! but then he accepted more a typical glutton!

The danger zone is vacated based on conversations with the wind aka intuition..I'm not on one accord with hells kitchen diet is free of gluten! the fresh view / fresh vision gave me another perspective! 

Now others act brand new all up in the spot..they tried to sweat me like MI5 recruiting Michael Adebolajo...I was disrespected! 

These brothas are flexible!!  analog or digital...high and low technical!!  no need for the geek squad!

Whatcha know?  Whodini told you the freaks come out at night!! its no odd! 

Outback Chronicle type of episodes!!  I'm outside breathing God's breath! 

Gangsta Chronicles reveal how gamblers out for a fast buck pollute the air;  leading to an early death! 

Trying to catch a breath of fresh air as I go there!! I'm not waiting to exhale!

 A fresh batch of funk or breakbeats from O-Dizzle rebukes those hating; check the Sonic Assault..we refuse to fail!

Conversations with the wind caste a spell; secret knowledge is revealed! 

Especially when we can get peace to be still..this brotha chilled!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Conversations With The Wind

I mentioned earlier...winds of change were blowing; actually..we were in a deep conversation! 

Who will work with a bruh? this breakbeat science might seem strange to some!! but what are they knowing?  like peak oil resources were scarce..there was no conservation!

Peeped a cons situation...what were they facing? pots boil in Hell's Kitchen..was it per Bradley Cooper and Chef Ramsey?  what were they fixing? the whole game is shady like Grady!

Deals go sideways like knuckleball pitching per Phil Niekro ...armchair quarterbacks hide plays;  in the ATL so called players roll through in hoopties listening to the Isley's Whose That Lady? 

Based on fresh view / fresh visions observations?  things will collapse like the bridge over I-5 in Washington....the behavior will be modified! 

Based on obligations some will be caught up in the system / matrix ..especially after somebody lied!

Based on conversations with the wind?  somebody cried like in Moore Oklahoma after E5 storms.. other jokers don't know what the norm is..they said the air was to humid!

That's per Al Roker type forecasts..some conversations were full of hot air!! check the Deliberate Falsehood...a foul joker will act brand new with it!

Pressed the button?  hit the dial? oh yes!!  O-Dizzle podcasted ...based on conversations with the wind!

The answer was blowing in the wind per Bob O-Zone has this good word;  check out the message in the blend!

Danger zone residents didn't recognize the message in the wind;  it was trying to talk to them! 

Winds of change were blowing...the past, present, and future was stalking them!

Vanity Plates On The Caddie Fleetwood Brougham

Riding through Decatur Georgia;  noticed the vanity plates on the front of the Caddie Fleetwood Brougham! 

They said blessed and highly favored!! drama?  it can be on any front..from Syria  to attacks in London...from the church the streets in the hood;  to corporate corridors; so whatcha know man?

 How are we responding? O-Dizzle blessed the masses with the street funk; no slow jam ...check out the Sonic Assault! 

Whats the dizzle?  this is word from a wounded the healing process is ongoing...please!! hell was caught! 

But staying one to ten steps ahead..boisterous like Wolfman Jack; ...refusing to be caught up in the system / matrix!

...A force like Hugh Jackman's Wolverine..after observing the scene ...I spotted those that fake it! 

The sales pitch was like Wolfman and Donna for Gallery did they respond to a brotha? said they were champions like Jack Nicholson's LA Lakers..but like Minnesota Timberwolves they fake it!

 Even though the Lakers fell off...please!! its easy to fail off in this piece!! wolves in sheep's clothing fake it! 

But I couldn't take it!! especially after being in the amen corner! 

Please!! I'm blessed and highly favored like vanity license plates on the Caddie Fleetwood that cut the corner!

O-Zone blessed the masses with this street flavored prose..based on hanging out on blocks up in Louisville / Newburg....

Danger zone dramatics stressed...the devil opposed..but I hit the reset I'm back on default settings...aware that history is repeating...with the apparatus? I didn't merge..

