Saturday, November 7, 2009

Out There....The Quiet Before The Storm....

It's the quiet before the storm.... peace be still like the gospel song.

Still waters run deep..word from the Four Tops...changed the station..from the quiet storm to the J-Force Beats & Lyrics Show...on 89.3...once again it's on.

Rolling through Dekalb County Georgia...storm troopers's a police state...danger yourself.

We've got the sound for ya...loops of funk and hip hop soul..coming with fresh batches for your spiritual health.

Where have we found ya? mental, spiritual and physical health threatened.

As we get down for ya!! the style is metaphysical..getting with ya..until your enlightened.

Intergalactic...but on earth an Underground Railroad rider....but it's not Marta in Atlanta...or Bart in the Bay Area.

I had to get off the bus 86 Lithonia...word from Outkast..I checked the scenario.

Thrown under the bus!! which one were you on? it could have been the short one.

In this zone? no justice no peace....I bear witness to what the sport has done.

Out beyond clusters of stars in the galaxy....reflecting on missions...had to abort some..

Not busters; who got foul with me?...hit the dial for me?.. I hit the play button..hooked up Reflection Eternal, Talib and the sport a lot was done.

Society doesn't trust us...respects none of us..but I was hip to the conspiracy theory.

Don't lie to me!! seeing what's up with us....what it do?..some need to go for what they know....but morale is low...the outlook is bleery

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