Monday, November 30, 2009

Distracted...But Now Maintaining Focus..

Maintaining's easy for us to get distracted.

Pain was introduced by the bogus...couldn't be at ease when I interacted.

Player player was seduced by the daughter of chaos..but he acted like he knew.

Himalayas are thawing out? scientist deduced it..had the theory ..acting like they knew?

Prayers are said by this breakbeat scientist...knowing God is in control..the ultimate intelligent design.

Work is put in...My mind stays busy!! intuition working overtime.

Imformation overload? ignored the ignorant so called overlord.

Street code followed? no Cut Dog!! dude dipped in a Honda Accord.

Discrete mode followed? please! Detroit was swallowed by the machine..whose collateral damage?

Delete mode followed? soon extinct..not in the league of distinguished gentleman..but we'll manage.

Whose caught out there? coming through black holes.. fronted like they were distinct..intrigue was introduced by the middleman.

They had me distracted for a minute! but I was able to solve the riddle man!

In it to win it..even though I'm in the middle of all the Mass Konfusion.

Haters tried to throw me under the bus like they try to do Obama! but this brotha is all about winning not losing.

Choosing to take the assignment..check the embellishment.

Maintaining focus..rebuking the hostile takeover by the establishment.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

From Back In The Day..But Not Back In The Way

Home girl had the Angela Davis the flaired polyester pants.

Big homie rocked the afro, dark shades on like Stevie, plus the double knit polyester Chavez & Ahmadinejad...he's making demands.

O-Zone understands I see my folk roll up in the Fleetwood Brougham.

Flashback Festival style! A-Town's whatcha know man?

O-Dog has the disco inferno..meanwhile The Bluelights in the basement house party or strobe lights flash!! MD 20 20 flowing.

Flashbacks from the LSD get the best of Adam Lambert it's showing.

Hash brought back from Afghanistan along with opium..calculate the profits.

Put the weed back! peep the visual metaphors of my thoughts!! feedback from these prophets.

Crashed back on earth! just left the International Space Station ...part of an Intergalactic journey...whose receptive?

Some are irrational...noticed gamblers were out for a fast buck...mad deceptive.

Hashed out plots and schemes..out in mainstreams of mathematics.

Meanwhile I flow down streams of consciousness avoiding fanatics.

Behavior was erratic..reigns of terror were buried in the smoke and mirrors.

Rain showers are light, heavy, sometimes it's just partly cloudy ..different scenarios.

Mind cloudy..but scattered thoughts are collected..selected randomly.

Karmic repercussions studied like Rose Royce did love abandon me?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Authorities were out of their jurisdiction..they had to call the chase off.

Contradictions were fueled by pure fiction;what it do what's the prognosis?'s still real?..but dealt with good and evil face off.

Lethal doses? Cursing one minute...praying the next..conflicts of interest..who you rolling with? as you race off into the wilderness.

Cons run this and that..but no intersections we deal with this.

Imperfections? dealing with plenty of them! enough to keep me busy.

Entered corrections in the database..some tried to front like they miss me.

Others entered correctional facillities built for's a big industry .

Concussions suffered..affected mental capacities..oops upside the head like the Gap Band! the arch nemesis is busy.

Part of the conspiracy?..karmic repercussions are dealt with..sessions buffered..some still use dial up.

Ground rules are established..maneuvers are embellished..putting it down..not trying to use my style up.

Easy to foul things up!! while haters will file the statistics..up in the database.

Not easy like Sunday morning by the Commodores!! meanwhile the funky sound rules..that's how we're going to win this race.

Ecological ignorance will not alter the fate! not up in this district.

Rocking you with this belligerence..actually forensic rhetoric..some will feel it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

We're Still All Up In The Spot..

Just your friendly neighborhood burglar...but only moments are stolen.

Other burglars steal materials or auras..until their pockets are swollen.

Who'll work with us? emotions shown..terrors! horrors! ill circumstances.

Some collaborated with the enemy..acting like they know me..but I spotted the sideways glances.

O-Dog and O-Zone collaborate..roofs burn during the dances, the disco inferno.