Thursday, May 23, 2013

GQ Podcast - Drum & Bass Mix & Maduk Guest Mix [Ep.95]

Digital Crate Digging Continues...still on some drum and bass! Checking out the GQ Podcast 's  Drum & Bass Mix & Maduk Guest Mix [Ep.95]...Going Quantum putting it down as usual!! check out the playlist and the mixes!! 

00:00 Feint - Lonesong [Monstercat]
01:49 Dodge & Fuski - Turn It Up (Xilent Remix) [Forthcoming Disciple Recordings]
03:37 Six Blade - Burnout VIP [Free DL]
04:45 Eptic - Space Business [Never Say Die]
06:34 Body & Soul - The Puppets [Mainframe Recordings]
08:46 Carvar & Clock - SYZYGY [Firepower]
09:31 ShockOne - Lazerbeam (Ft. Metrik & Kyza) [Viper]

11:21 Maduk - Take You There [Liquicity Records]
13:33 ShockOne - Inifinity's Silence [Viper]
15:23 Maduk - Never Again [Fokuz]
17:12 Maduk - Life (ft. Hebe Vrijhof) [Viper]
19:24 Stan SB - Anyone Out There (Maduk Remix) [Liquicity Records]
21:15 Fliwo - So Strong [Liquicity Records]
23:04 Maduk - Hold On [Fokuz]
24:09 Smooth - Shifting Sands Part 2 (ft. Shaz Sparks) [Viper]
26:00 ShockOne - Home (ft. Reija Lee) [Viper]
29:17 Rameses B - Hope (ft Charlotte Haining) [Liquicity Records]
30:56 Maduk & Nymfo - Alright [Unreleased]
32:01 Maduk & Nymfo - Just be Good [Unreleased]
33:50 Maduk ft Veela - Ghost Assassin [Celsus]
34:56 Maduk - Feel Good [Viper]
36:46 Maduk - Don't be Afraid [Viper]
38:36 Submatik & Dualistic - Let Me Feel [Liquicity Records]
40:04 Perky & Ashman - Good Lovin (Maduk Remix) [Liquicity Records]
41:54 Maduk & Nymfo - Crossroads [Allsorts]

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Society Feat. Ursula Rucker – Q & A Part 1

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this Broken Beat, Future Jazz, Spoken Word from The Society Feat. Ursula Rucker ...with Q& A Part 1....dropping breakbeat science y'all!! check it out!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dysfuntional / How The Funk Should Go

As we proceed and continue!! O-Dizzle gets busy!! but jokers tried to tell him how the funk should go!

Whats on the menu? O-Zone knew the dizzle!! telling you about the whole game being shady; Carmelo Anthony we can't do it by ourselves; like the Knicks?  things are dysfunctional! 

Whatcha know?  Public Enemy said to shut it down!! remixed by Pete Rock..hustles? jokers knock..but nobody presented alternatives! 

Whatcha know?  this is word from a blue collar entity..just trying to work with this! 

Whose talking about "its all about a dollar" ??  Jamie Dimon style!! then try to befriend me ...with intentions on hurting this!

 Jokers were stalking Hezbollah in Syria..soon they're subject to the authority; then told they were unworthy of this! 

.....and that;  as a matter of fact?  they were told all rights and privileges were being revoked! 

That's how it is dealing with the wise and otherwise;  but to the setup?  I was wise!! so diplomatic immunity is invoked!

 I noticed that the apparatus was dysfunctional; others choked on their tears...while they were on the trail! 

Check the status; during the Call of Duty; Ghosts made appearances... but O-Zone had epiphanies on the clearance rack; plus O-Dizzle is the funky type of soul brotha..even though coping strategies for dealing with irrational fears fail! 

But were back at this!! looking at it with a fresh view and fresh vision! 

O-Dizzle knew how the funk should go; O-Zone knew things were dysfunctional!! we could see how folk were living!


