Friday, May 24, 2013

Conversations With The Wind

I mentioned earlier...winds of change were blowing; actually..we were in a deep conversation! 

Who will work with a bruh? this breakbeat science might seem strange to some!! but what are they knowing?  like peak oil resources were scarce..there was no conservation!

Peeped a cons situation...what were they facing? pots boil in Hell's Kitchen..was it per Bradley Cooper and Chef Ramsey?  what were they fixing? the whole game is shady like Grady!

Deals go sideways like knuckleball pitching per Phil Niekro ...armchair quarterbacks hide plays;  in the ATL so called players roll through in hoopties listening to the Isley's Whose That Lady? 

Based on fresh view / fresh visions observations?  things will collapse like the bridge over I-5 in Washington....the behavior will be modified! 

Based on obligations some will be caught up in the system / matrix ..especially after somebody lied!

Based on conversations with the wind?  somebody cried like in Moore Oklahoma after E5 storms.. other jokers don't know what the norm is..they said the air was to humid!

That's per Al Roker type forecasts..some conversations were full of hot air!! check the Deliberate Falsehood...a foul joker will act brand new with it!

Pressed the button?  hit the dial? oh yes!!  O-Dizzle podcasted ...based on conversations with the wind!

The answer was blowing in the wind per Bob O-Zone has this good word;  check out the message in the blend!

Danger zone residents didn't recognize the message in the wind;  it was trying to talk to them! 

Winds of change were blowing...the past, present, and future was stalking them!

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