Dealing with hate from external innuendo that's leading to conflicts internal.

Who'll work with a bro? please.. Pharoah wont let my people go!! some are held hostage like in Somalia...restrictions lifted for some in Sri Lanka..either's ugly.

Who'll work with a bro? please the O-Dog funk will stank..but some are mad at me..I didn't bow down to drama royalty.

All up in the spot! no loyalty was shown...rummage sales occur..others slept with the enemy.

All up in the spot! some talk out the side of their neck.. evil crept..but there's no hostile takeover of this entity.

Winds of change are blowing...will the breezes be friendly or will there be damage?

Some will resist change..they'll be left behind or get changed by the apparatus.

Heard the bang bang!! ear shattering gunshots's out of control.

The big bang theory was studied like the hadron collider..meanwhile others think they are riders of the storm like The Doors...but God is in control.

Beats bang on the podcast! hip hop, soul, jazz, funk and house.

Streets are wide from Iran, Iraq to Little Rock..all up in the spot..all up in the house.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

All Up In The Spot...Concepts Are Revisited..

The dice are rolled behind the liquor store...hood Las Vegas...scratch off tickets litter the ground.

Knowledege dropped by old dude with the 38..a don't stop get it getter..amongst empty green Newport cartons, empty Olde English bottles and old condoms ...what else was found?

Shotters hunt for blood clotters...step on crack heads shooters ...meanwhile aura looters control the perimeter.

Ear shattering gunshots exploded..blotters from city papers tell the story like whats up with ya?

Blood clotters even ask a bro what's up? please..just talking out the side of their's crazy.

Bloods, Crips and Disciples all up in the others will make it hot...please it's crazy!

Hoods are tight due to the economy..the response to me? sideways glances.

It's like Wood, Tiger plays it..sometimes below par for the course..making advances.

For goods and services haters raise the bar..of course it'll be a bit messy.

Life is like called perfectionist are ignored...some even try to say I don't know what's up...trying to stress me.

As we fight back...using Diplomatic Immunity..that's how we work it.

Weapons formed against us didn't work...the conglomerate? they couldn't hurt it.

Missions aborted, adjusted,admitted..they didn't work..can't say it didn't hurt..but I Couldn't Quit..lessons are learned.

Ugly is how the sport will get trust me on that..structures burned.

As the world turned..we we're out in space..spacewalking..the roof was on fire from the disco inferno.

Some souls burned..playing with the devil in Dantes inferno.

CDs are burned in the's the Big Bang Theory like the Hadron Collider...otherwise listening to Reflection Eternal like I was up in Cincinnatti.

On I-71 on the way back to Louisville..cruising like I was Frank Nitti.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Still Waters

Still waters run deep like the Four Tops..I'm either spaced out ignoring the alarms..or I'm down on the bottom of the ocean's floor.

Underwater like mortgages we creep...others can't fathom..what's in your wallet? what's your credit score?

Underwater aqua boogie!!! never learned to swim like Sir Nose? Parliament Funkadelic type of action.

Some come hotter..some come up they overcompensated..I checked the action.

Injuries are self compensation from insurance companies.

That's how they kicked it..all about a purity..everybody's hands are dirty..misery set up companies.

Security is getting messy..actually it's been this way.

Spotted armchair quarterbacks..huddled up..ready to run this or that play.

What a day! the shadetree mechanic cuddles up with the daughter of chaos..Oh No!!

Schooled by a fanatic..were in trouble man! take a loss? Oh No!

Accused of being a Trouble Man like Marvin Gaye's album.

Down in the hood..saw me rolling with I must be a foul one.

What's good I was asked? this is word from O-Zone..told them I had a sack full.

Off in a zone..soaked up game from jazz festivals in Cincinnatti to Louisville at a tractor pull.

Midwest funk! a track full! a brotha jazzs it up, houses you and also hip hops.

Underground..underwater..still waters run the Four Tops.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still Trapped..But Will Get Free and Stay Free

Still trapped behind enemy lines...dealing with nephelococcygia..said it's Utopia...where everybody wants to be the chief.

Who got pimp slapped? didn't fall in their searching for relief.