Monday, May 20, 2013

M-Soul - Telekinetic

Digital Crate Digging Continues...back on some drum and bass...

Checking out Belgium based M-Soul ...dropping that nasty bass on a cut called Telekinetic...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Caught Up / The Quiet Before The Storm PT.5

They were looking at me kinda crazy like the Beyonce song; it was the quiet before the storm...but I was carrying an umbrella!

....Not like Rihanna talked about;  your behind will get gaffled by a joker that stalked about; whose acting false in the hood? a wannabe goodfella?

In the ATL? Those that bring the drama stalked about; whats up? now The Deliberate Falsehood will fail ya..purposely;  now your caught out in the storm! 

Whats good? everything was quiet..perfect weather...sunshine like Roy Ayers..70 degreeish; now the temperature dipped into the 50s;  a joker had on short sleeves and khaki shorts..but kind of special not the norm! 

Some are caught up...acting squemish...I felt the pressure!!  jokers were pointing fingers like Mitch McConnell and the Republicans; but I wasn't going to take it;  I kept it moving! 

Jokers wanted us to fail...they modified pressure cookers and crockpots;  damn!! what were they proving? 

May Day! May Day!  like in Seattle!! ok!! were a few days late..but that vibe will be with us for a while! 

How did some play as they holla at a bruh? like North Korea they might even fire a missile...these jokers are foul! 

But I can read them like a book or kindle; peeped the style, swag, or steelo like I was Al Roker! 

.....forecasting the weather as the storm approaches...oh its quiet now!!..but its going to be rough for a foul joker! 

Some go forth blasting!! tripping out like Republicans trying to make IRS and Benghazi big issues...they even dialed a so called power broker like Karl Rove so they could work the hostile takeover!

But were rocking that blue collar style!! a man's work is never over!!  as we build a shelter from the storm! 

But good help is hard to kind!! one's style was helter skelter;  they were real special!! they weren't the norm!

London Funk Allstars – Listen To The Beat

Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out some jazz / funk / hip hop from the London Funk Allstars with a track called Listen To The Beat.

The London Funk All Stars (Fredrick Jason Carter, Stefan Turner & William George)....are Ninja Tune artists who were out during the 90"s...this sound has a 90's hip hop feel to it..check it out..

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Roni Size / Reprazent featuring Masters At Work: Watching Windows [Roni Size Meets Nuyorican Soul]

Digital Crate Digging Continues...another anything goes we go there!! 

Lets check out the Roni Size / Reprazent  featuring Masters At Work with  Watching Windows [Roni Size Meets Nuyorican Soul]....classic material cousin!! check out the players / creators and the funky track..

 Backing Vocals [Chants] – Luisito Quintero*, Nelson Gonzalez, Nelson Gonzalez Jnr.*

 * Keyboards – Albert Sterling Menendez* Producer, Mixed By – Roni Size Remix – Nu Yorican Soul*  

Remix [Reconstructed By], Producer [Remix] – Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez*, 'Little' Louie Vega*

  Timbales, Percussion – Luisito Quintero* Tres – Nelson Gonzalez Vocals – Onallee Written-By – Onallee, Roni Size


Ten Steps Ahead

Damn I was wondering? I took a break / hiatus...asking myself;  should I slow down? face the storm like Assad in Syria?  it seems I'm ten steps ahead! 

Check this good word I bring..."four five sixing it" ....dropping mathematics to rebuke the mass hysteria.....but I was out of sync with the rest of them; even though God continued to blessed them!! word from the dread! 

Others were looking for a good thing...$600 million Powerballs? ...but the structure easily brink of disaster type of business is avoided; damn!! I could see it coming!

Its gotta be a good thing / even a hood my black Nike Air Maxes I walked faster!!  like I was in Chicago style cold weather!! a joker said got lonely out there but we kept on running! 

O-Dizzle kept on funky North Korea  firing missiles;  at the end of the day this is what it is! 

