Friday, May 10, 2013

The Blackout

What it do?  I'm transmitting live from a remote outpost down in Georgia! 

Paying crooks at Georgia Power!!  admitting I get all the way live like Lakeside!!  the drama is like that conflict; Russian Georgia! 

Or the rest of the Caucusus...please!! I ignored the focus group or caucus..but Boston was we stay on point! 

Taking care of the cut off notice introduced by the bogus;  so theres no blackout...its gotta be good!!  O-Dizzle will rock the joint!

.....As we go there;  some noticed when the track was put out..please!!  were on it! 

Others were about to blackout!! they were waiting in the dark;  they followed the so called anointed! 

Others will undergo the blackout; drones flying like Pakistan; the joint / street committee put out a contract on them!

Jokers didn't back out!! theres no pity or benevolence!! you know how the devil gets!! but some still contact him! 

Me?  I show him no pity....I back him in a corner as the mothership backs out of the compound...beep beep beep is heard! 

Windows and Apples?  a hacker hacks out!!  now check out the bank heists by cyber criminals...they're way of sticking it to the man;  you heard? 

Meanwhile I was sticking to the original plan..a fresh vision is used...little was said;  now some say they were surprised to see me working! 

Observing the scene; checking the style / swag / steelo..they see a bruh didn't back out; even though everything wasn't working!

Observing the scene;  jokers weren't Knee Deep like Parliament; they were knee deep in doo doo!! now its tracked out on Timberland's, Stacy Adams, and Nike Air Force Ones! 

Others blacked out!! waiting in the dark;  please!! we go there with force;  were not the ones!



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