Plans get scrapped..what's popping? what's the haps? .spiritual warfare frontline business deceived some...perpetrated by wannabe power brokers.

What it do? what it does? at the end of the day some front on mine...we're dealing with jokers.

What it do? the so called player player was making it rain out in Atlanta at Strokers.

Others say prayers due to the weather forecast..oh was Al Roker's.

Foul jokers say whatever..but O-Dog is the master blaster..just trying to survive in Babylon.

Taking Care of business..moving a High Velocity..heard fanatics with the rhetoric as they babble on.

O-Dog is chopping and cutting tracks up..mechanical engineering takes place.

O-Zone is chopping game's all the same up in churches, the hood, corporations and government..wrong time..wrong place.

We stay armed and and rhymes? we've got plenty!!.prepared to rebuke the hostile takeover.

It's got to be good! but in danger zones..not just in the it undergoes a makeover.

The break is over? back to work..I Couldn't Quit! even though it looks bad for the home team.

In another realm Hannity, Boortz, Rush and Savage represent their home team.

We found a seem..once trapped, but now slipping through the cracks.

O-Zone has the Good Word, O-Dog is slipping through with funky tracks.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Playing Point Guard...

....................we kept on running.......

Keeping my eye on the shot clock..trying to run it all the way down.

Playing point guard....beyond Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo..what it do? what about Brandon Jennings? This Is How It's Going Down..

First responders bring the Haz-Mat team with them..said this is Hazardous Material...but O-Dog was throwing down...

What's the response to a bro? It's a lie they say!!! just like Going Rogue?...what's spoken...saying O-Dog didn't rock on the podcast!!! please!! we play the sound.

Usually of the funky variety..we're keeping our priorities straight.

Haters talk junk..trying to lie to me and you...trying to run things..legislate.

Read the doctrine and covenant that's full of hate..but they said it's all love.

Rocking them with the Sonic Assault!! knowing that blessings come from above.

Whose knocking them? our hustles...hell is caught..haters play it like NBA big men.. push and shove in the paint.

Knocking them down!!! three pointers..hitting layups...but it's rough out there..sometimes showing restraint.

Knocked by the system...they didn't anoint us! we prayed up in this piece!!

How was we living? or rather how were we living? corrections are made up in this piece.

....By English teachers..meanwhile preachers say connections need to be made..pray for peace and it'll come.

We Couldn't Quit...please...we kept on running..Broken beats and broken english are enhanced by the O-Dog drum.

All of us are struggling!!! dealing with something!! the game didn't stop.

Roles O-Dog is juggling...what it do? what's popping?..Going In....Slipping Through The Cracks...dropping house,jazz, funk and hitting you up with hip hop.

Soul is the main ingredient...a brotha is Out need for a launch..cosmic slop from this intergalactic brotha.

Soul is protected..not feeding the apparatus...they can't stop this brotha.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ice Cold

Ice cold like trays in the freezer of the old school ice box.

Listening to Youngblood on Kiss 104 on Saturday...or Coldplay up in the hooptie..up next? Freeway the Philly freeza..the brotha O-Dog rocks.

O-Zone? a brotha plays it like this and that..on the I-75 freeway in the A-Town..a brotha's rolling.

Sometimes having it like that..due to Gods will..there should be no doubts about it..the universe he's controlling.

Some of us don't have it like this and like that on earth.barely making it...not anointed as the next one.

We proceed and continue to fight that..the problem? ..a simple one turns into a complex one.

The menu? we come right with that! O-Zone is a chef up in soul's kitchen.

The menu? brand new funk..soul food..just what the soul's missing.

Not acting brand new! I've been this way..but they say something is missing.

Please! I was cut from a different cloth..I have a different vision.

Set your eyes on the's on the stove..mixed with broth in the melting pot.

By product from soaking in the November Scorpio Sun a brotha plays it..all up in the spot.

Armchair quarterbacks spotted...all in the spot..believe they can call plays because they're good playing John Madden.

Usually spotted up in cube farms..wearing Van Heusen shirts..Levi's khakis and a pair of Steve Maddens.

That's what happens when your that water found on the moon.