The reign began with a drizzle; now  check this good word from O-Zone; he took Teena Marie's advice;  he's handling Square Biz! 

....But not L-7 square with this per Rick James;  I'm hip to these games! 

A veteran now coaching like Doc Rivers; this is the good word from a Louisville bruh who knows what the deal is!!  I'm hip to these games! 

Wondering about myself;  a bruh blames it on the Louisville / Newburg upbringing;  so I cut myself some slack!

Wandering around..chilling..took a hiatus...but now I'm back...

Wandering around the universe like the Mars Rover Opportunity;  ten steps ahead keeping it real I didn't merge with infidels!

Heard them pray and curse at the same time!! revoking a bruh's Diplomatic Immunity?  they're hoping that a bruh fails!

 .....As the mothership sails through the universe;  like Hezbollah rolling up on Aleppo..every now and then were touching down on earth! 

A bruh gets scientific;  analyzing the raw data..staying ten steps ahead!! knowing what its all worth!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Shimon - Transitions Album Mix / Panda Mix Show

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some drum and bass from Shimon with his Transitions (Album Mix)...courtesy of Audioporn Records... and The Panda Mix Show....

This mix features tracks by Xilent,Mediks,Dilemn,Fourward, Camo and Krooked  and others..

Check out the tracklist and the mix...

✖ Tracklisting ✖
1. Xilent - Clear Your Mind
2. Tha New Team - Mosh Pit (Ft. Youthstar)
3. James Marvel & Shimon - Ice Block
4. Xilent - Do It
5. Mediks - Terminal (Ft. Texas)
6. Dilemn - Monster
7. Xilent - Boss Wave (Tha New Team Remix)
8. Xilent - Boss Wave (James Marvel Remix)
9. Fourward - Streetknowledge
10. DisasZt - Till The Sun Comes Up
11. Camo & Krooked - History Of The Future
12. Mediks - Blown Away (Ft. Astronaut)
13. Sparfunk & Shimon - Snake Charmer
14. Fourward - Mudlark
15. Tha Trickaz - Kill It, F*ck It
16. Naked Fish - Black Cloud VIP (Ft. Delight)
17. High Maintenance - Take The Pain Away (Ft. Melissa Pixel)
18. Fourward - Aftermath (Ft. Youthstar)
19. Sparfunk - Blazin' Jazz
20. Dilemn - Transitions
21. Teknian - Ruff (Koven Remix)
22. Xilent - Boss Wave (Teddy Killerz Remix)
23. Mustache Riot & We Bang - Creepy Unkle 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Burning Bridges

Bridges were on fire!! they're so much smoke enhanced by mirrors!
like the so called IRS Tea Party scandal...damn bro!!  how can we get back to the other side? 

Knowledge is the Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS dark money....whats up money? its easy to get caught out there; there's no where to run or hide!

Good mileage we get on the mothership...staying on the move!! different modes of transportation...can't slide on Carnival Cruise ships!! please!! they've got problems! 

Meanwhile I'm trying to slide like Slave!! cruising down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie...who will understand a bruh? please!!  O-Dizzle is rocking them! 

Trying to hide after misbehaving? caught like Whitey Bulger.. please!! the damage is done! 

The bridge is on fire!!  authorities gather evidence like they did against Boston Marathon bombers;  they said your the one! 

No benevolence is shown like the Celtics from Boston losing;  not the anointed one!

The devil is in the details..he's hoping a bruh some are lost in transition..meanwhile O-Dizzle rocked the joint son!!

Others were flabberghasted...more like a disappointed one;  now like factories in Bangladesh  giving US retailers ultimatums..biting the hand that fed you! 

Jokers were funky fresh!! but missed their appointment...they were found waiting in the dark; wondering why... jokers misled you! 

Red white and blue? per the X-Clan cut  red black and green?  whats the color scheme? 

Word from the dread per UK Uncut...from London !! where the bridge is falling down know what I mean?

