Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Authorities were out of their jurisdiction..they had to call the chase off.

Contradictions were fueled by pure fiction;what it do what's the prognosis?..it's still real?..but dealt with it..as good and evil face off.

Lethal doses? Cursing one minute...praying the next..conflicts of interest..who you rolling with? as you race off into the wilderness.

Cons run this and that..but no convictions..no restrictions..at intersections we deal with this.

Imperfections? dealing with plenty of them! enough to keep me busy.

Entered corrections in the database..some tried to front like they miss me.

Others entered correctional facillities built for them..it's a big industry .

Concussions suffered..affected mental capacities..oops upside the head like the Gap Band! the arch nemesis is busy.

Part of the conspiracy?..karmic repercussions are dealt with..sessions buffered..some still use dial up.

Ground rules are established..maneuvers are embellished..putting it down..not trying to use my style up.

Easy to foul things up!! while haters will file the statistics..up in the database.

Not easy like Sunday morning by the Commodores!! meanwhile the funky sound rules..that's how we're going to win this race.

Ecological ignorance will not alter the fate! not up in this district.

Rocking you with this belligerence..actually forensic rhetoric..some will feel it.

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