Maybe thawing out due to the global warming Al Gore mentioned..or when you go see the King..halleluyah...soon and very soon...

Friday, November 13, 2009

lost their damn minds..........

a terrible thing to waste.........

They were losing their damn minds!...and they wanted me to get lost too.

Others were chasing one of a kind love affairs like The Spinners ...what will it cost you?

Big pimping back in the day..I fronted and...flossed too! now I play it like Les McCann.

Trying to make it real compared to truth game ..somebody might understand.

Bearing witness...knowing the deal with the Bobby Blue Bland.

Knowing the deal..some will play it the other way..meanwhile O-Zone is low key..quiet is kept..playing it like a Blue Man.

From that Blue Man Group in was hard to recoup..haters fake us.

Not a new man...still the same old me..knew the scoop..not swerving ...I knew where the brake was.

Diplomatic Immunity was used.. man, I'm out of the loop...not where the fake was or were..purposely.

Dipped back to the community..bear witness to what a sense of purpose will be.

Some tried to skip steps..a jokers process was worthless..a waste of time.

That's what it have caught me dreaming a waste of mind?

That's what they said it was..a terrible old school negro college fund commercials.

A terrible thing..caught up in a smoke and mirrors rehearsals.

A terrible thing...terrorist trials move to New York?.. no reversals by supreme courts or tribunals.

A terrible thing? no help from trilateral commisions..acting brand new with us.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Boxing Match

.............float like a butterfly sting like a bee....

Still in the boxing's like the rumble in the jungle.

Still on the block..O-Dog will rock..O-Zone has the math..the podcast will rumble.

Hustles some knock..even old dude couldn't get paid...mad atcha..fumbled to get to the 38 in his pocket..after the drama unfurled.

Hard to see in the smoke and mirrors..haters will rock this world.

Plus it's raining all over the world..not just in Georgia ...but a hater said whatever.

Word from Brook Benton..can't put a dent in it..can we circumvent it?...out there in the bad weather.

Pump brakes like Bendix..get Manny Moe and Jack to fix them..not the fakes.

What it do? Shadetree mechanics will mess them up..a minute is all it takes.

Veteran in the game...hit game winning free throws like coaching..interpreting Navajo Code Talkers...avoiding stalkers..any new codes? plots and schemes some will hatch..

It only takes a minute to fall in love like the pop thing you know there's a boxing match.

Reign of the drama royalty will be up in a minute ..acting like Chris Brown and the meantime hell we catch.

Meanwhile we show loyalty to the game in it to win it coming out fresh with a brand new batch.

In Atlanta home of the smash, snatch and grab..reality checks are issued just like government refunds.

Drama teachs lessons..govern yourself accordingly..word from old school baptist preachers...don't come undone.

O-Dog is the one in the lab..the gym..working on jabs, hooks, crosses and footwork.

Sonic rehab takes place..snares, samples, bars, O-Zone has the Good Word.

Monday, November 9, 2009

All Up In The Spot....It's A Hood Thing PT.7 don't don't stop..

Down here in the A-Town..I see old and new school players stand up!!

Authorities lay the play down...running folk have to man or woman up.

Territories are occupied by gamblers...dice rolled like Vegas or Atlantic City..where will they land? up in this piece!!!

I tell these stories..but some are pre-occupied by ramblers talking junk..up in this piece!!!

I fell for stories back in the day..experience gained...but I funk is played..up in this piece.

Off the skyscraper....I fell many stories!! in pain!! but I landed in one piece.

I failed..damn!!! memories of capers stored on the justice no peace is the slogan.

I sailed through the galaxies!..just past the International Space the Russians..cold crushing...caught up in black holes..but climbed out..sometimes it's just us who are able to get open.

I sailed through portals that opened a High Velocity..dealt with a lot of junk...but survived..that just had to be God's will.

God is in the blessing business!! playing it like got's to chill.

But it's not odd..on earth you've got to deal with the madness...from Somali pirates...from ghettos to suburbs.

It's not odd..members of lame duck administrations get kicked to the curbs.

It's not odd..dealing with herbs in the suburbs..thugs from the hood and corporate CEOs.