.....O-Dizzle will take it to the bridge after beats are broken! 

O-Zone was trying to cross the bridge but its on fire!! somebody tried to burn it down!! said something about the spell being broken!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Alien Chase on Arabian Desert by Al Di Meola

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this Alien Chase on Arabian Desert by Al Di Meola...

This is from his Splendido Hotel album...classic jazz / rock..latin jazz...check out the players and the track..

Saturday, May 11, 2013

For Real Though

So whats up?  I can see jokers are trying to play me the other way;  like the IRS vs The Tea an old school rapper I'm asking..whats the deally yo? 

So whats up?  just doing me / no role will I play..please!!  looking like an old fool..for real though! 

Its easy to be corrupted!! like people hooked on payday old or new tool will be used..I call them weapons of mass distraction! 

.....Unlike George Bush's weapons of mass by Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice during the interaction!

Now history is gets a clean coat of paint as presidential libraries are built! 

Checked history;  gangster white walls and TV antennas were on the back of the Cadillac with the diamond in the back..cruising through inner city residentials;  after packages were flipped / contraband was dealt! 

Part of Iran-Contra deals..meanwhile O-Dizzle chills; others flipped out! 

Whats up man?  check out how a con will do ya!! during the chaos and mayhem?  a brotha slipped out! 

For real though!! then I came back and noticed all hell had broke loose!

 For real though!!  jokers were smoked out!!  plus gone off that Grey Goose! 

For real though!!  I'm trying to stay loose..but things tighten up like Archie Bell and the Drells! 

For real though!! when one chooses to take the assignment?  a naysayer hopes that one fails! 

For real though!! planets moving into Gemini are in alignment;  the mothership sails off into uncharted territories!

 For real though!!  the truth will be told when I tell these stories!

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Blackout

What it do?  I'm transmitting live from a remote outpost down in Georgia! 

Paying crooks at Georgia Power!!  admitting I get all the way live like Lakeside!!  the drama is like that conflict; Russian Georgia! 

Or the rest of the Caucusus...please!! I ignored the focus group or caucus..but Boston was we stay on point! 

Taking care of the cut off notice introduced by the bogus;  so theres no blackout...its gotta be good!!  O-Dizzle will rock the joint!

.....As we go there;  some noticed when the track was put out..please!!  were on it! 

Others were about to blackout!! they were waiting in the dark;  they followed the so called anointed! 

Others will undergo the blackout; drones flying like Pakistan; the joint / street committee put out a contract on them!

Jokers didn't back out!! theres no pity or benevolence!! you know how the devil gets!! but some still contact him! 

Me?  I show him no pity....I back him in a corner as the mothership backs out of the compound...beep beep beep is heard! 

Windows and Apples?  a hacker hacks out!!  now check out the bank heists by cyber criminals...they're way of sticking it to the man;  you heard? 

Meanwhile I was sticking to the original plan..a fresh vision is used...little was said;  now some say they were surprised to see me working! 

Observing the scene; checking the style / swag / steelo..they see a bruh didn't back out; even though everything wasn't working!

Observing the scene;  jokers weren't Knee Deep like Parliament; they were knee deep in doo doo!! now its tracked out on Timberland's, Stacy Adams, and Nike Air Force Ones! 

Others blacked out!! waiting in the dark;  please!! we go there with force;  were not the ones!



Thursday, May 9, 2013

Letting Them Do What They Do PT.5

The blind was spotted leading the blind!! like Republicans trying to manufacture a scandal in Benghazi...but I knew that's how they would do! 

 The mind was a terrible thing to waste per Negro College Fund commercials;  so act like you knew! 

Horror and terror was that thing in the world today!! even that dude Ariel Castro hid women for ten years!! damn!!  meanwhile Miami residents say Fidel Castro terrorized Cuba for years; I don't know..was it the embargo? Jay Z and Beyonce made the trip..a Negro had to acknowledge that! 

