Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Boxing Match

.............float like a butterfly sting like a bee....

Still in the boxing's like the rumble in the jungle.

Still on the block..O-Dog will rock..O-Zone has the math..the podcast will rumble.

Hustles some knock..even old dude couldn't get paid...mad atcha..fumbled to get to the 38 in his pocket..after the drama unfurled.

Hard to see in the smoke and mirrors..haters will rock this world.

Plus it's raining all over the world..not just in Georgia ...but a hater said whatever.

Word from Brook Benton..can't put a dent in it..can we circumvent it?...out there in the bad weather.

Pump brakes like Bendix..get Manny Moe and Jack to fix them..not the fakes.

What it do? Shadetree mechanics will mess them up..a minute is all it takes.

Veteran in the game...hit game winning free throws like coaching..interpreting Navajo Code Talkers...avoiding stalkers..any new codes? plots and schemes some will hatch..

It only takes a minute to fall in love like the pop thing you know there's a boxing match.

Reign of the drama royalty will be up in a minute ..acting like Chris Brown and the meantime hell we catch.

Meanwhile we show loyalty to the game in it to win it coming out fresh with a brand new batch.

In Atlanta home of the smash, snatch and grab..reality checks are issued just like government refunds.

Drama teachs lessons..govern yourself accordingly..word from old school baptist preachers...don't come undone.

O-Dog is the one in the lab..the gym..working on jabs, hooks, crosses and footwork.

Sonic rehab takes place..snares, samples, bars, O-Zone has the Good Word.

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