Bill Gates in the streets? Tiger Woods in these hoods? I sit back and peep steelos.

Spotted wannabe divas in spotted po po charging negroes..clearing the books.

What's up with me? checking out the steelos of clergy and politicians..some of them liars and crooks.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

All Up In The Spot...It's A Hood Thing PT.6

.....nobody was checking for me...that might be a good thing......

Nobodys checking for me....left hanging..played like the old clothes on a line.

Disrespecting was hard to get them open...they had a closed mind.

Hardhat with the lantern on top the spot I was shown scorn..haters closed the mine ..but I open it back up.

Salt? gold? truth be told...from Saturn or Pluto...avoiding the space junk..but haters talk junk back on earth...they should back up.

Po Po calls for back up...ear shattering gunshots exploded..the crowd scattered.

Po Po dispursing the crowd that gathered..for freedom you'll get bruised and battered.

In another realm the cartel gathered ...reimbursement not an I collect thoughts that are scattered.

Adding my two cents..pennies for my thoughts..based on what really mattered.

Hopes and dreams shattered..gear torn and tattered..but still funky fresh in the flesh.

Old school bakery like Colonial or Rainbo..batches that we come with will be fresh.
One man's trash is another man's treasure..reality enlightens.

One man's pleasure can be another man's nightmare..soon he clashs with titans.

Nobody was checking for me..they were smoking was exciting to them...they said it was straight fron Thailand.

Disrespecting me..ego tripping after shooting up on heroin..straight from Afghanistan.

Power tripping..power rangers riding through the Babylon wilderness.

Friends and strangers by Ronnie Laws played up in the hooptie.. Incognegro..nobody was checking for this.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Out There....The Quiet Before The Storm....

It's the quiet before the storm.... peace be still like the gospel song.

Still waters run deep..word from the Four Tops...changed the station..from the quiet storm to the J-Force Beats & Lyrics Show...on 89.3...once again it's on.

Rolling through Dekalb County Georgia...storm troopers's a police state...danger yourself.

We've got the sound for ya...loops of funk and hip hop soul..coming with fresh batches for your spiritual health.

Where have we found ya? mental, spiritual and physical health threatened.

As we get down for ya!! the style is metaphysical..getting with ya..until your enlightened.

Intergalactic...but on earth an Underground Railroad rider....but it's not Marta in Atlanta...or Bart in the Bay Area.

I had to get off the bus 86 Lithonia...word from Outkast..I checked the scenario.

Thrown under the bus!! which one were you on? it could have been the short one.

In this zone? no justice no peace....I bear witness to what the sport has done.

Out beyond clusters of stars in the galaxy....reflecting on missions...had to abort some..

Not busters; who got foul with me?...hit the dial for me?.. I hit the play button..hooked up Reflection Eternal, Talib and the sport a lot was done.

Society doesn't trust us...respects none of us..but I was hip to the conspiracy theory.

Don't lie to me!! seeing what's up with us....what it do?..some need to go for what they know....but morale is low...the outlook is bleery

Thursday, November 5, 2009

All Up In The Spot....Hood Thing PT.5

.................didn't recognize it was a hood thing.........

They weren't checking for a brotha...sometimes that's a good thing.

They didn't recognize the pattern..that this is a hood thing.

Just got back from Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Fantastic Voyage like Lakeside.

A veteran now coaching...knew how it would go! I've seen how the fake ride.

Armageddon approaching....who'll take the ride? pushing the fast forward button.

A fake one is approaching...they're ready...just a punishment glutton.

What's up son? they ask me..told them to take a look around...

Told them to check the Funk Seminar and The O-Dog Podcast to see where we took the sound....

Emotional scar left for some..others will feel the backlash..

Fort Hood Thing....not similar to the Hood go sideways..perpetrators grabbed the product and took back the cash..

Sideways glances due to sidebar conversations made me go back to the stash..

Making advances...mind over other spots the gunfire made some scatter..meanwhile we're Coming With Fresh Batches..

Making advances...not beaming up like Scotti...O-Zone catches the elevator...