How will they work those? please!!  the devil will oppose per the old school baptist I try to reach ya!! on the mothership?  I get good mileage with that! 

Bearing witness as jokers get foul with that!! ATLiens?  over on Glenwood Rd in Decatur they called themselves hustling and playing!

Bearing witness as stock brokers manipulate things so certain folk can stay paid!! or cybercriminals hittting up RakBank in the UAE; ....thrills without the bills?  but I wasn't paying or playing!

I wasn't playing with them jack!!  plus I wasn't praying with them ...something was wrong with their spirit! 

Please!!  jackers were laying for them! strong arm muscling!! they'll have to deal with it!

 I'm letting them do what they do....I try to stay real with it; real like the ring of fire Solar Eclipse...that's the deal with this.. I wasn't caught up in the Elaborate Fantasy! 

Refusing to be caught up in the system / matrix as jokers fake it;   ....soon some are flipping out!!  but somebody just might understand me!

Confusing the masses leading to the Total Chaos? that seemed to be business as usual..

Winning? losing? classes are in session...its can't fake and floss...act like you knew.. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stay Fly and Carry On

I was walking through Stonecrest Mall in Lithonia; dude rocked the shirt that said Stay Fly and Carry On

A so called player was stalking...tricking because he had it?  in the danger zone?  a snitch confessed they're on ya because of your attitude!! now on the no fly list!!  TSA will search your carry on! 

ATL hustlers hustle and continue to play!!  stay fly and carry on was the mantra! 

Strong arm musclers from 30 Deep smash the Polo store in Locust Grove after they were ran out of Atlanta!

Some might understand a bruh; no buffoonery!! but others act brand new with me; like Stephen Hawking boycotting Israel..they weren't checking for me! 

.....or they play me the wrong way; stirring up mess like the Benghazi situation per the Republicans..that can make for a long day or the wrong day when they're disrespecting me! 

....Otherwise?  they aren't choosing or selecting me!! I wasn't anointed! 

Ignoring the wise and otherwise; I stay fly and carry on..even though I was once disappointed! 

....Wise to the setup;  I missed the appointment on purpose! 

I keep it moving....I had to sacrifice...but I stay fly and carry on! I can't let up!! I have a sense of purpose!

Check out how we work this...the brand new funk is dropped plus this good word...

As we stay fly and carry on...stepping through in Nike Air Maxes..all about the facts the Jamaican said he was about the good herb...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

KD Bowe / CharlesRamseySalute

Doing something a little different...checking out this "tribute" from Praise 102.5's KD Bowe to the brotha  Charles Ramsey for helping to save kidnapped women in Cleveland...

When Charles Ramsey heard screaming coming from his neighbour's house in Cleveland, Ohio, he found the woman was Amanda Berry, who had been missing for 10 years. Police later discovered two more women. 

..... check out the "mix" plus the news footage...

Monday, May 6, 2013

Damn!! Its All Wrong

We pressed the wrong the limo on fire like in Cali?  we're off to a bad start..we went up instead of down!

Some stressed;  they ran off old dude with the bad heart...they frightened the friend of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Robel Phillipos..but I'm the wrong instead they back down! 

Blessed...dipped down I-85 in I'm back down in the ATL / one time I was like the Jeffersons on the East Side!

Satellites / drones  track us down; we're spotted on security cameras!! its not all good!! famine or how will you ride? 

Fighting the beast and his Deliberate Falsehood...the saga / struggle continues..but we find a portal to slide through! 

No justice no peace is the cliche;  capers pulled?  they said its all wrong!! nobody will hide you! 

Whats up with us?  the music will play..hook lines and our own beats for the street funk;  bumping in the hooptie as we ride through the streets of Atlanta!

Whats up with us?  crooks were humping like the middle of the week...because society didn't understand a bruh! 

Jokers were Donald Trumping per Jon Stewart...fronting..Facebook and Twitter status reflecting the strategy?  some say its all wrong! 

Some face the drama..even some that are shook!! but in the midst of the Total Chaos and confusion?  were all strong!

I didn't stay on the call long...I hung up..not taking a loss..not losing focus during sales pitches by the bogus...

Damn!! its all wrong...bogus merchandise was rung at the service desk...check these clearance rack epiphanies..its our approach to this...


Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Change Of Scenery

Changed the scenery up a little bit; dipping down I-85 in Charlotte; as I proceed and continue...I had to dip out of town! 

Whats the deally?  after arriving I circled the block in the hooptie;  trying to see how these other folks get down! 

As they get down.....big ups to Old School 105.3 in the Queen they get down on it like Kool and The Gang....made me forget about negative episodes in the ATL.. Carolina Cruising..with visions of winning not losing...but the apparatus?  the evil opponent aka the arch nemesis was running it!! the attitude is Strange like Cameo mentioned but I don't like it! they wanted us to fail..

Out there!!  whats  up with it? I was sighted by somebody peeping the swag / steelo! 

Out there!! whats up with it? as I transcend and transform.. enlightened by the change of scenery; now trying to pass it on..some actually think O-Zone is a fly Negro! 

Out there!! dipped down I-85 in Charlotte...I checked the scenario;  on the other side of the fence is artificial / astro turf! 

Out there!! banks and other crooks have their shiny buildings like Atlanta...jokers who were creating the ongoing Total Chaos that makes this art official!!  for what its worth!

 Out there!! thanks given to the Lord for blessing us...but from the looks on the other side of town the saga / struggle continues...calculate the victories and defeats...

Out there!! its rough like Israel bombing Damascus..bearing witness..ask we cruise down West Boulevard...Tryon and Graham streets..

Damn!! alt shift delete is the programmer's / architect 's mission like on the Matrix Reloaded.. 

Damn!! some feel the heat like Miami..they flipped out...especially when the information overloaded...

But I knew how the mode would get...I dipped out on them...cruising down I-85 in Greenville / Spartanburg...listening to 107.3 Jamz...DJ Swann and Lil Swann were going off!!

Transmitting Live...its real when I'm observing the scene..soon ready to roll...I'm on my way...going off.. on another adventure...the change of scenery was beneficial;  it gave me a different perspective! 

DJ O-Dizzle has been official!!  dropping this breakbeat science;  while O-Zone has a breakbeat scientific perspective!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Saga / Struggle Continues; But We Kept It Moving...Its Gotta Be Good!!

The saga / struggle we keep it moving..its gotta be good! 

A brotha had to hit the reset button...I put it on default settings ...Louisville / Newburg is the mode...its gotta be hood!

 But some aren't punishment gluttons..they didn't merge with the apparatus like Stephen in Django Unchained..they couldn't take they're caught up in the system / matrix because some fake it; the Deliberate Falsehood was perpetrated! 

Hell is caught!! whose down for the cause? some flipped out like Boston marathon bombers..but a brotha maintained; but I see Elaborate Fantasies were built; now I heard some were hated! 

Who will understand these clearance rack epiphanies?  its like the wrong answers shaded on the scan sheets! 

The wrong dancers were posted up at the disco inferno...not Soul Train style or like the electric slide..

Its all wrong!! Capricorn, Cancers and Aries front on us due to the Uranus Pluto Square...please!! there's no where to run or hide.. 

The answer was right in front of us!! but whose fair with that and these?  all some understand are the streets! 

Alt / shift / delete is the system's missions;  making impressions? some are waiting in the dark on standby! 

Some feel the Heat like Miami;  Lebron and D Wade and them;  the system played them!!  some believed the damn lie! 

Damn!! is this what it sounds like when doves cry per Prince? 

Jokers are either being built or torn down during the debatable circumstance!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Audio Soul Project / Reality Check (Vincenzo remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some house music

...checking out the Audio Soul Project with a cut called Reality Check (Vincenzo remix)...its rocking!!!...why do we dance?