Climbing Jacob's Ladder? Led Zeppelin or O-Jay's Stairways To Heaven? gluttons for punishment didn't ignore the ill issue debater..

Thin ice skaters fall through the ice due to the climate more ways than one..

Trying to skate through with weapons..meanwhile we hit you up with the drum..

Not the one...some didn't realize...they weren't checking for me...

But I was checking them out like the Hubble..spotted the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy..down south in the A-Town hates get foul with me..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Train of Thought PT.4

Cruising down Covington Highway in Decatur Georgia..behind the stolen Chrysler 300.

Short dog and them are probably ready to pull a caper...that's whatsup with them.

Dekalb County has a plan for them..soon the family will visit them at the county facility on Memorial Drive.

Or the state facilty at Reidsville..or mortuaries like Donald Trimble or Levitt Brothers..what's up brothers? like Lakeside...this thing is all the way live...

Some hate...question the did we get here? when did we arrive?

Similar to the and direct..weapons seized that were for Hezbollah?

Others are just trying to survive..down to Plan Z...not inspired by Obama..

We're Transmitting Live from a remote outpost..out in the galaxy ...up in a cloud...laying in the cut.

Not mad at the players..just the game...charge it I was told..but will join the ranks of the I'm praying for the corrupt.

Some can't see what's up....Smoke and Mirror residents.

A lot of us are caught out there...seen waiting on benevolence.

The devil is busy!!! it seems life has gotten complicated.

But the Lord works in mysterious ways...seems he deals with those that hated.

O-Zone elaborated...let you know the seasons are's the by-product of flowing down streams of consciousness.

Collaborated with my alter ego O-Dog..breakbeat science is in full effect..bear witness.

Dropping Knowledge ...letting you know God is in the blessing business.

So were taking care of business ..doing what we do..spiritual significance in this operation.

Doing this for my people...their them we have an obligation.

Have the people spoke? said it's a Family affair like Sly and The Family Stone.

The saga struggle continues...once again its on.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Train Of Thought PT.3 we continue to run off the tracks..........

Damn the system is moving slow!!!..they said help is on the way..but were caught up in the red tape.

The information highway is clogged like I-285 in Atlanta or 101 in the Bay Area..trying to take it to the bridge...just trying to escape.

On clipboards? entries and exits are logged by the security guard.

The Situation Is Critical..Boards of directors jogged memories. money made..but insecurities leave some scarred.

Enemy defectors played it like The Eagles against the Giants..jogged around the entity's headquarters...exercising.

Error correctors shake up the chain of some it's surprising.

Plots and schemes some are devising..affecting the food chain... Hector, Abdul, Patel and Jamal are on it.

A fool likes the pain...punishment gluttons...the sword they fall on it.

A lawyer here in the A-Town said one call that's all!!! said he's on it!! but the penal system will await.

Our ear shattering gunshots exploded..after old dude fumbled to get to the 38.

But I stay devoted...down for the I ignore the distractions.

This world is full of hate ... can spot it during the interactions.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Train Of Thought PT.2

.............still running off the tracks..........

Ducking diving or shucking and jiving..peeped the strategies.

Surviving in peeps are full of that and these.

What were some on? man please! they were in the thick of it.

Back in the day old dude told me...there's a trick to it.

But also told not to trick to it...that's going against the street code.

The Good Word is powerful like Typhoons in the Philippines..truth be told...but everytime you see me I'm in discrete mode.

Reached the threshold...some will stop fronting....whose trying to delete the mode of least resistance?

Coming out fresh with a brand new batch...the charade is over for some..It's Over Now.. but we're making a difference.

Funky fresh in the flesh...even though like Pakistan..this district is under siege.

Breakbeat science is what we response when haters beseech.

Trying to reach us...quid quo pro was the offer.. checked my aura ..that's not an option listed.

Reality will teach us God is in control....when the drama is revisited.

Eventually we get the gist of it...but some souls are lost due to collateral damage.

Who demanded this and that? provided a list of this and that..'s torn up..the cost was determined...I can't manage.

Now stranded in lands where we earned them...what? wages of sin.

Reality checks are issued..with blood sweat and tears..the currency they're using.